So why won’t Kiwis talk about Chinese influence over NZ?


Another damning and damaging denouncement of Chinese influence in NZ has been penned by Professor Anne-Marie Brady who recently revealed that she had been threatened and her home broken into (something that Jacinda bewilderingly only learnt about through the media and not our own security agencies) and it once again begs the question, why the fuck are the sleepy hobbits of muddle Nu Zilind not up in arms about all of this?

Whenever an overseas news media outlet focuses on the influence of China over NZ, there is always this tone of bemused astonishment that NZers aren’t in open revolt about a Chinese spy inside our Government or that the National Party are now just a front for Chinese business interests.

It’s something I find painful to understand about my fellow countrymen and countrywoman as well. The sheer wilful ignorance on display is bewildering but I think it does become understandable if you dig into the Left, the Right and the property speculating middle classes.

The Right don’t question Chinese influence over NZ because they are directly benefitting from it. Dairy Farmers are up to their eyeballs in debt because of Dairy Intensification costs and need to sell mountains of milk powder to China to keep themselves afloat. That means they will openly allow their own political Party, the National Party, to become over run with Chinese spies if it means they can keep selling China milk powder. The other thing National voter addiction to China allows for is a huge influx of Chinese migrants into NZ who all vote National. Want to know why National are still 43% in the polls? Because Chinese migrants overwhelmingly vote National no matter what. The ‘Blue Dragons’ as they call themselves, are now one of the largest power blocs inside the National Party so the right wing effectively have a Stockholm Syndrome when it comes to Chinese influence over NZ.

The Middle Classes have a similar problem. Now they are all fucking property speculators, they need Chinese property speculation to keep their fake wealth illusion alive. So while the right wing have Stockholm syndrome towards Chinese influence and the middle classes are addicted to Chinese property speculation, why are the Left silent?

For the Left, identity politics dogma has replaced economic theory as the driving philosophy and migrant rights have eclipsed all else because they themselves have globally transferrable skill sets meaning when the Left  shout about migrant rights they’re really selfishly projecting their own economic rights. For the Left, no one can criticise Chinese migration without being labelled a racist or xenophobe, take a gander at the truly repugnant Wellington Twitteratti for a guide on how the Left self censor any critical analysis of China’s influence. Look at how the Green immigration policy effectively ended up reading like an ISIS hostage video with James Shaw grovelling his apology to the Twitteratti for daring to suggest we should have sustainable migration growth.

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So in NZ, the Right wing are held hostage by China’s power, the property speculating middle classes are addicted to Chinese money and the Left are so far up their own arseholes virtue signalling one another on how they’ll all take an entire family of refugees into their homes, that they aren’t relevant to the debate meaning when Professor Anne Marie-Brady puts out an academic review of China’s influence over us, the response is muted silence.

So what changes?

China does.

The growing hostilities in the South Pacific, their slowing economy and their crack down on overseas flight of wealth which has fuelled the global jump in property prices means their economic might will falter and the good times will become grim.

Every Chinese newspaper editor in NZ answers directly to Beijing and when China wishes to cause domestic havoc with pro-China rallies once the cold war with America gets hot, then the right, the left and the property speculating middle classes will get a short, sharp shock at the true disdain many Chinese truly feel about NZers.

No amount of self interested economics or identity politic championing is going to be able to ignore Chinese political influence then.


  1. My favorite posture of the Moore Wilson’s left was that talking about modern slavery was somehow pandering to racists – all while people were dying and advocates were intimidated.

    Might be a good time for those stories of intimidation, spying and for profit collusion by elites against citizens cake out too.

    • I recall some comments (made a year ago?) that Richard Gear finds it more or less impossible to get any big name roles these days and blames a lot of pressure from China. Several times that he had a role lined up and ready to go and the studio got a call from distributors and groups in China that made it very clear that if he was hired, they could kiss goodbye to any distribution in China for this film and possibly others as well.

      Because he’s been pretty outspoken on Tibet for a very long time, it’s clear that he’s deep in their shit list and they won’t hesitate to make an example of him.


      Wana play the game?

      • Yep, sad that money and influence now effects everything.

        Even worse that NZ that could be below the radar and avoid being caught in the net of Chinese discipline but is pathetically desperate for no reason but stupidity and insecurity to sign the self described ‘dog’ of TPPA faux new version which opens even more floodgates to more of the same deregulation and self censorship.

        Do Labour in particular Andrew Little and Jacinda Arden really believe in deregulation that much and value a overestimated 1% growth over 30+ years to sign an agreement that muzzles NZ right to make it’s own laws???

        I’m just hoping that they get some guts and say NO, it’s not right for NZ and avoid signing it and their own party death warrant.

      • New Zealand can not solve the worlds problems. We can not carry the burden of peace and stability in the Pacific, there fore we must be good citizens of the single payer market which makes up Australia, pacific isles, ASEAN and the American continent. To future proof a kiwi culture so it remains relevant in the long term would mean making sure exports and our democracy remain attractive through continued research and development and investments.

        America in decline can only accelerate the rise of China. The only saving grace is the PLA plan on build 4 regionally superior carrier battle groups made up of possibly 6 aircraft carriers, and is different from Americas 10-11 carrier battle groups for global patrols. To understand what should be done means understanding how the Chinese Communist Party intends to rise up its people.

        China seeks to change its territorial status quo gradually island by island. This helps to keep conflicts short and local. China first started expanding southward into Vietnams Spratly islands in the 1980’s. China’s strategy relies on low intensity but consistent and simultaneous provocations at multiple pressure points. This serves to stretch thin the capabilities of smaller nations ability to respond while limiting the risk of escalation to manageable lvls. China’s strategy relies heavily on the use of non-leather military cohesion which aims to incrementally fortify its positions in disputed areas. Lastly China emphasises the bilateral nature of disputes to avoid intervention by external powers such as the U.S. And Japan on the side of weaker claimants. This strategy known as salami slicing involves the slow accumulation of small changes, none of which in isolation amounts to much. But which adds up over time to a substantial change in the strategic picture.

        It is an incremental divide and conquer process.

        For New Zealand to counter salami slicing tactics a cohesive and strategic response should have the following components.

        1. The Pacific which includes Australia, Pacific Isles, ASEAN and the American Continent are Aotearoa’s oldest allies. For every dollar put into closer defence and foreign relationships, there should be an equal amount of mutually beneficial too way trade so when our allies grow prosperous, we grow prosperous as well.
        2. We should stand ready to provide what ever assistance our allies government and people need in any fight they may face. This includes humanitarian and disaster relief missions, counter insurgency/espionage missions, combat search and rescue missions as well as maintaining freedoms of navigation. And it should be such that it does not directly benefit tensions between The United States and China. For example China and the U.S has large numbers of submarines, aiding smaller nations in anti submarine warfare and training is essential to freedoms of navigation. No navy has any answer that I’m aware of to electronic warfare cutting a militaries communications leaving surface combatants deaf dumb and blind and is an important component of any non-lethal response.
        3. Targeted trade deals is an economic response that out flanks Salami Slicing tactics. Instead of sanctions, China should be viewed as our friend. Quality controls around trade agreements should strengthen our democratic ties so sanctions can be brought against companies that seek to harm that relationship.

        Ok so the world is going to get another 3-4 aircraft carriers by 2035, on top of the 15 we’ve already got. That’s hardly the end of the world. The key to staying calm is confidence. Confidence in your research can anticipate what might come next so you don’t freak out.

        • For every billion of exports that’s about 8000 kiwi jobs. 8000 fucking jobs. Cancelling Trade agreements now would be madness, pure lunacy. Any way it takes 6 months to Transxit out of TPPA-11 so the moment millennialist relies TPPA-11 is causing de-industrialisation they’ll vote for the first party that promises jobs really quickly. Now let’s see if I can get back on the fucking topic.

          The shifts in economic performance has to do with the number of populations. It dosnt necessarily mean New Zealand is stronger than Fiji because we have more people. Neither NZ or Fiji have the capacity or the will to take and hold contested land in NZ or Fiji. But the long term trend is inevitable that China’s population will overwhelm smaller nations both interns of demography and $. For example Fijis largest building is the Chinese embassy. But it’s the speed of change that determines how pushy every one will be.

          Further more nuclear weapons amongst major powers I think is a plus because it stops major wars. It’s the middle and smaller powers that may act irrationally and the world may come to grief. Could you imagine if we had a nuclear armed Israel in Fiji instead of in the Middle East. For big states it freezes political aspirations as it is but for smaller states it’s a very high risk problem having unchecked imperial influence over our friendly populations.

          This is the South Pacific. And no one will look after it better than us.

          • Didn’t I say the exact opposite? Besides every one knows it was neoliberals #rogernomics #Thatcherism #reganomics that triggered deindustrialisation. You literally have zero arguments except for fear. And external neoliberals do fear fear thing to establish “intellectual clout” if you don’t understand the sub-culture don’t judge, my nub.

            When I was a child growing up in New Zealand me and my crew used to talk about everything because we were convinced everything is possible. Were we anomalies, are New Zealanders really this pessimistic? Or am I just a genius for my ability to attract this amount of pussies.

            Like I’v been saying on The Daily Blog for the last 4 years. The trends towards progressive energy transformation, transport innovation and language revitalisation are inevitable. Those that do not believe will eat dead rats and drink bought water while driving jap imports into extinction. By adding more layers of complexity on top of the kiwi culture will insure our freedoms of expression are maintained far beyond that of scared little boys saying close the door on trade.

            If that’s not enough for you then read on

            New Zealand getting into a trade war with either Australia or China is a stupid idea. How could you entertain such a thing? Everything would stop over night. Think Auckland oil crises except permanently. New Zealand imports all its transportation energy so we can sell our valuable oil exports overseas for more $. I honestly don’t think you’ve thought any of this through. Most medicines come from overseas. All our heavy machinery comes from foreign countries. New Zealand is a net buyer of foreign technology. You can not turn any of this off when every one sees the good it can do. You would literally be the most hated guy ever.

            And New Zealand loosing any one of its trading partners will trigger all of the underlying fault lines in the economy, which will in turn trigger the social and political faultlines that have been papered over in the past decade or three by economic growth. Have you thought any of this through?

            NZ loosing China would hurt us, it won’t phase China one bit.

            Australia loosing New Zealand as a trading partner would likely trigger a recession there aswel. Again have you thought any of this throughout? There’re only two markets that can handle China production, the US and EU, so if China finds its access to the NZ market degraded then it needs to make up that shortfall from the U.S. or EU.

            The problem is that the EU is facing massive and systemic issues that degrade its viability as a market in the five to fifteen year time scale (and potentially much sooner). So we can kiss the EU bye bye as a trading partner in any case.

            The current “Silk Road” goes through Russia, and the Russia/EU relationship falling apart to the point where one party or another shuts down those train lines isn’t a low order possibility (it’s not exactly likely but its certainly a 25 to 30 percent possibility). That just leaves the only other possible routes into Russia from NZ is through the Bering sea, Mediterranean or the Arctic Ocean, none of which is a good idea.

            The Euro is collapsing with no sign that said collapse is less likely than it was yesterday. When it falls you will have the chaos of a half dozen or more new currencies covering that market, which makes selling into it more difficult and expensive.

            Current New Zealand unemployment (especially youth unemployment) is already a significant issue and a Euro collapse would only spike it higher. Given that the youth are where the majority of consumption comes from this is an issue for any type of New Zealand trade.

            China is already pretty much selling as much as it profitably can into the US/EU markets. It’s not like there is a ton of unmet demand that China can shift production to. To move the amount of goods around New Zealand must be open to the idea of trade or they will significantly slash prices, which would eat into profit and cause massive wast on a global scale. Think rust belt but everywhere with all of the associated social, economic and environmental problems that go with joblessness.

            Got any more bullshit you want me to rip apart? Come at me bro.

          • For every billion of exports that’s about 8000 kiwi jobs. 8000 fucking jobs.

            The reciprocal being that for every billion we import that 8000 jobs lost. 8000 fucken jobs.

            • Dosnt matter what the endevour you’ll still get 1% owning an 80% split. Whether it be business, sports, even in the animal world there’s always 1% owning an 80% share. So it dosnt matter what model you want to use. There will always be a component of capitalism. And right now that owner is China.

              China’s working population is 4 times larger than the US. So for China to be on par with the US all they have to do is be a quarter as productive as the US. Hell they could even be half as productive as the US and be double the size. There for we can not make ourselves into a South Pacific thorn. Capitalism is apart of our can do nature.

        • 1. The US has been screwing the world over for 40+ years. Doubt that they’re going to stop now. No point in continuing being shafted.
          2. Declare ourselves completely neutral while building up our defensive capabilities. Be ready to work on a UN mandate.
          3. Drop all FTAs – they’re not there to promote free-trade but enforce trade for the benefit of corporations at the countries expense.

  2. Good stuff just like the situation with the criticism of the zionist movement. Oh you are anti semitic. People fail to understand that there is a big group of Jews in Israel who are deeply opposed to what has happened to the Palestinians.

    The left – well I don’t really consider Labour the left – but they don’t want to upset anyone who is of Chinese extraction and criticism of China will be seen as xenophobic.

    I am puzzled as to who these Chinese MPs think they are working for.

    • +1 Michal

      Notice that on left web sites you are welcome to call white, men anything under the sun, but other gender or racial parallels have a different set of rules and is considered racist.

      Likewise statistical information criteria has been modified to make it difficult to even find out what is really going on in this country with unemployment, assets sales and trusts.

      The Jewish situation is a great example of an international ambush of a minority turned dominant discourse. Somehow a group of right wing zionests and their brainwashed lobbyists have basically taken away other Jew’s rights to their freedom of speech (and everyone else) if they disagree with the right wing zionests! It’s like some sort of double subjugation to the Jews. Crazy!

      Like wise in US about gun control. Apparently 63% of members of the NRA actually want more conditions on gun control, but the minority NRA members have somehow taken over government, media and all discourse on the issue and use individual attacks to silence anyone who has a different view point about cleaning up Gun regulation.

      And this is in an age of supposed freedom of speech. We are going backwards!

      Money increasingly talks and looking at Lorde example, Power and money groups paid and influenced by government are getting more and more petty and controlling.

      Does NZ want to be run by Chinese rulers like Hong Kong because that is where NZ is going.

      And the Chinese new residents here, know how powerful the Chinese government reach is, therefore will do what they are told not necessary be loyal to NZ, even if it is their new country of residence.

    • they are working for china of course – china’s plan has been long in coming after they got done by britain in the opium war

  3. Why? Because No Zealand is clearly a colony of the Chinese dictatorship. Both the Transnational Capital Party and the Wage Slave Labour Party are compromised and beholden to the largest dictatorship on the planet. There WILL be civil war Oh yes, there will.

    • Castro, I reject your constant urging for a civil war in this country. Whether you’re an agent provocateur or simply misguided is unclear – but very few share your vision for a violent future.

  4. When you control the message via the Media, you can control (for a very long time, see Apartheid R.S.A and many other eg’s.) the message and discussion.
    NZ is OK about this mess because they’ve NO REAL idea what’s going on and believe those of us who try and inform them, are conspiracy nutters.
    Control the Media and (invariably) control the country.

  5. +100 Good Post…and btw New Zealanders are not blind or stupid….they do talk about it….but the mainstream media does not

  6. Seems like a good high-level analysis, once you look past the over-robust phrasing. (Appreciate that’s just your style Martyn)

  7. The reality is that globalisation has become a war of ideas and dominance, not pluralism as once hoped.

    The canny neoliberals are framing people who are against globalism in terms of being against ethnicity and for racism rather than the opposite trying to preserve pluralism and different cultures around the world!

    I’m all for Chinese, Russian, Korean, Fijians, Indians, Brits, American to have the power to do what ever they like in their own country and have their own unique ideas and culture. If they disagree fight it out amongst themselves!

    Therefore I am very hesitant about how the neoliberal global agenda is currently playing out. It seems more like the dominant “power’ and ‘consumption’ and ownership of assets to be exploited of each country not some equal happy family.

    We have Pita pit, Cadbury, Facebook while asian corps have realised that buying NZ farms and ‘pure’ brands like Fonterra is better than rebranding as Asian when exporting overseas. It’s made here, branded here, but not controlled by here. A mimic.

    How many NZ brands are owned 100% by New Zealanders and domiciled here but successful overseas – not many! Globalism hasn’t worked for little countries with little power. Maori can lose their culture and how someone else trade make it from overseas. Now they can actually lose their land and Treaty rights too with a stroke of a pen.

    NZ used to supply the raw materials at minimal wages now we don’t even get the minimal wages as they bring in their own workers.

    At the same time NZ then turns out to be supplying multinationals workers health, education, ACC and so forth (normally for nothing) putting more strain on our welfare systems or paying for new residents families accidents.

    Therefore NZ needs to be very careful about the embrace of what Asia currently stands for and the culture there, because just through immigration alone can turn NZ into another Asian region and NZ business leaders and council figures are only too keen to take a little bit of money (bribes aka shared partnership) to make it all happen. They have not realised they will soon be cut out:)

    A lot of Asia does not have democracy, works by widespread corruption has censorship of the Internet and media, and a different idea of business a lot more espionage. We just don’t have the same ideas! It’s not a great cultural fit!

    NZ thought the 80’s were bad, now they are signing a death warrant to actually push in more people to be a corrupt part of Asian money laundering instead of the Pacific, egalitarian biodiverse and wealthy country, that we could be and most people (including many migrants) want it to be.

    We should embrace our difference and culture to the world not homogenise it.

  8. I agree. NZ/Aotearoan’s do talk about it( TPP). And many other political ‘things’. The problem is, we’re without a focusing mechanism. A leader. Some one who appeals to voting people honestly and bluntly. I’d say to Adern. We’re all adults for fucks sake so treat us as such.

    I’ve been commenting for some time now that we’re terrifyingly close to having our country sold out from underneath us. So what do we do?
    Seriously? What.Do.We.Do? Adern? Are you there? Hello? Hello??? We pay you to be our focusing mechanism? So focus!

    My idea is to throw the foreign owned banks out first. Get rid of those fuckers quick-smart.
    Then, to whom do you pay your mortgage? No one. That’s the answer to that one. Fuck them!
    Then? Turn on the electricity to freely shine a light on the many public inquiries begging to be inquired into.
    Why are we so broke and vulnerable when we have such a rich and once flourishing country/economy? ( And don’t let any dodgy, logical fallacy versed prick tell you otherwise.)

    We really are in deep shit right now, so imagine after we give some foreign runt a green light to take serious steps to come here and get what they perceive to be owed them? The TPP’s a fucking swindle.

    • That the TPP-11 seeks to control future legislation is a dangerous proposition and harms the ability trade relationships manage controlled substances.

  9. Now that China has thousands and thousands of houses and real estate in New Zealand we should:

    1) Congratulate them

    2) Ask them to take over Fonterra in conjunction with the Primary Industries Ministry of the New Zealand Parliament. On a renewable 50 year contract.

    Fonterra has had a very rocky ride in the past nine years and has managed only to pollute our rivers and water ways and charge exorbitant prices for basic product such as butter and cheese.

    3) Purchase Fletcher Constructions Ltd – for the people of New Zealand as a gift to New Zealanders- and immediately commence building all the infra structure required in- Drug Cleansing; Crime Cleansing; Excessive Gambling; Prison reduction. As well as in Transport – Roading – Rail – Technology – Housing – Health – Marketing – Education – Advanced Studies – Satelite and Intergalatic Exploration.

    The Chinese people have not undertaken war anywhere in the World, in the past Century. They have taken a liking to New Zealand.

    I am sure they would love to do the simple things that Fletchers Ltd and other Corporations in NZ cannot seem to do. We even seem unable to satisfactorily rebuild houses after earth quakes. Or even build dry houses.

    Above all – they would bring Equality and Opportunity to our population which has been destroyed by Capitalist National Greed.

    4) Open Bank of China branches throughout New Zealand, so that all the people here could afford a home. ( there are only four million New Zealanders compared to the Billion Plus Chinese in China).

    This would enable us to get rid of the Australian Capitalist Banks.

    We hope with all our hearts that the Chinese are not like the British who came here to take everything from us – in 1840.

  10. i agree china has pretty much taken over nz, specially auckland, they have bought up all the property, if you own all the property technically you own the country.

    the main thing i came here to say though was, china is hardly communist. they are state capitalism, and anyway, what put china in the position they are in now. it certainly wan’t neo-liberalism

  11. Yes Teresa

    The sad sad great British Crown tried with all their might to force China into dowsing the Chinese population in British supplied Opiates. For Britain ran the wealth of drugs. Probably still does.

    The Head of the Church of England as always did nothing, other than support the rich aristocracy. For greed was and is their creed. and they waged shocking war on China. Unbelievable Wickedness.

    War, plunder and pillage was and remains the gory of merry England.

    China did not want zombie brain destroying drugs supplied by Poms.

    The savagery of Britain is unspeakable! (I am of their stock regrettably. One day someone will write the true History of Britain from past 500 years and the misery it has imposed on the far flung world.)

  12. James Shaw does a good grovel.

    The other parliamentary party people are lovely paternal apologists.

    What has the Green Party morphed into???

  13. Perhaps the Sleepy Hobbits think, don’t bite the hand that feeds you, i.e. China, buying so much off us now, after Goff and Labour worked out and passed the FTA between China and NZ Inc under the previous Labour led government.

    No surprise there that they sign other trade deals that are controversial.

    And NZers are in their majority so depoliticise, they do not really care much at all about what goes on, whether a Chinese spy teacher is MP or not in their Parliament. Most will not even know much at all about this fact.

    • Firstly the free trade agreement with Asian was a bilateral agreement between 2 countries which is a lot easier to manage that the debacle multi deal the TPP will become.

      If they were so desperate for the deal they could have done it 1 to 1 with all of them. Much easier to manage for the future and pull out of, if abuses start to occur.

      The you look at how China’s appetite for goods mean’t even with out the free trade agreement NZ would still have exported the goods just like the countries outside the free trade agreement did.

      Then look at how China bought NZ farms and businesses themselves not the milk or the beef so that money now goes offshore that used to be in NZ.

      Then the MAF crosses like PSA virus caused by pollen by a Chinese import Kiwifruit.

      Then the P crisis caused by the ingredients flooding in.

      Then Asia are bringing in their own workers (not just the Chinese obviously, but OZ and UK don’t tend to bring in their own milking staff and tilers like the Asian buyers do). So those jobs are now lost to Kiwis while they win contracts and tenders by undercutting others and lowering NZ wages.

      Then the immigration has set off multiple crisis for local people, that the locals are expected to pay for, health, housing, pollution, transport, super, WWF etc. It seems highly unlikely that is sustainable. More people on welfare, less wages, less jobs less taxes on businesses that send the money offshore.

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