The continued media lynching of Metiria


Thank fuck we have such an investigative mainstream media!

Metiria Turei in the news AGAIN for an act of political courage while Key’s mass surveillance lies, a Chinese spy inside National & how bad NZ was left after 9yrs of National rule go unchallenged – this is why fake news as a term works.

Bill English interfering in the Police investigation into Todd Barclay and then pretending not to know anything about his interference, Jason Ede’s role in Dirty Politics, what really happened in Afghanistan and was a war crime signed off by John Key making him legally responsible still go unanswered or examined.

Metiria Turie admitting she stole to feed her child to highlight the draconian brutality of a neoliberal welfare system has the temerity to tell her story with her chin up and Western Civilisation as we know it is under threat and demands a laser like myopic focus on her while abuses of power far more significant waltz past unchallenged.

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It’s an ugly double standard.



  1. I don’t know what is funnier, someone writing a blog post criticising the media for getting things wrong when they are the wrongest person in politics.

    Or getting basic facts, like names of people, wrong in the very same post criticising media for getting things wrong.

    • What’s funnier is watching ‘WATCHING MARTYN’ make a fool of him/herself.

      The ‘REAL MARTYN BRADBURY’ does the investigation that others try to sweep under the rug.

      quote Martyn; ‘Thank fuck we have such an investigative mainstream media’ still keeping Bill English/john Key’s scandals alive awaiting investigations as he said here;

      “Metiria Turei in the news AGAIN for an act of political courage while Key’s mass surveillance lies, a Chinese spy inside National & how bad NZ was left after 9yrs of National rule go unchallenged – this is why fake news as a term works.”

    • But the funniest thing, “Watching Martyn” (creepy pseudonym or what?), is your claim of getting basic facts, like names of people, wrong in the very same post criticising media for getting things wrong – but not telling us what he got wrong.

      And not even bothering to address what Martyn has written about.

      Deflection doesn’t work much as a discussion strategy, WM.

      Martyn is 100% spot on: the media devoted long hours and resources trawling over Metiria’s past – whist other, more pressing matters, suffered the drowning fate of the 24 hours news cycle.

    • I love it! When the rats start to rustle. Next, they’ll do a jonky and jump the ship he pulled the plug on. Good riddance I say.

      Here’s a travel website you might find enlightening @ Watching Martyn.
      Cheap would be you? Am I correct?

      Metiria Turei is, if nothing else, and I think she may be plenty more, brave. I met her once at Dunedin A/P and while I waited in nervous delight for my too long a gone partner to arrive, we chatted. My impression of Metiria was of enviable intellectual calm. Born of a clear consciences one might argue.
      She would have been my preferred Prime Minister. ( Sorry Jacinda but yep. )

      NZ’s awash with liars. No wonder, after 30 years or more of lying and cheating and treason from our politicians bending over, pants down for banker business. Metiria changed the landscape of politics in my view and I hope to God she’s coming back, and the sooner the better.

      I see that horrific abstraction of nature, jenny shipely, is flying closer to the ever dimming and flickering light bulb that is RNZ? I can hear her big flat feet scratching on the ceiling. She created the social welfare escapees who then had to do what they needed to do to survive. It was about then, that the ‘Escorts’ columns quadrupled in number in the news papers, not that I’d know of course. Single parent women paying for electricity that used to be ours with their vagina’s is a thing that should only be found in fiction. Fellows turned to growing weed, burglaries, cash jobs etc while learning to hide, be under cover, leave the car in the street, one over. How about some big brave diddums, like W M go after that nightmare in a frock? Dob in your neighbour shipley has played a significant role in the destruction of our society and it’s SHE ( ? ) who should be under the spotlight.

      “ Metiria Turie / Turei ( All better now @ WM ? Stopped quivering have you? ) admitting she stole to feed her child… “ I’m uncomfortable with the use of the word ‘ stole’ in this instance. She made claims for monies gleaned from tax payers. Well, I’m a tax payer and I’d rather see my hallowed tax money go to someone like her than it for being a profit for a foreign bankster or some local, post-neo liberal corporate criminal.

  2. Yes, when will the TraitorKey (and all his helpful idiots) be brought to court for treachery, treason and the damages done to New Zealand PURELY for the benefit of his puppet masters, the world (probably USA) elites?
    The media on behalf of their owners (extreme right wing elites) will NOT tell you the relevant facts or news. They will purely run propaganda, obfuscation and programming (of your thoughts/views) so you do NOT know what is going on and will sit Idly by whilst you are being ‘screwed over’.
    Worst still, some fall so deeply for this ‘misinformation’ that they actual vote for the ‘corporate fascist parties’. …..Turkey’s voting for an early Thanks Giving (or Xmas) comes to mind.

    • ‘the damages done to New Zealand PURELY for the benefit of his puppet masters,’

      Liar Key certainly orchestrated a massive amount of damage to NZ during his term in power. However, I do not believe it was ‘PURELY for the benefit of his puppet masters’: Key personally increased his wealth at the expense of others, and all the hangers-on and opportunists in NZ that facilitated the Key agenda made a killing at the expense of ordinary folk and at the expense of the common good.

      Treason trials sound fine and dandy to me. Sadly, many of the orchestrators of the mess we are in will be dead or will have escaped overseas by the time treason trial commence.

    • Yes, pretty much what I’ve heard as well. NZ Taypayers Union is a front for the N/Act Party. Williams is a card-carrying Act or National Party member last time I looked. Funny how that Herald article left out that salient bit of information.

    • Frank 100%

      Never a truer word spoken.

      “New Zealand Taxpayers’ “Union” and ACT – essentially the same thing.”

  3. I’d like to know if MSD is investigating the serious claims made by Ashley Farrell against Paula Bennett. Still, no hurry eh Jordan? – you utter tosspot.

  4. Absolutely correct my little Bombarino.

    I still feel nauseous every time I see a photo of dear wee Metitia, or see her name in print as in your blog.

    It is not nausea caused by her or her actions but nausea caused by the way she was ruthlessly hounded and chased from office by corporate thuggery. The baying hounds of hate.

    I am bitterly disappointed by Kiwis over this business; I thought they were better than that…

  5. WHO is missing from the stories?
    Why, it’s Paula Ben-efit.

    She “benefited” even just Today with a big personal sympathy milking /humanising article , courtesy of The Press in the Newspaper..(the Press owned by the same ilk who own our “government”.

    …All about her surgery for “health reasons”.
    Gosh we should all warm to Paula. She’s so human after all.
    (IE wipe all her nasty past & evil hypocrisy )

    • I love how members of the National Party think we shouldn’t have ‘Nanny State’ interference in peoples access to food and food choices, because of, you know, ‘personal responsibility’ etc…yet then admit, by needing medical intervention, that its a losing battle for some, keping trim when bombarded with easy to eat CRAP at every turn.

      • Worse than that, Siobhan, I love how the Nats (and their supportersz think we shouldn’t have a ‘Nanny State’ – and then merrily pass at least four piece of legislation increasing the surveillance powers of the Police, SIS, and GCSB – including warrantless interceptions.

        It seems that “state interference in food and food choices” is a *bad* thing – but the GCSB spying on political activists is perfectly fine.

        George Orwell should have added “Nanny State Bad, Police State Good” to his “Four legs good, two legs bad” phrase. Maybe it should be the motto of the National Party? Let’s see… something like this…

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