Just another reason for NZ to end the Dairy Industry

By   /   September 13, 2018  /   7 Comments

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Economically it makes no sense to continue investing in big Dairy when synthetic milk and meat are on the horizon.

As Fonterra post a staggering loss…

Fonterra posts loss of $196 million
Fonterra has reported a net loss of $196 million for the July year.

The previous year’s net profit was $745 million.

…we learn the truth cost of NZs dairy industry on Africa…

Precious rock New Zealand is accused of stealing from the Sahara
New Zealand’s economy is reliant on a mineral at the centre of an ugly refugee crisis, deep in the Sahara desert. National Correspondent Charlie Mitchell reports in the first part of ‘Growing Pain’, a Stuff series examining our dangerous addiction to fertiliser.

…this staggering abuse of the Sahara comes to light after Fonterra’s propaganda campaign to pretend to care about the environment with their bullshit nationalistic TV adverts where Richie McCaw tells us how proud he is and follows a legal attempt to block Greenpeace from showing NZers what big Dairy really do to the NZ environment.

Trying to pacify legitimate concerns about the impact of big Dairy on the environment hilariously coincides with Farmers being ‘fed up’ with the environmental commotion and attacking any media that focuses on their impact. On top of this, Farmers are now sending in their corporate scientists to attack the credibility of scientists exposing environmental damage. 

The critique of the latest greenwash by Fonterra is already in and it is pretty damning…

Rod Oram looks this week at Fonterra’s apparently ground-shifting announcement about reducing its net carbon emissions to zero by 2050. He writes Fonterra’s caveats mean the plan is not as impressive as it looks.

…so should we start asking is it time to end big Dairy in NZ?

Environmentally big Dairy steal water, pollute water and create enormous amounts of green house gases which are adding to a dangerous warming of the planet.

This chart tells us we can’t keep warming the planet.

Politically big Dairy gain too much power by running their own Political Party in the form of the National Party to pass policy in their interests and not for NZs wider interests and because we are so dependent on China for this industry, that brings an economic dependence that is dangerous.

Economically it makes no sense to continue investing in big Dairy when synthetic milk and meat are on the horizon.

We can allow organic Dairy to continue which is a far less intensive and damaging to create boutique product, but intensive farming and the influence big Dairy has over our economy, politics and environment must be ended.

We need to start transitioning away from Dairy towards forestry and more fruit and vegetable production but that requires an active Government who is prepared to incentivise the change over.

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  1. Nathaniel says:

    one week headline story “prepare for 6 dollar lettuces due to loss of land to housing” next week fontera posts huge loss, maybe some of that dairy land would be more profitable in lettuce! yes over simplified but diversification is essential to future food security.!

  2. Afewknowthetruth says:

    Energy supplies are infinite and will magically appear when required.

    Phosphate rock deposits are infinite. We just need to find them.

    Debts and deficits don’t matter.

    Global warming is a hoax.

    Pigs can fly.

    • Nik says:

      Yep, the pigs fly on contraptions run off their naturally produced methane energy… Seriously though, the absurd remark above that I’m closest to agreeing with is ‘Debts and deficits don’t matter’, inasmuch as if the fiscal bottom line weren’t the primary focus for all industries then there’d be no need not to access power responsibly and fairly.

  3. Aaron says:

    A lot of synthetic meat is genetically engineered so it will only take over the industry if they can keep that information quiet.

    The Biotech industry is always trying to mislead people with phrases like gene editing and synthetic food but it’s all genetic engineering with unknown consequences and inadequate safety testing.

    The Impossible Burger that Air NZ has been flirting with is one such item:

    “As reported on in today’s New York Times, recently obtained documents from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reveal that Impossible Foods, maker of the Impossible Burger, the meatless burger that supposedly “bleeds,” was told by FDA officials that it hadn’t provided adequate proof of safety for a genetically engineered protein that gives the burger its meat-like taste and color. Impossible Foods put the genetically engineered product on the market for public consumption even though the company privately admitted to the FDA that it had not conducted or designed safety tests.”

    source: https://foe.org/news/2017-08-bleeding-veggie-burger-has-no-basis-for-safety-according-to-fda/

  4. LOLBAGZ says:

    a plantation economy would be superior to this dairy ranching fiasco. at least the workers could live on the land and be healthier. this dairy model, you might as well be exporting grass clippings and living in a graveyard

  5. esoteric pineapples says:

    In our daily paper yesterday there were two articles by the same author. One was saying that irrigation is good for the environment and the economy and another pointing out that our entire agricultural industry is based on a limited amount of phosphate in just country in the entire world.

  6. Rickoshay says:

    No one should even be surprised at the tactics and methods utilized bye this branch of big corporate enterprise, its the same one they always use, rape and pillage , followed bye lie and spy.

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