Kim Dotcom on court case and Obama

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Since 2012, I have been defending the United States’ attempt to extradite me to face a criminal prosecution in the United States.

Since 2012, I have been defending the United States’ attempt to extradite me to face a criminal prosecution in the United States.

I have always argued that the conduct alleged online dissemination of copyright protected works by Megaupload’s users – is not an extradition offence.

The High Court correctly found this conduct is not an offence under the Copyright Act 1994. However, it wrongly found that there were other extradition pathways available to the United States. My appeal to the Court of Appeal on this and other points concluded on 23 February 2018. I believe that the United States prosecution is politically motivated and brought for the improper purpose of making an example of me and Megaupload on the world stage.

The Obama administration was under pressure from Hollywood to “get tough” on copyright enforcement or lose Hollywood’s support . We were the perfect target – successful, high profile, and based outside the United States. Professor Lawrence Lessig of Harvard Law School has opined that the alleged conduct does not constitute an offence in the United States. You can read his opinion here.

The extradition proceeding in New Zealand is tainted by the same motivations. In their enthusiasm to assist their Five Eyes partner the United States, and win favour with Hollywood, I believe the New Zealand government applied political pressure to various limbs of the executive to facilitate my extradition. This caused the New Zealand authorities to pursue and maintain an unlawful warrant for my arrest when they should have known better. This is at the heart of the claim I recently filed in the High Court for damages for the destruction of Megaupload and the constraints on my liberty for over seven years and counting now.

You can read it here.

There is evidence that President Obama (as he then was) knew the real purpose behind the United States prosecution. That, and further evidence of political motivation in the United States and New Zealand, is set out in the affidavit I have filed in the High Court at Auckland in support of an application for orders that Mr Obama give evidence in my damages claim while he is here in New Zealand. You can read my affidavit here.

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  1. Gadfly's Dad says:

    Keep us up to date please. I support you 100%

  2. CLEANGREEN says:


    Obama was always a stool pigeon for the big corporates as we saw when he was President.

    He is a tarnished individual that has sold his dignity and now has a soul mate in John key but we hope you win.

  3. John W says:

    They will let that war criminal go and if it looks threatening then stalling will work to defeat your seeking Obama to testify.

    Do you have a drone address,

  4. Tiger Mountain says:

    ex prezzie Obama’s dinner guest list last night was revealing-Sir Peter Jackson and Sir John Key!-major players in both union busting the film industry and illegal spying on Kim Dotcom, as well as all the other GCSB, SIS and 5 Eyes carry on during the “Dirty Politics” era

    Establishment figures like these essentially sign up for life, they do not truly retire from their service to the likes of Warner’s and the MPAA

    • OnceeaTimaaa says:

      Yep. Not much isn learnt from histtory eh?
      It’s probably ad well that lampbpist cross bars will be reduced.
      It actually pains me to see how fucking naiive some of my contemporaries have become divorced from their electorate. from BOTH/EVERY sides of the political spectrum.
      Natives get restless. (Eventually)eventually is becomimg the new now

  5. Francesca says:

    I think you’ve been treated appallingly by the NZ govt, in particular John Key who was and probably always will be in thrall to powerful monied entities in the US whose interests are ,in turn protected and promoted by the US govt
    Keep going Kim,I applaud your bravery and stamina

  6. Michelle says:

    Agree with you Mr dot -com our previous government were usa lackies.
    Why do you think so many stupid NZers voted for this man (john) for 3 terms. And our NZ media are national party lackies they put the boot into you. Many NZers support you but our lacky media are bias and they played there part bu making you look bad to the NZ public. Our previous government are hypocrites they used Iminens music for their election campaign and they abused their powers by raiding your mansion.

  7. Johnnybg says:

    Hey Alter, not a great fan of wealthy foreigners buying there way into Godzone, but unfortunately our traitorous globalisation governments allow such stuff. But as you now have citizenship & you’re a bit of pirate I’m all for you sticking it to the pricks. Just keep in mind, with the rise of the right wing ‘AfD’ & other such outfits like the ‘third way’ in Germany, you could always claim political refugee status.

    • Michelle says:

      wealthy foreigners like p- thiel who didn’t even meet the criteria but johns government just moved the goal posts and granted him citizenship under a special category one he doesn’t meet. And there no doubt are many others.

  8. remo says:

    Doubtless Mr. Kim is watching the exposure of the Clinton Foundation ‘Global Initiative’ as an International Criminal Fraud by Charles ORTEL and Jerome Corsi along with the rest of us.
    The emergence of Harmon Wilfred in ChCh, testifying his part setting the Foundation up as a CIA money laundry, plus investigations of politicization of the CIA/FBI leading to the firing of Comey and McCabe and hopefully soon 911 cover-up spec. Mueller, is breaching the ‘swamp’ networks that flourished under President Obama and HRC’s watch.
    ‘A new FBI probe into the Clinton Foundation should send an alarming signal to foreign governments and individuals who have provided donations to the charity over the past two decades, Wall Street analyst and investigative journalist Charles Ortel told Sputnik. “Numerous governments have sent substantial sums towards the Clinton Foundation; yet to date, the Clinton Foundation refuses to account publicly, as is required, for specifics concerning each government donation”.
    The analyst pointed out that “out of about $2.3 billion in total declared donations [to the Clinton Foundation] since 1997, a large non-governmental organization called UNITAID that is backed by France, the UK, Norway, Spain, South Korea and other governments as well as by the Gates Foundation has sent more than $600 million towards the ‘HIV/AIDS fighting’ part of the Clinton Foundation that was never lawfully organized or operated.” The investigative journalist emphasized that many other governments, such as Australia, Ireland, Norway, Saudi Arabia, and Sweden “have also sent large sums towards the Clinton Foundation but, so far, have failed to complain about boldly inaccurate accounting policies and evident defects in public disclosures.”
    FBI are reported investigating Alexander DOWNER with regard Australian donations and perhaps Sarkozy’s arrest might include other questions than money supplied by the later publicly murdered President of Libya ?
    Either way, Obama’s visit is going to be about more than tourism and a round of golf with John Key.

    • elle says:

      NZ sent in excess of $13 million of our tax payer money to Clinton foundation (money box).Key has always been a plant for US interests.
      The Herald is part of MSM in USA thats why Obama is praised.
      Kim Dot Com why dont you appeal to President Trump,he might help you.

    • John W says:

      Obama and key – two smiling assassins, and PR con men for bankers Internationale.

  9. Denny Paoa says:

    How about a citizen’s arrest on the prick while he’s here!?

  10. Melanie Scott says:

    t disturbs me that Obama has been ‘appropriated’ by Key and the National Party. And our Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, has definitely been snubbed by the rich cotterie of National Party fat cats, surrounding Key and his ‘golf buddy’. No wonder she has better things to do than attend what amounts to a National Party fund raising dinner in Auckland tonight.

    As I write this my local beach is crawling with NZ Police, (so I can’t go there) while Key and Obama play golf. This is a region which is seriously under resourced when it comes to policing. Our local cops (only two of them) are on duty or on call 24/7 and have to go out alone at night to god knows what type of violent incidents which make up the vast majority of their call outs, especially at night. And the tax payer is paying for scores of cops to walk up and down our local beach Te Arai to keep NZ tax payers out of the way.

    • bert says:

      Yes and now we hear Bridges accepted a call( via Keys telephone) first( before Jacinda) from Obama with a juvenile Bridges boasting about it.

      This again illustrates that the right wing in politics is about self promotion and nothing else. In Bridges case, once a lawyer(rat) always a lawyer.

      • Michelle says:

        yeah and we are paying for a lot of their bullshert corporate welfare Bert do they want more rich fat cat ameri-cans to play on that golf course cause the average NZers can’t afford it. Many can’t even afford to catch a plane.
        Airy NZ are moaning about the costs of maintaining regional flights at the same time they are promoting and fostering elitism using some of our tax payers dollars( whose paying for the police to walk on the beach) the police cant even do there daily jobs but they have time for this) priorities?

    • Helena says:

      Jacinda Ardern doesn’t own a male appendage and is therefore eliminated from the boys club, activities of which include tip toeing across the black and white tiles in search of the “light”. Ardern will have to content herself with instructions written on folded notepaper inserted inside a newspaper left alongside the sandwiches located on the park bench at the north end of the 18th tee.

    • Cemetery Jones says:

      John Key and the National party are welcome to him. What kind of allegedly radical South Chicago community organizer ends up golfing for a hobby, let alone with the sort of people he likes to play it with? Dude was false coin from the beginning.

  11. savenz says:

    Good Luck Dotcom!

    Political persecution is not acceptable and it’s just undermining trust in governments and democracy to pursue this.

    If only you had bought a load of property and donated to the main political parties like John Key’s earthquake trust, you’d be sitting pretty as those are they types of billionaires that NZ seems to want.

    The message is, don’t set up international IT here in NZ and employ people, because if US doesn’t like it.

    Very sad.

    Hope you win.

    If it was not so political you could always pay for justice like the 5th most wanted in China, that is a free man and just has 4 months detention in his penthouse and all charges dropped for money laundering.

    I guess US feels that they should control the main Internet traffic and bring down anyone else that threatens that.

    NZ officials are only too keen to Kowtow to anybody overseas that they feel might be important rather than standing up for justice and human rights for all.

    • Strypey says:

      “If only you had bought a load of property and donated to the main political parties like John Key’s earthquake trust, you’d be sitting pretty as those are they types of billionaires that NZ seems to want.”

      He did buy some very expensive property, and donated to John Banks mayoral campaign. Didn’t seem to help him.

  12. Helena says:

    I think Kim Dotcom is really cuddly and yes I think he played a very important part in keeping “that woman” out of the WH. I hope he wins!!
    As for the golfer(s)…puppets swinging on wires for the money. Neither are what they appear to be.

  13. patricia bremner says:

    Good luck Kim. Write to Andrew Little. He is a good man.

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