Let’s be honest bout what Key & Obama will talk about while golfing: TPPA & Kim Dotcom


The last time Key and Obama spent 5 hours on the Golf Course they were talking about two issues, the TPPA and Kim Dotcom.

Jane Kelsey unpicked the TPPA connections in a TDB blog at the time, but it’s the later, Kim Dotcom, that I think is most interesting now.

On the TPPA front, Obama will be assuring Key that the TPPA will get signed when Trump leaves so Key can tell his corporate mates in the South Pacific that American Hegemony will be asserted, but the real debate will be on Dotcom.

Let’s never forget the timeline to this intrusion into NZ domestic affairs and America’s attempt to assert their sovereignty over cyberspace…

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March 8th 2011 – Jerry Mateparae is stepped down as head of the GCSB.
March 15th 2011 – Top NSA spook, James Clapper, flies to NZ to meet with Key to discuss ‘synchronicity’ between the NSA and GCSB.
March 22nd 2011 – High level intelligence meetings
May 2011 – McCully visits Washington
June 17th 2011 – Key meets with Ian Fletcher for breakfast at Stamford Plaza.
July 22nd 2011 – Key is invited to Washington as pay back for this new ‘synchronicity’.
July 26th 2011 – Key side steps normal protocols and appoints his old school friend Ian Fletcher to take over at the GCSB.
October 2011 – John Key, the head of the SIS and NZDF join Ian Fletcher, the MFAT Head, and the DPMC boss for a secret dinner at the British High Commissioner’s home
December 8th 2011 – A letter states that Key is going to meet Ian Fletcher on 12th December
December 12th 2011 – Key meets with Ian Fletcher.
December 14th 2011 – The Police boss responsible for spying on Dotcom meets John Key with other intelligence agencies present.
December 16th 2011 – Kim Dotcom starts to be illegally spied upon.
January 2012 – Raid on Kim Dotcom.

…Key had golf with Obama on January 3rd 2014 and by 19th February 2014 the old boy network of the New Zealand appeals court overruled the 28 June 2012 decision, and declared the search warrants against Kim Dotcom to be valid.

This game of golf will see Obama wanting an assurance from Key that the Supreme Court will rule in America’s favour so both won’t get stained with Kim counter suing for billions in damages.

This isn’t about a game of golf, it’s about two co-conspirators needing a 5 hour meeting to get their stories straight.


  1. “Let’s be honest bout what Key & Obama will talk about while golfing: TPPA & Kim Dotcom”

    Absolutely and we can bet Kim.com wont be invited, though Jacinda may be as she has carried out the same “dirty work” as national had wanted her to do by signing up to the TPP11.

    So Jacinda may actually like to be pandered by them too as she will be useful to the “Elitists Global Corporate World” that Obama and Key waltz around inside of all the time.

  2. I’m fairly sure this entire entry was posted accidentally(?), since neither Key or Obama have any legislative power whatsoever, and certainly are not in positions of sufficient influence to sway the current government or NZ courts.

    • You are 100% right Nitrium – Key & Obama have no legislative power – but are still well connected enough to have the influence and insider knowledge to push their interests.

      • Especially since The White House has so many vacancies under Trump. Given the lack of political access to the Trump administration commercial media has little choice but to fall back on Obama and his administrative staff for comment.

        • Yes and maybe Shon-Key may be next to pop up as another clingon of the Obama resurrection campaign?

        • Trump is filling those vacancies. Commercial media have access to Trump.It’s just that Trump doesn’t have access to them. They refuse to print anything that does not fit the narrative of the deep state or snowflakes.

          Key and Obomber are part of the deep state. that’s how they got to be where they were. They are still beholding to the deep state. Obomber is prancing around Washington trying his best to stay important. Key no doubt is staying relevant through directorships on different corporate boards etc. So their relevance remains still. Until Trump finally drains the swamp and throws Obomber in prison, along with Clinton, Comey et al. They will still have power, albeit dwindling power at this stage. (hopefully)

          • I’d like to see Trumo change his routine from the going from the safety of White House security to the safety of his private gold course and do a public engagement in a big city where he’d have to answer questions about stagnant wages, education and health. These are tough question and he can’t answer them. This is an acid test for the US constitutions. The founding fathers made it so any one could come off of the farm, run the country and then go back to the farm. And that’s how it should be.

            Obama on the other hand is a Constitutional Law Proffesor so he should god dam well know better. Several times Obama like key broke the law, speed on people, killed people with out due process. Liberals have been let down by its academics. So much so that university faculty now promote radical change. It’s very manipulative against and it’s a failure liberal democracy.

      • The fact that they make a point of meeting suggests they still have a lot of power behind the scenes. Obama is looking more and more like a Manchurian candidate for United States conservative power.

  3. Mr Key and Mr Obama were “patched members” of their respective countries “deep states”, and you do not just leave such a position merely because you no longer hold a certain political office–it is basically for life

    so yes, the post Trump landscape and KDC are sure to get a mention!

  4. MFAT also sponsored with the help of our NZ Fire department the so called Syrian Civil defence team the White Helmets whom are actually embedded with an affiliate of Al Qaeda group called Jabatha Al Nusra which is actually a western construct for propaganda against the Syrian,Iranian,Hezbollah and Russians fighting ISIS and commendation should be given to the brave and independent Journalist Vanessa Beeley,Eva Bartlett whom regularly visit Syria exposing this group lauded by western country. So even NZ govt sponsors terrorism




    • Nusra is NOT a western construct, it is a group of fundamentalist jihadists, that take support from where=ever they can get it from and they fight for a cause that few ‘western’ powers would support.

      You have a superficial knowledge of what goes on in Syria, some here or on The Standard, also confuse FSA with Nusra, and vice versa.

      There are some infantile ‘experts’ at work here, spreading lots of disinformation. The same happens re Russia and so forth.

    • All very true that Ike.

      “For the crime of being independent they are ignored by TV1 TV3 and RNZ”

  5. Yeah i am sure they will cover a lot on the golf course including the confidential cost of all this being paid for by the NZ public including the fee for the exclusive lodge and its 18 holes.

    Now that i am paying for this i should have the right to see invoice at least.

    If there was any justice Key would be in prison for treason and Obama would do what almost all previous U S presidents have done and that’s fly directly to Australia and not give it a second thought.

  6. And Charles ORTEL (Sunday with Charles’ : Clinton Foundation as massive global Charity FRAUD into which John Key put 13 million kiwi dollars)
    and Harmon WILFRED exiled in Lincoln CHCH, whistleblowing his part as /CIA contractor building the Clinton Foundation banking structure as CIA Front for Global black money laundering.

  7. Martyn having fun over on the Stuff fighting the pro elitist forum in the comments section on this very topic. Its so much fun. You get accused of everything under the sun, from dole bludger, to having a chip on your shoulder to being a loser. I am over these comments now and i just fight from my corner. Its very elitist, but not a great place for a progressive to hang out. But having fun winding them up. These capitalists get so insensed its funny 😉 ( they can’t help it) . Have you have time Daily Bloggers have some fun in the Stuff comments field.
    May Countryboy could have a go…

  8. Kim Dotcom has more integrity and honesty and ethics under his little pinky finger nail than both of the lying ; puppet ; criminals — Obama and Key have in their entire bodies. When the truths come out, it will be these two who will be exposed and hopefully prosecuted and Kim will be exonerated.

    Lets watch them both play golf in prison where they belong. Obama is running very scared right now with his close connections with the Clinton’s who are going down fast about now.

  9. Issue is if you read the comments section of the stuff article. Nz public have beem bought by these wealthy individuals.
    John Minto and Mike Treen had bit to say but again shot dowm in flames by our reliable elite loving public. I don’t get it.
    Its as if kiwis are scared if you criticise a person at the top you will end up going down a station or two. Hence the smoozing of these people.
    But the kiwi public really need to wake up and realise these elites don’t care if they are liked or not.
    But the sleepy hobbits are as gullible as ever…

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