Don’t believe me that the NZ media are feral on the Clare Curran story? Here’s the evidence

By   /   April 3, 2018  /   12 Comments

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Clare Curran’s coffee date generated a bewildering 195 stories compared to a mere 65 stories for one of our largest Hospitals being so underfunded that raw sewage is leaking into the black mould infected walls.

The NZ Media are hypocrites and are part of the problem.

They have turned a blind eye to stories of far more gravitas than Clare Curran’s fucking coffee date.

  • The New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) lied about war crimes and the Herald only did 2 follow up stories where as they did 28 news ‘stories’ on Clare Curran.
  • The Human Rights Review Tribunal delivers a devastating blow to the Key Government by ruling against the state for withholding information about Kim Dotcom and awarded him $90 000 with a bare humour in the media.
  • And most appallingly, one of the major Hospitals in NZ, Middlemore, has been found to be leaking raw sewage and is infested with black mould because the DHB was too frightened to ask National for money  and this grotesque underfunding of Hospitals, Schools, mental health services and social services is how National managed to magically create budget surpluses for almost a decade.

Surely, SURELY, one of our major hospitals infected with black mould and raw sewage who was too frightened to ask Jonathan Coleman for the money to fix these problems would be the biggest story, especially as it is revealed just as Coleman quits and he walks off a Radio NZ inter new before going to air to avoid questions.

SURELY that would be the biggest news story.

Unfortunately the bias of the mainstream media believes Clare Curran having  coffee with Carol Hirshfeld and not declaring it in her diary is actually a bigger story, and here is the proof…

…read it and weep journalism fans.

Clare Curran’s coffee date generated a bewildering 195 stories compared to a mere 65 stories for one of our largest Hospitals being so underfunded that raw sewage is leaking into the black mould infected walls.

This glaring example is our clickbait mainstream media at work and the vicious impact they have on swamping and warping  the town square debate on what is actually important and meaningful in politics.


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  1. Michael says:


    Can there be a clearer version of the charts put up? They are bit blurred at the moment.

  2. savenz says:

    The first thing is to not click on any of the stories of Clare Curren, the next step is to stop believing that news is somehow truthful.

    News is mostly owned by foreign media who use it as a PR method as part of a portfolio to control news about their products, news about countries and who is right and wrong internationally in relation to their products (who might be people who pay for positive news) and help people who help their profits while trying to nobble and destroy those who might be at risk of their profits….

    • Afewknowthetruth says:

      Yep. It’s a shark pool out there, and ‘everyone’ is trying to do a deal or a promotion that will make some quick money or give some commercial advantage.

      What little ‘news’ there is consists of sports results and commentary, traffic reports, tourism reports, weather reports, celebrity gossip, personality politics, fashion, car performance comparisons, diets comparisons, plus a bit of warmongering. Nothing real or meaningful. Or worth spending time on.

  3. mary_a says:

    Demonstrates what msm publishes is politically motivated by corrupt right wing source National, which I fear is influencing the direction NZ takes, despite being in opposition.

    An attempt to discredit the government no doubt, keeping the focus on the Curran/Hirschfeld saga, while one of NZ’s major public hospitals Middlemore has become both a health and safety hazard in its own right, through neglect by the previous National government!

    Says to me, National is still very much in control of NZ media, knowing msm has the power to work public perception! A very dangerous situation!

    • Christine says:

      Of course the MSM are attempting to discredit the government, and the fact that Curran/Hirschfeld coffee-ing is being tediously flogged to death is quite good, because it suggests that there is little else to ping them for – unless Richard Griffin has something momentous to say at Select Committee. Yawn.

      And if as the DM may be suggesting, the Salisbury poisoning is part of a dastardly family money feud originating in England’s pleasant pastures green, the media hounds baying for Russians to be booted out of N Z,
      may have cause to pause and ask themselves why do they say what they do ?

      • bert says:

        Richard Griffin needs to tell us who his source was that informed him that the meeting was pre planned and how they actually knew. Another case of National’s “dirty politics”

  4. Marc says:

    Don’t worry, Martyn, if the Clare Curran ‘saga’ won’t destroy this government, it will be higher fuel taxes, that have been indicated through the new transport policies announced today.

    Most NZers are dedicated petrol heads, even if they may love to talk about the environment, getting rid of one way plastic bags, talk about planting native trees and such, most love driving, and they do it every day and have no serious plans to give that up any time soon.

    As the main TV news channels reported tonight on looming high petrol increases, we will have many get annoyed already, lamenting how hard they have it already, and now they have to pay for something (public transport they rarely use, or projects ‘in the regions’) they never use.

    Also some other stuff that the government is planning, or even just considering, like speed reductions on roads, and extra levies here and there, that will rile many, so the label “Nanny State” will be thrown around again, preparing people to vote this lot out in 2020, same as they did with Helen in 2008.

    Sadly Labour, NZ First and Greens seem ill prepared with their media work and campaigning, and they make silly mistakes, it does not look like a well prepared and that professional kind of government.

    Simon Bridges has members around him, who were in government for years. Although they did a shit job, they still have good media contacts, have access to others professional opinion shapers, they are supported by powerful, well financed lobbyists, they know all the tricks of ‘governing’ and how the rotten machinery works, they will throw it all at this government.

    Time for Labour-NZ First and Greens to get real and act more professionally than what Clare has done. It is not that coffee date that is the issue, it is how she and others handled it, rather poorly.

    • savenz says:

      Have to agree, why do Labour always put up taxes within 5 minutes of taking office, while telling us how good it is for us??? They they lament why do people not vote for us?

      As for lowering the road speed limit, absolutely crazy, the fucking Wellintonians and central suburb latte types, there is a world beyond the cycle tracks and public transports links that don’t actually exist yet and probably won’t for a decade and that world can barely get from A to B as it is.

      Then add in some weirdo idea doing the rounds like lowering speed limit to to 70km and 30km? People are trying to get somewhere faster, not slower through the congestion, much of it truck congestion while our train lines are barely moving freight or passengers!

      Telling the poor driven out to the outskirts of Auckland to catch the bus from a rural address in Wellsford to say Pt Chev, do you know how long that would take as well as the costs on public transport for say a family of 4….then tell them to go 70km… la la land.

      It’s nearly $30 for a family of 4 to go 2 stages return on the bus in Auckland when the petrol is $2. Ripping off is a way of life in this country for public services like AT sucking off nearly 1.5 billion dollars of rate payers/users teats and hiring the worst of the worst for every decision.

      If you want safer, then get rid of all the fake heavy licences flooding form corrupt officials as well as the new residents/tourists/minimum wages truck drivers not used to NZ conditions or so tired from our poor working conditions or worship of lazy tourism, that they drive off the road.

      • Marc says:

        I am actually not so much opposed to the petrol or additional excise levy, as we need to raise funds for investment in public transport and also trans national rail .

        My concern is about how they went about it, how poorly they prepared the public, and how poor their communication and media work is.

        As for rural people, exceptions must be made, for people living in remote parts of the country, and that is the fine tuning that will need to be done.

        But I would dismiss the idea of lowering speed limits as a bit naive and idiotic, but it was presented by an international organisation, who come from another perspective.

        Labour, NZ First and Greens need to urgently get their coms, their communications right, or else the Nats will take them to pieces.

  5. Lone comet says:

    It’s a mad and ridiculous farce, what is going on???

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