BREAKING: Corrupt Police response to Kim Dotcom has to be read to be believed


The Police have responded to Dotcom’s request for information they have on him with the most absurd excuse…

…are you fucking kidding me?

Everything the Police had on their systems prior to 2013 has all been lost?

That’s why they can’t give Kim access to their illegal and flawed raid?

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Because they have magically changed systems and wiped all their emails?

How fucking convenient!

Kim responds…

my case against the NZ Police for including me in the Nicky Hager case – which thankfully occurred in 2014, continues and is still waiting in front of the Human Rights Review Tribunal.


  1. Are the Police expecting us to believe they do not, and did not regularly backup their IT systems?

    If the answer is that they did/do not, then can we expect someone to be held to account for running what must be one of the most shoddy IT systems on the planet.

    If the answer is that they do, I’d like to offer my services, or a a referral to someone who is able to do a restore.
    The standard fee for consultancy will apply, plus GST, plus project management and recruitment fees (going forward)

    • Actually, I can just imagine the Commish setting up a ‘war room’ about now – complete with Oi Tee professionals, Publuk Rillayshun experts and Risk Managers – all in the feint possibility that a Mainstream Johnalist’s intereset could be piqued – the possibility of a real and present danger of that happening?
      Sweet Fuck All (i.e. the 4th Estate’s interest in it all)

  2. They should all be fired in the police service if they allowed all their files from 2013 to be deleted!

    But it’s probably not true and just lies, which is just as bad if some police are acting illegally to violate the NZ courts (maybe to help the US or maybe to save their own arses, who knows!)

    Either way, disgusting from the police.

  3. No one here seriously believes them, do they? The “Hillary Clinton Excuse” didn’t fly for her, and it doesn’t fly for them. Back-ups in government IT are mandatory and it is illegal to not do so. This is rank corruption from our law enforcers. and if they won’t adhere to the law, then I would love to hear them explain why the fuck we all should. This is how revolutions start. The Government, if it wants to maintain any legitimacy/respect whatsoever from the people, should fire and prosecute everyone involved in this obvious miscarriage of justice.

    • is it just a matter of hunting/hacking in the right places?….Dotcom would have an idea on this

      …as a guess how about hunting from the other end ….NSA and CIA and FBI and Five Eyes?..and jonkeys dept?

      NZ Police should not be allowed to ‘disappear files’ after a crime they have allegedly committed

      ….this is called a ‘cover up’

  4. I would also like to add that these “antiquated” servers should be immediately subpoenaed for forensic examination. Even a completely broken hard-drive can have its data recovered by moving the platters over to a working drive (it’s expensive but very much possible). If the platters themselves have been damaged or erased then we can immediately be certain that the police have deliberately tampered with evidence. This is an unbelievably bad look for our law enforcers, and imo only aids Kim in his acquittal.

      • It was a Toshiba laptop. Pretty much state of the art at the time. I think I bought it in 1997. Still works except for the screen.

        • Still works eh
          Maybe the New Zealand police should be using it.
          Its funny how the cops pick and choose how they apply the law and control the release of evidence when it suits them and their masters.
          This whole KDC fiasco could have been avoided if they just applied the law as they have all sworn an oath to do.
          Instead they stopped being the NZ Police and bowed to pressure coming from Collins , Key and the American government to override the rule of law and peoples rights.
          What was New Zealand’s place on that corruption scale again ?

  5. “Antiquated systems” may apply to systems pre 2000.
    The notion that their case management system barfed and its data is inaccessible is risible.

    What this communication tells you is that they have something deeply incriminating to hide.

    When the communication strategy is “stonewall plus bullshit” that’s usually a strategy of last resort.

    When the superseding system was implemented, there was probably a risk assessment taken of legacy data. What is the highest risk data that we must retain AND probably what is the highest risk data we’d like to lose. Looks like time for an OIA on the Police IT systems and related data management.

  6. As the Kim Dotcom case went through the courts, wouldn’t police information related to KDC, be available for him to access through the Justice department?

    So if the police data prior to 2013 has disappeared into dust, is it also likely health, education, immigration, corrections, justice, birth, death, marriages, council information to become nonexistent as well, when updating computers?

    After all the public are expected to keep data available for a period of time should it be required for future reference. Why not the police?

    I don’t believe this BS from the police for a minute. This is highly questionable, if not suspicious. Protecting not only themselves, but also certain high profile identities as well perhaps? However, I would say if police wanted to draw on data before 2013 to serve their requirements it would suddenly become available! The police are either incompetent or lying. I’d go with both points here! This cannot be allowed.

    • I think tax payers care Andrew because we have paid for our police forces incompetence which is becoming a bit of a habit given they are suppose to uphold the law.

    • Andrew, it’s not my place to tell you what to do but have you ever thought of going on holiday to some where sunny. I think it would do you and your family good to just get away from the western world for a bit. Even some one like myself find it difficult to close my mind to the mess. Just a suggestion. No need to respond.

    • No, Andy. Many people care. You should care.Because the abuse of political power that occurred under the Key administration could happen again. If it was a left-wing government you’d be screaming for justice.

      Your partisanship blinds you.

    • Blast from the past, there , Andrew?

      Shades of ‘ Key’ land his Crosby Textor mates leaking out in the thoughts, perhaps?

      Perhaps the John Key camp are the only ones ‘ widely regarded ‘ alluded to in your comment… if so , that can hardly be called ‘widely regarded’. Especially as time goes on and more and more comes out about Key and his corruption , the illegality’s surrounding the raid on Kim Dotcom , and the ensuing raid on Nicky Hager.

      And now this . A contrived attempt to deny justice in this country by certain of our Police , – one which involves a very contemptuous attitude to the courts, the public , their fellow Police , and their victims.

      I thought you believed that both the National and ACT party are the ‘law and order’ party’s. Yet you demonstrate they are the complete opposite. Obeying the law only when it suits,… and if something problematic comes along, – then relying on certain of the Police to act in a corrupt manner to deflect , cover up or otherwise pervert the course of natural justice…

      These files are not irretrievable. They exist. We all know they do.

      And the actual opinions of New Zealanders are such that it is ‘ widely regarded’ that they do and that some among the Police are acting in a corrupt manner.

      Let us then recap , shall we ?,…

      Dissecting the GCSB bill – Campbell Live (Kim Dotcom scandal …
      Video for Dissecting the GCSB bill – Campbell Live (Kim Dotcom scandal)▶ 16:11

      John Key discusses Dotcom saga – YouTube
      Video for John Key discusses Dotcom saga▶ 17:29

      • +100 …well said…the NZ police are political puppets in this case…who was the puppet master? ( we can guess but New Zealanders need the evidence)

        Dotcom has to sue the puppet master

    • “Hager is widely regarded as being a tosser who deserves everything he gets”
      I didn’t realise “tosser” meant “the best real journalist in the country who is drip by drip exposing National Party malevolence”.
      I thought it meant something rude.

  7. Royal commission time.
    It’s going to uncover either gross incompetence, actual corruption or National political interference, it’s all win for Labour.
    Pay for it out of senior police management salaries.

  8. Cat ate my homework.

    Sadly this amateur approach is not funny, when a man’s freedom is at stake and our bumbling attempts at a fair trial making us an international laughing stock while setting dangerous precedents for human rights.

  9. Surely if the police have lost/ can’t retrieve information relevant to Kim’s defence, relevant to the formation of the charges against him, his case must be thrown out. If they have lost the evidence that demonstrates the lawfulness of the actions set in place to bring a case against him It must be assumed that their actions were possibly unlawful. Perhaps not so clearly as to convict the police of breaking the law, but sufficiently doubtful to make any charge against Kim that relied on evidence questionably obtained unusable against Kim.
    D J S

  10. The cops beat up one of my friends in the cells years ago, then a complaint was made to the IPCA, but that was only possible after a court matter had to be resolved, as he was charged.

    By the time the IPCA looked at it ‘independently’ the police were asked to investigate themselves, and they declared in the end, all camera footage of what happened in the cell and Watchtower block had been deleted, as they do after three months.

    So that was it, no evidence, one persons’ words against two cops and the cops got off.

    So rest your case, the police are as criminal as the ones they lock up in some cases, the gang in blue, they call them, so true, and they are loyal to the blue Nats also, these same bastards.

    • A friend of mine’s father was was a long time lawyer and local coroner.
      He used to refer to the police as the best funded and organised gang in the country.
      D J S

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