As the planet melts – The Greens decide to ‘reclaim’ the C-word


The look of concerned shock on Chloe’s face says it all, ‘Oh no, here’s another Metiria moment’.

Massey University – No one will top us censoring Don Brash for wokedom

Green Party – Hold my organic craft beer

Green co-leader Marama Davidson says New Zealand must reclaim the ‘C-word’

Green co-leader Marama Davidson is on a crusade to reclaim the word Kiwis find most offensive.

At an anti-racism rally attended by families, she dropped the ‘C-bomb’ not once, not twice, but three separate times. She was later unapologetic about her language.

“I stand by using that word,” she told Newshub.

I know I have been scathing of the Greens in the past for their utter incompetence when it comes to tactics and strategy, but Jesus wept – THIS is what the Greens are focusing on?

I’m in genuine opened mouthed shock – the fucking planet is melting and the Greens want to focus on reclaiming the word cunt???

You can’t actually write satire as bad as this.

I thought handing their questions over to National was bad, turning a blind eye to Chinese water theft & seemingly forgetting about mining permits on National Parks – but focusing on reclaiming the word ‘Cunt’?????

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Look, I’m sure this type of feminist reclaiming of empowerment (#empowerment #girlpower) goes down well like a bag of strap-ons at an anti-heteronormative patriarchy coven kink munch meeting, but sweet Christ, you can’t seriously be considering reclaiming the word ‘cunt’ as a party political position can you?

My eyes have rolled so far into the back of my head I’m staring at the inside of my skull.

I didn’t think watching the woke left making a bomb threat, martyring Don Brash by censoring him & accusing Miriama Kamo of ‘race betrayal’ could be topped for counterproductive fuckwittery UNTIL the Greens decided to reclaim the word cunt.

Too many clowns, not enough circus.



    • 100% Red Buzzard I agree.

      Now we know hy we left the green Parrty years ago after Rod Donald died and Jeanette lost her seat in Coramandle we saw it ending then.

      Thank god that NZ First is still there as our ally for ‘common sense’ policies’.

    • Swarbrick is up herself, in some ways, a little overly smart one, behaving herself like a show off high school student, hey, look how smart I am, and how great I am at holding speeches.

      I can’t stand her, listening to her in Parliament is another turnoff.

      The present Green Party bunch is not a good mix and not a vote winner, I am afraid.

      • Sounds like you know her well.

        I interviewed Chloe last year and while you can’t necessarily tell a lot about a person from that environment the impression I came away with was that she was just a very normal person. Certainly intelligent and well informed but mostly just a grounded, sensible individual.

        She was also not at all polished like long time politicians are and was the complete opposite of a National Party MP I talked to once. He made me feel positively unclean afterwards. 🙂

        Never again 🙂

  1. It’s hard to see who is saying what about the word cunt. Are we supposed to not be using it or are we supposed to be using it. I think the two different meanings have become so separated that one does not mean the other anymore.

    Personally, I have a problem with people describing others as “arseholes” because there is actually nothing wrong with arseholes. They fulfill a very important function. I think instead we should describe people as “Trumps” or some other person who is despicable and have no excuse for their behaviour.

  2. Are we talking full spectrum cunt?
    You know, a woman’s genitals AND a stupid or unpleasant person?

    Disarm it and reclaim it? Like it’s a word for good cunts but not bad cunts. There are no bad cunts?

    There must be a meme or three in this – are they on Facebook already?

    Is that the sound of champagne corks popping over at Nat HQ? Oh why didn’t this happen when Winnie had the role?

  3. The world is in a hell of a mess, with wars and rumours of wars,extinction of the planet scenarios, and financial apocalypse. In this context Marama Davidson has offered light relief with her mad hatter’s tea party preoccupation with imbecilic trivia!!!

    • I don’t want to rain on your parade, Pete, but this is just not correct:

      ‘extinction of the planet scenarios’

      The planet will be fine. The Earth has survived numerous mass extinction events (five well documented) over the past half-a-billion years, and it will survive the human-induced one that is taking place right now. The Earth may even spawn intelligent life in a few million years, once it has cooled off and restored its geochemical balance..

      We are the ones who are headed for extinction (well, our species is).

        • In fact, I’ve always wondered if the inevitable fate of a technological civilisation is inevitable extinction as mass uncontrolled consumerism, hyper-individualism, and self-interest leads to over-population, massive pollution, and runaway greenhouse gas emissions.

          In effect we “soil our nest” until our nest becomes uninhabitable.

          It would explain the Fermi Paradox.

          • Yes Frank, it’s the ‘progress’ trap we are in.

            Metallurgy eventually led to cannons, and cannons eventually led to the cylinders of water pumps, and water pumps led to greater access to coal. Greater access to coal led to mechanised transport, and mechanised transport led to exploitation of remote food sources, which led to population overshoot. Population overshoot led to much more of everything that is both unsustainable and harmful.

            The other aspect, usually overlooked, is the availability of credit (money created out of thin air). Without credit the rate of development (and therefore destruction) would have been a lot slower

            Once mechanical systems for drilling for oil had been worked out (1859) there was little hope of stopping the behemoth.

            It has now reached the insane stage: industrialised societies shit in their own nests at ever faster rates in the face of irrefutable evidence it is utterly idiotic to do so.

          • If we hadn’t discovered oil and hence plastics we might have hung around a bit longer.
            Once we started mainlining oil, the inevitable descent ensued.

  4. Ba hahaha aha aha hahaha a a a!
    Good grief.
    But there are plenty of ‘cunt’ words going around. I have plenty and I use them daily so the Greens are welcome to borrow a few off me? I have plenty to spare.
    I use them when I hear kath ryan, whenever I hear, see, or read jonky-stien, when I get a power bill, when I must pay my power bill, after I go to the super market, when I hear the ‘ financial report’ on RNZ, when I see real estate agents, when I go to the bank, after I go to the bank. There are so many times I use ‘that word’ that I think they must just keep making more of them to meet my demand.

  5. Ha ahah aahhaha a a a a hahahaha !
    I just saw Chloe Swarbrick’s face ! Ba hahah ahahah aha aha ahahaha a a
    Poor wee mite.
    Go you Marama. Shake the fuckers up!

    • Heheheee…

      I cannot help but agree and when I remember a long , long list of current and past politicians accused of naughty words,… I wonder why we selectively pick on Marama… Marama who had the guts to be among the first to go to the middle east and protest at the Gaza blockade.

      How fair-weather friends and fickle we can be at times…

      True, perhaps the venue wasn’t quite appropriate , perhaps a little unwise ,… but… lets not forget that because of Southern and her little mate , – Marama and her children received death threats…with them also calling her the same.

      And this is precisely the sort of social unrest and potentially dangerous elements unleashed when we entertain these sorts of toxic speakers, – and while they go home and drink their champagne and laugh about what a hoot it all was, – we have to turn around and clean up the mess and repair the damage.

    • I wonder, what if we leave the first ‘o’ out of your chosen name here. Is that one version of such a word?

  6. Nah, Martyn has bought the Pat Garnerland framing of the story.

    It was a rally on racism. Ffs, this is a side issue inflamed by Pat’s mates at Newshub, not a bloody crusade over a word.

    This is what you get when you succumb to the foolishness and tune into Newshub.

    • You got it, stirred up by that one Nat loving ‘reporter’ on Newshub, as I note, she is digging all the time, to find something to smear the government, and especially the Greens, with some ‘flaws’ they have, or ‘divisions’ here and there.

    • Lol

      I wrote “pat garnerland”?

      I meant that prick, pat gower.

      At least it shows how seriously I take the cunny.

  7. ‘Shes a bit of a cunt’
    it just doesnt really work for me.
    ‘Shes a bit of a dick’
    na doesnt work either for me either

    I do emphasis with their issue though

    • #funfact:

      On the Caroline Face of Mt Cook, the original and difficult route is called The Clit Route.

      For the reason in your first line

  8. They are a bunch of cunts, fukin useless greens, im glad at lest they recognize that fact and embrace just being cunts, because cunts are useful at lest..

    • Relax – they’re going to get rid of Wellington’s cats too – touch of the Gareth Morgans.

      It’s called prioritising…maybe. Thanks Greens.

    • Um ,… well I reckon despite the criticisms laid at their door, and the transition they are going through , we still need the Greens.

      And no I wont bag them too harshly because many other party’s have taken a wrong turn, give it time, they’ll come back to their roots of social justice and environmentalism. In fact , I don’t think they ever left that place.

      We should be grateful for the current govt we have despite the media beat ups and the occasional mistakes made.

  9. Why ‘c**t’, does ‘c*w’ not fit some better, I mean, with the word ‘stupid’ added?

    There are also many stupid ‘pri**s’, I know of.

    But indeed, this is ridiculous, and the media make a feast of such total nonsensical attention seeking.

    If you want to ensure that you will not be back in Parliament, start a debate on vulgar expressions, and who should be allowed to use them, at whatever time and place.

    Wonderful, we need a NEW green movement, maybe that cat hater Morgan can reconsider his decision, and get something better and more exciting and convincing going now?

  10. So it’s fine for Martyn to use “fuck” all the time as a word of abuse when many of us think of it as highly pleasurable. So I find your use of fuck offensive. You’re prissy and a hypocrite attacking cunt. Both fuck and cunt are in my Oxford dictionary so get real with real words – centuries old.

  11. It’s not what’s vulgar, it’s what is considered socially – or maybe morally acceptable – by mainstream people. C**t is probably where f**k was 20 years ago. This sort of change evolves naturally over a period of time.

    Trying to engineer social change by urging people to keep saying c**t to normalise it and rid it of any offensive connotations disrespects the feelings of those who may find the word offensive, and looks plain batty anyway.

    Years ago teaching in a boys’ comprehensive secondary school in nth London, the Jewish kids indicated that they found using the name of God offensive – so I damn well respected that, and it wasn’t necessarily easy as new staff got lumbered with taking rel instruction with virtually no teaching aids. But that is what one does when one likes other people and respects their feelings, and that is what I expect of politicians.

  12. Well, it seems stupidly aggressive to promote the use of a holy swear word in the public realm, and dilutes the potency of it, for example fuck, wtf etc gets used all the time these days and consequently is little more potent than an exclamation mark.. Leave cunt alone and use it sparely to keep its good effect. Anyway, more dog whistle politics from the…Greens!!! Shock! horror! wtf.

  13. This isn’t feminist. Feminist actions are things that take power from the male oppressor.

    Making it more normal to say the word ‘cunt’ isn’t women’s liberation.

    This is just more postmodern bullshit where the Greens think changing language changes material reality. Focussing on action against climate change is far better for women worldwide.

  14. I think the point is that men have appropriated cunt as a word to denigrate women.

    Davidson is clearly calling out those who used it against her for her public stand on ‘free speech’.

    I applaud her point about cunt being a powerful feminine force of nature.

    No man has made the transition to the patriarchy except through one.

    So let’s help men get back to nature with a cultural rebirthing.

    As for whether this will kill the greens or not. Not the right question.

    We won’t get rid of those in power responsible for the impending climate catastrophe without abolishing the patriarchy and its norms.

    Look at the stuffed shirts that defend climate change as an act of nature rather than enlightenment man; they will fry in oil before they renounce it.

  15. Are we all having fun here?
    Shitting on the Greens, the only honest bunch in Parliament? They may not be “perfect”, whatever that might be, but they’re a damned sight more honest than the bunch in National or the TPPA u-turners in Labour.
    Martyn makes fun of the Greens focusing on non-issuss. After umpteen blogposts on Southern, Molyneux, and now Brash, I think that’s a bit rich.Why does the left turn in on itself or engage in navel-gazing when in power? Whatever criticisms we might have of the Right , at least those pricks have their shit together. It’s a shame the same can’t be said of left and prigressives.

  16. Jesus christ Martyn, get a grip. Can’t a person say cunt and still care about the planet. Marama is just defending her use of the word, not making constant use of it formal greens policy.

  17. Jesus christ Martyn, get a grip. Can’t a person say cunt and still care about the planet. Marama is just defending her use of the word, not making constant use of it formal greens policy.

  18. Jesus christ Martyn, get a grip. Can’t a person say cunt and still care about the planet. Marama is just defending her use of the word, not making constant use of it formal greens policy.

  19. Jesus christ Martyn, get a grip. Can’t a person say cunt and still care about the planet. Marama is just defending her use of the word, not making constant use of it formal greens policy.

  20. Jesus christ Martyn, get a grip. Can’t a person say cunt and still care about the planet. Marama is just defending her use of the word, not making constant use of it formal greens policy.

  21. Christine, you are missing the point. We shouldn’t be respecting peoples’ (especially politicians) hangups over the word cunt. Rather, we should be supporting Marama Davidson’s position to liberate a word that is used to denigrate women.

    So Mereana I think you are wrong – it is entirely an issue for women’s liberation.

  22. I was there at the rally against racism where she said it.

    It would not be my choice of language but her point was in response to being called a cunt by racists.

    She suggested responding by reclaiming the word, saying “vaginas are powerful, we are all born thru one”.

    I think that’s perfectly acceptable, although I realise it’s a word many find offensive.

  23. Have a look at George Carlin’s hilarious clip on Youtube about the seven words you can’t say on television.
    That’s a bad word!
    Next maybe they will want to reclaim the f.. word.

  24. She has used ‘it’ as a howitzer cannon, and fired out 6 planet fuckers.
    If every breeder around her generation had done that, there could be between 13 – 20 billion people on the planet now.
    Auckland would see families sleeping in buses, or maybe we would have 3 car families, for the bed space.
    She needs to apologize to her children, then just go away.

    • interesting point…shouldnt Green Party MPs be having only replacement numbers of children..or less than replacement …or better still,none at all!

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