Chinese quisling tells NZers to welcome our new Totalitarian Communist Overlords


After I asked why the sleepy hobbits of muddle Nu Zilind are so mindlessly apathetic when it comes to Chinese influence in our political system, Chinese quisling Stephen Jacobi demands we all go back to sleep.

Stephen of course is the executive director of the NZ China council so is paid to spread propaganda to welcome our new Totalitarian Communist Overlords.

For Stephen, the fact there was a fucking Chinese spy actually inside our Government is no cause for alarm, and any attempt to criticise that is – you guessed it, racist xenophobia.

That National are no more than a business front for Chinese interests should be seen, according to Stephen, as a wondrous moment of prosperity in the Year of the Dog.

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That a prominent academic who has highlighted the influence of China over our political institutions and who has then be threatened and her home robbed isn’t something to fear Stephen boldly proclaims, it’s really just an ‘ anti-China narrative’ that will  ‘unintentionally tap into a prejudice against Chinese people which has raised its head several times in our history’.

I say fuck Stephen Jacobi and fuck Chinese influence over our political system and that bullshit apologist pieces from a quisling like Jacobi  hold as much relevance to me as Judith Collin’s Christmas Card list.

We don’t want to be controlled by China OR America and the sooner we start forcing these quislings out out of positions of influence, the better.


  1. There must be a pyramid of talent. No longer can bureaucrats read from little history books, they must be talented, competent, analytical and reliable. Once talented individuals are out of the centres of power the government will be able to loosen up, and instead of draconian committees where people are promoted on there PH.D. credentials in little history books, they will now be promoted on the bases of competence, merit and capabilities. Slowly over 2 years of promotion there should be a transformation of the structures of bureaucracy and a return of the old Muldoonist system of the Enablers and the best with which to draw the top of the pyramid, and at each level of the pyramid of talent you will have men and woman commensurate with the ability at that level.

  2. interestingly:

    “Last name: Jacobi. This most interesting surname is an Ashkenazic variant of “Jacob”, itself coming from the Latin name “Jacobus”, from the Hebrew given name “Yaakov” (aqob) meaning “supplanter” or “following-after”.”

  3. “That National are no more than a business front for Chinese interests should be seen, according to Stephen, as a wondrous moment of prosperity in the Year of the Dog.

    Bang on martyn,

    Now that our own “sleeping dog of “Regional Development ” Shane Jones has come to Gisborne to promise false gods and trinkets he has ripped the heart out of every gisborniteo” with his callous words of no thought last Friday when he said in the Gisborne herald’ “regarding the rail closure here, the messages I am receiving are mixed messages of support”


    “Shane Jones indicated this was because lukewarm support existed in the district for reopening the line.”

    Well Mr “sleepy hobbit” Jones,

    You have truly fucked it all up now haven’t you???? as a Chinese agent of the Chinese Government is seeding a plan to take the rail line over and make it a Chinese run rail operation because your lazy ass couldn’t be interested in sending your government agents here in the last three months to “gender industry support for rail as National did with there “advance Tairawhiti” plan two years ago.

    What a wasted space he is, and an embarrassment to the labour coalition I’m am afraid.

    He wants us to do all the work we pay him to do for us???

    Get a life Jones. He is making it easy for National doing all this crap!!!!!

    . Disappointment is rife here as we read it quoted that;
    “Shane jones Shane Jones indicated this was because lukewarm support existed in the district for reopening the line.”
    Full extract from Gisborne Herald.
    by Wynsley WrigleyPublished: February 24, 2018 10:41AM

    SUPPORTERS of the Gisborne to Wairoa rail line received a setback yesterday with not even a feasibility study for the line’s reinstatement included in announcements launching the Government’s $1 billion-a-year Provincial Growth Fund (PGF).

    Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones indicated this was because lukewarm support existed in the district for reopening the line.

    Our straight question to Shane Jones is;

    Where is our chance to meet you as Regional Economic Minister and the Minister for Transport, to show where the support for rail is please?

    You have challenged us by saying “there is little support for rail here”?

    This is patently incorrect.

    We produced an almost 11 000 signatured petition in 2012 on behalf of all Gisborne/HB residents that was presented to parliament by our local MP Moana Mackay labour for Gisborne to Anne Tolley so we could produce our evidence in front of the Transport Select Committee chaired by David Bennett and he refused to allow us to be heard!!!!

    So now we ask for our chance to present our case to your Government now please?

  4. “I say fuck Stephen Jacobi and fuck Chinese influence over our political system.”

    Hear, hear! The man’s a complete Judas to his own purported country. If he loves the Chinese Communist Party so much, why doesn’t he fuck off and live under it in China?

    Paid shills like Jacobi are part of China’s efforts under its ‘United Front Work Department’ propaganda programme aimed at promoting the Chinese dictatorship’s views and policies in Western democracies.

    The Chinese Communist Party has no qualms at all about interfering in the domestic and foreign politics of democracies like NZ, to a degree that China itself would never allow in its own internal politics.

    The charge of racism or xenophobia that Jacobi tries to make is a useful one for China and its enablers. No-one wants to thought of as a racist or a xenophobe, so the accusation works wonderfully for shutting down valid debate.

    I’ll be prepared to listen to Jacobi when he starts showing some balance by highlighting some of China’s outrageous human rights abuses.

    So here’s a challenge for you Stephen; how about dedicating your next NZ Herald advertorial for the Chinese Embassy to the achievements of Liu Xiaobo.

    Otherwise you can just fuck off.

  5. Jacobi is an academic like Timmy Groser and has no real world economic or business experience, just another one of John Key’s and the global elites lap dogs spinning it ever which way ?

  6. Yep have to agree, if China is such a wondrous country why the F are so many Chinese leaving the place to escape it, and why so few from NZ that say how amazing Chinese economy and everything is want to go off and live over there?

    Maybe having that economy comes with a price. The price of many not wanting to live there!

    Likewise with all the other migrants who want to turn NZ into an image of their own hell holes they are escaping from. Come here, work, pay taxes, raise children, but PLEASE don’t turn our country into a weirdo overpopulated hybrid with low wages, hyper competition, corruption and a surveillance culture. We already have this issue with the US.

    If you love Singapore economy so much, go live there! If you love OZ go there, if you are a fan of farmed prawns from Vietnam or whale meat from Japan – nobodies stopping anybody from working over there (best not to be mentally ill though or you might be strapped to a bed so long it kills you, likewise a protest against Whaling could be 20 years imprisonment).

    What’s gonna happen with TPPA for example – let’s face it, punishment for saying what we believe. Talking which should be a basic human right in this country.

    You think Tibet should be independent, guess what nobodies gonna be allowed to say that anymore, saying no to whaling not gonna happen. Companies and government workers will be censored. Aid will be stopped.

    The problem with NZ’s rapid artificial population growth (apart from every service is groaning under the strain and no gain in productivity after a decade) is that it changes the culture, people think differently, vote differently .

    Too many people start to think state Killing of people is ok, surveilling people is ok, corruption is ok, immigration fraud is ok, $2 h wages is ok, factory farming of cows is ok. Welfare is wasteful.

    Before you know it, we don’t even recognise ourselves as we follow our government’s quest to be part of Asia, in the mistaken belief they think they can get prosperity. Nope like Fonterra, the prosperity of these deals goes in one direction. NZ Farms in China fail. Chinese farms in NZ thrive.

    It’s not China’s fault or Asia’s. NZ government is the one leading the charge because actually taking charge of our own economy, is too hard for them, they want the security of foreigners who they secretly believe will do a better job. (Often the state of their natural environment and people living in fear, says otherwise).

  7. Yes , I read what Jacobi wrote and thought ‘whose bankrolling this smarmy little Judas ? ‘…

    The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree , … so its easy enough to guess who and why . The question therefore is DO WE as a country have to put up with subversive mouthpieces and front people like this… ?

    And of course the answer is no.

    Now then. The next question is whats to be done about it , and whats to be done about the bodies and organizations that are financing / orchestrating this sort of soft propaganda and creeping treason ?

    As I’m sure the country of origin of this subversive activity would take a very dim view of discovering a foreign spy in their own government , – especially one who was then able to become a Minister in a key position in that government ,…

    So why should New Zealand be any different.

    And I think the worn out tactic of crying ‘ RACISM !!! ‘ to cover up ulterior motives and subversive economic / political activity has worn thin ages ago.

    And its time we started getting tough on these quislings that dare to spread and preach their treason under the guise of ‘tolerance’ , ‘anti racism’ and taking the ‘ moral high ground’ while they plunder this country of its resources for a free ride , weaken our workers wages and subvert our democracy.

    Something to think about now , eh Blue Dragons and affiliates …

    Better check through some of your members because the cats now out of the bag. Better do some housecleaning and make sure that house isn’t filthy rotten dirty because we don’t tolerate subversives very well in this neck of the woods…

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