Police goons bashing protestors to protect the rights of oil industry


Protests at oil industry conference in Wellington

Police have made three arrests outside an oil industry summit in Wellington.

More than 100 protesters have been blockading the event at TSB Arena this morning.

How insane is this?

Police goons bashing protestors to protect the rights of an oil industry who have lied and manipulated climate change science for decades.

The simple truth is that the Oil Industry not only has to go, we have to fine them heavily before they go.

The Oil Industry has known for decades that their product caused catastrophic climate change and they actively used propaganda to pretend climate change wasn’t to blame the way the tobacco industry used quack science to pretend smoking and cancer weren’t connected.

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The Oil Industry need to be hit with damages the way we’ve hit Tobacco companies with damages and these damages should be used to transition completely away from big oil.

The more violence the Police use, the heavier the rain that will fall.


  1. It’s all very well for inner city liberals from well healed families to get up in arms about the oil industry, but us poverty stricken, powerless old white men don’t like pushing our cars around. I’m all for making the transition from the old to the new as quickly & painfully as possible, but this will require innovative ideas & concrete action. Maybe our ageist, racist & sexist American associate transport minister should focus on finding solutions to these problems, rather than trying to claw her way up the green party leadership tree. I’ll help her out; How about designing & subsiding the manufacture of our own unique (VW type) electric car, & developing the infra structure to support the transition too electrification &/or a hydrogen transportation future. These cars could be made affordable through interest free loans & a buy back exchange system. Where there’s really a will there’s a way, but it will take intervention (rocking the business as usual boat) & a little personal sacrifice.

    • The delusions about electric cars and hydrogen transport systems persist despite abundant evidence that neither will ever deliver anything like what the proponent believe. Indeed, attempting store energy via hydrogen is a sure way to lose most of it. And, of course, roads are made of asphalt or concrete -both of which are unsustainable and contribute to planetary meltdown.

      However, as has been noted elsewhere, once a bad or stupid unscientific idea is established in people’s minds it becomes more-or-less unmovable.

      On the other hand, clear scientific evidence is almost universally ignored (or mocked).

      Daily CO2
      March 25, 2018: 410.16 ppm
      March 25, 2017: 407.74 ppm

  2. Since when have the police given the merest fuck about someone pulling someone’s hair? “Sir” Key did it all the time, didn’t bother them.

  3. Good post JohnnyBG We need Oil and Gas for a while longer yet. There is no alternative. 60k for an Electric/Battery car, who can afford that? Then theres the lack of infrastructure, short battery life, woeful travel distance blah blah blah.. My old bus is just fine on petrol, I can’t imagine changing it to Electric, it might be reliable.

  4. Blaming the oil companies for climate change, is like blaming the developers for urban sprawl.
    Unless you walk everywhere in bare feet, don’t have children, and grow all your own food/clothes etc YOU are part of the problem.
    The education system is as much if not more to blame, every school child is taught that growth is the thing to aim for.
    Bigger/more – cars/houses/families etc has fucked this current human friendly environment.
    It is selfish stupid breeding humans that have caused all of this … basically ALL of us.
    Personally I’ve driven maybe 250,000 – 500,000 km ??? (43 -60 years worth) = 4 motorbikes and 5 cars.
    Change your accommodation or stop throwing stones.

  5. Correct mR.Atack. Our Eco footprints are shamefully large, and growing. Too dependant on cars/vehicles, but what else do we do? Walk 30km to work? Even here in the naki folks are criss-crossing the province just to get to work, heaps of petrol/desiel, but theres no other way. I won’t hold my breath for an alternative, anyway Electric is rubbish. Society will need to restructure for the reduction of cars needed by the population to get to work, and most other activities as well. Can’t see that happening any time soon.

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