Jarrod Gilbert exposes Woke de-platforming at Massey University


The Woke have made Brash sexy again

Jarrod Gilbert’s must read into the Woke de-platforming of a bloody Don Brash is a terrifying dive into the appalling self-justification the Woke are prepared to use to justify censorship of opinions they don’t like…

“One of her ideas was to extort the students’ association. In itself that is utterly extraordinary. It’s also a pretty creative playbook for somebody claiming to have given no mind to cancelling the event”.

…I love how her idea was to cut funding to the student association???  Jesus wept, this is woke de-platforming at it’s most cynical & destructive because once you believe from a fourth wave feminist intersectionist point of view that free speech is white male privilege, any counter is acceptable isn’t it?

What I hate most is that the Woke have managed to make  a sad racist bigot like Brash sexy again, I’ve detailed why he’s such  nasty piece of work by highlighting how wilfully manufactured the entire Orewa Speech really was, yet instead of engaging and beating down his sad form of bigotry, the Woke only manage through their own totalitarian intolerance to make things worse. We should debate him and wipe the floor with his rhetoric, instead the Woke are too frightened to debate, want to live in trigger free spaces and are prepared to use any tactic to censor, because you know, hashtag empowerment.

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Massey University needs emotional support peacocks for everyone.

Christ almighty I wish the Woke would go back to sleep. Less virtue signalling and more actual virtue thanks. God knows how middle NZ are reacting to all of this bullshit, let’s hope they are too distracted to notice because Woke Identity Politics will eat itself, its own children & everyone who disagrees with the narrow pure micro-aggression policing circles of exclusion they draw ever tighter with all the nuance of Mao’s cultural revolution.

Voices of reason like Jarrod’s in an age of toxic bipartisanship on social media between the Woke Left & Alt-Right need all the amplification they can get.



  1. Yes totally agree and unfortunately I think the present Green Party represents and leads the ‘Woke Left’ and ‘Identity Politics’

  2. Yeah. I’ve read the emails and it’s wrong to say she was going to cut funding to the student association. Rather, moving forward, she was wanting to ensure students adhered to the values of the university in order to maintain support from the university.

    That’s right ,maintaining the values of the university – or should universities have no values?

    • I read the emails and it was clear she wanted to cut funds to the student association.So to maintain “values” one should prevent free speech ? You are clearly part of the problem Muttonbird, you and your neo-liberal friends!

    • Essentially what you just said was it’s ok for a corporation to shut down a union if the contradicts the corporation. The students association is a union. You’ve also just given support to the idea that a landlord should be able to throw you out of your home on the grounds that they don’t like your visitors.
      Transparency, free enquiry and robust debate are also university values, at least according to the Education Act. The values *you* are defending are mainly Jan Thomas’ in her dubious interpretation of her own authority.
      You’re basically a fascist

  3. Martyn you go full jugular at the woman Vice Chancellor of Massey for not letting Don Brash speak – which while stupid and ignorant is legal and yet there is complete silence on the male Vice Chancellor of Otago’s illegal search and seizure of student property. Whilst the deplatforming of Don Brash is silly as taking away one platform gives rise to the person having a multitude of platforms to express his outrage, the question of a University official considering that he can search premises and seize property is a much more important fight. But not for you guys! Deplatforming appears to be way more important to you than losing property rights if you are a student. In terms of what turns things toward a fascist state controlling how students behave is way more problematic.

    • Lucy: “…yet there is complete silence on the male Vice Chancellor of Otago’s illegal search and seizure of student property.”

      The senior proctor, actually, not the VC. And there’s been a lot of comment about it on RNZ, much of it very critical of the official’s actions. Fwiw, I think what he did was – besides being against the law – dead creepy. Were any of my offspring so treated at a university, I’d be infuriated. While I wouldn’t ever go to a uni to fight my offspring’s battles for them, in that situation, I wouldn’t blame a parent who marched into the VC’s office with a lawyer on each hip and demanded the Proctor’s resignation.

      The kindest interpretation is that he seems to think that he’s in loco parentis: he’s not. Many students will be old enough to vote; and even if they’re not, they’re young adults, not somebody’s babies. Would he go into an academic’s flat and confiscate possessions? I certainly hope not.

      As to the Massey VC, I’ve read the e-mails. They show her to have behaved in a manner not befitting her position. And she has besmirched the university’s reputation as an academic institution. I fail to understand why she has not yet resigned, or why the university council has not sacked her. Jarrod Gilbert has nailed it.

  4. “….the Woke are too frightened to debate, want to live in trigger free spaces and are prepared to use any tactic to censor, because you know, hashtag empowerment.

    Massey University needs emotional support peacocks for everyone.”

    Haha, very neatly-put, Martyn! It made me laugh uproariously. At the same time, it’s sad that at least some of the Left has come to this. I’m an old Leftie: I simply don’t understand the modern environment. Whatever happened to knowing one’s stuff, and using that knowledge to have a proper debate? You know, making an argument, putting up counter-arguments to opposing views? My parents would be turning in their graves.

    Emotional support peacocks: heh!

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