How does National attack a pregnant Jacinda? Unions! Unions! Unions!


National Party strategists are beside themselves.

Their brutal assault on the new Government last year set perfectly the narrative that Labour is out of its depth. The humiliating concessions pulled out of a hapless Chris Hipkins by a ruthless Simon Bridges will slow and hamper the legislative process in a torturous fashion.

Inside Parliament, National intend to champion due process and democratic participation on bullshit issues that are paid for by their bitter stake holders hell bent on revenge (look at the roading example Judith Collins championed last week).

The line of attack in the new year was going to be relentlessly about Jacinda’s inexperience with specific focus on the usual hick ups an incoming Government stumbles with.

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According to sources who have spoken with people inside that space however, Jacinda’s pregnancy throws all of that up into the air.

Attacking a pregnant woman in a society that worships the cult of Motherhood would be a kamikaze approach and personalising the attack against Jacinda could back fire terribly in two ways.

The first is that it just looks like bullying and the vast majority of people will simply have their primordial reptile brain impulse to immediately defend a pregnant member of the tribe switch on and turn against the attacker with full frontal fury.

You lose when you attack a pregnant woman. Always.

The second more dangerous angle is that by attacking Jacinda, National opens the doorway to the criminally misogynistic hate vomit that has been sprayed around social media with the kind of carefree abandonment of a militantly malicious Tom cat over the last 24 hours.

Some of the comments on Kiwiblog and the Young Nats Facebook page are just fucking spectacular in their scumbaggery. I mean, I appreciate the spectrum of humanity is a wondrously broad and gloriously diverse rainbow, but fuck me some people seem to live in a reality that skipped the Renaissance, Enlightenment and basic Universal Human Rights.

The amount off WTF moments I’ve had since Jacinda and Clarke announced their symbolically modern generational shifting news has surprised me.

I mean, like.

What. The. Fuck?

This was quickly deleted. Like so many others.

Never before have I seen so many hot takes quickly scrubbed clean.

If National feed an attack on Jacinda they are going to unleash all the worst angels of their nature. From conspiracy theories to outright burn-witches-at-the-stake level sexism, focusing on Jacinda is a dangerously risky line that is doomed to failure.

This means National’s next line of attack, the Unions, must reap them a larger harvest because attacking Jacinda is simply off the cards unless National are serious about regressing as a modern political party that would put them socially in the early 1900s.

In my next blog, How & why National attack worker rights & unions in 2018 (someone throw Stephanie Rodgers & Ruminator a bone), I’ll look at how National will target the Unions and what the Unions and new Government need to do to inoculate themselves from it.



  1. As for that Kiwi Blog, the left need to infiltrate and hold the zombie right to account.
    I don’t think it is David Farrar, although he fires the bullets and then lets attack dogs do the dirty work.

    Their filth as far as Jacinda, Winston and the senior coalition partners is as low as any can go.

    I just hope that the new Government is watching and taking note.
    Defamation can be very costly for the ignorant.

    • Agreed, STP. Farrar may not (unless he’s using multiple pseudonyms?) be writing any of the vicious misogyny on his blogsite, but by allowing others top post such vile attacks, he takes ownership of the result. They become part of his narrative.

      Let’s never underestimate the degree of subterranean misogyny in this country just waiting to bubble up to the surface! Jacinda Ardern’s announcement unleashed so much women-hatred that it was a palpable stench hanging over us.

      • I was momentarily confused when I read the blogpost. As in, your comment had me thinking that business must have gotten so bad for Farrar, he’s been reduced to skimming a profit from the peddling of cheap package resort holidays in Bali.

  2. Seems to me that National and other political parties have been quite gracious about the pregnancy.Even Jenny Shipley was quite eloquent on Radio NZ.

    • I have no fondness for HMS Shipley, but she’s not an idiot. I’m sure she’s keenly aware that vomiting bile over the PM’s pregnancy announcement would result in a scorched earth level of retaliation. Only those blinded by their own irrational spite and vindictiveness would stoop so low. And we’re not short on candidates, unfortunately.

  3. Rise up ladies and make your presence be felt apron this despicable National party that cannot treat even our new PM Jacinda with the respect she deserves, as she alone pulled us out of the despair and degradation we were facing with another three years of National’s “slash and sell” policy.

    • To Cleangreen

      As you would be very aware CLEANGREEN, it is not just the National Party Capitalists pouring out their venom against our new Prime Minister.

      It is also tiresome people from in around the GREEN Party who are prattling on an on about “neo liberalism” and blaming current Labour and Jancinda for it.

      We all know in NZ that RogerNomics was a disaster. We all know that Capitalism itself, in which wealth goes to fewer and fewer people, is a deadly social Cancer.

      Capitalism in fact taints anyone who goes near it. Note the Lies of Joyce and English in their recent pathetic attempts to gain power.

      Screaming at Jacinda, is pathetic. Why not praise her for having a serious and long overdue look at Taxation. At who wriggles out of it. And who shoulders the unequal burden of it.

      For instance you could get your screamers to ask the Fonterra man who bottles milk, to explain why he paid himself $8.32 Million Dollars pay for last years work.

  4. “It is also tiresome people from in around the GREEN Party who are prattling on an on about “neo liberalism” and blaming current Labour and Jancinda for it. “

    Really? First I’ve heard about it. Got any facts to back that up?

  5. I’ve said so elsewhere, but ‘Steven Joyce finds out Jacinda is expecting in the middle of his Friday strategy meeting’ would be a great revival of those ‘Hitler finds out’ videos which used to be all the rage on YouTube.

  6. Unions need to unite undfer a friendly govt and put their individual members aside for 3 years and demand fairer tax/costs/pay for all NZers. NZEI pitching “woohoo, time to get teachers a big 15% rise!” is just idiotic – and I’m a teacher.
    We need to stampede over the top of the narrative of self-interest. destroy it, they have nothing left but their paid pr stooges.

  7. CLEANGREEN says: January 20, 2018 at 7:53 pm
    “Rise up ladies and make your presence be felt apron this despicable National party that cannot treat even our new PM Jacinda with the respect she deserves…”
    I suggest you try this lady – Samantha Bee.
    Better still, my favourite – – which was on Freeview 13 prior to the US election, now disappeared on Duke (couldn’t they handle her?). I hope you blokes can handle this, as this is no doubt played out daily in NZ.

  8. ” what the Unions and new Government need to do to inoculate themselves from it.”

    They have had thirty years to do so and have yet to arrive in the latter half of the twentieth century. So often on the back foot. Hmm. Got that wrong. Usually supine, when not pitifully asking, ‘How high?’

    Labour and the union movement haven’t been congruent for years. Well. Why would they be? Professional associations and pleasant conferences are so much more congenial for the white collars and manicured fingers, eh?

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