Meka coverage vs Key coverage at NZ Herald

By   /   September 30, 2018  /   3 Comments

When it was Meka, the NZ Herald exclusively ran a front page leaked report claiming that the unwitnessed interaction between Meka and her Press Secretary was an orgy of violence that left the Press Secretary bruised (despite the lawyer appointed to investigate deciding that Meka hadn’t dragged her Press Secretary outside.)

When it was John Key accused of inappropriately touching a waitress on 10 seperate occasions that had multiple witnesses and an actual admission from Key, the NZ Herald sent in a journalist who was a friend of Key’s and pretended to be media advisor to trick the waitress into an interview that was then published the next day with the spin that the waitress was a political dissident.

What a joyful journalistic juxtaposition.

The first ever editorial of the NZ Herald called for white settlers to go to war with Maori – not much has changed has it?

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  1. bert says:

    And another of Nationals media friends Clare Trevett attacks Jacinda today…

    New Zealand Herald political journalist have zero credibility.

  2. Snow White says:

    “A disease until now found only in rats has made the leap to humans, worrying health experts.”

  3. Zack Brando says:

    You know Martyn, as the French Revolution was being fomented, the aristocrats had all retreated to comfort of Versailles. They weren’t interested in reporting or improving the plight of the common French citizen which enabled such affluence, no – rather they stood around and gossiped about whom king Louis took to his bed chambers.

    Often this mentality is exhibited with our media, though nowhere near as bad as the American MSM. Thank you for your alternative, albeit brief at times, perspectives.

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