Mainstream media don’t ask Mark Mitchell about dead civilians, they do ask him about saving puppies



When challenged to directly ask if Mark Mitchell or his fellow mercenaries killed civilians – Stacey Kirk comes back with a fucking Saving Private Puppy story! I’m not kidding, he re-tells a story about saving bloody puppies!

You can’t actually satirise this…

But it’s not something Mitchell is ashamed of. 

“It’s something that certainly, we’re all quietly proud of what was achieved during that time, in terms of we were there to start to try and rebuild the democracy and deliver regional and local elections. 

“And we stuck together and we held together fast, when we came under a serious threat with the Mahdi militia and the uprising that we experienced.”

It was perhaps a foil for moments like those that prompted Mitchell to have his private contracting and security company embark on a mission that might seem foolhardy at best. 

US Soldier Peter Neesley died in Baghdad, on Christmas Day. During his tour, he had befriended a stray dog and her three pups and looked after them – feeding them, and building them a kennel outside the base. 

​”Back in 2007 I was approached, at that time I was regularly working in Washington at the Pentagon, and I was approached through a mutual acquaintance of Democratic Senator Carl Levin, to ask whether or not we could help with a situation there,” Mitchell says. 

Three of the pups had already died, but one named Boris survived. 

“Of course when Peter died, there was no one there to look after them. And he’d indicated back to his family in the States that when he finished his tour of duty – which he had about six months to go – he was going to try and find a way of taking Mama and Boris back to the States. 

“So the family felt like they wanted to get the dogs back because it gave them that very strong link back to Peter. They wanted to give them a better life. 

“The US military couldn’t send troops out to look for dogs. If the troops had been killed or injured, there would have been some serious questions asked.” 

Mitchell agreed to do the job, rounded up some volunteers and spent two days outside the protection of the base in Baghdad to look for them. It was a success story – Mama and Boris were vaccinated and brought to the States, where Neesley’s family cared for them. 

…It’s fucking Saving Private Puppy!!!

FFS – will one of you journalists do your actual job and directly ask…

‘Did you or any of your mercenary mates kill any civilians while on tour in Iraq’ 

…not ‘did you kill anyone’, that isn’t the question! GET HIM ON RECORD!

Private military were exempt from Iraqi law so they could kill and injure with legal impunity. There is an enormous amount of evidence that shows very clearly that private militia killed thousands of innocent civilians, Mark Mitchell’s consistent refusal to answer directly questions about killing anyone is unacceptable if he intends to stand for the largest political party in NZ!

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And don’t give me any of that, ‘oh-but-he’s-such-a-nice-guy-that’s-unfair-to-ask-him-a-pointed-question-like-that’ crap! He was a candidate in Slater & Lusk’s Far Right Candidates Academy plotting plans so dark that the moment Woodhouse found out about them he raced off to Head office to warn them!

Slater & Lusk also helped Mitchell win Rodney so any attempt to claim Mark is somehow operating on an ethical level above mere mortals is just bullshit.




  1. I sometimes listen to Magic radio 702 AM. Lately they have been running on repeat some old Vietnam war US propaganda songs, like “Galveston”.
    I think were being softened up for participation in another US regime change war. They have to deal to Kim Jong-un , and their testicles won’t allow them to leave Assad in Damascus now that their proxy fake revolution war has failed. Also Iran has to be dealt to.
    Any of these US projects is likely , almost certainly, to lead to open warfare with Russia and probably China. The US needs us to be pliant and ready to help.
    Mark Mitchel seems like just the man for the times. Where the fuck did he come from?
    D J S

    • Obsolete media appears to be still in charge by Corporations eh?

      It is high time we start a movement to buy out or resurrect our regional press again Martyn.

    • Under a stone. But the media are projecting him as an interesting new prospect – a breath of new, fresh air. How surprising.

  2. Ask better questions.

    If he accidentally killed civilians in a tight situation, or combatants from the other side – does he have PTSD? Is he psychologically vulnerable?

    Does MoD have a debrief process sufficiently robust and ongoingly helpful for personnel who have served in war zones? Has Mitchell been through it? Is he a client? (Even if he was a mercenary.)

    Has he deliberately killed civilians? is a whole other story – and there may be a willing journalist or so who could do the digging on this one.

    Did we ever have returned service people in Parliament after WWI or WWII? How did they fare under pressure?

    Is judged accidental manslaughter that has been atoned for a barrier to appointment to Parliament?

    What are our reasons for asking to know?
    (No. The motives are not obvious at all.)

    For me – I’d be asking dire questions about Steven Joyce’s moral turpitude. I’m wondering about the two Ms Milquetoasts on the line-up. And Paua Bennett has the health and lives of little kids on her chubby hands. Where are the questions?

    For virtue signallers – foreign lives DO matter and we seem to be missing conversations plus pressure on Ghouta and Yemen plus Burma/Myanmar. Soon?

  3. “we were there to start to try and rebuild the democracy and deliver regional and local elections”

    It’s pretty obvious that “we” were there to secure middle east oil supplies for the US and its allies. Anybody still claiming that the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq were about “democracy” and “elections” is a liar and an agent of global corporate interests, not local ones. Not someone we want as in our national legislature, let alone in charge of one of the two largest political parties represented there.

  4. Cmon Bomber when did the media ever see its job as a quest to get to the truth.

    Its more like our fourth estate acts as a marketing manager for the National party and its leadership.

    I doubt any of our media celebrities would know a question if they tripped over one on the footpath.

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