National MPs are quitting the party with the same speed suspects flee the scene of a crime & why Stacey Kirk should be ashamed


Hahahahahaha, you didn’t catch us sleepy hobbits.

I’ve never rated the Dominion Post’s Senior Political Reporter Stacey Kirk as anything more than a fawning right wing sycophant. Her piece on mercenary Mark Mitchell saving puppies in Iraq has to go down as one of the worst crimes against political journalism in the 2018 media awards, but her latest profile piece on Jonathan Coleman is as galling as it is gagging.

At a time when we are finding out that Health has been underfunded by billions and Middlemore Hospital is infested with black mould while raw sewage seeps into the walls because the DHB were too frightened to tell Jonathan Coleman, Kirk desperately acts as Coleman’s personal PR cheerleader and attempts to cleanse his reputation as he leaves Parliament.

If only Coleman had spent as much time cleaning Middlemore as Stacey Kirk has whitewashed his reputation we wouldn’t currently have a hospital that resembles a septic wound.

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This gutless prick resigns as the extent of National Party underfunding becomes clear and hangs up on Radio NZ just before they go to air to explain this obscene level of underfunding and this is the man that only acknowledged last year that National’s anti-suicide programmes hadn’t worked for 8 years, and yet Kirk is attempting to paint him as some intellectual powerhouse who healed sick children when not building retirement villages for refugee pets.

This bullshit isn’t just with Coleman, everywhere we look, National MPs are quitting the party with the same speed suspects flee the scene of a crime and none of them are being held to account by the mainstream media.

Key personally signed off on war crimes and the NZDF admitted this month they lied and tried to hide them. Late last year, Key finally gets busted lying about the mass surveillance program and Kim Dotcom this week gets a Human Rights Review Tribunal ruling against Key’s Government that cost us $90 000 and yet the only media scrutiny Key gets is his bloody Golf game!

Bill English still has question to answer about how much public money was signed off to pay out a staff member hush money in the Todd Barclay scandal.

Murray McCully lied to the entire country about the Saudi Sheep legal action and effectively bribed the businessman.

Joyce lied about an $11.7billion budget hole in Labour’s numbers ironically because he’d secretly dug a $20billion hole in the NZDF budget which while he publicly took credit for, privately never budgeted for.

The grotesque level of underfunding in the social infrastructure is finally spewing its awful truth into the present and where are the media to hold any of these pricks to account?

If they aren’t writing breathless PR apologist pieces for retiring National MPs, they are screaming about Clare Curran’s coffee dates.

We need a new media as badly as we ever have.




    • And that’s an intentional misspelling:

      Chris deserves a “d” for effort, attempting to hide that effort – and for being a dickhead.

  1. They’re not quitting because they feel any guilt or remorse. They are quitting because they know that there is a generational shift towards a more critical, inquiring and liberal constituency. That means 6-9 years out of power snd no opportunity to get their hands stuck in the cooky jar again. It’s just pragmatism by self-serving greedy opportunists.

  2. I thought Stacey’s eulogy to Jonathan C shameful. Or maybe Stacey is having memory problems. She also forgot to mention hospital waiting lists; pensioners mortgaging their homes to get private surgery because they are living with the horrific pain of bone grinding on bone.Forgot to mention those without homes to mortgage, whose GP’s can do little except prescribe pain relief which often does little to manage the pain. Forgot to mention the four month – or more – pediatric waiting list at Capital Coast Health. The value of our children ?

    Health is just another area underfunded and run down in order to pressure patients/ clients/customers/ economic units into the private system which Jonathan is now embracing.

    In this context it is unsurprising that older people’s may minds turn to alternatives like euthanasia, and then twerps like English have the gall to say that this could encourage young folk to commit suicide, having himself written them off as a bunch of no-hopers, which helps no-one at all.

  3. And she’s doing her usual beatup today on the Prime Minister. Her sycophancy of National is shameless. No credibility whatsoever.

  4. Yet another negative government headline for the PM in stuff this morning. It’s deliberate obviously, and will be unrelenting. We are not well served by a completely right wing biased media, it is time to break up the media oligopolies and bring in Scandinavian style regulation.

  5. Kirk is touting for a media job with the next national government. Well, prostitution is legal, i suppose.

  6. +100 – solution to propaganda media, stop reading it!
    Totally true about Key and his lies about mass surveillance and authorising military operations that was killing civilians via Operation Burnham. But not a peep from the NZ media about all this, apart from his ‘cheating golf’ game with Obama and this weird obsession with Clare Curren. Priorities.

  7. Good god, what a thoroughly strange article from Watkins. Just in time for sewer cascading down the walls of Middlemore!

    I mean was there two Jonathan Coleman’s because the quiet achiever she describes may well have quietly achieved for the private profit driven health industry but for the public, he was an arrogant useless prick who did long-term damage.

    The corporate media is so pulling out all stops to praise the failures, i mean “achievements”, of the previous government whist doing their utmost to undermine Jacinda!

  8. There is one thing I have noticed about most mainstream NZ media and that is they still remain in the firm grasp of being addressed as the ‘Mouthpiece of the NZ National Party’.
    Where were the voices of concern or condemnation when John Key was pulling females ponytails? Where was there a voice of condemnation by say Mike Hosking when $20billion was allocated to the NZ military?
    In fact it does look like ALL the National Party supporting ‘journalists’ in say the tabloid NZ Herald lacked a voice of condemning National. Why? Is it because Key had conducted such a successful witch-hunt throughout the NZ Media by removing those journos who questioned and criticised the National government from 2008 to late 2017 and therefore the less intelligent(and National Party supporting)journos were intimidated by the bullying of National into submission? Or are the main-stream NZ media in the National Party pocket??
    All in all what is rotten to the core, besides the sad state of Middlemore hospital, is the NZ National Party and its current and former MPs.
    Jonathan Coleman claimed he didn’t know about the state of Middlemore Hospital. Why? Were his underlings so bullied by him and National that they couldn’t say anything? Or it is because National and their supporters tend to live by this belief that they ‘know everything and have an answer for everything”?
    John Key would regularly appear on nationwide tv especially in the mornings. He would have an answer for every question and his answers showed him up as arrogant.
    Accountability MUST BE placed with the past National government for what has happened over the past 9 years. They cannot exempt themselves from blame just because they are no longer in government. But then it’s traditional for National to blame everyone else but themselves for events.
    We have wannabe National MPs like Mike Hosking ‘who like John Key knows everything and has an answer for everything’ condemning the current government. But where was Hoskings’ voice of concern expressed in his articles condemning the National government of the time?
    National did some bloody disgusting things during their tenure and the lack of a voice by Hosking and many other National Party supporting journos condemning those acts remains to this day.

  9. It appears the Blue Hasbara are going full tilt as a last gasp for relevancy. Griffin is about to lose his sinecure, the media are afraid their BS reporting is starting to be examined and the PM is achieving international recognition which will probably become more evident at CHOGM. Oh joy that Paul Buchanan, who tried to convince an international audience that NZ was a laughing stock for not expelling Russian diplomats had a good kicking from the commentaratti of the Guardian. It looked pretty much as though his only support came from the usual coterie of irrelevant not-so-bright Stuff spammers.

  10. If other professionals operated the way NZ journalists do, there would be a
    revolution – we do not tolerate and we punish grossly incompetent medics, dentists, lawyers, teachers, mechanics, etc etc.

    NZ’s commercial, corporate media journalists are an extension of the National party, wilfully manipulating the politics of the day. It is blatant and unchallenged.

    Any notion of political comment based on fact, integrity, and impartiality has long disappeared from the profession of journalism in NZ.

    The male and female Hoskins, the male and female Sopers, Trevett, Watkins, Kirk are just a few of those who are guilty of malpractice .

    They are a disgrace to their profession and we, the public, should not tolerate it.

    But the fact that we do, shows how powerfully dangerous these people are.

  11. Gleefully taken out of context (ignore the rest of the sentence):

    “Stacks of “thank you” emails to him from members of the public, following his shock resignation announcement, ..”

    Nailed it, Stacey Kirk. Perfectly.

    We didn’t like to say it but we’re glad to see him go.

  12. National Abuse + Media Cowardness

    The most extraordinary period of dirt, dishonesty and filth is rising like a horrific stench among the national creeps and the sickening low class journalists.

    They are bobbing around like corpses in the Ganges. Only worse. Because they have allowed all of our own waters to be filled with total pollution and pox.

    National and the Journos don’t understand purity. Just stench. Just filth.
    They have played endless cruel games with Health. They have stuffed Teachers and Nurses, Midwives and Carers.

    They are scared of Jacinda – for she is the complete opposite of the national and media sewerage.

    National and the Media are sewerage.

  13. That was a good article , Mr Bradbury . So many good points made especially about various National party politicians , and particularly the serious ones about John Key and signing off on Operation Burnham and war crimes.

    Yet the others were no less serious in some respects because they all caused harm.

    I am still shocked and incredulous that we had that government. I have never experienced since the days of Roger Douglas / Lange , or the Bolger govt a more corrupt one. And yet the similarity was in the way a large portion of the NZ newsmedia supported those administrations.

    Willing hands in supporting corruption.

    Willing hands in supporting state sanctioned murder of small children in foreign lands using our elite SAS.

    Willing hands in the XKEYSCORE mass surveillance program and the scapegoating of Kim Dotcom , – and complicit in trying to minimize the seriousness of the message of The Moment of Truth .

    Willing hands in the covering up of the deaths at Pike River.

    And so many , many more.

    Effectively , willing hands in supporting and smokescreening the criminal activity’s of a significant number of past and present politicians who should be now behind bars , not enjoying luxury at our expense in privileged lifestyles and positions.

    And certainly not given Knighthoods , – rather that as their time on this earth approaches, and they pass on – given epitaphs of infamy instead.

    That , after spending long periods having to think about their crimes behind bars.

    And perhaps also a fitting added punishment would be to finance their own prison terms – at least that way they could pay back what many of them have stolen from the commons, – a fitting sentence that they should celebrate , …being the right wing ‘ user pays’ people that they always claim to be…

  14. Nick Smith is the next to go, he really has nothing for Simon and was a lackey for Bill English who was John Key’s minder, remember John Key claimed he had no authority to call a snap election and next to no media commentary on that statement.
    Smith will likely get a nice appointment on the ACC board.

  15. NZ & World MSM Media weird, weird and weirder. It is actually quite frightening and disturbing how distorted the minds of journalists are these days who work in MSM ? It’s as if they have all been brainwashed and can not think for themselves ?

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  17. I use the Dom Posts newspaper for my dog to poo on and I don’t buy them I get a free copy from my work and take it home for my doggie to do his business. This is the best use for this type of garbage and the herald.

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