Wait, what? You’re going to subpoena Clare Curran’s voicemail but you won’t subpoena a bloody war criminal? WTF???

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The people of NZ deserve better media than this.   








Have I woken up at a Klan Rally wearing an Obama mask?

The bullshit RNZ select committee is going to subpoena Clare Curran’s voicemail???

MPs subpoena Curran voicemail to RNZ 

In an extraordinary move MPs are demanding a voicemail Broadcasting Minister Clare Curran left on RNZ chair Richard Griffin’s phone.

This news comes as stark differences have emerged between Curran and Griffin’s versions of the events that led to the resignation of Carol Hirschfeld, and its aftermath.

Griffin was in select committee on Thursday morning attempting to clear up the ongoing saga concerning a meeting between Curran and Hirschfeld.

Let me see if I can get this completely straight.

We have the time to subpoena Clare Curran’s voicemail but we don’t have the time to subpoena the fucking head of the military who is standing down after admitting the NZDF lied about war crime allegations????

Is this really where we are now as a country and a fourth estate?

The NZDF have lied and falsified a war crime, have finally admitted it, the Military boss in charge is stepping down and the focus is on Clare Curran’s bloody coffee dates?

Remember Key personally signed off on this SAS revenge attack so he is as liable as Lieutenant General Tim Keating.

The people of NZ deserve better media than this.

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  1. CLEANGREEN says:

    “Remember Key personally signed off on this SAS revenge attack so he is as liable as Lieutenant General Tim Keating.
    The people of NZ deserve better media than this.”

    Yes that is the truth Martyn,

    Funny how National get all heated up over Curran and a “casual conversation with a beaurocrat” when look at the circus national media made of the “cup of tea between John Key & John Banks?????

    No criticism came of that was there?

    Double standards = National party.

  2. WILD KATIPO says:

    Yes , and over at The Standard they are fixated on John Keys ‘ regrets’ aka a ridiculous flag.

    You mention the fact that Mr ‘ Get some guts’ Key was the one responsible for the signing off of Operation Burnham and the murder of innocents and there is a wall of silence from other commentators.

    This country has became sick to the core.

    Even basic morality now eludes them.

    I have given up and now hold them in contempt.

    They turn my stomach with their hypocrisy.

  3. savenz says:

    Have I woken up at a Klan Rally wearing an Obama mask?…. yes, Welcome to NZ where the trivial is a crime and major crime is trivial.

  4. mary_a says:

    National using media to undermine and discredit the government, is turning into a very dark, ominous art form now, which IMHO is becoming a dangerous trend, just as the RNZ issue is proving to be.

    Labour has no option than to toughen up and take a very hard line with National, even if it means spitting some venom back at the opposition. This present situation of what seems to me is National calling the shots, through gutter politics, cannot be allowed to continue.

    • e-clectic says:

      Somebody in the Labour caucus has to have the mongrel who is going to take it to National or stay on the back foot.

  5. Kim dandy says:

    I’m with WK.
    Will those killed ever get justice on this?
    Sad NZ where’s the integrity gone…

  6. bert says:

    In both cases Martyn, Griffen and Tim Keating appear to have “something to hide and something to fear”

    Griffen is now saying it’s my personal phone and I choose not to release it, why? Is it because, let’s say, um, your lying!

  7. Red Buzzard says:

    jonkey Nactional has left a legacy of corruption…and the state media refuses to ask the hard questions

    the state media is due for an overhaul if we want fearless reporters asking the hard questions

    the new government must start with an overhaul of RNZ

  8. Afewknowthetruth says:

    ‘When historians and analysts look at the factors surrounding the collapse of a society, they often focus on the larger events and indicators — the moments of infamy. However, I think it’s important to consider the reality that large scale societal decline is built upon a mixture of elements, prominent as well as small. Collapse is a process, not a singular event. It happens over time, not overnight. It is a spectrum of moments and terrible choices, set in motion in most cases by people in positions of power, but helped along by useful idiots among the masses. The decline of a nation or civilization requires the complicity of a host of saboteurs.’


  9. Marc says:

    Come on, this is not important, what is important to watch and follow are the Commonwealth Games, nothing else matters now, carry the FLAG and be a PROUD KIWIS for every medal won by the HEROES OF NZ INC.

    Why bring in all this negativity, it will be Anzac Day soon, do not put blemish on our hero soldiers and their leaders, they are excellent material, cherished by our UK and US allies.

    NZers march proudly behind their SAS and all their fighters on the international stage.

    Who cares about ‘useless Afghans’, they are not worth any attention, right?

  10. Lone comet says:

    Is he actually a war criminal if he hasn’t been charged? If he had to step down because of war crimes,why hasn’t he been charged?

  11. Mjolnir says:

    Never underestimate the ability of the MSM to focus on the trivial and ignore a real story of misdeed.

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