The man who lied about an $11.7b hole (while creating a $20b hole) wants to lead the National Party


Joyce – “So I’m up here Simon and you’re down there and I should be the Prime Minister”

English – “You’ve had 9 fucking years and that’s the best argument you came up with. Look at Simon’s face, he can’t believe it either’?

Steven Joyce, the arrogant arsehole who stared straight down the barrel of TV cameras and lied to the country about an $11.7b hole in Labour’s budget that never existed has thrown his hat into the ring for the National Party leadership.  

The most disgusting part of the 2017 election was Joyce simply lying straight to the face of NZ and pretending there was an $11.7 billion dollar hole in Labour’s budget.

Here is a list of those who agreed and disagreed with Joyce…

…so 2 people in NZ agreed with Joyce, Bill English and Steven Joyce himself.

The lie worked, it spooked back male voters in the closing weeks of the election and made the election far closer than it would have been.

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So what could be worse than lying about a $11.7billion hole that didn’t exist? Why actually creating an even bigger $20billion hole that Steven himself dug…

Govt accuses National of leaving $20bn hole

Finance Minister Grant Robertson told Parliament this afternoon that National failed to put aside the money for its promised big ticket Defence Force upgrade.

“As one commentator has said, the National Government never accurately costed it and made no provision in any of its long-term forecasts to pay for it.

“This is far from providing certainty.”

Government officials are now reviewing the programme to look for better value for money, he said.

“This is the responsible thing to do given the mess left by the previous government,” Mr Robertson said.

…so despite all the fanfare when National launched their Defence Force upgrade, Steven Joyce didn’t actually budget any money for that upgrade!

Joyce is a liar and manipulator of the worst kind, first he lied about a deficit in Labour’s budget that never existed, while boasting about upgrading the Defence Force, when he didn’t in fact budget for any of the upgrade he had boasted about!!!!

Joyce joining the race after Mark Mitchell is a further sign of the factions scrambling to enable/stop Collins from becoming Leader. The problem is that Joyce is universally despised by Caucus so it may come down to who National MPs hate less


  1. Any idea who is most likely to win the National leadership contest? Surely not Judith – she’s far too polarising. You can’t successfully lead a party in which at least half its members despise you, surely?

  2. Remember National – You are National. Filth

    You can do what ever you want:

    You can molest little Girls hair for sexual Pleasure
    You can steal money from the Tax Payers to pay for your personal Housing
    You can can knowingly allow your colleagues to Record Private Conversations
    You can brazenly release private confidential information on individuals from your Ministerial portfolios. You slobs. Ref Paula
    You can Lie blatantly about money (11.7 Billion) that does not exist – English and Joyce
    You can persuade a Chinese Military Spy to become a member of your Caucus
    You can persuade Immigrant Chinese to happily fill your Party Pots with Donations. Miraculously.
    You accept the wonderful “say no evil ” of the Herald; Of Radio NZ, of TV NZ, of TV 3, of every Corporation.
    You pay extremely low low wages. You Bastards
    You despise New Zealand born Kids

    You are the worst – most corrupt – disoriented Bastards ever to walk into the NZ Parliament in the history of this Nation.

    Not one of You is clean – let alone capable.

    • OBSERVER TOKOROA … Well said there. All true. Shameful behaviour from peoples’ representatives!

      Tainted through to their murky core!

      • To Mary_A

        That Capitalists have no morals is not a surprise. Greed is their one and only Gig. But that the National women currently parading their wares are so insensitive; so shallow; so self centred – in this deprived Democracy – is disgusting.

        Why don’t they just go and play tennis each morning at Days Bay – like their mothers did – and leave the rest of us alone?

    • You can also ruin health through underfunding.

      ” Auckland health bosses have revealed a picture of a health system at breaking point from underfunding and population growth.

      We have been facing this for years and every year make savings or defer capital or struggle to get permission to get capital through the [Ministry of Health] capital investment committee.”

  3. Yes, but he, and to quote his own words, ‘ …gets things done…’.
    That’s like him saying ” I love you, you are wonderful and beautiful and I promise, I’ll always be there with you” to the moron class ready and waiting to vote for the worthless, yet costly fucker.

    • Best 100% Countryboy.

      Yes Lying 11Billion dollar man will lie all the way to leadership saying “look at my record of getting things done”

      He solely has used his position to destroy our rail system Labour bought to improve our freight choices.

      National hate anything Labour planned so they used Steven Joyce to destroy rail.

      Joyce was bought by the trucking and oil industry to sell more trucks and road freight so we are now near fucked with truck gridlocked roads falling apart under the weight of all those ‘H’ for ‘heavy trucks’ all clogging our roads and killing so many now.

      Joyce is a very pathetic man that should never now be a MP let alone run the country.

  4. Let the bastards fight it out among themselves. This is like the Roman Colosseum,… and then when they finally sort out their next hapless victim to be leader,…

    Dig out past records and dismantle the subversives and expose them yet again for the treasonous sell outs that they are.

    There will be no shortage of ammunition.

  5. Surely, since National is a ‘professional’ lying political party and all it’s MPs are ‘professional’ liars, it stands to reason that anyone who stands for leadership must a professional liar.

    Any choice (if the leadership has not already been decided by the Banksters, corporations and opportunists that run everything from behind the curtain and use political parties as front men or front women) would be a matter of who can deceive and mislead the masses the most convincingly. In that context (deceiving and misleading convincingly) John Key was a star player.

  6. Dereliction of Duty

    The big men and women of National, including their cheer groupies – Boag, Hooton, Slater and Farrar and Hundreds of Thousands of Special National Supporting Immigrants – have done nothing to get Christchurch Citizens fully housed and rebuilt.

    The Insurance Companies, under National have had a hoot of a time avoiding and not repairing but delaying and grinding thousands of Cantabrians into the slime for the whole ugly National over seven years.

    This is a disgrace of massive mismanagement on the part of the comedian John Key, and the 11.7 $Billion fantasy guy, Billy English.

    Capitalists doing what they like. The bastards.

    The New Government should serve papers and through non corrupt Police lay Charges on the National Party immediately, and try the entire National Caucus for deliberate Dereliction of Duty under the Crown.

    What a damnable lot they are.

  7. It wasn’t a hole, it was doubledildothink….holding two opposing thoughts at the same time, while suffering from dildo concussion.

    We should not ridicule him, we should pity him.

    Let Joyce win the National Party leadership race – the John Oliver footage will be worth its weight in Eminemesqueness.

    • “There’s a hole in my pocket, dear William, dear William,
      “There’s a hole in my pocket, dear William, a hole,
      With what shall I fix it dear William, dear William?,
      With what shall I fix it dear William, with what?
      With a Dildo dear Steven, dear Steven…..

  8. Hmm it feels kinda trumpist around here. Instead of getting on with things there is far too much self-congratulation about squeaking past a weak candidate who couldn’t win a chook raffle.

    The bigger problem is the shitload of neolibs, led by an airhead more interested in getting into Vogue than actually doing anything.
    As predicted the Ardern creature is going along with TPPA, and worse, doesn’t want to do anything the least bit humanist lest it discomfit someone in her circle of bourgeois acquaintances.

    Just like the pack of greedies that came before, Ardern & Co rely on the lie that government finances are determined by the amount of tax collected.
    This furphy, once treated with the contempt it deserved by humanist administrations has become the standard do nothing excuse for neolibs.

    If banks did as governments do and only lent out as much as they had in their strong rooms they would have all gone bust years ago.
    Banks create money as they go, as the reserve bank grants them the right to do. The government has exactly the same power, yet it chooses not to use it lest it may upset the rich pricks who it ironically claims it wants to ‘take on’.

    This mob of sheep in sheep’s clothing currently inhabiting the treasury benches could, if they had the balls, set up a Ministry of Works or some-such, then give fully waged employment to all of Aotearoa’s currently unutilised young people training them in the skills required for contemporary home construction.

    Grab some of the crown land in and around urban areas which Wellington clerks haven’t sold to ‘friends of friends’ and start actually building affordable new homes, using materials imported by the Ministry thereby avoiding the 100% markup the construction materials sector places on everything us mugs have to buy from them.
    When those houses have been built and it has demonstrated that this can be done to kiwis, no one is gonna give a stuff when the greedy ‘land bankers’ get hit with compulsory purchase orders, not even where the price has been set according to what the ‘banker’ paid for the land rather than the ridiculous rigged market that currently rules.

    Sure too much money printing may be inflationary but when one considers how much money was printed for ‘quantitative easing’ in the US or the ‘brit banker bail-out’ in the UK, this is a piss in the ocean in real terms and as a percentage of GDP.
    Plus of course real assets have been created.
    I’m not holding my breath, a coalition of blue-greens, racist tories and urban neolibs are not likely to do more than their current nonsense, that is generate press releases with no substance beneath them.

  9. Never mind Joyce the man to watch is Mitchell.

    He will make Collins and Key look like a beachside picnic when he gets authority.

    Adams will not survive long if she gets the numbers.

    For the older amongst us it will be Jim McClay ( 1985 ) all over again except it won’t be a Bolger but something much more sinister.

    New Zealand’s’ next Trump.

    At least Key smiled before ordered the execution.

  10. I think it doesn’t matter who gets the role they wont get in Frank.
    Judith is a has been and we don’t want to go backwards we need to keep moving forward and we are.

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