Neoliberalism has mutated MPI into an agency that protects Industry from regulation – does Nash deserve the bash?

By   /   May 26, 2018  /   11 Comments

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The neoliberal public service that Shane Jones was recently blasting is there to do as little as possible while building their own fiefdoms.   All we have leant from them is that they are as useless at looking after cows as they are beneficiaries and miners. 

Where’s your messiah now Farmers?

We deserve Mycoplasma Bovis don’t we?

It’s the perfect curse for a small minded nation isn’t it?

Neoliberalism hasn’t just warped our welfare agencies into punitive sticks used to beat the poor so that they are too frightened to apply for help, it’s also ‘liberated’ Industry from having to do any regulation.

Neoliberalism is the reason why 29 men died at Pike River , it’s the reason why the de-unionised working poor earn $11 500 less than they should, it’s the reason why immigration abuse of migrant workers is so rife.

It’s the reason why MPI is such an utter failure.

The belief that the best free market is one with no Government regulation other than a Police force and Army to enforce property rights has led to Government Agencies focused on doing as little as humanly possible to not only create regulation but to police it as well.

This culture is the reason MPI are so incompetent when it comes to Mycoplasma Bovis and the insane position they have taken to not prosecute grotesque abuses within the fishing industry…

Ministry of Primary Industries defends decision not to prosecute companies for overfishing
The Ministry of Primary Industries is defending the decision not to take big fishing companies to court after finding they overfished in New Zealand’s prized hoki fishery.

A leaked report by the former Ministry of Fisheries in 2011 showed that companies like Sanford and Talley’s had been providing misleading information about the species they were targeting and were potentially overfishing New Zealand’s most valuable export fish.

In one instance, the report said Talley’s had failed to report an estimated 780 tonnes of hoki in a season.

Greenpeace, which released the report, said the findings should form the basis for a full inquiry.

…the MPI is there to protect any primary industry who abuses the environment and not force them to comply with the pitiful legislation that does exist.

How Stewart Nash has managed to get away with defending the MPI over the fishing scandal is anyones guess.

Here are some of the best Nashy burns from online…

…Rachel Stewart reminds NZers why she is the best columnist in NZ with her broadside against MPI incompetence…

What’s really happening with the spread of the cattle disease Mycoplasma Bovis is about as transparent as a plane-grounding Wellington fog.

Coincidentally, that’s the city where the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) does whatever it is they do. They are good at professional spin and obfuscation, and all designed to make it hard to know where to point the bone.

But, while we’re on the subject of MPI, I do have a few words to say. Myrtle Rust, Velvetleaf, Bonamia ostreae in flat oysters, kauri dieback, Psa in kiwifruit, herbicide-tolerant swedes causing cow deaths… the list goes on.

…incredibly the MPI took time out of supposedly working to slag Rachel off

Readers of the Herald will be well used to Rachel Stewart’s comments. But they should not mistake them for robust or balanced analysis when it comes to her piece on the very serious cattle disease Mycoplasma bovis.

Her commentary loses credibility after the first sentence: “What’s really happening with the spread of the cattle disease … is about as transparent as a plane-grounding Wellington fog.”

…where the fuck these cretins get off attacking critics rather than doing their job is something only Wellington can ever answer, but Rachel’s response was gold

After my relatively restrained column on Mycoplasma bovis appeared last week, MPI’s head of Biosecurity NZ Roger Smith felt compelled to respond in writing.

It astounded me he found time to stop working on the nationally critical issue of M. bovis to concentrate on having a personal crack at me. Given the myriad media commentaries on MPI’s lacklustre response to the disease, including their lack of transparency, one can only wonder why he chose to single me out for special attention. Did I hit a nerve?

…how she wasn’t nominated for best columnist in the recent media awards while a mediocre mummy blogger and an even more mediocre Ruminator were is as much a mystery as to how the MPI have been allowed to get away with such obscene ineptitude.

The neoliberal public service that Shane Jones was recently blasting is there to do as little as possible while building their own fiefdoms.   All we have leant from them is that they are as useless at looking after cows as they are beneficiaries and miners.


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  1. countryboy says:

    Ah God.
    Whenever I see Cletus Corncob above I’m reminded of how effectively psychologically brain-neutered farmers have been. There are those few farmers out there who DO understand why, who, how and etc. But they, like their urban brothers and sisters, have no idea what to do about the collective [it]. They’re fucked. Just like us. We’re all fucked. ‘They’ have us on the ropes.
    For example; how often have we read THB rail against neoliberalism/Mont Pelerin tyranny? Heaps, would be my observation. How often does that railing lead to street marches , physical protests, direct action, strikes and the causing of political crims to run for their lives, their clothes in tatters with a panic stricken, wide eyed look on their faces?
    Not once. Not at all. Nothing.
    And who else knows that, aside from myself?
    They do. They watch and learn and what they learn is that we’re fucked and they can please themselves.
    Why is that? If NZ/AO has a long reputation for ‘doing’ per se, I’d say we ‘do’ fuck all about that most important element of any democracy. And that is to be involved in it daily. Not just at polling time. But all the time. Otherwise, this shit happens. And I think I know why that is. It’s because we have a deep, in fact virtually bottomless leadership deficit.
    It’s like the Great Script for political life in NZ/AO has been edited and the ‘Leader’ part has been redacted. Entirely!
    If Adern was a born leader, she’d have people in prison right now or at least under arrest pending hearings, she’d have ordered an emergency take-over of RNZ to keep us informed hourly as to revelations of a commission of inquiry as they roll out and where the fuck is our head of state’s representative, the well paid ghostly apparition who was hand-picked by jonky, the Governor General??
    We’re being fucked without the kissing.

    • cleangreen says:

      1000% CB I agree we’re all fucked.

      Our 40 sheep have more brains out there than we have, and at least we could find some comfort off their backs for wool and meat to keep us all alive for a while at least.

      Humans are so dumb they just can’t rise to the issues that face them.

      It’s always someone elses problem.

      Well they will ‘reap what they sow’ soon enough when we loose our abilty to survive; – by the way we are going.

  2. cleangreen says:

    It seems to me that Jacinda needs to step up now and hold a caucus meeting on all the things going wrong, as rtjhe leader she needs to show w”leadership now, since she has sanctionaed one of her best ministers for using a fucking celphone after a plane was having its doors closed.

    Shit I have been on many planes overseas and while in flight the passengers were using all there celphones so she needs to rejag all these angencies that national left in such a mess and dysfunctional.

  3. Sam Sam says:

    Again, back to the fiscal” responsibility rules.” Basically The Reserve Bank purchases government bonds and those bonds sit as assets on The Reserve Banks balance sheet as assets, combined with the original post, this is a good example of how sovereignty is lost, in a country, because now there’s a conspiracy theory that says The Reserve Bank has its own agenda. And the agenda is The Reserve Bank owning large portions of Crown debt. And if you control Crown spending and taxation you control New Zealand. Now again, obviously this is a conspiracy theory, I’m not massively into conspiracy theories. The fiscal responsibility rules state core crown net debt will be 20% of the GDP by a set number of years, but you can see the argument.

    The argument is non-direct elected officials / committees and non directly elected officials by the electorates is essentially setting there own agenda. This could be a situation where the spending of the Crown is determined by what unelected officials will or will not allow them to do because we have unelected people owning large portions of Crown debt.

    So this whole idea that an all of government approach based on borrowing that was brought in by the previous National Government, providing the advantage of flexibility and nimbleness and so on for Crown authorities to intervene could also be a huge disadvantage in terms of sovereignty in overall society.

    So plenty to think about there in terms of the advantages or disadvantages of a “whole of government” approach and a “fiscal responsibility rules” approach. It is what it is and we just have to understand it and navigate the political landscape properly.

    • cleangreen says:

      Sam; – we need another Michael joseph Savage today to save us as this Government are facing disaster and are certainly not prepared for the rough road ahead as they placed their heads and ours in the chopping block by tying us to the old outdated monetry system of borrow on creidt without going to the reserve bank act to print funds for “emergency national security in these times of so many disasrers confronting us all right now as we will end up being owned by overseas bankls as greece is rtight now.

      Time to get real and move to save our country and not to just be a “tenant in our own land.”

  4. LOLBAGZ says:

    I don’t do Shakespeare. But when I do, there’s a pox on both your houses

  5. Afewknowthetruth says:

    ‘This culture is the reason MPI are so incompetent when it comes to Mycoplasma Bovis and the insane position they have taken to not prosecute grotesque abuses within the fishing industry.’

    It goes way beyond MPI, Martyn. It would be fair to say that every government department is run by incompetent fools, zealots and those who prefer protecting corporations to providing New Zealanders with a future.

    The next financial crash, the one that terminates our current way of life, is now mighty close. And the level of ignorance and denial is just as high as it was over 2007-2008. Perhaps higher.

    ‘Mainstream economists just look at market forces, percentages, and values on a piece of paper or computer. When economic activity begins to fall, they try to find the cause and remedy it with a solution. Most of the time, the solutions are found by printing more money, increasing debt, changing interest rates or tax percentages. And… that’s about it.

    There is no mention of what to do with energy in the economist’s playbook. For the typical economist, energy is always going to be there and if there are any future problems with supply, then, of course, the price will solve that issue. Due to the fundamental flaw of excluding energy in College economic courses; the entire profession is a complete farce.’

  6. Ed says:

    It’s the reason why leaky buildings happened
    It’s the reason why CTV collapsed

    No rules.
    A cowboy country.
    With sick cows.

  7. Unimpressed Jester says:

    I’ve come to the conclusion that the CEOs and boards of government ministries need to be summarily fired for utter incompetence and ideological idiocy. They were tasked with ensuring operational policies and practices with Ministries and agencies were up to scratch and met the requirements of the legislation. Well they failed, each and every year since National took power.
    Ok National bear much of the blame, for the instigation of bad leadership, but those CEOs had statutory obligations and duties of care that stood independent of the nonsensical leadership of the Ministers of National Nonsense.
    The social Ministries are broken, as are Corrections, Police, the Military, and all those various heads of the hydra that is MBIE.

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