New meth hysteria allegations – Auckland Health Board narked on tenants using their addiction services to HNZ


It just gets worse and worse.

Housing NZ claims they only kicked out just over 100 state tenants. Really?

1 – I don’t trust a fucking thing out of these liars mouths.

2 – If they only kicked out 139 tenants, then how come there are 400 state houses empty because of meth testing? 

I say liars because Housing NZ and their Minister Paula Bennett were told in 2016 by the Drug Foundation that they were misinterpreting their own policy on meth contamination, and Housing NZ told the Drug Foundation they were right but kept doing it.


Because National were trying to privatise state housing and the media attention on evil beneficiaries smoking the P in taxpayer funded houses helped kill off any public sympathy for state tenant rights.

We now know that  over 400 state houses were effected, that it needlessly cost $100million and some families had their children removed from them because of these flawed tests.

Overnight however, damning evidence from a Housing NZ tribunal report was posted online that the Auckland DHB were narking on state tenants who used addiction services to HNZ whcich led to meth tests being conducted on those addicts.

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How the living Christ the Auckland DHB can inform HNZ of someone using their addiction services is acceptable is beyond any comprehension.

The second this gets out that the Auckland DHB are dobbing in people using their addiction services, people will flee those services.

How has this been allowed to happen?

How has $100m been wasted and no one is accountable?

How come the mainstream media were well aware of the criticism of this regime coming from blogs like ours and Public Address and only Lisa Owen and John Campbell said anything?

How can families have children taken from them and no one held accountable?

How can the Auckland health board run a nark campaign for other state agencies and no one be held accountable?

How can state tenants be left with tens of thousands in contamination costs and those costs not be immediately erased?

How can no one from Housing NZ be forced to resign?

The reason?

These were mostly poor brown folk being impacted, and middle Nu Zilind doesn’t give two fucks when it’s poor brown folk being hurt.

We should all be ashamed of ourselves.


  1. +100 Great Report ….Heads should roll!…for the victimisation and ousting of New Zealand’s poorest from their State houses

    ….and btw this is far more factually informative than Guyon Espiner of Morning Report could muster on this issue ….which was basically an obsequious interview with the leader ( whats his name?) of the Nactional Party on whether compensation should be paid to the victims of this Nactional Party swindle…

    ….only John Minto later made any sense

  2. Agree with you Martyn and yet despite all of this bad treatment to mostly poor brown people that Hobsons Pledge racist group posted a full page article in the Sunday times June 3rd headed ‘Minister we’re in this together – talk to us all’ so they have big backers this would have costs an awful lot of money. And if we are all one people like this lot say , how come we have so much white flight from our schools throughout NZ ?

  3. re “Overnight however, damning evidence from a Housing NZ tribunal report was posted online that the Auckland DHB were narking on state tenants who used addiction services to HNZ whcich led to meth tests being conducted on those addicts.”

    ….the health and medical system in New Zealand is looking increasingly corporate fascist…they will nark on P users seeking treatment but happily use killer opioids like fentanyl on New Zealands elderly and they would deny legal do it yourself medicinal cannabis for New Zealanders in pain

    …there needs to be accountability and a Commission of Inquiry into who is safe guarding the health of New Zealanders

    …there seems to be no public health watch dog with any interest and balls and teeth to combat this fascism and represent the interests of New Zealanders and their families who are victims of bad medicine and bad medical attention

  4. This is why MANY social agencies did not want to give over their clients personal information including their names because of how it would be abused. And just as these agencies said the last government have been abusing their power. This is why we need to do extensive reviews because the last government told lots of PORKIES and they are still telling them despite the evidence to the contrary.

  5. Maybe the result of some early beginnings of what is yet to come at a later stage:

    But in this case the particular focus on illegal substance use, given the then interpretation of wrongly applied standards, the ADHB may have felt obligated to ‘warn’ HNZ of likely ‘contamination’ for public health protection reasons.

    Look perhaps at provisions in the Health Act 1956.

    The MoH has swiftly removed old ‘recommendations’ from its website, and old info cannot even be found via Google Cache anymore! Here is what they have now available, as updated advice:

  6. And read THIS, perhaps, compliments ‘Tenancy Services’:

    ‘Renting a property methamphetamine affected by methamphetamine (P)’

    “Landlords must provide a clean property”

    “If landlords rent out a property that is contaminated by ‘P’, they are breaching their obligations under the Residential Tenancies Act 1986, as well as other legislation such as the Building Act and the Health Act.

    The Police and some local authorities have procedures to notify local councils when they identify contaminated properties.”

    “Standards New Zealand has released NZS 8510:2017 Testing and Decontamination of Methamphetamine Contaminated Properties, which provides industry guidance on good practice methods in the testing and clean-up of methamphetaminecontamination in houses.”

    So the ADHB did simply follow that misguided ‘guidance’ that was spread around all over the place, to all kinds of agencies!

  7. I presume this was CADS, on their site they mention they will pass on information “To government agencies when we are obliged or authorised by law to provide information, (e.g. ACC, the Police, CYFS, professional board)”.

    They should probably explain this includes housing, because nothing says we can help you get sober like forcing you onto the street…

    • YEP, that is why it pays to be VERY, VERY CAREFUL, when dealing with CADS!

      So much for chances of ‘rehabilitation’, it is an empty word, as the data gathering and sharing makes it impossible to be sincerely and fairly rehabilitated and re-integrated into society, that is when you suffer addiction, mental health issues – and certainly when you end up incarcerated for any given time.

      NO dignity for those who ever did wrong, they are expected to come ‘crawling’ and begging for forgiveness, and for any humiliating chance to get any kind of low paid shit job, to ‘re-integrate’ as willing slaves.

      And the guy running this blog makes sure it stays that way:

  8. Obviously some people need some good legal advice and are entitled to some compensation ?

  9. you had me enjoying your writing which was compelling and then lost me with…. “These were mostly poor brown folk being impacted, and middle Nu Zilind doesn’t give two fucks when it’s poor brown folk being hurt.”…..fuck you….i give a shit …i give a shit alot thank you and so do all the so called middle class{if indeed there is one now} that i know.

    • Yes Pat,this probably wasn’t a race issue, and I hope it isn’t made one, because it was a poor people issue, and poverty is colour blind.

      People I know not normally interested in politics are very aware of what Housing NZ was doing, and they dislike it, even when acknowledging that it is not unreasonable for landlords to ban smoking – tobacco, pot, P, anything.

      The hysteria has been compared to the Peter Ellis Christchurch Creche case, and here voices of reason were unheard, or maligned, and no-one likes that either.

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