The false equivalence of comparing Left wing dirty politics with Right wing dirty politics


I’m getting sick to death of the attempt by those on the right to somehow justify the latest dirty politics smear against Clarke as somehow fair because the Left indulge in dirty politics as well.

I call bullshit on that.

With all due respect Tau ‘We’ on the left aren’t even in the same fucking ballpark of sleaze as you pricks

TDB Recommends

1 – Slater & Ede and National Party staffers broke into Labour’s database in 2011

2 – Ede tipped Slater off about OIAs so Slater could get the info first

3 – PMs Office colluded with SIS to smear Phil Goff in the lead up to the 2011 election. That’s called a coup in other countries.

4 – Collins released name of a public servant including phone numbers to Slater, that public servant received death threats

5 – Slater/Lusk discussed blackmailing Rodney Hide to step down from the ACT leadership

6 – Slater/Ede ran a smear campaign against the head of the SFO

7 – Anne Tolley passed info to Slater to bully Principles who disagreed with national standards

8 – numerous private interests paid for smears against public servants and health officials

9 – Key lied about mass surveillance

10 – Key signed off on an Afghanistan raid that amounted to war crimes and then spent the remainder of time denying we had killed anyone.

Trying to compare such egregious abuses of power to calling Max Key a dickhead is simply not credible. If you can’t see the magnitude of difference between the Left and the Right when it comes to dirty politics, then you are about as tolerable as Kayne’s opinions on slavery.

Personally I find John Key, the Prime Minister of Dirty Politics, offering his sympathies to Clarke for the dirty politics smear is like Trump offering his best wishes to Bill Cosby survivors.

PS – As for Romeo the Sanctimonious over at The Spinoff, there is a world of difference between writing a blog, putting your name to it and stating there are rumours you can’t substantiate about a politician who was infamous for dirty politics deception, lying and deceit and this attack on a spouse. The Spinoff should stick to policing middle class micro-aggressions and cheerleading reality TV as if its culturally important.



  1. Is that the Tau Henare who used to be in Parliament ? Yuk. Ignore him.

    Ignore the whole thing because sure as leaves fall off trees something else will be coming along and Henare and his ilk may be busy trying on hats forever, and whinging, Anyway You used to have a hat just like it, and this hat doesn’t fit, and being hatters can drive men mad.

  2. “With all due respect Tau ‘We’ on the left aren’t even in the same fucking ballpark of sleaze as you pricks”

    Martyn; yes I heartily agree there.

    We need to keep naming and shaming these shameless despots until they finally heel and reform their wicked ways and become useful and respectful.

    how long will it take?

    Well we can but hope, it will happen one day again.

  3. Yes BB. But more concerning is the unrelenting smearing and counter narratives that are in the MSM. So little investigative journalism and so much fakery. Keep up the good work.

  4. So Tau Henare uses “whataboutism” to justify dirty politics against the spouse of a member of Parliament.

    I must remember that next time I get a speeding ticket…

    “But constable, why is it a problem for me to be going at 110kph? What about the guy who did 111kph?!?! Huh? Huh?”

    That’s the thing about “whataboutism” – it can be used to justify anything by pointing somewhere else. It suggests a ‘fluid’ moral compass.

    Mind you, this is the Right we’re talking about…

  5. Tau Henare… the reason behind the “waka jumping bill”. Hey Tau physical violence is NOT okay, do not lecture us by lying.

  6. I thought Tau Henare was a bit better than that. Massively dropped in my estimation

    • Capitalist Scum
      I apologise for the tautology.

      However, does it not stand out, head and shoulders, that nearly every time something biased and evil is wheeled out from the Beehive – it is the Capitalists that are pushing the barrel ?

      Capitalists are the enemy of all people everywhere. They claim to own everything. They loathe ordinary people.

      The Government of recent past has made it impossible for Mr and Mrs Kiwi to own a house. They have deliberately screwed Mr and Mrs Kiwi down with exorbitant rents.

      Capitalists are Maori as well as Pakeha. They are female as well as male.

      For what they have done, they must seek forgiveness. They must be banned from our society and communities. They must be barred from our Parliament.

      We all know that.

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