Working For Families: Keeping The Wheels Of Capitalism Turning


SUSAN ST JOHN’S INDIGNATION at the way the Working For Families (WFF) payment has been cast as an employer subsidy is palpable. “Blaming WFF for low wages”, exclaims Susan “is a bit like pointing to our high rate of suicide and blaming it on the existence of the mental health services.” Neither is she slow to sheet home the “true cause of low wages”. This, she says, is to be found in “casualised hours, precarious employment, automation, globalised labour markets and falling wage share of output due to loss of union power.”

St John is scathing in her condemnation of the purveyors of what she regards as the “subsidy myth”. Matthew Hooton, Eric Crampton on the Right; Bryce Edwards on the Left; and “others”.

Well, among those “others” I must acknowledge myself. Until relatively recently, I, too, was convinced that WFF, by topping-up the manifestly inadequate wages paid to workers, acted as a multi-billion-dollar subsidy to the employing class. Instead of the bosses paying their workers a living wage, those workers were being kept afloat by the taxes paid by other workers. How could that be fair?

But then I found myself seated next to Susan at one of Laila Harré’s “salons” and was set straight on WFF in the most forthright fashion.

Where were the critics of WFF prepared to call a halt? Susan demanded. If this particular “subsidy” was torn away, why not the taxpayer-funded public education system? Or public health? Just imagine how much more the bosses would be required to pay their workers if their wages were to cover not only the additional costs associated with raising children, but also the cost of private education and private health insurance? And what about the roads and the electricity grid? What about the water supply? Or sewerage disposal? How high would wages have to be lifted if every man and woman in the country was required to pay for all this crucial infrastructure directly – rather than by means of taxation?

The fact of the matter, Susan informed me, is that the entire capitalist system is subsidised. The viability of the present economic system; the ability of every company – private or public – to return a profit to its shareholders; rests upon the willingness of the state to pick up the lion’s share of the costs of raising, educating and keeping healthy all those workers whose daily labours keep their employers in business.

It was not always so. In the very early years of capitalism workers were paid just enough to cover the cost of keeping a roof over their heads and food in their bellies – less if demand faltered or prices increased sharply. The contribution of the state was limited to providing the soldiers necessary to restore order if the capitalists’ workers, driven to utter desperation, rebelled; the courts in which the ringleaders could be convicted; and the prisons (or penal colonies) in which such miscreants could be safely immured.

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It didn’t work. As industrial technology grew ever more sophisticated, the need for a well-educated workforce grew ever more urgent. Likewise, with workers’ health. Deadly diseases left gaping holes in the working population. Clean water, hygienic waste disposal, unadulterated food, safe housing: all of these improvements, supplied collectively via rates and taxes, were crucial to improving the quality of life of the working-class. They were no less important, however, in keeping the capitalists profitable. Assessed from the perspective of the long-suffering wage and salary earner, the whole edifice of industrial civilisation looks suspiciously like an employer subsidy!

Which is precisely Susan St John’s point. If what used to be called the social wage (education, health, basic infrastructure) had to be picked up by the bosses, then our society would very rapidly degenerate into something resembling early industrial Britain. The capitalists couldn’t pay their workers enough to cover the now non-existent social wage, so they wouldn’t. Human-beings would, wherever possible, be replaced by machines, and those without a stake in the new order of things would be left to starve in squalor.

And, yes, you’re right, what this all adds up to is the far-from-novel conclusion that capitalism is an economic system subsidised by the many to the inordinate advantage of the few. Working For Families is, therefore, a very long way from being the most egregious example of society picking up the tab for meeting at least some of the needs of its most vulnerable members. Suggesting that the bosses take over this responsibility is pointless: they have neither the means, nor the inclination, to do so.

And, no, you’re not wrong, capitalism is, indeed, a grossly exploitative and unjust system which only goes on working because the people who keep the wheels turning get up every morning and, well ….. keep the wheels turning.

One hundred years ago, working people understood this. Hell, they even sang about it:

They have taken untold millions that they never toiled to earn,

But without our brain an muscle not a single wheel could turn.

We can break their haughty power, gain our freedom, when we learn

That the union makes us strong.


Solidarity forever!

Solidarity forever!

Solidarity forever!

For the union makes us strong.




  1. Those without a stake in “our” society are the renters and the homeless, working or otherwise. The division in this century in this non-nation is between the Haves (increasingly elderly and foreign) and the Have Nots (increasingly young and local)… those in the former group of owners are of the Right. 50.50… 100% brutal civil war. Those on the Right (owning property, working or otherwise) should pray that there are “enough soldiers necessary to store order”, because a whirlwind is coming… Épater la bourgeoisie… hang them, lynch them… owners, that means you 😉

    • If the present system cannot survive without subsidies, what is wrong with a guaranteed basic income, which replaces a whole raft of subsidies with a single effective subsidy?

    • Because Simon Bridges is not a stable person with a frame of reference and a mission in life or any compelling sense of urgency about policy. There’s been Helen Clark, Jenny Shipley, Bolger, Palmer, Lange and Muldoon. I mean those are people that could martial an argument and to give Simon Bridges his dues about people with a frame work and there’s no framework from the some total of right wing hysteria personified today by business convenience surveys. The some total of there contribution is tax cuts and budget cuts ill defined as to application and as to rates and they want corporate welfare to replace normal welfare so to promote protestant work ethic and avoid having to think to hard, cut police numbers and cut education and health and if necessary put troops in American wars so they can save 20c on trade while losing a dollar in wages. Now how does one eyed right wing ideology come together as a coherent whole as a policy which continues the modernisation of New Zealand. How does it. Well right wing rhetoric doesn’t amount to anything which is coherent or vaguely relevant. And we never heard from right wing cyclops any specifications of those policies or any frame work from them let alone a UBI.

      So what we do have is a floating exchange rate that produces 1%-3% inflation that forces cuts to wages and reduced exchange controls which leaves New Zealand’s businesses free to invest abroad if they wished. And people free to invest in New Zealand. And now we must redouble our determination to invest in the governments balance of payments and in savings while at the same time produce a constellation of New Zealand businesses off shore to see a free flow of goods and services and labour in and out of New Zealand. Now if that’s not good for New Zealand’s interests then cyclops are gana rage. Not to mention tackling the hard issues of poverty and the associated ills and the investment in balance. Getting investment going again and getting profits up and getting trade going to improve New Zealand’s position on global issues of Climate and war and peace. And dealing in fundamental ways other micro economic changes on all of the areas on energy, food, health, education, employment, transport, rail, housing. A cyclops has nothing to contribute about the things which The National Party has just forgotten. They have no interest they haven’t even thought about getting a clue for the last 20 years.

      And we hear nothing back from low intellects, low IQ and low energy cyclops. Nothing like this is how we improve productivity or deal with our import competing sectors. Nah not these guys what we’ve got is a whole bunch of one eyed ideologues that are not even policies, they’re just things that drop into public debate and they’ve got no capacity for tough decisions. I mean the thing is the right wing of New Zealand are being pathetic about losing the election and are running in with head high tackles and cheap shots about any opposition to the National Party. And they sit there smugly taking comfort from the Global Financial Crises (GFC) of 2008 hoping the National Party will drift into office as the former Prime Minister John Key drifted into office and resigned once a few decisions had to be made. Well they won’t make any decisions as long as they sit there smugly.

      I’d rather have discussions about issues of emphasis or even issues of difference than to deal with the likes of them. I mean imagine turning up to a meeting with Simon Bridges It would break your heart to say here they are, these are the intellectual lightweights that we are going to try and make a policy from. For any one interested in showing people these lightweights would just brake your heart. Now that’s not my position but we’ve got these cyclops rubbing there hands thinking National are going to slide back into office, nah, they won’t, reality will catch up to them like they have finding coalition partners and it will catch up to them simply because we are better. Just better. We are much better person for person on our side because we are better. And that’s why this coalition government will be reinstalled at the next election because on the right they are just empty attacks because the two prior leaders of the National Party had to resign because there hollow attacks on leadership is nothing more than empty attacks the seriousness of which they had to resign there posts before the debate was concluded. So cyclops are not worth responding to unless it’s to tear strips out of them and there false ideology.

  2. In 1991 the universal family tax benefits where abolished only to be slightly brought back by WFF because as it turns out is kiwis don’t really have the heart for feudalism after all, and in particular for those things we refer to now as business inputs. The argument and rational now is to not tax those things. So naturally when examining those things now the bases for tax is those things have got to be removed so the base there for is smaller. The GST on the other hand is larger and has been expanded to accommodate in part because of the run down of the lower tax brackets ability to collect taxes and other budget cutting exercises. And that means when one looks at the yields and of WFF and discounting the whole thing, there are now bigger gaps than there used to be. And the fiscal yield is smaller, or the budget responsibility rules means we have to look at compensation not just of public servants but of beneficiaries as well and of tax payers by shifting tax thresholds compensating the tax base, and leaving the door open to capital gains, fringe benefits, tax credits, WFF, audits and electronic payment systems ect by broadening the tax base.

    Now that the cost of compensating the tax base or tax payers is greater because more income is being brought to tax. There fore more income has to be compensated. All of these things means that there isn’t enough surplus to cut income tax rates and there fore there is no savings in the renewed argument of low wage, WINZ discipline and soft core racism falls apart because the savers are basically people on higher incomes. So if the system doesn’t yield new money to compensate for the tax cuts to the top end of the tax system the savings point of course beaks down.

    And another point I think beneficiary bashers have forgotten is the government has to compensate tax payers for more than they spend on GST and also compensate for which they save, so not an argument for discontinuing government kiwi saver contributions at all because that is for future consumption with which businesses can construct inputs around. So giving back more because returns have to be given back on savings as well. Now these are all things that apologists are trying to weakly walk away from after thumping there their keyboards committing to ill thought out, ill conceived keyboard worrying about woman’s vaginas and what might comes out. Instead of sitting down and saying The National Party took a defeat and couldn’t be bothered constructing a winning set of policies they said the coalition government has an $11 billion dollar fiscal hole and many many more billions and zillions of UN funded liabilities. They said the Coalition government went to election17 with no health policy, no employment policy, no defence policy, no education policy and a monetary policy that would grind the economy to a halt to cut inflation and elephants all over the room.

    Instead of focusing on the issues and the ball, a party with no back bone and no ideas on day one after the newly formed government was focusing on Iwi vs kiwi and low level, low intellect, low grade power grabbing just to bash beneficiaries and to suggest that the National Party members, followers and media friends are the ones with all the ideas and to suggest that it’s the National Party that will magically cure the melting pot. And now the National Party minders are going to have to face the harsh realities of MMP polling arithmetic. And now we see the Leader of The National Party suggest that leaks of his spending habits didn’t come from inside his own party but he’s still trying to shift blame off the National party on to the public service basically taking the bitch route around because National Party minders just can’t face the facts, so National is already moving towards the idea the public service needs to be cut.

    So embracing the ideas of The National parties benefit bashing and Iwi vs kiwi is the same as embracing lady death on the bases that The National Party are economically illiterate but should manage it all anyway. But don’t think that soft racism can be let off the hook and given fair treatment.

  3. Sorry Chris, this seems rubbish to me.
    If WFF had never been introduced, employers would have had no choice but to hike wages.
    Furthermore, why should two people doing the same job get vastly different incomes because one has children and the other doesn’t?

    • Because all you’re left with is a whole bunch of empty state houses and a workforce with zero utility and zero adaptability. My question to you is how you proposes to pay for your theoretical policy modulating?

      • You seem to think, Sam, that there is a finite amount of money in circulation and that if you dont ‘balance the budget’, money will have to be borrowed.
        A Government is not like your home budget. Sovereign Governments can, and do, create their own money supply. It prints and mints our paper notes and coinage – at a profit- but sadly that is just 2% of our needs. The banks create the rest and charge interest on it. If you think there is a perpetual shortage of money you need to take a look at how the banks create money.

        • Giving up property ownership rights for convenience is generally viewed as a bad bet long term. It’s generally said that if you control inflation you can control the jobs market only that’s a wives tale. It’s a wives tale if you consider people working one hour a week to be full time employees, something that can’t continue. So all monetary policy was used for is to bash unions and smash workers in the face and we have to turn around 30 years of failed reserve bank policy.

          As for our banks and the big four in particular, you’ve enjoyed the hey while the grass is green, they’re strong with strong balance sheets. We are not seeing the same levels of predatory lending that marked the previous 30 years. Employment looks strong so a lot of New Zealand pers will be shifting along from very poor to poor. So a lot of business will at the lower ends will have to borrow to change there business or watch the tide run out on the and watch there’s business die. Honestly if businesses and normal people can’t make money in an inflationary environment then you just have to question yourself.

    • If you have the two workers on the same food money, where do the kids get their food money?

      Have some generosity, Mate.

  4. The fact of the matter, Susan informed me, is that the entire capitalist system is subsidised. The viability of the present economic system; the ability of every company – private or public – to return a profit to its shareholders; rests upon the willingness of the state to pick up the lion’s share of the costs of raising, educating and keeping healthy all those workers whose daily labours keep their employers in business.

    And Ms St John is 100% correct. History is replete with societies where it was every man/woman for him/herself. Those who “failed” were left behind in misery and poverty.

    Ironically, this is one of the main reason so many British settlers departed the relative safety of their country; spent six months in a cramped, unsanitary, unsafe voyage in frail wooden ships eating food that our pets would turn away from – to found a new society.

    It was the promise of a fairer society that drew them through perilous hazards on an unforegiving open sea (no satellite locator beacons to call for help back then!!) to a new, alien country.

    Not all made it…

    Early colonial ships were wooden, which made them vulnerable to rocks and fire. The greatest maritime disaster in New Zealand history, if not in her waters, was the fire on the Cospatrick, which was bringing immigrants to New Zealand in 1874. A total of 470 people died, and only three survived.


    It’s a shame we have no collective memory. Our wisdom would be more mature.

    • “The fact of the matter, Susan informed me, is that the entire capitalist system is subsidised. The viability of the present economic system; the ability of every company – private or public – to return a profit to its shareholders; rests upon the willingness of the state to pick up the lion’s share of the costs of raising, educating and keeping healthy all those workers whose daily labours keep their employers in business.”

      The state, without producing fiat money and leaving it to the banks to create our money supply as is the case at present, does not have a reservoir of funds to subsidise capitalism with. It can only recycle funds it takes out of the system through taxes. How is this so obvious fact so easily and frequently obfuscated ?
      D J S

    • 100% correct Frank, The education system does not teach accurately NZ history, so the new generation does not know the hardships and aspirations of our previous generations, they teach instead american history, a sick parody of history,little mention being made of workers struggles for civil and social rights, our children are meat for the machine

  5. “The capitalists couldn’t pay their workers enough to cover the now non-existent social wage, so they wouldn’t”.

    This seems to acknowledge that there might be a limit to what employers can pay somewhere out there.
    What is a capitalist Chris? Is it the one who takes out a loan and sets up a business that employs workers, or is it the shareholder in the bank that advances the loan? I don’t think most NZ employers are “capitalists” at all. I think they are mostly on marginal profits and all the surplus goes to the financial sector who are the real “capitalists” now. They don’t take risks, they don’t get their hands dirty, and they don’t employ anyone. It’s a mug’s game.
    But ignoring this , and pretending that the economy is just made of employers and employees; and also pretending that NZ is a closed economy rather than a tiny piece of a global economy: The system doesn’t work for anyone if there is no market for what workers make or do. So as the workers being numerous are the market then they have to have buying power or nothing can be sold. So ignoring the role of money and debt, overall what people contribute to production has to balance with what they consume of other people’s work product. Money is supposed to facilitate this balance.
    So does it matter whether government takes less tax and legislates for compulsory unionism, and allows some belligerent unionists to secure a higher than balancing remuneration for workers in large essential industries but leave workers in local smaller organisations without any
    clout, and let the employers and employees fight it out. Or whether unions are left to recruit where they have support from workers, and set taxes high enough to recycle some of it to the people and families who need it, leaving out those doing the same work but not having the same responsibilities . Also leaving the fighting out.
    I approve of the recycling alternative.Looks like you approve of applying both systems together.
    D J S

  6. Those souls shackled to the wheel in ignorance leading distracted blunted lives. They are chained to the wheel (of fate) with chains of torment. The thing at the hub of the wheel is a spooling tentacled parasite that camouflages itself under the guise of the false god of democracy. It is a manifestation of the Demiurge. The spectral beast must be constantly monitored and often lashed and berated, and brought back into submission or beaten into hiding because it is a spooling parasite and it will take maximum advantage whenever it thinks it can. It may even attempt to replace humankind with the new servants it is authoring in dark corners right now. How does that all work for you and your families? Educate them on that trip.

  7. The impact of globalisation and the wage arbitrage it puts in place is the real challenge. The left doesn’t seem to have much of an answer for this.

  8. I have bees in my ceilings. No, really. Literally. I have a hideously pink down stairs bedroom that I’m leaving for last to renovate because I have a hive of bees in the ceiling space. Those little bees, they teach me many things. Like, never debate the existential conundrums of a speeding car while you’re in its way. If you have only one sting, never pick a fight with something else that can sting repeatedly. ( If there’s ever a bogan insect it’s the common wasp AKA Vespula Vulgaris.
    But the one thing bees do very well is stick together. And the one thing wasps seem to be able to do is pick bees off, one at a time, until the wasp kills off the bees, invades the bees hive, eats all the honey then heads down the pisser for a root, a beer, a pie and a fight.
    ( There’s must be a special place in Hell for the white collar bogan, it should be requested, in case the Gods are listening. )

    Metaphor alert.
    If you’re a working class person and you try to go it alone, hoping corporate NZ/AO will watch out for you via your paid for insurances, paid for health, paid for education etc, you literally have less of an intelligence than a honey bee but it gets worse. You can’t even make honey. You got your ‘smart’ phone but you can’t make honey! And if you try to survive by coupling up with others to create a wee market where you can swap out trades, skills and foods you will hear the wasps coming after you too. jonky rushed through papers under urgency to make food seeds a controlled substance! A. Controlled. Substance.? Vespula Vulgaris comes in many guises Miss/Miss, Mr’s and Mr/Mr.
    And when the wasps come for you? What will you do? A one sting wonder you are Son. They will fucking eat you alive while everybody else goes inside to twitch the curtains as you get ripped up, sucked dry then chucked into the gutters.

    Taxation’s not just an annoyance. It’s as essential to us citizens of our democracy as the air we breath. What taxation is, in fact, is the tool end of us functioning as a society. If we don’t all chip in a bit, we’re all fucked.
    But the wasps see? They want it easy. They want to feed on what honey we collect and in order to get far more honey than is needed for themselves they must convince us that we’re to blame for wasting OUR tax money on ourselves while they must watch on as we benefit from that and they can’t find a way into the hive to take what they never worked for or are entitled to. The Bludger Wasp knows how to play the head-fuck game and the smartest wasps out there ironically got their educations free from a tax system designed to do exactly what it did. To create a fair society. From out of which the wasps rose, their stingers dripping poisons.
    And here’s the thing. We fucking now know who the wasps are and we should swarm and go get the bastards!
    Foreign Banks out!
    Assets? Re nationalised!
    In Prison. Or chipped. What ever. Just to make sure they don’t start making wasp-plans again without us being hip to jive ass buuuuuull shit.
    If you and me, the citizens of NZ/AO don’t reign in our languishing politicians selling us out to Big Business and renationalising OUR tax paid for stuff and things after we boot out the scum banksters sucking $1.9 billion a year out of our economy for some foreign fuck we’re going to get picked off, one by one.

  9. So why just stop at wff, lets bring in food stamps!.
    Lets just keep on down this happy path.
    The bosses get to make profit while we scramble around on the edges.
    After all, the owners and ceo’s can’t be expected to take care of the Worker over the Shareholder.
    Maybe we could all get the ubi or similar.
    Because I’m sure the corporations will be just happy as to pay us that subsidy, after all, they are always big on paying taxes.
    And Governments are always to be trusted to hand out benefits without conditions.

  10. Thanks Chris
    Much criticism of WFF is uniformed and illogical. Most moderate lefts work hard to ensure there are safeguards and redistributive programmes to counter the hard edge of capitalism. I have been bewildered when the left support the right in their attempts to denigrate and undermine WFF. However, as I used to teach, the far left hate the welfare state because they believe if props up capitalism and delays the inevitable collapse. Goodness knows what is supposed to follow the collapse- one thing we can safely say is that it wont be pretty. Revolutions generally are not.

    • your thesis would hold if there had also been increases in wages – but there wasn’t..

      so wff has been a subsidy for business…in place instead of wage rises..

      and workers were left in a slightly more comfortable version of the poverty-traps inherent in the benefit system – earn more money and the system claws it back…

      that both sucks and blows and disincentivises in the benefit system..and w.f.f. has the same strictures..

      so we have the situation now where workers’ taxes are used to subsidise other workers..and the boss-class gets off scot free..

      w.f.f. is giving that boss-class a free-ride..

      and our low-wage/high-cost economy wheezes along…with a select few making out like bandits…and being subsidised by the many..

      and that is seriously out of whack..

      a universal basic income funded by a financial transaction tax is a solution..

      can i ask why you are not asking/arguing for that – instead of supporting this bankrupt system..?

      • That would be part of a proper comprehensive overhaul. It’s way beyond the scope , the vision or the courage of any recent NZ government or imaginable one in the future. It won’t happen till the existing system collapses.
        D J S

    • I have at times been part of the far left and have never hated the welfare state, what I have hated is the blocks put in the way of people accessing welfare. To prove you are poor whilst watching business/farmers/investors get paid by governments so they will trickle down profits is galling! To have to go in to try and get an emergency grant for tampons because you had to go to dentist is humiliating twenty ways to Sunday – then to see farmers getting benefits because they are asset rich and cash poor tend to turn your mind to business welfare as you know that as they are leaders of industry no one will ever make them beg! When Air NZ came to Government for money it was given now that they have crawled their way back where is the understanding that the people of NZ bailed them out. Where’s our $1000 bonus, where’s our planes to regions at a reasonable price? If you want to know why so many left wing people what capitalism to collapse its because the poorest pay every time for every bank failure, business failure and lots of times we pay with our lives but as soon as we pay the top of the tree give themselves a bonus and tell us we need to work harder

  11. There are a few things that need remembering : .

    Why was it that prior to the 1984 treason of Douglas and his neo liberalism , and prior to Ruth Richardson’s equally as treacherous Employment Contracts Act 1991, …. New Zealanders had no need for WFF ?

    What changed ?

    Ask yourself.

    And I shall give you THIS :

    New Right Fight – Who are the New Right?

    • Wild katipo
      Not true- prior to 1984 we had the family benefit and a raft of rebates for low income families. Richardson joined the weekly universal family benefit to the targeted family support payment. Families became really poor as benefits were cut and family assistance left to erode away. WFF just built on Family Support to address the shocking level of child poverty. The problem is he name changed and confused everyone

      • Yes but you are NOT looking at the raft of other things that neo liberalism brought in that negated much of the concessionary crumbs thrown at the working people of this country.

        They were nothing more than an appeasement to prevent wide-scale unrest. And an unrest that they knew would certainly happen if they didn’t.

        And Labour still bears the burden of allowing that to happen.

        Chris Trotter himself has written about the PSA ( Public sector unions that squashed the private sector unions calls for a general nationwide rolling strike to defeat the ECA 1991 ).

        What you are suggesting is the third way of politics.

        And that falls far short of what we once had which was more akin to the Scandinavian’s – which most self respecting leftists endorse.

        And that’s what I take offense at, – you are perpetuating a system that embeds neo liberalism instead of confronting it. I would suggest that in every war, every battle, every liberty that ever was hard won,… you take a damn good look at the sacrifices made… and NEVER was a victory won without energy, without diligence, without unity and without a sense of righteous purpose.

        So I leave you with my Highland Scots Sept battle song :

        The Clan Gunn.

        The McGregors of the North.

        The CLAN GUNN – YouTube
        Video for the clan gunn song you tube▶ 4:35

        Aut Pax Aut Bellam

        And fuckin proud of it.

      • I believe you are dealing in linguistic semantics, – sure the ‘ name changed ‘,… was that because of the realization that Labour had fucked up,… well,… they were about 25 years too late in apologizing, weren’t they?

        So Helen Clarke tried to patch up the political capitol they / she knew they’d lost by selling out and not stopping Douglas or renouncing his treason’s, – and don’t lie, – we all know what Norman Kirk said to Douglas in the 1970’s…

        ”If you ever mention that again I will expel you from the Labour party”.

        Why , Susan ,… WHY?

        It was because Kirk was one of the last true Social Democrats we ever had, – THAT’S WHY.

        Even Robert Muldoon was so far left by today’s standards he would find more in common with MANA than the Greens !

        Thick about that !, – that’s how far we’ve traveled!!!

        And people like you just try to smooth the waters just to give us all a ‘feel good’ bullshit placating sense of ‘we should be ever so grateful to these capitalist fucks’. I’m tempted to say fuck the hell off.

        I wont.

        You seem like a decent type.

        But don’t you ever try to apologize or justify neo liberalism ever again. And their close cousins, – the third way Blairite / Clarke lies.

        Just don’t.

        Why?… because at least one of the former should be imprisoned for war crimes and mass murder ,- the other… needs to search their conscience about our foreshore and seabed legislation’s.

        We are not so easily sold as we were in the 1980’s and 1990’s anymore.

        The CLAN GUNN – YouTube
        Video for the clan gunn song you tube▶ 4:35

    • WK its just Orwellian double speak black is white, left is right, perpetual war and Big Brother is always watching you.
      This is why i say governments around the world are using his book 1984 as a blueprint for population (Mind) Control, tho in a bit of Imperialist Capitalist rhetoric divide and concur easy.

  12. And as for you , Bradbury ,… your plight for asking for more finances to propagate your blog, ie: leaving people who’s views agree with your own and not publishing those who oppose ,- reminds me of this :

    The drunk Scotsman (lyrics) – YouTube
    YouTube‎ ·

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