Petition urges the government to stop Super Fund from investing in illegal settlements on Occupied Palestinian Territory

By   /   June 12, 2018  /   55 Comments

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A new petition to Parliament urges the Government to direct Super Fund to stop its investments in Jewish only settlements in the Occupied Palestine as soon as practicably possible- and to inquire into whether any other such investments exist.

A new petition to Parliament urges the Government to direct Super Fund to stop its investments in Jewish only settlements in the Occupied Palestine as soon as practicably possible- and to inquire into whether any other such investments exist.

Labour MP Duncan Webb will present the petition to the Parliament .

The timing of this petition is crucial, as Israel’s use of deadly force against unarmed civilians in Gaza has highlighted the need for the international community not to ignore Israel’s unlawful activities.

Israel continues to defy the international law by expanding Jewish settlements on the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT).

Even the United States, Israel’s closet ally, has condemned the expansion of these settlements but, every year, millions of dollars are poured into the expansion of existing settlements as well as creating new outposts in the Occupied Palestine.

These settlements are widely regarded as the biggest obstacle to peace as they clearly signal Israel’s unwillingness to return land that belongs to Palestinians.

It is important to recognize that nearly half of the West Bank falls under the settlement jurisdiction, which help define Palestinian freedom of movement and access to land and resources.   

Despite the illegality of these settlements and their obstructing effect on the peace process, the New Zealand Superanuation Fund has invetsted millions of dollars in the four Israeli banks that fund the construction of these settlements.

These banks are: Bank Hapoalim, Bank Leumi, Mizrahi Tefahot and the First International Bank of Israel, each of which are banks domiciled in Israel and which, according to Human Rights Watch, fund Jewish settlements in Occupied Palestine including at Efrat, Beitar Illit,  Alfei Menashi, Ariel, Elkana, Ma’aleh Adumin and Kiryat Arba.

At the time when Israel continues to murder Palestinians with complete impunity, it is essential for New Zealand to send a clear message to Israel that it must obide by the international law.

You can show your support by signing the petition here:




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About the author

Donna Miles

Donna Miles is a British-born, Iranian-bred, New Zealand citizen with a strong interest in human rights, justice and equality issues.


  1. Andy says:

    Why are you picking on the Jews in the West Bank when Gaza is a Jew-free zone?

    The Jews in the West Bank aren’t directly responsible for killing Arab terrorists in Gaza, who tried to breach the border wall with the intention of killing Jews

    • Sam Sam says:

      You do relies you’re trying to run interference in a humans rights abuse case. Pity the Jewish left couldn’t get there shit together maybe they’d be a little less fascist.

      • Andy says:

        I’m interested as to why you guys keep picking on the Jews when white South African farmers are raped, tortured, have boiling water poured down their throats, holes drilled into their kneecaps with electric drills etc.

        • Sam Sam says:

          There is a time for reconstruction and peace which past the boer a long time ago. They could not be reasoned with in time before there false ideology destroyed them. Jews still have time.

        • Mjolnir says:

          We’re not picking on jews, andy. We’re picking on zionist thugs. Theres a difference. You may side with the bullyboys, the rest of us empathise with their victims. I wonder if you’ would’ve been on the side of the nazis during WWII when they held jews in the warsaw ghetto. What sort of person can’t find empathy with the victims of an oppressor?

          • Robert Atack says:

            Zionist stood with Hitler. They got a country out of it.
            And 6 million ?
            I bet the 20 million ‘Russians’ are more countable.

          • Andy says:

            My family were killed in camps in WW2, and I am not Jewish.

            So take your odious claims that I am a nazi sympathiser and shove them where the sun doesn’t shine

            It is Hamas that flies kites with Swastikas on them. It is Gaza that has a shop called “Hitler”. it is Gazans that have school programmes that extoll the virtue of killing Jews.

            You are the Nazi Jew sympathisers, not me

            • Robert Atack says:

              Back B4 the Germans built the camps they asked the Zionist to take all the Jews, they were told to keep them, and do what they wanted. The Zionist wanted something real bad to happen, so having a few million (or so) of their fellows killed worked, they got a country. It has all been a con, and will continue to be.
              The Jews who were murdered* in the camps had more genetic connections with Russians, than with the middle eastern Jews.
              *Or died of Typhus fever maybe?
              No one knows really as there were no proper forensic investigations.
              Riddle me this, why did the Germans put the ‘Jews’ in buildings?. Unlike the Americans, who put 5 million German POWs (after the war???) in open paddocks killing 1 million within several months, way way faster than the Germans. Eisenhower’s Rhine-Meadows Death Camps YouTube it.

            • Marc says:

              Show us a photo of kites with swastikas, you raised it, thanks, that is in Gaza or on the West Bank territory, and by Hamas, as you allege, thanks.

              You are just making stuff up to stir people here up.

              • Actually, I’d be interested to see a citation for that claim of kites-with-swastikas as well.

                But I doubt it.

                • Andy says:

                  Palestinians fly swastika kite with petrol bomb across Gaza border into Israel


                  • Mjolnir says:

                    So why didn’t you post that link at the beginning, Andy? Oh, I see what you’ ve, you clever little zionist, you! You’ve made an outrageous allegation and waited for everyone to rubbish it and then – BOOM! In with the link/kill, showing you were right and everyone else wrong because they questioned your unsupported allegation.

                    Nicely played.

                    But its still BS. Those so-called “Palestinians” were probably IDF soldiers and that was a propaganda shot.

                    Got anything from an unbiased source?? “The Times of Israel” is hardly impartial.

                    • Andy says:

                      No I don’t have an “unbiased” source.

                      Those pesky Jews eh? so clever and sneaky!

                      Always tricking people, just like the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) said.

                      Anyway, I have the executive summary. The Daily Blog supports Holocaust Denial, the extermination of the Jews, and terrorism in general.

                      Just as well your pathetic petition has less than 200 submissions.

                      Have a nice weekend losers

                    • Marc says:

                      Exactly, Andy is a troll here. That swastika flag may well have been photoshopped or somehow else been inserted, by propagandists from the Zionist side.

                      But I must admit, Hitler had some following in Arab countries, even after the war, because the Zionists were so much hated by many Arabs, certainly in Palestine, they considered Hitler may have been somewhat visionary what was coming upon the Arabs.

                      Perhaps though, the swastika flag was flown to symbolise the IDF and the Zionist settler movement and the Likud government in Israel, rather than any Arab sympathy for Nazis?

            • It is Hamas that flies kites with Swastikas on them. It is Gaza that has a shop called “Hitler”. it is Gazans that have school programmes that extoll the virtue of killing Jews.

              Unfortunately, Andy, it’s difficult to ascertain the veracity of your outrageous assertions because you throw them around without any evidence at all.

              For example, the “shop called Hitler”. Are you referring to the one in Egypt ( or India (

              There is indeed one in Gaza ( But considering the rationale used by the young man who runs the store – it’s not hard to understand the anger behind his poor choice of historical referencing;

              Hijaz Abu Shanab, a 20-year-old shopper, said: “The name of the shop is ‘Hitler’ and I like him because he was the the most anti-Jewish person. They have done us wrong, they took our rights in this land and they left us with nothing. It is better for us now to go and die, we are living like the dead. I like the clothes and the name, it is fantastic.”

              It seems clear that you cannot empathise with the Palstinians to such a degree that you’ll find any small reason to demonise them.

              By doing so, you validate your hatred.

              The irony is that in doing so you understand less and less of a people who are experiencing what Jews went through in the 1930s.

              Very few of us “hate Jews”. The same cannot be said of you, toward Palestinians, who have done you no wrong.

              • Andy says:

                I don’t “hate” Palestinians

                I deplore violence on all sides.

                However, you yourself have found evidence for my “outrageous claims” that there is a shop in Gaza called “Hitler 2”
                For that at least I give you some credit

                The reason for me bringing up this was not to “hate” anyone. It was to push back on the notion that was raised upthread that I am a Nazi sympathiser.

        • Mjolnir says:

          By the way, petition signed and shared.

        • Marc says:

          Where is your evidence, mate, or matess??? Andy lives in a world of fake and horror imaginations. He is white, hates to be white, hence he chooses a golliwog as Avatar or so.

          Identity problems some?

          • Andy says:

            Marc, you live in a parallel universe of bizarre identity politics.

            Yes I am white. I do not “hate” to be white.

            Just because Social Justice Warriors hate Western Civilisation, hate white people, hate men and hate Jews doesn’t mean that the rest of us hate anything.

            You are the mentally ill one, not me

            • Mjolnir says:

              Yeah, because whites have left such a loving lasting impression on the countries they invaded/occupied/colonised, didn’t they?

              Your country Israel is not much different. Invade the West Bank. Occupy. Colonise.

              Ok, times up. Get the fuck out of there. Its not your land.

              • Andy says:

                Chinese come from China. Jews come from Judea.

              • Andy says:

                ” Ok, times up. Get the **** out of there. Its not your land.”

                Are you referring to the White Settlers of NZ or the Jews of Judea?

                Remember if you start playing race based identity politics these games can blow back in your face.

                My experience of NZ overseas is that it is widely considered as a bit of a joke. I don’t suppose there would be much international sympathy if the white settlers were booted out
                or killed like they are in South Africa

              • Sam Sam says:

                Andy, please, allow me to educate you. Judea today is the southern mountain parts of Israel known in the bible as Canaan, where the Canaanites lived and where Hebrus evolved as a culture just like every other culture on the planet.

                In WW2 there where very few Jews living in Palistine, and after WW2 the Jewish terrorists bombed a few buses and hotels, ironic, and forced Britain to give them there own state.

                The UN patrician was a piece of garbage, Jewish people had much less population but ended up with more land. That doesn’t excuse what the Palastinian terrorist do but you can see the root cause of the problem.

      • Andy says:

        I also wonder why a group of White Settlers in a Polynesian country think they should have any views on a middle eastern country that has Jewish history that goes back thousands of years. The whites in NZ have no connection to the land of NZ whatsoever.

        • Sam Sam says:

          They can take it to far as well. Stay silent while blood is spilled or get whacked intervening in something they don’t really know much about.

        • stephen says:

          As for your assumption that white South Africans are being murdered ethnically like the Palestinian is firstly the biggest lie that been portrayed by far right wing fascist supporters like yourself and secondly the Palestinian have been in their place of being (Palestine/Israel) from the start and have continued to exist in the land of the Semites in perpetuity and no disrespect to the Jewish religion which gets misconstrued as a race they also have a significant existence in Palestine but they came later as their Torah and the old testament confer

          • Andy says:

            is firstly the biggest lie that been portrayed by far right wing fascist supporters like yourself

            You are calling me a “far right fascist”?

            That’s it. I am out of here. This blog is infested with Holocaust Deniers (see Atacks’s comments in this thread)

            You also deny that there is a White Genocide in SA.

            I actually feel sick in the mouth that human garbage like you actually breathe the same air as me.

            • Mjolnir says:

              So tell us, Andy, who do you root for when watching the Star Wars movies, the rebels, or the Empire/First Order? Take your time in answering.think it through.

              • Andy says:

                I don’t watch Star Wars movies.

                If you are basing your “social justice” credentials on the roles you identify with in Star Wars, God help us all

            • Robert Atack says:

              Not sure I’m denying it? Just would like some forensic investigation.
              We are lied to all the time, ALL THE TIME.
              So was the holocaust real?
              Fortunately for the liars, the public don’t want the truth, or can’t be bothered looking into it.
              And it is always easier to lie to people than convince them they have been lied to.
              so 6 million ? 20 million?? who knows for sure.
              A WW2 Russian soldier would face a firing squad if found guilty of rape. as an aside.
              It is not only the number of lies we are constantly being told, but the willingness of people just to go along.
              bla bla bla

        • So, Andy, what concept of justice do you have? Obviously you are pro-Israel – but does that exclude justuce for Palestinians who’ve been forcibly ejected from their lands? That East Jerusalem has been annexed by the Israeli government? That illegal settlements now occupy the West Bank? That Israel possesses weapons of mass destruction (atomic bombs)?

          If these things do not bother you, then you are partisan and justice is of no concern to you. Thus anything you say is coloured by your partisanship.

          • Andy says:

            Hilarious, me being called partisan, when your lot want Israel cleared of all Jews and given to the Arabs, who already control 99% of the Middle East.

            There is no middle line. You can claim to be “anti-Zionist’ all you want. You support an organisation that is listed as a terrorist group by most governments, and is intent on exterminating the last Jew in Israel.

            Israel handed Gaza to the Arabs in 2005 and all the Jews left.

            Not good enough for them is it?

            • stephen says:

              Those Hasbara Arab troupes are a little outdated Andy! And Gaza is blocked from the sea,air,land on both side by Egypt,Israel so your last meme about the Jews giving back the Arabs their land and they couldn’t progress is debunked.

              2nd Gaza has also suffered from aggression by the state of Israel on numerous occasion with F16 Jet fighters precision bombing of 1000s of innocent civilians mostly women and children suffered the most casualties.

              3rd If Gaza has a border with Israel which country is Gaza in? (belong)

            • Priss says:

              You ARE partisan, Andy. “Israel handed Gaza to the Arabs in 2005 and all the Jews left” is a malicious lie. The Israeli zionists turned Gaza into an open air prison, complete with border guards by the IDF, bombings by Israeli warplanes, and a blockade that is illegal and no other country on earth would countenance.

              Your apologism for the zionists will be fruitless. The world recognises aggression.

              Calling Hamas “terrorist” is a sick joke, considering Israel was BUILT on terrorism by various zionist terrorist organisations in the 1940s that bombed British facilities and the King David Hotel. Remember the terrorist groups like Irgun ,

              • Andy says:

                “Calling Hamas a terrorist organisation is a sick joke.”

                Take the issue with the NZ government, not me

                New Zealand: The military wing of Hamas, the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, has been listed as a terrorist entity since 2010

                • Mjolnir says:

                  I believe the Muldoon govt also labelled the Sth African black liberation movement as “terrorist”. Probably King George did the same with American revolutionaries.

                  Priss raised an interesting point which you side-stepped totally; was Irgun a terrorist organisation?

  2. Lois Griffiths says:

    The issue is settler colonialism, a vicious violent colonialism . The Zionists want all the land and resources with as few of the natives around as possible. The issue is international law.The issue is justice.

    • Andy says:

      So the Jews aren’t natives?

      • Sam Sam says:

        There used to be big protests in Israel before the Munic games protesting the fact that being Jewish was a religious faith not a country. Now of course Jewish political elites have had to maintain the war on terror indefinitely. So they’re locked in until they ain’t.

      • Marc says:

        Who and what is a ‘jew’, Andy? And who and what is a ‘native’ and where by the way?

        • Sam Sam says:

          Wouldn’t get a straight answer out of him if andy tried. If he did divulge the secret sauce he’d have to mention the word Palestinian then the secret would be out.

          • Andy says:

            What is a Jew? Technically someone who follows the religion of Judaism although many Jews that live in Israel are secular Jews that are not religious. Similarly many Muslims are secular, in that they are not observant. In the Middle East, religion defines ones cultural identity. Amny ME countries have ones nominal religion in your passport.

            Jews in Biblical times lives in ancient Israel, a fact that most here probably deny.

            Arabs have also lived in Israel, in fact around 20% of modern Israel are not Jews. e.g Muslims, Druze, and Christians

            No Jews live in Gaza since they left in 2005

            You’re welcome

            • Lois Griffiths says:

              No Jews live in Gaza? Why not argue that Mount Eden is not a prison since no prison guards live inside the prison. By the way, Jeff Halper, founder of Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions, has made the point that nobody, nobody , nobody..including himself ..including you Andy (What country are you writing from?) , nobody has the right to claim to speak for all Jews. The good news is that a large number of young American Jews refuse to blindly support Israel

              • Andy says:

                I don’t claim to speak for any Jews, let alone “all Jews”

              • Andy says:

                I’m sorry I struggle to keep up with the “logic” in these arguments. Because Gaza is a prison, apparently, my claim that on Jews live in Gaza is invalid.

                Hamas is a terrorist organisation, recognised as such my NZ, Australia, USA, UK and EU, to name a few. It wants to destroy the State of Israel.

                Of course, I understand that this world view fits well with New Zealanders

                NZ is the only English speaking country to admit Nazi war criminals in as immigrants without prosecution, including a former member of the SS

                NZ also sponsored the widely condemned UN Resolution 2334.

                NZ is basically a Nazi sympathising anti-Semitic hell hole

                • Mjolnir says:

                  A bit cheeky to be citing a UN resolution, Andy, when Israel ignores UN resolutions on a regular basis.

                  When will Israel observe UN resolutions that the Zionist settlements on the West Bank are illegal?.

                  Please check back with your israeli embassy masters before replying. Just to make sure you’re quoting the official position. Can’t have you going off half-cocked.

            • Sam Sam says:

              I only asked because Bibi’s troll farm knows more about the Māori culture than they do about people with in there own self selected boarders.

  3. Robert Atack says:

    If you want to get anal about what is invested where, then just using the currency anytime is being part of all investments.
    Investments need the same ‘faith’ we all place in the mighty debt created dollar ).
    We are all part of the Matrix.

  4. jen says:

    hello donna miles . i signed the petition. but alas ( no surprizereally) the number was 123 before i signed , then stayed at 123 after i signed

  5. Signed.

    And will share on my Twitter and Facebook accounts.

  6. Priss says:

    Signed and shared.

  7. Robert Atack says:

    The ‘Jewish race’ is the smartest in the world and possesses the highest human capital, so Israelis ought to be skeptical about the current corruption probes into Israel’s PM Benjamin Netanyahu, a Likud party lawmaker has claimed.

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