UPDATE: What do Women want? Apparently not this youtube clip on Stuff


I think the very excellent work done by Alison Mau with the Suffrage 2018 ‘What Women Want’ panel debate has become another SpinOff TV, a great idea poorly executed whose failure will be used to attack NZ on Air funding decisions.

Honestly, this is seconds away from becoming a Taxpayer Union press release.

Despite enormous advertising on Stuff, the 2 hour panel discussion has barely managed 1300 views. For $200 000 from NZ on Air, that’s a remarkably high SpinOff TV cost per view.

The problem is most creators of content in NZ seem to think recording something and then dumping it on line is a ‘social media strategy’, when it simply isn’t.

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I’ve explained what SpinOff TV needed to do to save itself and I think the reason why ‘What Women Want’ has been a failure is because  it wasn’t live streamed to build attention and that they didn’t edit the content down into bite sized pieces, which due to the multi panel nature  of the show would have worked really well. The only people who watch 2 hour videos on youtube believe 9/11 was an inside job, chemtrails are real and have a fetish for white supremacy.

I appreciate I will get accused of mansplaining to female broadcasters and that I will be trending shortly as hashtag HeteronormativePatriarchalMonster for daring to suggest this hasn’t been executed well, and what the fuck would I know right? (Cough – here’s the GCSB town hall meeting that was watched by over 120 000 on livestream and my Waatea 5th Estate interview with Henry Rollins that has almost 40 000 views – so again what the fuck do I know)  but just like SpinOff TV we seem to be handing huge chunks of NZ on Air money to people who aren’t executing public broadcasting ideas very well and that poor execution is being used as a way to choke off that funding.

‘What Women Want’ should have been live streamed, and to try and lift those viewing numbers, it needs to be edited down to different panel segments so it’s a more manageable watch because like Spinoff TV, the content is important and desperately valuable to the current debate.


UPDATE: A day and a half after I posted this criticism up, lo and behold Stuff have edited the 2 hour show down to the panel segments like I suggested.

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  1. Giving the panel debate the same name as a very cheesy Mel Gibson (Mel Gibson!!) 90s rom-com portraying a male advertising executive who gains the power to hear womens’ thoughts, was a really bad idea.

    So bad that it is almost indescribable.

    Aside from that naming cock-up, the idea shows the huge arrogance in their belief that a panel discussion of the Woke was going to capture and then accurately summarise the range of views of 51% percent of the population as to what they ‘want’.

    Did no-one at Stuff or NZ On Air ever lift their head from the Guardian webpage and consider the futility and belittling nature of this project?

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