Another day, more kids dead in Police chases – yawn, thoughts and prayers blah blah blah


Another day, more kids dead in Police chases …

The older brother of the 12-year-old girl killed in a police chase near Palmerston North also died in a stolen car being chased by police.

A 15-year-old boy, who was driving a stolen blue Subaru, and a 12-year-old girl died after the car they were in slid out of control and smashed into a power pole following a police chase which lasted 90 seconds yesterday.

A family member’s tribute to the 12-year-old girl on Facebook says: “Always you sista… say hi to Bruv for me.”

…cue the usual responses…

1 – Total denial of any responsibility by the Police

2 – White people blaming the kids for running and demanding what else are the Police supposed to do

3 – Media point out overseas Police jurisdictions don’t have levels of chase death like we do because you know, they are mature enough to comprehend that ‘respect my authority’ can’t be a social policy.

…and repeat.

We have allowed the Police to get away with creating policy that actually kills people and because of our authority worship culture, any question of authority will be met with total denial.

We are already seeing people trying to justify the beating of a 13 year old handcuffed kid who was arrested for not wearing a bike helmet.

The simple, awful truth, is that until white middle class kids are killed in a police chase, nothing will change.


  1. My Māori grandchildren are doing just fine. Don’t seem to find it necessary to go around stealing stuff. They have jobs, responsible attitudes, and contribute to our society.

    Their Māori and Pākehā parents did a good job of parenting.

    Don’t blame we Pākehā because other people, of whatever race, aren’t doing their job.

  2. Just listening to texts to John Campbell on rnz nat. WTF so now twelve year old girls DESERVE TO DIE for stealing muddle new zilds STUFF??

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