NZ Cops caught beating up handcuffed kid for riding a bike without a helmet


If you are genuinely surprised by NZ Police beating up a handcuffed 13year old kid who was riding his bike without a helmet – you haven’t been listening to the complaints being made for decades…

Father lays complaint after police officer allegedly punches 13-year-old son in Pakuranga arrest
A video showing a police officer punching a 13-year-old boy in the ribs as he lies on the ground while being subdued has prompted the boy’s father to lodge an official complaint.

Geoff Garnett said his son had been aggressively arrested by two police officers on Monday for riding his bike without a helmet.

“What is New Zealand Police coming to?,” he asks, having watched the footage, which shows his 13-year-old son being punched once in the ribs while on the ground.

…I love how the first response by the NZ Police to getting caught beating up a handcuffed kid who was arrested for not wearing a helmet is total defence of their Officers

Fucking cops.

If you honestly think punching a handcuffed 13 year old and arresting him for not wearing a bike helmet is appropriate policing – then maybe you are the problem?



  1. I don’t think that the police chased, arrested, handcuffed and punched a 13 year old kid for riding his bike without a helmet.

    Yes, I would be genuinely surprised if they did, but that’s his daddy’s side of the story.

    Two cops chasing a kid for riding a bike without a helmet ? Hmm ?

  2. What a truly abysmal comment. Are you denying a punch was committed; clearly evident in the video in the article, or are you suggesting certain misdemeanours warrant police punching a 13 year old, particularly when restrained face down on the ground?

    As for the questionable integrity of “daddy’s side of the story”, your apparent enamoured views of the police suggest that the integrity of their side of the story is unquestionably correct. Did you enter NZ Police as religion in the recent census?

  3. He wasn’t handcuffed, and he wasn’t arrested and punched for not wearing a helmet.

    He was punched so he could be handcuffed after fleeing the Police.

    He was being handcuffed for resisting arrest, after fleeing the scene.

  4. Kia ora Andy K. Answers: No, No, No, No and no religion entered on the recent census – which doesn’t mean that I discount religion either.

  5. Why punch a kid when you can taser, pepper spray, club and shoot them?
    I forgot dog bite, being dragged behind a patrol car, kicked off a car parking building and/or shown naked pictures of paula bennett’s arse parts. Cops could paint his bike pink, shave his empty head, handcuff him to a born again christian? Tattoo ‘ I love organ music’ across his sloping forehead or confiscate his weed and replace it with marigold leaves then use a patrol car’s loud speaker to tell everyone at his school he’s gone full hippy.
    Punching a little shit is sooooooo last century.

  6. Bomber’s become such a tool of the establishment why’s he covering up the fact that after punching the kid they vaccinated him to give him autism and then sent him to a chemtrails testing area?

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