Clare Curran shows grace and resigns as Broadcasting Minister


Clare Curran has done the right thing for the Government by removing herself from being used as a way to undermine its credibility – she has shown grace and should be congratulated for thinking of the movement and not her ego.

The media are now claiming there is a conspiracy because Clare offered her resignation last night and Jacinda said she had her support this morning. There is no conspiracy. Clare has resigned, not been sacked. She’s decided to resign despite Jacinda’s support.

By the way, I love the conspiracy theories being aired by journalists and pundits over Clare Curran resigning but where the fuck was any of this intellectual curiosity & questioning of offical narratives when Key was actually passing mass surveillance legislation & lying about it???

Many respects to you Clare.


  1. This does come as quite a relief. It was weeping sore that the Nats were playing with. Her performance in parliament in answer to Melisa Lee the other day was just awful and painful to watch, that on top of every other mistake she made. Labours policy of improving public broadcasting through RNZ pretty much died once Carol Hirschfeld was forced to resign from Curran’s naivety.

    But good on her, plenty of others should have done the same in the past decade in National who clung on, causing no end of problems and some are still there. And that goes for certain high ranking civil servants currently!

  2. Clare has done a good thing. With grace – as you say Martyn.

    Devious Conspiracy is the badge proudly held by senior National Party persons. Whom only know Deceit.

    Well done Clare. You have been maligned by dirty Reporters, dirty politics, dirty journalists. Do not allow their rubbish to weaken you. For they have nothing to offer our Nation.

  3. Obviously something was bothering her(Curran) poor thing she’s in the lions den and the Hyenas (the gnats ) are circling and ready to go in for the kill. Whoops ! too late

  4. Ok I don’t want to sound alarmist but we might have to figure out some way to come to the rescue here. The whole government has been eviscerated. Conceivably, we might need to take over the wreckage. Before someone else does

  5. Totally agree Martyn; poor Clare. You and I know her as a good person without guile who only ever wanted to do good things. Parliament is a vicious place ; and it seems to be the job of the opposition is to claim “scalps”. Melissa Lee has come into her own after years of doing fuck all. Not sure it is a record I would be proud of.

    • Our Provines HB/Gisborne ewere cut off by having a RNZ reporter when were making waves about the NATIONAL PARTY WAS DEBERATELY DESTROYING THE RAIL LINES THAT GOT WASHED OUT AND WE LOST RAIL SERVICE.


      After we sent an email to RNZ in 2014 the local RNZ reporter was sent on long term leave and we asked Claire Curran to restore thwe service so we could tell the story and she sent a letter refusing too do anything we asked in late 2017 after she was part of the new government.

      So she needed to go as she was hiding the truth about what national did to our rail service.

      Good riddance to bad rubbish we say.

      Ms Curran; “the cat’s out of the bag so we need Phil Twyford to now come to HB and discuss with the community groups to get the rail service restored all the way to Gisborne, since he blew the story that topld the truth here..

      Thursday, 14 February 2013, 1:35 pm
      Press Release: New Zealand Labour Party
      Phil Twyford
      Transport Spokesperson

      14 February 2013

      KiwiRail admits lack of maintenance led to wash-out

      KiwiRail has admitted that its failure to maintain old and damaged culverts was behind the wash out that closed the Gisborne-Napier line, while cuts to its maintenance budget are putting the network at further risk, Labour’s Transport spokesperson Phil Twyford says.

      “Across the country KiwiRail missed its target of replacing 71 old culverts last year, and only replaced 49. This is cause for alarm.

      “The Gisborne-Napier wash-out shows what happens when essential maintenance work is not carried out.

      “KiwiRail cut and deferred $200 million of network maintenance last year. At the very time it needs to be upgrading its network and improving efficiency, the Government’s unrealistic ‘Turn Around Plan’ is putting enormous stress on the organisation and forcing it to cut maintenance.

      “KiwiRail has told Parliament’s transport committee it has 12,197 rail line culverts around the country and has done a risk assessment identifying 53 high priority culverts but ‘…in spite of every effort to mitigate risk, some incidents of wash out may still occur…’

      “National’s plan for rail is not workable. KiwiRail has missed its financial targets for two of the last three years. It is being forced to make cuts that are a false economy.

      “At a time when the Government is wasting billions of dollars on its ‘motorways of madness’, it makes no sense to cripple the national rail line.”


  6. Oh for God’s sake!
    For an honest assessment of this woman, my recommendation is to head over to No Right Turn.
    This woman was a dishonest, conniving disaster of a Minister who quite possibly only resigned to protect the contents of her Gmail account from the OIA.

    • Do you think Hagar will have these emails by now? I mean hacking into a Gmail account will be far easier won’t it?

    • 100% JAYS

      Hanlon’s Razor applies: “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity,”

      However in her case it could well be both.

      That Jacinda didn’t fire her the first time around, shows a complete lack of political judgement on her part. I hope for her sake she sharpens up and stops with the ‘cuddling baby photo op’ thing. She has a job to do.

    • “This woman was a dishonest, conniving disaster of a Minister who quite possibly only resigned to protect the contents of her Gmail account from the OIA”


      She doesn’t have to release anything. The OIA is toothless and she can easily follow the examples set by Key, Brownlee, Joyce, Nick Smith, etc, who fudged their own OIA responses. Key admitted aas much once on RNZ.

      It worked for them Jays and you never once complained.

  7. “By the way, I love the conspiracy theories being aired by journalists and pundits over Clare Curran resigning but where the fuck was any of this intellectual curiosity & questioning of offical narratives when Key was actually passing mass surveillance legislation & lying about it???”

    Small minds are only entertained by small things

    • +100 EP (btw using the ‘f’ word is new for the usually polite and moderate you …is this now Green policy to swear?)

  8. Martyn, Martin, Martyn…it’s lovely seeing you support Clare but we all know she was/is an absolute disaster in terms of governance; symbolic of the shambles that is this coalition. You’re trying to put lipstick on a pig and failing.

  9. Clare Curran did not resign “with grace”. She quit because she had to. To stay on till she was pushed would make the PM look really weak. She folded under pressure.
    How can such a vulerable person be allowed to remain a Minister? I have seen this before once during an election campaign meeting.She can never hold a position of responsibility in the Party again and will probably not contest the next election.

  10. Lies A taste for it?

    1 John Key claimed that he didn’t know about the Exclusive Brethren tactics. False.
    2 John Key claimed that he didn’t have Tranz Rail Shares. False.
    3 John Key claimed that he didn’t own a vineyard. False
    4 John Key claimed that he voted to keep the drinking age at 20. False.
    5 John Key claimed that he didn’t know about the renewal of the BMW contract in 2011. False. ( he had signed it off- well it looked like his signature LOL)
    7 John Key claimed that his office had no involvement with the SkyCity deal. False.
    9 John Key claimed that all five bidders for the convention centre were treated equally. False.
    10 John Key claimed that Solid Energy asked the government for a $1 billion capital investment. False.
    12 John Key claimed that NZ SAS soldiers were not involved in the Kabul Hotel gunfight. False.
    13 John Key claimed that Iain Rennie recommended Ian Fletcher for the GCSB job. False.
    14 John Key claimed that he hadn’t seen Ian Fletcher in a long time. False.
    16 John Key claimed that the illegal spying on Kim Dotcom was an isolated incident. False.
    19 Video of John Key on the campaign trail in 2008 ruling out a rise in GST if he won the election. False
    28 Key said “I wasn’t told” about expedited OIA release to Cameron Slater from the SIS, that subsequently embarrassed then Labour leader Phil Goff. (Allegedly, 21/08/14), False

    Plus this one in Parliament where Key cant even lie straight in bed and laughs about his lies exposed.

    Good one Where Judith Collins says the Henry enquiry didnt have ‘access to her emails’ despite Key saying different.
    That was the Vance- Dunne affair

    Thanks to the correspondent on the Standard for this excellent summary of deceit.

    Yeah Martyn where was our fourth estate when Key and his colleague’s were running this country into the ground ?

    Partying with Key while taking backhanders and securing their jobs.

  11. What a joke of a minister, she was an embarrassment, and her track record is a very mixed bag one, hardly one to be all too proud of.

    I’d say, good riddance, but this government is showing more shortcomings, incompetence, lack of a clear direction and first fractures. It may not last its first term, just as I feared.

  12. Although I am pleased Clare Curran has resigned from her ministerial positions, I do feel she hasn’t been on top of her game for a while now, for some reason or other. As such, she has acknowledged there was a chance she could become a liability for the government if she had retained her ministerial portfolios. This is something I’m sure she gave a lot of thought to before announcing her resignation.

    That said, I do admire Clare for stepping down, for the sake of the government. I trust she will continue to be a good hard working MP for Dunedin South.

    As for sour Natz. Get over losing the election! Start focusing on working for NZ for a change. Being a bunch of point scoring, vindictive, vipers, spitting the venom at every opportunity, is not only a sign of bullying, but also of weakness as well on the part of opposition MPs!

    Kia Kaha Clare.

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