Surprise, surprise – more evidence that punitive tactics against beneficiaries doesn’t work

By   /   September 13, 2018  /   6 Comments

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Like prisoners, beneficiaries are treated with a gleeful contempt that speaks volumes about the black anger at the heart of white New Zealand. 

Carol from WINZ will see you now

Well, well, well – another report showing the punitive approach towards bennefciairies doesn’t work, what a fucking surprise…

MSD report shows half of unemployed return to Work and Income 18 months after gaining employment
Moves to push people into employment are failing, with figures showing almost half of the people going off the benefit returned to Work and Income within 18 months.

A new report into 133,000 welfare recipients reveals one in three are earning less than $1180 a month, and many enter low-level training only to remain unemployed.

Partially blamed are work obligations placed on sole parents under the former National-led Government.

…so forcing beneficiaries to work or cut off their benefit doesn’t work, just like drug testing them doesn’t work...

Last year, there were 31,791 referrals for drug testable positions nationwide and just 55 sanctions for failing a drug test, according to Ministry of Social Development (MSD) figures.

…just like kicking them out of State Houses for meth testing didn’t work because there was no meth contamination.

The counter-productive hatred  towards beneficiaries is vile and spiteful yet we just continue making their lives a miserable suffering in the hope that getting a benefit is so difficult and awful that they just turn away in desperation.

This is why the culture at WINZ is so toxic and this is why the staff are so sadistic, the new Government’s ‘Mana in Mahi’ will only counter this as long as there are no penalties placed upon beneficiaries.

Like prisoners, beneficiaries are treated with a gleeful contempt that speaks volumes about the black anger at the heart of white New Zealand.

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  1. Mjolnir says:

    Nailed it, Martyn.

    Will middle noo zealund understand this? Fuck no. Not until the next global financial crisis pushes a whole bunch of them out of work and onto welfare. Then watch them squeal!!

  2. LOLBAGZ says:

    As you rightly point out Martyn there’s a huge lack of vision, to lead positively into meaningfully better circumstances, resulting in the current negative operant conditioning trap model, casual blackmail over the necessities of life, abuse of authority for commercial gain is the system

  3. Rickoshay says:

    Ive said it before ill say it again, Fire im all, make them reapply for there jobs to a beneficiary staffed review board, nuthin like a dose of your own medication to wake ya up in the mornin

  4. Joe22 says:

    If a $5million dollar carrot is not enough for potential Fonterra executives it also seems $1100 is not enough for those on the bottom rung.

  5. Joe22 says:

    Try a realistic $5000 per month and see what happens.

  6. Marc says:

    NZ governments have ao far been ‘kind’ to beneficiaries, I suppose, they have not dared go this far yet:

    But never trust things to continue as they are.

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