Blind Alpacas vs war crime double standards: Hey look, what Curran did wasn’t great, but what’s worse is what the Former Attorney General did

Mana by-election National candidate Hekia Parata, Porirua, New Zealand, Friday, November 19, 2010. Credit:NZPA / Ross Setford

Hey look, what Clare Curran did wasn’t great, but what’s worse is that the former Attorney General Chris Finlayson was found to have breached Kim Dotcom’s rights costing us $90 000 – yet the media attention is on Radio NZ and not National!

The Human Rights Review Tribunal report into Finlayson is beyond damning, it borders on wilful criminal intent yet it’s been eclipsed by the Curran and Hirschfeld fiasco.

This double standard of expectations for the Left and what the Right get away with is constant and never ending.

The media in NZ seem to believe that the latest MAFS bullshit, blind alpacas with lost relatives and Haley Holt vs Ed Sheehan are bigger stories than the NZDF lying about war crimes.

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We now have to believe that big bad mercenary Mark Mitchell was intimidated by NZ First MP ‘dirty politics’. 

This from a Political Party that lied about mass surveillance, conspired with the SIS to falsely smear the Leader of the Opposition months before an election, targeted journalists who asked hard questions and ran a dirty ops team out of the PMs Office.

The media focus on the insignificant and judge the Left at a threshold far higher than they ever held National to account.

That’s why political management is far more important to the Left than it is for the Right.




  1. It’s not only media bias but also the issue of news ‘selection’. What the MSM DONT cover, AND the issue of media self censorship. The folk in the US have had enough, and look where that lead.

  2. Not one mention of Kim Dotcom today in the Herald but hey Aussie cricketers and other such trivial stuff has been on line all day. It must be great to be a Natz politician and be able to enjoy the MSM bias on a daily basis.

    • The problem is they don’t enjoy the bias. They think the media is a liberal conspiracy designed especially to target them.

      The fact is there is no amount of bias, fawning and reverance the media could send their way that would satisfy them. When your sense of entitlement is so stupendously large the slightest hint of accurate reporting feels like an attempt to infringe your rights. That’s why RNZ with Jim Bolger’s former press secretary as Chairperson (!) can be viewed as a hotbed of leftwing activity.

      We are not dealing with normal people here.

  3. Unless you’re prepared to slay the globalisation octopus then unfortunately you’re stuck with the msm, as they’re just one of the many tentacles that keeps it alive & kicking. Stirring up their offices, studios & places of refuge with some DIRECT ACTION might be worth a crack though? Some years ago when I stood for parliament Finlayson was one of the candidates. I must admit he came across as an excitable, defensive, quirky & dangerous technocratic who wholeheartedly believed in the neo-liberal party line. Before one meeting he whispered in my ear ‘John I’m a little bit afraid of you’. Who me, a nobody who got 66 votes! I must admit I’ve wondered to this day what the hell did he mean by this. Maybe he just couldn’t handle someone who had nothing to loose & said what he thought, or was it more sinister than that. Then one day when I was mulling over this conundrum, it hit me like a flash. He was probably privy to information about certain aspects of my wild, rebellious, misspent youth & life long activism & this may have freaked him out a bit. Maybe he was just being the Goebbels/Himmler like apparatchik that he is.

  4. It was easier when there were sheeple in NZ when ACT was in power with National, United Future and the Maori Party. If we heard any hint of complaint by the Left about MSM bias, we could just say the sheeple were bleating on again.
    Now we are on the crossbenches, and you are all still whingeing on, alpacas don’t bleat – I don’t even know what onomatopoeic noise they do actually make.
    Maybe there should be a Ministerial Inquiry into what collective noise alpacas do actually make. I wonder if the IPCC have made any comment on the large number of fart-producing alpacas in NZ and what it’s doing to our clean, green climate-friendly image?
    BTW, I missed the story about the blind alpaca. Can one of you lefties please post it here for me?

    • This is the problem with right wing attitudes – they’re so ludicrous I can never tell when someone is taking the piss by pretending to be right wing and when it is an actual right winger honestly stating their viewpoint.

  5. The government may have changed but thats all.

    The same right wing forces control the narrative.

    The National party is above the law and untouchable.

    It is time that ended.

    At a time when the media in this country should be scrutinised and changes are needed we have a minister in charge who is totally inept and compromised.

    Adern must use this as an opportunity to sort the media out by having a minister who means business and forces change in the public interest.

  6. Obviously things are not squeaky clean at RNZ, with CH being sacked over an unofficial meeting with CC in one of Wellington’s main central cafeteria’s. I get the feeling there is some nasty stuff going on in the Journalism World in NZ ?

    The main political stories like Kim Dotcom are not hitting the headlines, remember the drama when the Police raided his Mansion ?

  7. I hope Finlayson is held to account if there has been any political interference in the Kim Dotcom Case ?

    This could make the Maori Compensation Pay Outs for Land Compensation look like a pittance ?

  8. Mr Dot Coms case makes a mockery of our judicial system, our nz police and our previous government who seem to be doing a lot of tit for tat

  9. Is it just me, or is it possible, despite having a Labour led coalition government, there’s still a strong National influence on the country?

    I’m finding political and Parliamentary issues a tad unsettling at present and suspect National could be calling the shots, attempting to set the scene for the direction NZ will take, by undermining the government in any way it can, while keeping its own dirt hidden away from public scrutiny!

    If this is the case, then the coalition government has to challenge every negative aspect of the destructive pull of National and its outside agents, take a firm line and act to obliterate it completely. And fast. Before it’s too late!

    I am a cynical old bird, having been around for a long time. But I’ve never had this intuitive uneasiness about the NZ political scene in all my time on this planet, as I do right now. I do hope I’m wrong here … however …

  10. the left may have won the election and when you look at the line up and arrary of the opposition in the form of mainstream media then it is a miracle it happened at all and goes to show how badly the nationals were doing for the grip to have to be relaxed. looking to the future the left must create its own media outlets and do something about the horrid gang invading our living rooms and ear space 24/7.

    • 100% right Labour and NZF need to develop their own media outlets as they are not getting much traction through the traditional right wing media outlets. I wonder why that is ?

  11. These parties National, Labour , NZFirst and even the Greens ( who have never taken a strong enough stand upon how serious our environmental issues are here ) are not in charge of our country . They all are carrying out the neoliberalist policies / agenda that are creating huge suffering in this country . They are simply facilitating the needs of Corporate interests . Whilst corporate bodies and state are in relationship with each other we will never know true democracy . We are living with ” corpocracy ” I can only hope that more people will wake up faster . Though it seems that more people may have to suffer before this awakening happens .

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