Political Caption Competition



  1. The Mainland has frequently given rise to National Party leaders, beginning with their first Prime Minister Sid Holland, from Christchurch. Latterly, there has been nine years of PM John Key, followed by Bill English.

    Oscar Kightly, on his first visit to the South Island, when stopping for refreshments and petrol on his way to Christchurch, was greeted with “Oh, you wouldn’t be from around here.”
    (Oscar Vai To’elau Kightley, MNZM, a Samoan-born New Zealand actor, television presenter and writer. Wikipedia)

    Born in Taipei, Taiwan, High-profile lawyer Mai Chen, at seven years of age, immigrated to New Zealand with her family in 1970, the first Taiwanese family on the South Island of New Zealand.

    Of the seven Maori Electorates in New Zealand, the whole of the South Island is just one – Te Tai Tonga.

    In the largely cooler climate of the Mainland, skin colour other than white is ‘remarkable.’

    Ethnic diversity is barely evident in National Parliamentary representation.

    The National Party may well be likened to the US Republican Party – the GOP as it is known – ‘Grey Old People’ or ‘Greedy Old People’ – anybody?

  2. The whole “hey, I’m a white guy who makes fun of silly white people things” schtick is getting a bit “hey, remember various things that were edgy in the 1990s?”

    It’s the political statement equivalent of baggy pants and a goatee.

  3. To add Gender to Ethnic Diversity (to add insult to injury):-

    In 2017 of the National Party MP’s in Parliament:

    – Total = 56 = 100%
    – Men = 39 = 70%
    – Women = 17 = 30%

    Of the 17 National Women MP’s in Parliament –

    just 5 National Women MP’s or 9% represent the Mainland.

    A flash of colour among the dominant gender!

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