TWITTER WATCH: The sick hatred Golriz Ghahraman puts up with makes me question our humanity sometimes


I really, really like and respect Golriz. I think she and Chloe are some of the best new MPs we have in New Zealand, I thought the manner in which the Greens over egged her role in the UN tribunals was a terrible political mismanagement (but they’ve made so many blunders, what’s one more?) but beyond that she is a hero and an absolute legend. There is very rarely anything she  says that I don’t agree with, and that’s a rarity in NZ Politics.

My wee 8 year old daughter recently saw her at school and raved about how amazing she was, seeing Golriz inspire that kind of excitement and inspiration in my daughter makes my dark cynical heart glow.

Like many other women online, Golriz has had to endure bile in the past, attempts to attack her CV and her refugee status have always been pretty gross but the recent cruelty and ugly hate spat at her for acknowledging domestic violence used against her in a relationship was so fucking cruel and utterly unnecessary it really made me question basic humanity.

We may disagree on politics and culture and economics and philosophy and we may argue our causes passionately and we may be blunt, rude and self righteous in the pursuit of that argument, but who the Christ gets off on making fun of something like this?

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The anonymous nature of social media allows us to say and do things we would never dare in the public glare of transparency, and you can appreciate that there will aways be an arsehole amongst the ocean of good, but look at this…

…that’s 26 people who liked that comment.

My early childhood was blighted by deeply damaging domestic violence, I know full well the first hand impact of it and if this is comedy to you, if this what you think is humour, I’d suggest you are possibly abusers yourself, terribly ignorant people or just fucking evil.

Those names who liked that post…


  1. A few of those names are serial offenders in online offensiveness, on websites of such bastions of wonderful left wing intellectualism, like, and hub.

  2. I would love it if there was as site that would screen shot all vile comments, and those who make them, on social media sites in NZ. Most are fake profiles but there is the odd one who forgets themselves and posts vile shit under their own name. Name and shame them.

    This sort of make Duncan Garners latest rant about how Max Key was treated look like tiddlywinks.

  3. River of Saints all up in arms that some Tahr will be humanely destroyed but quite happy to support someone who thinks it is okay to strangle a woman. Hmmmm. A nut job

  4. Go to #nzpol and it looks like Jacinda is getting the same thing. Gillard got it when she ran Australia earlier this decade.

    White men do not like left wing women who are pretty. Plain and simple.

    • Golriz isn’t naive. This is a malicious and intentional campaign to ruin Glorizs dat because she may have said some mean and nasty things about the well housed and well fed little racket.

  5. Has Ms Gharaman blocked those twitter users? If not, those nasty little misogynistic shits will just keep on doing what they’re doing. I know it’s not a full answer to this problem, but at least it reduces their audience somewhat.

    All threats should be reported to the Police immediatly. Charge, name, and shame those cowards!!

  6. I recognise the name Paul Kasner. He is a serial misogynist who has been “spoken to” by police over an allegation of abuse. Nasty individual.

    The rest are anonymous cowards, too gutless to use their real names.

  7. I love the fact that only 26 people retweeted this gob shite! But I despair over the fact that a woman who is at University still feels she has to take that level of domestic violence. There is something very wrong with what we model as societal norms when all women no matter what sphere they come from think that being hit, kicked, stabbed is an expression of love and they should stay with a person who does that to them

  8. I hate social media crap like this but getting into Stasi IM (unofficial collaborator) territory is no way to go.

  9. Yes? But? They’re humans? Human beings. ‘Beings’, which are in human form. We may never know what they really are.
    They’re why God created hand guns.

    That’s why I fear and loath public bars. Give some bipeds a skin full and out comes monsters. And those monsters are at once dangerous AND boring. And when they think they’re tough and full of strut? We have to fuck them up. It becomes tiring, if I must be honest.

    I know people who really are persuasive arguments for compulsory sterilisation. When I sometimes ponder that, that, was the sperm that won I wonder if the race wasn’t fixed.
    They excrete stupidity and evil banality like a skunk randomly squirts stink and the very worst thing we can do is take them seriously. Boring, ugly, stupid little people-creatures. Tie them to a post. And afterwards? Offer the post counselling.

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