Real reason why National are considering cutting ACT off


Dancing with himself?

Newshub are reporting that National are considering ditching the support they give ACT to hold onto Epsom.

The idea had always been that Epsom could bring in extra MPs from the coat-tailing feature of MMP. That hope died when Rodney Hide left the leadership and ACT  have sunk as a political brand ever since.

The real reason National are now starting to signal they will dump ACT however isn’t because of a sudden realisation that the deal isn’t working, it’s that National want to try it out elsewhere.

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Having two of these deals would look sleazy, so National only want to do it once. The new plan is for a sitting National MP in a safe National Party electorate to suddenly resign from the Party and stand for a new Conservative branded political party and get a free run in that electorate.

Keep an eye on Mark Mitchell.


    • They’re not “morons”, rather selfish and anti-social. They love National because under National they got richer. Much richer. Under Labour they see “their hard-earned income” going offshore, to brown people, the disabled, the homeless. These National voters don’t fit any of those demographics, so they see this Labour government as a sort of communist party (which they very obviously are not), who are “stealing” their money to dole out to others that “don’t deserve it”. It’s the old Hosking “I’m rich, you could be too if you work as hard as I do” falsehood.

  1. ACT as a political brand for the right have been dying since since the Richard Prebble days and Roger now he is knighted is no longer relevant.
    Only the National party has kept Seymour on life support which is ironic because David wants to legalise euthanasia…… go figure.

    There is no doubt that a configuration of a right leaning alternative will be making an impact before 2020.

    Mitchell seems an obvious contender and will be able to harness the cash and connections and will be a willing supporter of the next Nasty National government.

    Be afraid be very afraid.

  2. Keep an eye on the Blue Dragons 😉 Oh, too late… neo-colony of the largest dictatorship on the planet…

  3. The nasty nats are so desperate to regain power they will do anything including dumping their act flunky whose dancing skills are about as bad as his policies

    • @ MICHELLE. I don’t know if the nats are so desperate to regain power. I think they’re just taking a breather from their breathless greed to let labour have a go for a while.
      Have you noticed? labour’s changing the wall paper but the house’s still sinking on its rotting foundations.

  4. Aaah…? So that’s what a sadistic narcissistic egotist looks like… ? All glittery? Wow. Like a rich mans idea of heaven as portrayed in Happy Clapper brochures.

  5. Maybe Seymour prefers dancing with the stars than dating with the dead horse National Party?

    I never agreed with his politics especially on education but he does seem to be a decent sort of bloke, unlike jonkey

    …maybe he is tired of his defacto partner and wants an exit?

    ….remember Rodney Hide …he gave up the ghost of ACT after dancing with the stars

    …lets face it ACT without Seymour is a gonna

  6. Poor national-no-mates. No friends left. Any wonder that the Greens viewed a Teal Coalition as toxic chalice?

    This will become worse once the Nats drop in polling.

    This should be a clear warning to NZ First, deal with the Nats at your peril.

    • excuse me …how about a warning to the Greens?…they are the ones dealing with National by giving them their question times

      • greens are gulping down the waka-hop bill at the expense of principle

        no issues there it seems?

  7. Countered by Labour letting Winston/NZ First run unopposed in Northland and giving the Greens a clear shot at Nelson surely?

    My own electorate of Maungakiekie provides a warning for what happens if they won’t cooperate for their own good though:

    Priyanca Radhakrishnan (Labour) 12,906 votes.
    Chloe Swarbrick (Greens) 4,060 votes.
    Total = 16,966 votes.

    Denise Lee (National) 15,063 votes.

    Winner = National.

    • well as Labour got 3x more votes than the Greens …how about the Greens stand aside and let Labour have a fair chance instead of spoiling the vote?!

      ….and letting in National

      ….Greens spoilers again

      • My point exactly. How about Labour steps aside in Nelson and the Greens step aside in Maungakiekie (for example). National could hardly complain having kept the zombie ACT party on life-support in Epsom for the last 20 years.

  8. A STUNNING performance, so I will vote ACT next time, that is so convincing, I need no more.

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