Even for Deborah Hill Cone, this is petty & spiteful


I’ve grown to like Deborah Hill Cone. The neurotic insightfulness of privilege after two bottles of white wine on a Wednesday in Devonport mixed with prescription drugs never sounded so self assured.

There are times she soars with enlightenment, cheers with genuine humour and preaches with conviction.

This hate column attacking Clarke Gayford however, sure as fuck isn’t one of them.

I’ve known Clarke since the late 1990s when we worked together as DJs on Channel Z. He met Jacinda over our GCSB mass surveillance meetings.

Clarke is one of the most genuine human beings I know. He is kind, compassionate, intelligent and funny. He worked hard in TV to do the shows he wants and has enormous respect in his industry.

The Clarke that Deborah Hill Cone attempts to describe doesn’t exist. That isn’t a column, it’s a written shit on another human being for no clearly established reason other than petty spite.

Clarke is a good man, and he doesn’t deserve the cruelty dished up here. Would any other spouse of the Prime Minister of NZ ever put up with an attack piece like that printed in the major Newspaper of record?

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Deborah, you are a better person than this. I certainly know Clarke is.




  1. I can’t believe that it was even published. I think it’s a new low from the Herald, consumed by spite over anything to do with Labour.

  2. +100…he looks a lovely genuine person…everything you say….good you are balancing the crap that comes out of the mainstream media masquerading as truth

    character assassination hit pieces reflect badly on the character who has penned them….and generally it is obvious why…a mirror reflection to their own lives…not a pretty picture

  3. Deborah Hill Cone. Ah yes , … quite the wit ,… at times. Other times she seems to be a satirist for the far right wing. Bit of a turn off in that respect. Still,…. sometimes worth a read.

    No, I dont think Clarke deserves the sarcasm nor the profile building by Hill Cone, … in fact , its because of his position that grants the access to world events so , … he comes across as easily compatible in the company of popular leaders like Justin Trudeau and such like , as does Jacinda.

    That perhaps is the grating thing for Hill Cone.

    Fact is both are quite photogenic , are young and there is the coming baby , all lapped up by the media , – except of course by such as Hill Cone. Who generally are biased for the far right wing anyways.

    She was generally always light in any criticism of John Key all those years , and I dont recall her ever making a satirically scathing critique about Keys wife. Maybe she did.

    Apart from that , its a puff piece , really ,… just uncalled for after a fashion.

    But it will be interesting to see if it forms a surreptitious part of a new angle of attack for the far right in this country.

  4. She craps on about why should we celebrate the stay at home dads she’s a feminist don’t you know then calls him “honey”.
    Sort of sums her up.

  5. Yes Yes Yes Yes. I read this this morning and I couldn’t believe my eyes or my brain.

    Never heard of Clarke before Jacinda because I don’t watch television, but I think they are so lucky to have each other, they work well as a pair, their baby will have two thinking parents, and seeing the three of them in the Buck House corridor made me proud to be a NZ’er.

    Up until now I have been skeptical of any MSM agenda to compulsively dirty Jacinda Adern and her govt , and now I just don’t know.

    Like some of the other Herald crap, Hill Cone’s horribleness may be just the way she is, or it may be yet another churnalist desperately doing whatever it takes to keep themselves in a job. Either way, it lacks relevance and it is nuts.

  6. I cant work out as to why the NZ Herald even bother to publish this piece of trash from Hill Cone.

    I am sure she annoys hell out of people as well, but we don’t go writing about it the daily papers.
    Although, if the NZ Herald opened up the comments section, I reckon she would get the message quick smart.

  7. Good on you Martin, you have gone a really great job here of defending the character of someone you personally know and regard whilst calling out DHC without slaying her, which would be easy to do. You are a nice guy, and a good friend.

  8. Get rid of her she sounds desperate for a story so she has to make something up. Many o four mainstream media are so shallow and she is one of the many.

  9. There’s a line in politics that shouldn’t get crossed. More commonly – play the ball not the man. I didn’t like it when John Key’s children started getting flak or even press. Grown up editors should have left both of them well alone.
    The headline for Clark Gayford – I won’t read the article – is shockingly ugly and personal. The editors at the Herald must have some game plan in mind – ratings from the controversy maybe? Will Duncan and Richardson now jump on board with the follow up attacks of some sort? This is spiteful journalism that will affect people directly and emotionally – Gayford, his partner, his family and friends. Dark stuff from the Herald. Didn’t one of your articles warn us about this very thing last week?

  10. Thank goodness someone has said this. Well done Martin Bradbury. I cannot believe a supposedly intelligent, mature thinking, woman of NZ would even think this way, let alone publicly voice it. Clarke Gayford is exhibiting the highest love and support for his lady, setting their priorities as a couple before his own.

  11. Wow, it really is pathetic. Hating the man for being NOT a fuckwit. How the tables turn when that idiot John Key has nothing left to be said about him.

  12. Who is Deborah Hill Cone? I honesty don’t know – I gather she is a contributor to The Herald? Blah, The Herald is a poorly written gossip/opinion rag.

    If people are upset, stop reading The Herald and create your own news site. As for me, I wouldn’t waste my time reading such trash – sad that the rest of the country are consumed with such rubbish.

  13. Any man prepared to suspend fishing to be primary child carer is unbelievably generous and selfless. To do this makes him earn and become worthy of fame in its own right…Deborah obviously does not fish or she could never have come up with the piggyback line.

    And to be primary care giver enabling Jacinda to be our leader, that’s beyond brilliant. Move over Judy Bailey, Clarke is now the true “mother of the Nation”.

  14. Her article spewed out anti-male tendencies that a lot of so called internet ‘feminists’ have. (which by the way is now a fashion statement and hardly any are real feminists these days)

    A male doting over his beloved pregnant wife!? Sickening! Disgusting! Ew cooties.

    No seriously..that’s what she was saying and it was just plain bitchy.

  15. I think this Yarpie sheila needs another drink or two and needs to loosen up a bit, obviously has some anxiety problems and hang ups about Jacaranda and Clarke ?

  16. MSM loved John Key could never get my head around that one, the guy was an absolute …… ?

    I guess that is the level of intelligence in MSM and the NZ Public these days, a very sad situation unfortunately ?

  17. So not happy with DHC’s diatribe…….words like cringe worthy……no finesse shown by calling Clarke Jacinda’s squeeze……Likening Clarkes photograph with all the female partners to the bachelor
    when the only other male was Philip May.I can just imagine the photographer asking Clarke to pose on the floor in front …..And being the good sport he is he complied….and possibly the only one agile enough to get down!!!!!!I am now becoming curious about what type of male rocks Deborah’s boat???!!!!Sorry that was uncalled for.Trust that DHC will re-think her words and maybe “write”the wrong….. Ccc

  18. I have to say I thought she qualified her train of thought early on, acknowledging it’s really her problem, and boldly examining her own inbuilt reaction in an inquisitively honest fashion. Did you even read to the end?

      • I think there’s something universal in her enquiry that it’s worth anyone acknowledging. We all have knee-jerk judgmental reactions to all sorts of things; anyone who says they don’t is deluded or lying. The real measure of character is in how we disseminate the facts from our inbuilt prejudiced narrative to reach more accurate conclusions. Cone has a platform for sharing these examinations and has chosen to use it thusly. She is not claiming to be right, nor suggesting she’s any better than anyone, because she is not. But I’m not better than her either.

  19. That’s two in a row so far. First Duplicity Allen, now Deborah Hill Cone.

    “By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes …” Next … Soper? Hosking? Hooten?

    Probably more Natz mouthpieces out there ready to spit the toxin at Jacinda, Clarke, Labour!

    NZ media need a damn good purge, to rid it of the tacky standard of shitty journalism and publishing! It’s disgraceful!

  20. I want to know who put her Cone up to writing this? No writer would think this was worth writing. So where did it really come from? Who is she rolling over for?

  21. My first impression after reading this article, which was leading the online Herald this am, was poor DHC. This should never have been let through the editing process and it will do her no good, she will regret the piece. After reflection I wondered who payed her to write it.

    • Yes, to be fair I too did wonder who her editor was and why they let this through. Every good writer has a good editor and well, she probably needs one more than most. Its a bit sad like you say.

      • To be fair…its now clear that this was an orchestrated piece of bullshit commissioned from on high, after the follow up article in the Herald that announced NZ was actively conflicted about Hill-Conehead’s piece. What an insidious made up controversy and utter utter crap and I feel like an idiot for one second of feeling sorry for that piece of shit article and writer.

  22. I wouldn’t recognise a picture of Clark Gayford unless it was captioned. I know he is the partner of the PM and as such has automatically attracted all sorts of childish, vitriolic comment in various media.

    To the latest, Deborah Hill Cone, the response should be the same – get a fucking life.

    If Gayford is as some have said, they should give him what they will think will hurt him, no attention. If he is a big deal it’s because they stalk him and turn him a big deal. That stalking, scorning and jeering says a lot more about the perpetrators than Gayford.

  23. Says an awful lot more about the Herald to run shit like this as the headlining article on their internet version.

    There is an anonymous presence used by its backers clearly there to slag off this government any way they can until their National Party get back in to finish the wrecking job they were well underway with.

    Still, the irrelevant Cone (what on earth is her purpose in life again?) came across exactly like a petty nasty little bitch and nothing more.

    Stick to your self-indulgent boring navel-gazing love but do so on your many social media accounts rather than inflicting us with your uglyness!

  24. Cone voted whale oil the best blog in nz a while back. Any credibility she had evaporated right then.

  25. Cone’s an Act-whore. Why are you even bothering?
    I saw her in action at some writing conference years ago, wearing those really BIG glasses – she put garbage out then; she hasn’t changed. Maybe sounding a bit more desperate these days.

  26. Yesterday duplicity Ardern she was like Trump.
    Today Hill Cone attacks her partner.
    Now Soper says she’s unusual.

    All tools and paid puppets writing dirt to keep their beastly job.

    Why don’t the Herald pay 8 year olds to write their opinion pieces.
    It would save them money.
    And we’d probably get more mature analysis.

  27. What is it about DHC you ‘grew to like” @Martyn?
    My gran gre w to like her bunions because she had to live with them.
    Is it just that you saw/see her as a bit of humour who has the ability to translate some half-cut thoughts into a column for Granny Herald and get an earn from it all.
    If that’s what it is, I thank you – I’ll try and apply the same reasoning to the next bitter and twisted rant from a Duplicity irhead knowing that she has a far better excuse than DHC (the excuse being Barry Soper)

  28. HDPA, HDC and Bazil Soper need some professional help, this is not journalism it is hogwash ?

    Who ever is the Editor of the Herald they need to be sent to Coventary ?

    I have read some b%llshit in my time but this is real B*LLSHIT ?

  29. Martyn I fully agree with your comments regarding DHC spiteful remarks but I think you do your self a disservice when you write badly and try to add grunt / brute force to your opinion with bad language.

    Personally I don’t give a fuck or shit about bad language but I think it does detract from serious comment especially when comments are aimed at one really pathetic very small person imitating a jurno.

  30. I have never liked D H C she writes for a vicious nasty right wing piece of garbage that destroys peoples lives and that on its own disqualifies her from any sort of respect, admiration or trust.

    These people are destroying our country with malicious nasty crap that unfortunately is accepted and believed by the numb skulls that inhabit this country and vote.

    Nerve gas anyone ?

  31. I was more offended by the heading the Herald gave the column than DHC questioning her reaction to a public figure.

    And cue the irony, the heading to your piece here also detracted from your comment.

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