Political Caption Competition



  1. Make it bigger and we can bury sad, in pain and friendless Natz! Poor buggers are so miserable, they keep spewing crap!

  2. “At University I had to withdraw from Economics, having difficulty with both the ‘micro’ and the ‘macro’.”

    “Eventually I graduated with a degree in Zooology.”

    “Work and Income advised me there were no vacancies examining Poo at the Zoo, so I got a ‘real job’ – digging holes. This suited me, not being very good without my abacus at hand – just had to make some ‘educated guesses.’ Nobody checked my figures.”

    “Fortunately I was shoulder tapped by the Nats who could recognise “my huge skill sets” – as Bill English blushingly boasts.”

    “Ah, it takes ‘one’ to know ‘one’.”

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