TVNZ Sunday Theatre – In a Flash – 2 stars


TVNZ kicked off their season of Sunday Theatre with In a Flash, the story of 6 students and their teacher who died in the 2008 Mangatepopo Gorge flash flood.

The loss of life was shocking and once more managed to prove how NZs ‘she’ll be right’ attitude is less laid back socialism and more criminal negligence.

Unfortunately this disjointed re-telling with awkward timing, clunky dialogue and art school pretension weather cinematography was no way to commemorate those lives lost 10 years ago.

The narration didn’t work, the over acting was annoying and the clumsy attempt to build tension seemed tacky given that 7 people died.

Could we start a give little page so that they can buy a better rain machine?

I remember at the time when this story was covered in 2008 the incredible joy and passion inside the  young Christians who died. The rejoicing of their lives in that moment of commemoration at their school with their friends and whanau made me step back in surprise at the authenticity of love they managed to represent in death.

This drama managed to capture glimpses of that truth, but not nearly enough.

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Not a great start to the Sunday Theatre season.

I think NZ on Air would want their money back.

2 stars.




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