Soooooo – when are we starting to expel Israeli diplomats?

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When will we see a mass expulsion of Israeli diplomats for the continued murder of unarmed protestors?

Let’s get this straight.

Former Russian spy & daughter are poisoned in the UK under highly questionable circumstances and there is mass diplomatic outrage and Russia has diplomats expelled

Israeli Defence Force snipers have murdered 30 unarmed Palestinians and are caught cheering the shooting of unarmed protestors…

With international criticism of Israel’s response to the Gaza protests growing, video emerged on Monday appearing to show an Israel Defence Forces (IDF) sniper shooting a Palestinian man standing near the border fence.

After the Palestinian man falls to the ground, soldiers are heard cheering in the background. One yells, “What a legendary film!”
The video, which circulated on social media, appears to be through a scope, showing the Gaza border fence and a field behind it.
The sniper is heard discussing the shot with another soldier nearby.
“When he stops, you take him down,” the soldier says. “Are you on him?”
“I can’t fire because of the barbed wire,” the sniper responds a short time later.
“Take out the one in the pink,” the other soldier says after a few moments.
IDF soldiers cheer as you hear the gunshot and see the Palestinian man fall.

…and not a whisper?

When will we see a mass expulsion of Israeli diplomats for the continued murder of unarmed protestors?

How come there is one rule for Russia and one rule for Israel?


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  1. Isabel J says:


    israel has been an unreal, murderous, apartheid “state” since its savage birth – aided by the UK & sustained by untold billions of US$.

    Without that U.S. money, I think israel would begin to wither away. We goys here in godzone are just as much “insects” (to be “crushed underfoot”) as every other non jew upon this planet!

    As a nz registered nurse (retd), I have cared for beautiful human beings – who happened to be Jewish. I have also cared for jewish look-like human beings, but who were inhuman in their attitude – even to me, the registered nurse whom they employed to care for one of their relatives. (I didn’t remain more than a day or two in the “employ” of such critters.)

    Netanyahu is a psychopath; with the help of others like him & who preceded him, he & his govt. sustain a pathocracy.

  2. remo says:

    The worst, or most egregious part, of the reading of truer history,
    in light of the revision,
    is that we know the answer to that question.

  3. Lois Griffiths says:

    Good question. But I would be very surprised if anyone even dared to answer it.

    • CLEANGREEN says:

      100% Martyn.

      we are now in the historic period where war drums are higher in the media than the truth Martyn so that means just one thing, we are heading to war so NZ is not actually participating yet in any adverse reactions with any party like the rest of the world is doing, so we wonder how long we will keep in this “neutral” policy mode?

      Soon Uncle Sam or someone more sinister will come looking for us to be “actively singing the war song” along with all the madness world outside our borders now.

  4. Francesca says:

    anyone asking that question faces what Jeremy Corbyn is withstanding
    Anti-Zionism is now anti-semitism

  5. Red Buzzard says:

    we all know who are the worst violators of human rights in the present era…but we dare not mention their name

    the Russians are a scapegoat and not even in the same ballpark

  6. John W says:

    Yes much of the Western world live in fear of Israeli control of out politicians.

    The business organisations in NZ and other behind the scenes powerful financial control is directly linked with banks who are mainly off shoots of AngloZionist predatory harvesting of the worlds wealth.

    This has gone on for at least a couple of centuries and now includes MSM being directly under the influence.

    Their power can never be underestimated.

    Most wars in the last century have the fingerprints of their hegemony all over them.

    Who was john key working for.

  7. mary_a says:

    I blame the West, mainly the UK and US for empowering Israel and its core base Zionism, to become the most cruel, vicious, hateful, evil state it has been allowed to evolve into!

    I’m thoroughly disgusted and totally heart sick at the lame excuses being made by the West led by the US, virtually condoning the abhorrent, inhumane and barbaric treatment of Palestinians by Israel, through what seems like deliberately ignoring the atrocities!

    Yes I agree, Israel needs to be taken to task and taken to task hard. Beginning with expelling diplomatic staff would be a good start. However I doubt that will never happen. The Western world is far too weak and gutless to take such action, because it knows Israel will retaliate with threats of one form or another, definitely using finance as a tool of intimidation, amongst other things!

    • John W says:

      Mary – Who will take them to task. They control the USA and UK as well as others.
      The UN is dictated to by the USA and voting is contingent on not gong against the USA or repercussions will eventuate for any country that does,
      The Western world has a master they dare not defy.

      Such is the power of tribal based banking and the power of captured money.

      Reason does not come into it.

  8. Historian Pete says:

    Another day and another atrocity from the evil Nazi Zionist Israeli psychopaths !

    • Samwise says:

      OTT Pete.

      By all means send the Zionists home. But your Godwinism does the cause no favours. Reign it in please, otherwise you come across as an agent provocateur.

      • Historian Pete says:

        Lets get this clear. You think I am an agent provocateur for the Nazi Zionist Israeli Psychopaths ?

  9. Samwise says:

    This is why the middle east does not take the West seriously. Our double standards reveal our govts to be hypocrites of the worst order.

  10. Mjolnir says:

    Time for Israel to be declared prrsona non grata and sent packing. That should have been the case when their agents were caught red handed trying to acquire NZ passports under false names. With “friends” like those…..

  11. Andrewo says:

    Rational people see the Israelis as the good guys

    If you don’t believe me – take a look at their opposition 😉

    • john says:

      What planet are you on Andrewo? The opposition meaning Hamas??? That over regurgitated meme that justify #Zionazi supporters to claim the moral high ground?? And what Israel does on a daily basis to Palestinian isn’t an act of terrorism?? You been to Hebron Andrewo??? You been to the Gaza??? Shut your trap ZIONAZI

  12. Cassie says:

    They have their Poisonous Tentacles in every country.
    Most Particularly : the “5 Eyes” .

    NOTICE how “5 Eyes” countries , quality of life as known previously- has seriously Declined,

    -Ever since ((They)) seriously got their hooks in, ( during the 1980’s)

    HINT #1 : Major $$$$$ Lobby Group in EVERY frigging country (in the background) Hiding behind their favoured proclaimed status as $$$$$VICTIM GROUP…. NEVER to BE ALLOWED to be criticised.

    HINT#2 : THEY $$$$ rewrote WW2 History . It’s NOT what you think.

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