Trump recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital the stupidest, most corrupt, most unthinking, most damaged and most infantile decision of his entire stupid, corrupt, unthinking, damaged, infantile Presidency


When Trump spinelessly and gutlessly acquiesced to the Apartheid Israel wet dream fantasy of America recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, we all shrugged and believed he was just greasing up to the powerful Israeli lobby group to get money for his campaign.

The mere idea that America would wilfully ignite a powder keg in the occupied territories of Palestine was unthinkable, the shock waves of such a malicious decision would be far ranging and could easily slide the region into war.

I’d like to think that this fuckwit baboon of a human being has decided one way to take the heat off domestic issues is to start a conflict in Palestine, but I don’t even believe he has that level of awareness or strategic competency, I don’t think he has any sense of what he is about to unleash in Israel.

The Palestinian people who have been brutalised, terrorised, murdered, beaten and defiled by an Israeli population still in the aggressive cultural grip of processing a genocide, will refuse utterly this move and it will unleash a counter protest we haven’t seen in our life time.

The sheer stupidity of Trump caving into Apartheid Israeli’s will become the new American foreign affairs calamity.

We are in for dark days comrades.

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Climate change has invited Famine and Death, Trump has invited Conquest and War.

We have the makings of our Apocalypse in the valley of Armageddon.


  1. Do you really think you’re any better!! We humans are the apocalypse, we are the architects of our own demise & extinction. Stop being so naive, let’s get on with the chaos & mayhem as we’re long overdue for a flood like cleansing. Then hopefully, the few who survive the killing fields may find a way too transcend the dictates of the most primitive areas of our brain, & fast forward our evolutionary momentum.

  2. Trump’s supporters won’t understand any of this. All they’ll understand is “muslims-bad-Israel-good”.

    Trump has just taken the world another step closer to catastrophe. With US adventurism in the South China Sea, it’s like the 1960s Cold War re-visited. The only difference being that the president of the US at that time, whether Kennedy, Johnson, or Nixon, did not have the IQ of a drunk chimpanzee.

  3. This move by Trump is so bad, destabilising any chance of peace now and he’d realise this fact!

    Trump virtually giving Palestinians and the Arab world the one finger salute, will no doubt trigger a fiery rage of even more terrorist hell throughout the world, as retribution for his latest insane act!

    Trump, Netanyahu, Kim Jong Un … three extremely dangerous men, all evil to their rotten core, hell bent on creating conflict, regardless of the consequences!

  4. Zionism runs most of the world and all the world is paying and will pay.

    The Zionist capital is the USA with its climate denial, the highest accumulated rate of pollution per capita historically of any medium or large state ( more than 26 times that of China per capita ), consumes the most of this Planet’s Non Renewable Natural resources per capita both currently and historically than any other state a rich history, its sponsoring of terrorism against sovereign states and changing legitimate Governments and killing millions in the process, the creating continuous wars since WWII, supporting a deeply corrupt banking system that strips the globe of wealth to be accumulated in the hands of a tiny group and controls much of world mass media facilitating programming of false information and perspective hiding what it is really doing. Crippling sanctions are used to curb any action or perceived criticism of US / Israel crimes.

    Zionist lobbies control US Govt and makes puppets of Presidents and the Whitehouse.

    USA needs recognition as being the enemy of the world.

      • If there was Russian collusion and subterfuge in getting Trump elected, Putin and his mates must be kicking themselves by now. Shuffling one step closer to atomic armageddon serves no one’s purpose.

        Of all the things Trump could have done, he chose one of the three most volatile flashpoints – the Middle East – to meddle in. (The other two are the Korean Peninsula and South China Sea.)

        I think it’s time for me to check my emergency disaster kit…

        • Personally I’ve never been convinced that Putin was ever quite so stupid as to pin his hopes on Trump, let alone risk the fallout if the favoured candidate for the entirety of the campaign,Clinton , won the presidency
          If he did, on a laughable amount of dollars spent on facebook, RT, and purloined but genuine emails, he’s a bloody genius
          Billions of dollars were spent on the Clinton campaign, and neither the Dems or the Republicans have any qualms about using dirty politics.
          Crosby/Textor eat your heart out

    • The real obscenity here is siting an American embassy on ground which is sacred to the great world religions of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism.

      Trump is serving US military and industrial interests, as they do in America.

      The reality for the people of Palestine, is another circle of hell. You query if he have any sense of what he is about to unleash in Israel. I ask, Does he even care ?

      • “Does he even care ?” Defining that is like defining a bad male. Some would say that failure in office weren’t censure or disapproved. Others would say it is not victory but fulfilling a mission or objective that counts. But for what ever reason U.S Commanders & Chiefs have lost touch with history. Here is some lessons it seems every generation must relearn.

        Great U.S Presidents have great talents and usually egos and ambitions to match. Yet backstabbing and firing 70%+ of White House staffers is taking ambition a little to far. Many military historians praise President Putin, not because they like him, but because there’s consensus that he is superior to Trump. And it’s not the first time some ones thought that Putin is smarter than there political leaders. But Trump could doom the U.S empire when to many Americans believe that Putin has the edge over the empire.

        Ideologically bankrupt Trump has a nak for shifting the blame and whining that it’s unfair. All American Generals and politicians unsuccessfully schemed to crush Trumps presidential hopes from the outset, how well that worked could be seen in Hillary Clintons choice of election night venue and eventual no show. The DNC’s small tactical failings lead to a smaller resourced and universally disliked Trump ascending to the Oval Office. Trump also suffered election defeats. But his persistence and pressure defeated what was a rigged election against Trump which is why his gaze is on the most fraught U.S foreign relations policies. If Hillary had of been Commander & Chief, we might have seen greater tactical failings.

        The Washington consensus is a factory for producing terrible Commanders & Chiefs such as Obama, Bush2, Clinton, Bush1 and Reagan. But the worst of all is Trump. The so called greatest president ever (the greatest, so great) and his redneck redemptions expect great things. As a superb promoter of his own name Trump was able to fill out the correct forms and restructure his own debt so others payed it off. Despite Bernie Sanders pleas, his calls to rally behind him were vastly outnumbered by the cries of social justice warriors with in the DNC when logic should have told them that Hillary enjoyed an abundance of resources gifted by the establishment SJW’s were trying to make fairer. Air time and funds that could have provided for justice for woman that they could not produce themselves and that was time. Because Trump well new that they will eventually get tired of supporting Hillary when she was supporting Wall Street. And the alternative was to paint Bernie Sanders as the bad man. Senior Trump adviser Steve Bannon understood all this and gritted his teeth and stood his ground in the face of fierce disapproval from social justice warriors until the DNC was so well feed that they could not muster enough emotion to look even a little bit angry.

        The DNC and its warriors who bad mouth Trump would eventually send him to the White House. Now politicians must do what has to be done. Had Hillary ascended to the White House, many social justice warriors may still be crying.

    • And ref Steve Earnshaw, He may be creating a distraction from North Korea. For all the strident rhetoric they can’t do anything about Kim because he can drop a nuke on Washington. So it’s best if the world looks in the other direction for a few days.
      D J S

  5. Trump always said the “Two State Solution” wasn’t working, which is true imo since neither party was ever going to agree on Jerusalem. Now that Jerusalem can no longer form any part of future negotiations (i.e. it is now part of Israel, period), the pipe dream is that all parties can now move forward. Needless to say, Palestine was never getting Jerusalem as long as the US part of the talks. Whether this new strategy works is yet to be seen (almost certainly not imo), but it does effectively break the perpetual stalemate (obviously in Israel’s favour, but that was always going to happen regardless given US involvement).

    • Well not really, since war in the Middle East has almost no nuclear powers involved other than Israel itself and the US that back it) which are absolutely required for “Doomsday” to happen. No nuclear power (not even Pakistan, the only Muslim country to have such weapons) will back any country in the Middle East should they (unwisely) engage in war with Israel (let alone the US). I’d firmly keep the clock exactly where it is if it was up to me.

      • The U.S was taken to defcon 3 during the Yom Kippur War of 73
        Between Israel and its Arab neighbours. But when Trump successfully initiated his Muslim travel ban recently and increased military readiness well that’s called defcon 4.

        So where in the double take exercise of more intelligence and security and military readiness. These events are not independent of nuclear readiness. They’re linked. If they weren’t Russia and China would have retaliated some how, either economically, military and diplomatic.

        You know some credit nuclear weapons with ending the blood feud between England and France with our considering both went bankrupt as a result of WW2 and the rise of nukes so I wonder how much credit can actually be given to nukes.

  6. Castro please explain the relevance of your link to the land theft and occupation of Palestine??? Here we go again the brave (and very very profitable) american war machine protecting us from the EVIL!!! Chinese/Russians/Iranians/Iraqis/Afghans/Somali’s/Syrians etc.etc.etc. WMD’s anyone?
    submitted for the second time???

  7. And coming next year from Trump, on behalf of Israel and his Jewish mega-donors, the American invasion of Iran.

    Watch this space.

  8. US Congress passed a law in 1995 to move the embassy to Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

    Trump is just implementing that decision.

    He was also fulfilling an election promise, so this should be a surprise to nobody.

    • “He was also fulfilling an election promise, so this should be a surprise to nobody.”

      No, but that doesn’t make it any less stupid or illegal.

      • Indeed, Simon. Andrew forgets that the Nazi Party was elected into the German Parliament and in 1933 became the largest political party.

        Would that justify Hitler committing his crimes simply because he “was also fulfilling an election promise”? Of course not. Democracy is not absolute. It can still deliver results that history will condemn in hindsight.

        • john key sold off our energy companies against the will established of the NZ public justifying the sales on the grounds that he had an elected mandate. So after nearly 80 years the thugs still reign.

  9. Heheh I refuse to be troubled by trump’s latest distraction. All that is signified here is the desperation of an elite running out of circuses to turn the masses’ eyes away from their shortage of bread.

    Remember that the Crusaders also occupied the Jordan Valley by bribing and bullying a then corrupt Arab leadership, by staging false flag terrorist attacks and killing thousands of innocents. (sound familiar?)
    The crusaders endured for considerably longer than the zionists have, they also built their obscenities inside the holy city and proportionally had greater numbers of invaders than the zionists have lured into Palestine.
    The crusaders became overwhelmed by hubris, convincing themselves that their rather obvious ruses would keep the ‘Arab in the street’ divided and fighting pointless internecine & sectarian conflicts.

    Then a previously unknown Kurd who would later come to be known as Ṣalāḥ al-Dīn Yūsuf ibn Ayyūb – aka Saladin, was born into a bourgeois family in Aleppo.
    Ṣalāḥ al-Dīn Yūsuf spoke around the weak arsed, corrupt hereditary ME leadership, he communicated directly with the people, and in a very short time it was all over red rover, the disparate clans, faiths and sects united to liberate Jerusalem in quick time those murdering & raping crusaders who survived the wrath of the ME’s people had scuttled back to europe in disgrace.
    Who will take the zionists? I am betting it won’t be the US who are more likely to engage in 1934 redux, when jews who weren’t Einstein, but were desperate to escape the Nazis, were told to push off from the xtian ‘light on the hill’ lest they were all shot as commie spies.

    It has begun already, in the last 24 hours religious and sectarian leaders across the ME have been calling for unity – that the pointless fighting between Arabs (xtian & Muslim alike, must cease so that the real enemy can be confronted. Of cpurse it won’t be that simple or easy, but when you consider that virtually evey member of the US congress & senate has campaigned for jerusalem’s recgnition yet averred from such a rash act right up until Agent Orange, it is apparent than US policy makers know that this foolish declaration is about the only thing capable of uniting people against their common foe.

    The shampoo salesperson claimed: “It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen”.

    • “The crusaders endured for considerably longer than the zionists have, they also built their obscenities inside the holy city and proportionally had greater numbers of invaders than the zionists have lured into Palestine.”

      And tell me, how did the city of Jerusalem become the ‘holy city’ to this religion hailing from the deserts of Saudi Arabia? And how did these Crusaders come to be there fighting them? Oh, that’s right! Like so many other gullible middle class intellectuals, you’ve been gaslit by victimhood narratives into believing that the invading conquerors from the Islamic world are in fact the locals.

      Islam comes from Saudi Arabia, and Judaism and Christianity come from Israel. I’m an atheist any yet it’s obvious. Ṣalāḥ al-Dīn Yūsuf was basically the Jihadi John of his time, a brainwashed agent of Saudi Arabia’s peculiar religion. His legacy: colonisation, war, displacement, and ethnic cleansing as a useful idiot of a foreign ideology. God knows why anyone would lionise that.

  10. Castro please explain the relevance of your link to the land theft and occupation of Palestine??? Here we go again the brave (and very very profitable) american war machine protecting us from the EVIL!!! Chinese/Russians/Iranians/Iraqis/Afghans/Somali’s/Syrians etc.etc.etc. WMD’s anyone?

  11. To quote…CNN reported in July 1999:

    “First lady Hillary Rodham Clinton says she considers Jerusalem to be the “eternal and indivisible capital of Israel” and will be an active advocate — if elected to New York’s Senate seat — to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem.

    In a letter that became public Thursday, Mrs. Clinton wrote: “If I am chosen by New Yorkers to be their senator, or in whatever position I find myself in the years to come, you can be sure that I will be an active, committed advocate for a strong and secure Israel, able to live in peace with its neighbors, with the United States Embassy located in its capital, Jerusalem.”

    Which is why, yet again, the Dems are just keeping their mouths shut and hoping no one notices them.

  12. Is there enough humanity in the Middle East for each and every state to say to America, ‘You may take your bat and ball and affiliates and depart. Your ways are not ours. We are pledged to peace among the tribes and sects.’

    And if Jerusalem was held collectively by the world, on behalf of the various religions that think it is special? Free of embassies and consulates from anywhere?

    People who can imagine better beyond the cluttered spiral of blame and sheer stupidity in the region.

    They know they have ways and customs special to themselves and they are probably the best placed to take care of them – but they have to get America out of the game.

    Israel whinges that the locals hate them and want them driven from the area. They’ve been there for 70 years and no one has yet, despite having the resources to do so. Look at Yemen.

    Trump has bleated about America having to carry all these costs of war and no one wants to chip in. Call his bluff. Tell him to take his surplus military-trapped people and his spies and agitators and bagmen and lobbyists for the makers of materiel and other spoilers all the way home. Including donors and son-in-law.

    Then take this whole dispute to a different level of play – maybe include the Swiss and the Scandinavians and diplomats of other neutral and peaceful nations to ensure that a new game is played, leading to better borders and co-operation.

    For years Israel has whinged about being under threat. 70 years – and they don’t ask how they got to be so lucky?! It’s not their obnoxious army that’s keeping them ‘safe’ – it’s their internal factions and a lot of forebearance on the part of it’s neighbours eg Lebanon and its acceptance of refugees over many decades. (They need to send sanctimonious Israel the bill, asap.)

  13. The military hardware and armaments industries will be laughing all the way to the bank, as a result of Trump’s announcement!

    Is Trump so deficient of brain cells, that he is unable to see what his latest move will unleash onto the world? Could be the catalyst for the other threatening idiot Kim Jong-un to make good his promise of nuclear conflict, just to prove a point!

    We are indeed living in very dangerous times right now.

  14. The US military complex wants money. Generating Wars = $$$ however not to forget that North Korea has precious minerals

  15. […] “APOCALYPSE IN THE VALLEY OF AMARGEDDON”. The Daily Blog editor, Martyn Bradbury, certainly displays a gift for evocative language! On the subject of President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, however, I believe Martyn’s evocation of the apocalypse is premature. Trump’s decision is less a sign that Armageddon is imminent, and more a signal that the Zionists’ end-game is about to begin. […]

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