Stuff should be ashamed of themselves for pimping corporate farming interests


This despicable piece of propaganda by corporate farming thug Doug Edmeades on reminds everyone that Fairfax is on the side of the corporations, not on  the side of the people.

A scientist like Mike Joy who has had the courage to challenge the corporate farming pollution of our water doesn’t deserve to be defamed and attacked in this manner, especially when it’s by an industry shill like Edmeades.

This is nothing short of a character assassination and a reminder that Fairfax is there for corporate interests. The Dairy Industry has gone from being an abuser of our environment into being an abuser of science, we just can’t let these sanctimonious pricks get away with this.



  1. Hear Hear,

    Mike like a few others of us with science backgrounds get pilloried for speaking out, its apparently easier to shoot the messengers than either accept there is a problem or deign to fix it or discuss a better future.

    • I hear from someone who studied under him that Mike Joy is squeaky clean in his personal life and by all other standards. Imagine the hatchet job that would have been done on him, had his detractors found the slightest skerrick of a skeleton in any cupboard.
      So instead we get this unsubstantiated, polemic drivel from a biased and distinctly unacademic journalistic hack.
      The sad thing is that so many with vested interests want to believe this drivel.

    • Its all about greed now. Get as much as you can as quick as you can then get out. Does not appear to matter to the corporate farmer what happens to the environment so long as there pockets get deeper.

  2. Scientific evidence should take precedence over the political interests of local body politicans, the state of the Canterbury Rivers is a National Disgrace.

  3. A salesperson for a well-known propaganda outlet rang me a few days ago, seeking subscription sales.

    I immediately pointed out that the so-called newspaper was not actually a newspaper at all but was a lifestyle magazine geared to churning out corporate bullshit and business-as-usual propaganda, and that it had a history of sabotaging good people in the district while promoting those who cause damage the district.

    When faced with irrefutable truth, he hung up.

    Never in the history of the world has there been a greater need for people like Mike Joy or a greater need for counter culture, as promoted by TDB, as the great, mendacious, corporate killing-machine progressively wrecks the Earth and destroys coming generations futures.

    ‘Great Barrier Reef at ‘terminal stage’: scientists despair at latest coral bleaching data’

  4. Edmeade’s argument is on shaky grounds with this admission;

    From my reading and understanding of the science of water quality, noting that this is not my specialty, it seems to me that Dr Joy’s opinions on this subject are biased

    Edmeades is a “soil scientist”, according to that opinion-piece. Does that mean that despite me not being a qualified soil scientist, I can still dismiss Edmeade’s finding as “biased”?

    Edmeades goes on to say,

    I totally support the principle of free speech … But surely…

    When someone qualifies “I support free speech” with a “but”, that kind of dilutes his/her support for free speech to more like “I support free speech, but not in this case so STFU!”

    Martyn nailed it; this was a piece of character assassination.

    I support Mr Edmeades’ right to free speech and I still think he’s full of bovine excrement.

  5. Furthermore, as Edmeades is a Managiner Director of Agknowledge, this is what he is selling to the farming community:

    The man is touting for business and has the impartiality of Big Tobacco selling their poison, or Big Fossil Fuel denying anthropogenic climate change.

    This is what vested interest looks like.

    • I did 5 minutes of research on the guy yesterday and found one of his power point displays and fuck me. The guy said in his own words quote;

      “Organic systems are no better than the enviroment”

      This guy needs to be taken away to a luny bin.

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