This picture shows why we can’t have democracy in New Zealand


So on Tuesday, David Fisher wrote an explosive article that once and for all proved  that John Key lied and deceived New Zealand about mass surveillance.

You would think that an article as enormous as that would not only lead every news outlet, it would remain the top story.

This was the NZ Herald website yesterday…

… the story has disappeared.

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Apparently someone not knowing they had won Lotto is a bigger story than the Prime Minister of NZ lying to the country about a mass surveillance program he was secretly implementing.

This is why we can’t have democracy in New Zealand.


  1. Of course it’s impossible. The fact that “our” so-called leaders are in the pocket of the largest dictatorship on the planet is essentially common knowledge. And what did you expect from the New China Herald? Really.

    • But thats just been the result of ‘Manufacturing Consent”…I grew up in a time when the grown ups would ruin my childhood by spending the evening watching current affair programs half the night instead of letting me watch reruns of M*A*S*H…those same people now watch inane Breakfast shows all day…if people can lose the ability to think it stands to reason those same brain cells can be reactivated…

  2. Yes martyn,

    i get worked up every morning I turn on the T and sit and for as long as i can bear listen to the ‘tripe’ I hear from “these so called journalists”

    “PRESENTERS” are what they simply are; – and definately not “jounalists”


    There has been a fracturing of the truth about the role of “investigative journalism” and the clear line by these phoney ‘presenters’ who have misrepresented the art of long taught skills of learned how to ‘flesh out the truth’ on any subject be it fact or fiction today.

    Keep up the fight for real “investigative journalism mate as it is now a rare trait and serves to keep our whole rotten political system from totally collapsing in a cesspool of dug.

    “The price of freedom & democacy is constant vigilance”

  3. Good old NZ Herald – made a comment about them yesterday…
    John Key and National party probably have ‘ shares ‘ in the company! NZ Herald- really is only good for wrapping fish and chips !
    Waatea 5th estate a million times more informative ( please bring back).

  4. key is a part of a cartel that controls global finance and world power.

    As a faithful servant to the power structure he is given roles to further that cartels harvesting of wealth and keep a lid on reaction to the oligarchy.

    The legacy of his recent time in NZ is profound and further disenfranchised Kiwis and is continuing to make live harder for all but the few, while bleeding wealth created by our workers off to overseas interests.
    He is coming back as Chairman of ANZ, and organisation functioning to suck billions per year out of our country with laws that allow them to operate that way.

    Surveillance is a tool to keep a lid on decent and induce fear.

    The global terrorism used as an excuse is rubbish. USA is the world terrorist organisation and key fraternises with the key players in the system. He is one of them.

    • Yes john,

      You hit the nail on the head there, “Lets do this” needs to be enacted now to rid these magots from our shores even if we have to withdraw from trade agreement else we will loose everything if left to these “carpetbaggers”.

  5. Is it because John Key lying was about as normal as a bear shitting in the woods?

    And I am still bereft of reasons why this creep was ever knighted!

    • Key was tapped on his left shoulder by a sword. Slightly lower and through the heart would have been more appropriate.

  6. Clean out of TVNZ – Hoskings gone and John Campbell back on TV. Creative NZ has massive overhaul to kickstart local content, not have the overseas equity companies getting millions and then putting a couple of kiwis to front trivia content to provide ‘NZ content’.

    Nope we don’t have democracy in NZ. I hope that is the NO 1 thing that Labour, Greens and NZ first start to work on. In Auckland, unitary plan changes and supercity is a big slap in the face of democracy and community for example. Taking over environment Canterbury etc etc.

    We also no longer can control our own assets for local protection. Apparently selling water overseas for peanuts might be against the trade agreements we have already signed…. now we have to charge Kiwis to use the water as well even though they pay taxes here and the offshore people don’t and we are supposed to pay legal minimum wages and overseas corporation’s don’t and we pay enormous interest on loans compared to overseas rates.

    If you have not already guessed trade agreements are actually there to protect overseas corporations exploiting local resources with their additional power and money (like the above to gain massive advantages over small fry local farmers).

    Look what’s happened to the USA – no small farms anymore – food controlled by large multinational organisations – wages and conditions so brutal for both animals and staff that they need to chlorinate for example meat as the workers can’t ‘afford’ quality control and theirs so much shit getting in there they need to disinfect it later. Then everyone’s sick and obese from all the shit they put in the food to make extra profits and they have to pay the most for healthcare in the world for one of the most unequal services.

    • TV nz is a walking zombie better to allow be a rnz take over and to be honest terrestrial broadcasting is a sun. Set industry the head of rnz is on the right track multi platform new desk one news is so poor they don’t deserve to survive

  7. Agree with Martyn.

    And today the leading headline on both NZH and Stuff, is something from three years ago when Winston Peters told Susan Devoy (Natz supporter), she is “a bit round” at an awards ceremony. FFS! Media has contacted Peters and NZF for comment! So we can expect this one to be dragged out for a week, as msm decides it’s Peters and NZF’s turn to be given some stick!

    Interesting too, but hardly surprising that Tim Murphy is in on it, tweeting this ridiculous info on social media! Isn’t Murphy one of the people Peters is claiming leaked his confidential and private superannuation details and is requesting his communication records, as part of his court case?

    Msm has done Labour, Greens and now it’s got around to NZF! Anything to hammer the coalition government. Media really does need to turn the vindictive tap off and focus on some real news for a change! But then I guess they might find that somewhat challenging for their cretinous minds!

    Sometimes I really do think the intelligence factor in msm has been left behind somewhere in the last century!

    • Exactly Mary, it is an orchestrated attempt by National and the MSM to bring the government down, nothing more, nothing less. Bastards!

  8. So ,… just what was it that caused John Philip Key to suddenly reverse his decision to stay on as a pseudo Prime Minister and continue lying and wrecking this country on behalf of his oligarch mates ?

    Was it this ?

    John Key booed off the stage at the Big Gay Out – LGBT … – YouTube
    Video for john key booed at big gay out you tube▶ 3:14

    Or this ?…

    Dissecting the GCSB bill – Campbell Live (Kim Dotcom scandal …
    Video for Dissecting the GCSB bill – Campbell Live (Kim Dotcom scandal)▶ 16:11

    Or perhaps even this, …

    New Zealand’s PM John Key says sorry for pulling … – YouTube
    Video for john key hair pulling you tube▶ 1:09

    Maybe this ,…

    Andrew Little: Together, we will fight for justice for Pike families « The …

    And as a background for some of the reasons surrounding Pike River…

    “MURDER AT PIKE RIVER MINE?” Timeline………… « The Watchdog


    Something I posted on The Standard :…/ironsand-could-produce-trillion-dollar-profit-elder-nn-8636.

    ( Regards the link above – google the rest after the initial highlighted link to see their article )


    Strangely – almost straight after this link appeared in The Standard it was deleted with a message that pops up saying ‘ Page Not Found’ .

    Funny that…


    21 January 2017 at 6:53 pm
    Just for personal interests sake – here is the article from the above link. Bear in mind that licenses that were granted are still valid and that many are overseas corporate’s – not just NZ company’s. Most New Zealanders are not aware of the colossal dollar value in minerals in and around our shores and in our National Parks – yet the bankers and investors have known about it for years – including our own politicians.

    And that’s one of the reasons prosecutions and the reentry into Pike River is really being stonewalled.


    The “in-ground resource value” of New Zealand’s extensive ironsand deposits could be between $1 trillion and $5 trillion, says state-owned energy company Solid Energy.

    The iron ore contained in ironsands off the west coast of the North Island has been estimated to be worth a trillion dollars, but Solid Energy chief executive Don Elder said that “the industry view is increasingly that (the value) could be substantially greater than that”.

    The final value would depend on the price of steel, and the availability of technology to smelt ironsands, he told Parliament’s commerce select committee yesterday.

    “Resources are attracting margins or profits in the order of 20 percent of the revenue.”

    Prices seen in 2008 would mean profit margins of 50 percent or “significantly higher” could be available from ironsands.

    A New Zealand-based company, Trans Tasman Resources Ltd (TTR), and overseas rivals are looking at exploiting New Zealand ironsands, and TTR has suggested that a domestic steel mill could use local high-grade coking coal to refine the ironsands.

    Dr Elder said Chinese companies had cheaper labour and capital and could do such projects faster, but New Zealand had an advantage in the availability of the water needed for such a refinery.

    “If you could process those in New Zealand, it’s a much much better value opportunity and would certainly compete with doing the same thing in China under the right circumstances, with the right technology…

    Pike River was ONE of the mines that was envisioned to help supply that ‘high quality coking coal’ for the NZ iron sand smelting process….

    As well… the same company that owned the Upper Big Branch mine in West Virginia , USA , … that had a similar methane /coal dust explosion killing 29 workers with only 2 escaping ( just like Pike River) … several months before Pike River – also had financial interests in Pike River.

    Go figure , people !!!

    There’s a lot more riding on this whole thing than meets the eye with some pretty powerful local and offshore vested interests who are working to ensure Pike River evidence never gets to see the light of day.


    Or perhaps it was because of him being shown up for being the international idiot ‘Yes Minister ‘ and the global butt of jokes …

    John Oliver – John Key – YouTube
    Video for john oliver john key you tube▶ 1:45

    John Oliver – New Zealand’s New Flag – YouTube
    Video for john oliver john key you tube▶ 3:11

    John Oliver – John Key the Ponytail Puller – YouTube
    Video for john oliver john key you tube▶ 3:14

    John Key Fails – YouTube
    Video for John Key Fails▶ 5:26

    Or maybe the growing list of lies ,…

    An honest man? « The Standard


    As we can see, … there is a long , long list to choose from regarding the most devious , corrupt Prime Minister this country has ever had the misfortune to have to endure. And despite the mass importation from overseas, ( particularly from China ) of willing National party voters who stood to gain massively from our inflated housing markets such as the ‘Blue Dragons’ ,…whatever of the above finally told him it was no longer safe to stay on as PM , or the culmination of all of them ,… Key knew his time was up.

    Perhaps he knew he would be made to look like a the total failure if he came up against Donald Trump ,… who vetoed the TTPA after Obama left office. The TTPA , that John Key and Tim Grosser worked so hard to ram on through despite the wishes of so many New Zealanders ,…

    New Zealand: Thousands protest signing of TPP trade deal – YouTube
    Video for john campbell tppa protests youtube▶ 1:49

    * As a side note , it has not been forgotten that under John Key , not only did we spy on Americas behalf on one of our biggest trading partners , – China , – along with other Pacific nations that formerly regarded us as ‘ friendly ‘ ,… John Key also used the GSCB to spy on fellow applicants for the top job at the World Trade Organization to try and secure Tim Grosser the job.

    * Interesting also , that the very nation that we spied on ( China ) using our GSCB for the USA’s benefit , – was the the very nation that National have been accused of in having a foreign spy as an MP in their party.

    How very duplicitous.

    So , in light of much of that , we can now see how easy it was for John Philip Key to lie through his teeth regarding mass surveillance and the XKEYSCORE program. And we can also see how easy it was to sacrifice a group of people to foreign deportation , acting under that foreign powers auspices to commit illegal surveillance using an invalid warrant of search and arrest in the case of Mr Kim Dotcom and associates , to be tried and imprisoned for decades for alleged crimes, – alleged crimes that are not even crimes in New Zealand law.

    THIS , is the duplicitous , lying persona of John Philip Key.

    So very often , the vicious nature of this individual was shown , – and then rapidly covered up and glossed over by his minders and a complicit newsmedia.

    It remains therefore, … that not only the Knighthood bestowed on this individual be rescinded, but that he is brought in to face multiple criminal charges while ‘serving’ as PM for 9 years. Charges that range from common assault ( hair pulling incident over a 6 months period ) to treason (TTPA), – even to ‘insider trading’ ( see ‘Murder at Pike River and Keys vested interests ) . There is a lot to be covered.

    And it is equally remarkable that we had such a complicit , deliberately muted and compliant media that supported him for that long.




  9. I checked the political section on New Hub yesterday, of their top 5 offerings, four ‘articles’ (term used loosely) were about Winston Peters’ comments about a woman’s fitness – 4 out of 5 !!!

    Bring back Waatea 5th Estate … try again to garner funding?

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