Well, well, well – so the meth contamination hysteria was bullshit? When will the Mainstream Media & Paula Bennett apologise to NZ?


Well, well, well.

What do we have here sleepy hobbits?

That giant meth contamination hysteria, the one ex cops who ran ‘testing’ companies and the land agents who had deals with those ‘testing companies’ screamed at us was true.

The one Paula Bennett and the mainstream media cried was true.

The one that cost $100million, left hundreds of State Houses empty, and saw hundreds of state tenants kicked out of state houses.

THAT meth contamination hysteria turns out to be absolute bullshit you sleepy hobbits…

The meth house is a myth: There’s ‘no risk’ from drug smoking residue, Govt report finds
A bombshell report shows there is no risk to humans from third hand exposure to houses where methamphetamine has been consumed.

This means tens of thousands of homes have been needlessly tested and cleaned at the cost of millions, with some demolished and left empty.

The study by the Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisor Peter Gluckman found that New Zealand had made a “leap in logic” setting standards, and set a standard used overseas to clean “clan labs” was now being used to test and clean houses where meth had only been smoked.

…tell me how it feels sleepy hobbits?

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How does it feel to be played again?

By the ex-cops, by greedy land agents with skin in the contamination game, by the mainstream media, by Paula fucking Bennett.

How does it feel?

Just like the role the media had in empowering Cameron Slater’s dirty politics, this will just quietly fade won’t it? No Newspaper Editor will step forward and acknowledge they got it wrong, made people spend $100million for no reason, forced state tenants into homelessness and perfectly fine state  houses left empty.

Just like the mass surveillance lies, the dirty politics lies, and the get tough on crime rhetoric, the fears and petty ignorances of muddle Nu Zilind has been allowed to dictate counter productive policy.

How on earth, in this day and age can we still be manipulated by moral panics?

You are all so easily led. Why are you allowed to vote?

Remember, anyone in a State House where meth was tested was not only kicked out of the State House, they were banned from any State House for 12 months – how many lives did National fuck up and make homeless because of this moral panic?

Don’t get angry at me for pointing out you were played like chumps over meth contamination hysteria, get violently furious with those who chumped you!


  1. Sounds a bit similar to the Y2K debacle, when we were assured that aircraft would fall out of the sky etc. etc.
    There were a lot of lies told about that too.
    The likely truth about meth contamination is that is probably DOES contaminate buildings, but so does tobacco smoking, ammonia based household cleaners and pest control chemicals.
    Most of the materials used in building houses contain chemicals that likely have some of the elements that make up meth, but in lower doses and not concentrated.
    So it is a question of relativity.
    However the question of relativity always goes out the door in favour of sensational right wing scandal mongering, the type of thing National does best.
    It works because it has an easy target – financially and socially disadvantaged people – and Maori – people that the MSM love to hate and love to blame for all the country’s ills.

  2. Something else that has not been discussed. The test kits have no NZ accreditation, do not have an ISO rating and are not MoH approved. They come from SA,UK & the US mainly with a FDA rating!

  3. How many poor have been rendered homeless, and how many house-owners penniless, by this National-government-fostered folie à plusieurs?

  4. Now that the truth about meth contamination has been exposed by Peter Gluckman can we get him to look at the similar panic concerning asbestos contamination? Granted that asbestos (especially blue) really is toxic, a lot of people have made a killing out of the asbestos clean-up scam and I wouldn’t mind betting that the risks have been greatly exaggerated..

    • Yes Dennis they grately exagerated the meth and asbestos dangers to highly at the same time national wanted to show increased jobss, so there is a clear corilation there alright.

      By the way absestos is in most homes inn Canada and no polical party has ever suggesting they close down the whole housing stock of the 35 milliion living there to date.

  5. a side/back story…replete with irony..is that a close relative of bennett shelled out a lot of money to ‘clean’ a rental they own…

    ..could make the next family gathering a tad awkward..eh..?

  6. Sleepy Hobbit here – couldn’t give a shit what they kick them out for, as long as I get my hit of righteous indignation. In fact, I’m going to keep insisting I’m right, maybe accuse the Lefty govo of conspiracy if I can be buggered, but more likely just declare it all crap and keep big-upping NAT. How does that make you feel, TDB squabblers?

    • Sounds like pretty much what most Nat supporters are thinking, how else can you explain 45% support for them?

      • Wow, that’s a boring answer. I thought you might say:

        “This is how it makes me feel – rise up ye people of compassion! Throw down your shackles of despair and chains of apathy! Seek you your enemies and speak to them the truth; make them to understand the value of kindness and fairness once more! If Ireland can vote out abortion (Ireland, FFS!) we can do this, surely!”

  7. The majority of New Zealanders will stick to their prejudices, no matter what science says

    • Then tell them – it’s cheaper. It’s literally cheaper to care for everyone than to crap on them. Prisons, police, insurance, courts etc etc are all way more expensive than preventing poverty in the first place. Last stat I heard (10-12 years ago) was that it was 8x more expensive.

  8. There’s now going to be twelve comments, counting mine and including TDB which makes twelve people.
    Are we twelve people going to gather about us another twelve people each and go ask paula bennett what the fuck?
    Are we going to the MSM and ask the same simple question?
    We’d fucking better, or this shit’s going to keep happening, over and over again.

  9. I was one that called the meth testers dodgy, the imported templates and kits and levels dodgy, and the whole policy an extension of the Nats “war on the poor”

    the by product of this HNZ enforced nastiness was not just emptying state houses for disposal, but also the transferal of millions of tax payer dollars to private sector con men and indeed, ex coppers!

    Real Estate agents and property agents were in cahoots with the testers and fleeced the neo rentiers to boot, and harassed a lot of already stressed tenants for no good reason

    I hope some of the damage done to vilified HNZ tenants can be redressed, but would not count on it, as country boy says–involve others and do something about it–if you sense something is bent it probably is–quote this meth testing debacle to any natfans that have you on about anything from today on!

  10. “Why are you allowed to vote?”

    Because in a democracy, even blind, reactionary morons get a vote. (You know, just like bigots, xenophobes and simpletons.) If we want a slice of democracy pie, we have to eat the tepid custard that covers it. Until someone comes up with a fairer system… that’s what we’re stuck with.

  11. Special Shout Out to the Hawkes Bay…where a Mr Neville Pettersson says ” the report did not come as a surprise as many meth testers already knew the 1.5mcg standard was too low and was creating unnecessary panic”….”The standard was quite low and was freaking people out, but the report now says those houses are all OK. But a lot of us knew they were OK anyway,” Pettersson said.”

    Which may come as a surprise to the many customers who have paid Neville considerable coinage, Neville being the owner of Meth Testing Hawkes Bay. I wonder if he shared his sceptisism over the standard?

    Of course Neville is also a spokesperson for the Sensible Sentencing Trust and is an administrator of their Offender Database…who no doubt sees creating a business around a big pile of dung as being an unfortunate but necessary part of his “passion about reducing the prevalence of methamphetamine and the ills associated with it”



  12. Demonizing the poor and unfortunate has long been a tactic of the right, it was easy to do with the support of the media who are unable and too lazy to dig.

  13. New zealanders – sometimes not the brightest sparks. Who needs speeding drivers who fail to stop for cops when Middle New Zealand comes up trumps when it comes to moronics.

  14. Wow – what’s going to happen when NZer’s finally DO WAKE UP… or will it be to late by then.

  15. WTF I thought i was losing it, Just heard the caring compassionate buffoon Bennett on checkpoint telling all and sundry how she had never really agreed with housing nz evicting tenants for minuscule traces of meth, that it had nothing to do with her, and agreeing that some of them should be compensated???

  16. In my opinion, news organisations like News Talk ZB should be heavily fined/punished for allow scam artists in the meth-testing-industry to continue to perpetuate these lies Their recent articles should be scrutinized by the Broadcasting Standards Authority.

  17. Here’s an irony that just jumps out at you…

    Those affected were State House tenants and… private landlords who spent tens of thousands of dollars on clean-ups that were not needed.

    Private landlords who tend to vote National.

    Oh, Karma, you enjoyed that one, didn’t you?

    • Slashing their income tax liabilities via negative gearing and the greatly increased accommodation supplements which went straight into landlords’ pockets helped to soften the blow Frank.

      • Yes! I hate how the accomodation supplement allows landlords to benefit from a rental market that is protected from downward pressure. It is a landlord welfare payment, funneled, through a beneficiary.


  18. Paula Benefit should be sacked like NOW… One comment in general tho can you please not use swear words in your articles? I would share to a few FB groups but are aware they will get blocked by admins due to language.

  19. Apologise for what?

    They will tell people, go to the Ombudsman, who does fuck all anyway, as usual. The whole system sucks and is basically corrupt, what this country presents to the Transparency International organisation is a load of whitewash BS:

    It is all business as usual, nothing else:
    (published 21 Nov. 2017)




    Oh, too much to read and get the grip of, go back to sleep than, loyal Hobbit.

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