“inappropriate behaviour that is unacceptable from a married Member of Parliament.” – I’m sorry what?


Jami-Lee Ross accused of inappropriate behaviour for a married MP: Paula Bennett
National Party deputy leader Paula Bennett says the issues raised with Jami-Lee Ross had nothing to do with harassment, but were about inappropriate behaviour from Ross as a “married Member of Parliament”.

“Inappropriate behaviour that is unacceptable from a married Member of Parliament.” – I’m sorry what?

Is that the game we are playing now?

Does National REALLY want to go down that path?


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This is becoming so nasty and bitter. The National Party are the Marriage Police now?

If National are going to stand by that new ethical line in the sand, then should we start applying it to other National Party MPs?

Paula Bennett’s interview on Breakfast this morning was a train wreck. 

We’ve seen Paula use personal information to damage enemies in the past when she published personal details of beneficiaries who complained about her. This is getting to a level where people are going to be seriously damaged from this.

Who does this all benefit ultimately? Why Judith Collins of course, who is watching her puppets dance and the implosion of chaos play out.

If Simon Bridges has to stand down due to the audio evidence Jami-Lee Ross has, the Party will turn in desperation to Judith.

And then we will have real cause to be frightened.


    • *Looks at National Party policy around*

      *religious freedom laws”

      *looks at bathroom laws*

      *looks at vitriol against gay marriage*

      *looks at All Lives Matter*

      *looks at vitriol at John Keys campaigning*

      *looks at screaming support for forign corporations*

      Riiiight. :-/

      Policies don’t lie. But some one is lying.

  1. “I TruckStop Paula, aka Pullah Benefit, aka Leaker NameAnytime, solemnly swear the truth, and nothing but the truth …. some of the time??”

    We Want Crusha! We Want Crusha!We Want Crusha!We Want Crusha!

    PS. Thats a great pukana she’s pulling!

  2. It will be a lot more palatable when it’s in the tonal Mandarin of “our” new Han Chinese overlords, Bomber 😉

  3. Paula would be worse- and that’s saying something. She is now saying there was nothing dodgy about processing the $100,000 donation, but that if there were, then it is likely to be Ross who is guilty.

    “Inappropriate behaviour for a married MP”, is not gutter politics, this is slithering in the sewers, and it is totally disgusting. I think Paula is disgusting, and I would like her – in her own vernacular – to zip it up and stop shocking me.

    Paula has a track record of trying to use the media to annihilate decent people leading decent lives as best they can, and Paula may be strikingly psychologically blind to how she is perceived outside her own little noued de viperes, but I find her behaviour inappropriate too.

    For one brief time I felt sorry for Paula when she confessed her love for Bill English’s brain before popping off to have her gastric bypass op, but no more. Ref. Robert Frost “The Fear of God.’

    Still, she’s doing a great toxic female job in helping to destroy the Nats who, if they have any sense (ha ha) will all be running around wired for sound, cause a run on disposable telephones, and wondering, who can now shop whom to the constabulary.

  4. Paula; – what about ‘Pony tail pulling PM John Key’?

    Oh!!! wait that was o/k then@!!!

    You should resign with your mate Simon Bridges.

    • yeah but jhonkey didn’t leave any finger prints like Meka
      why does pull the benefit have such a poker face?

  5. “Let ye who have not sinned cast the first stone”, and if you have sinned allot as everyone knows Paula has, you should just sit down and shut up.

  6. “Inappropriate behaviour that is unacceptable from a married Member of Parliament.”

    Hmmm, let’s hope none of the National caucus were involved in any dodgy “extracurricular activity”. If Ross knows about it, he’ll pull the pin and lob that political grenade faster than you can blink.

  7. Like Don McKinnon carrying on with Press Gallery journo Catherine Delore. He dumped his wife and married the younger model. They made him head of the Commonwealth.

    Their ethics are truly flexible to the point they don’t really have any.

  8. Steven Hawking once said/wrote that the Universe behaves in a manner depending upon how it’s observed. Light, for example, can behave as if a particle, or a wave. Weirdly, it’s how you look at it.
    Our politics behaves in the way we look at it.
    We expect it to be corrupt and vile, and behold! So it is.
    If we expected our politics to not be so, and it was, we’d run the bent fuckers out of office and likely put them in jail.
    Our politicians are behaving in a manner that we not only expect them to, but we allow them to continue to do so to our collective detriment.
    While we pay them, of course.
    What I mean, by all this, is that paula bennett is still in government office drawing a massive salary because we allow her to be there.
    Lets not allow her to be there and watch as she must behave in a different way. A check out person in an Otara Pak N Save would be perfect for her. She could meet and greet her peeps daily.

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