That gross 60Minute Interview and Twitter Offence


Why am I talking to this cock

I had just finished posting about the middle class outrage Twitter Offence manages to generate, and once again Twitter has managed to become offended before the last offence can be digested.

It’s a never ending tide of outrage on Twitter.

Outraged micro aggression policing middle class warriors tweeting about first world problems and feeling as undeservedly self important as a SpinOff staff writer for starting the latest social media pile on.

The Chattering Classes has become the Twittering Classes.

Today’s target of ‘outrage’ is a creepy 60minutes interview that is genuinely eye rolling in its brutal stupidity, but outrage?


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I’m outraged about global warming, genocide and grotesque social injustice.

But ‘outraged’ by a creepy Australian interviewing our Prime Minister?

Perhaps my thresholds for outrage are slightly higher than your average mummy blogger on twitter?

Charles Wooley, the journalist, was certainly icky.

He may as well have conducted the entire interview with a can of warm Fosters in one hand while scratching his balls through his speedos with the other. I was half expecting him to start asking Jacinda how she got up the duff and whether he could see her ‘socially’.

And all of that on Breakfast Morning TV.

Jacinda has since come out and said she wasn’t ‘outraged’ which brings us back to what should be the first rule of Twitter outrage, you can’t be more outraged than the person being offended.

Outraged twitter warriors will scream that this is further proof of the heteronormative patriarchal pressures applied to women to look beautiful and be judged on that beauty. Sure, but Jacinda has played to that by appearing windswept and and beautiful on the cover of Vogue, but it’s empowerment when she appears beautiful on the cover of Vogue and sexual harassment bordering on rape when a male mentions her beauty.

An Australian journalist was crass, immature and a dick. How Jacinda looks has no relevance to her job and it was boorish behaviour on behalf of Wooley, but outrage and proof all men are rapists again? I’m less outraged and more eye rolling at the grossness of Australians and the need for some to be perpetually outraged.

Meanwhile, sea ice levels in the Bering Sea have suddenly dived in 2018 suggesting catastrophic global warming events are about to erupt…

…get outraged by that.



  1. Cyclon Jacinda turned from a Twitter storm into a cat5, the only reason it’s not a cat6 is because we only measure cyclones to cat5 😀

    • Excellent review of both subjects NMartyn,

      I cant believe these fusspots as I didnt see any “shock and awe in that interview shit come to gisborne were are real people that speak our minds not out of our ass like those pundits on any other chatterbox christ they are so bloody pathetic??

      I think they are mainly all Natz trolls or desrupters of a smooth time for the PM as she is passing through her “bedding in” time.

      But Jacinda captured my heart when she again brushed all this off tonight saying “I am from Morrinsville and we don’t make fuss of these things”

  2. I just wish she has said to him ‘ I am not taking this shit ”

    It is time we stood up to the Australian bully.

    We are only ” family ” when it suits them and their agenda.

    • But Mark Richardson said stop trying to protect Ardern. Actually he falls under the same guise as Henry and the same show so all things being equal, they are both crass middle aged white men.

  3. Just say I was an alien or National supporter, or New Labour type, getting all my information from the MSM and the MS internet….I would be totally justified in claiming that only good looking, well off women, movie stars, Prime Ministers and Auckland law students are subjected to sexual abuse and disrespect in their job and daily life.

    • @ BG Hahah a a !

      We always think of witty things to say after the event don’t we. That’s why, physical violence. A slap across the face works wonders to reset the probing.

      Adern could have asked what such a little cock was doing on such a big a cock as him. That would’ve been funny.

      More of this please ?

  4. Honestly, Twitter is unfiltered noise. I have zero idea why people maintain so much interest in it. It’s like the “reality TV” of the internet, and the more oxygen that media commentators give it (i.e. think that “Twitter is a legitimate news source”), the worse it gets. Get off Twitter. Get off Facebook. These sites do not enrich your lives.

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