TWITTER WATCH: – Jacinda’s cat has more followers than the Deputy Leader of the National Party

By   /   November 2, 2017  /   11 Comments

Can there be a more wonderful humiliation?

Paddles the cat, the twitter account for Jacinda and Clarks’s pet, now has more followers after being active only a month than the deputy leader of the National Party, Paula Bennett, who has been on Twitter since 2009.

Jacinda’s pet has more media followers than Bill’s.


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  1. mary_a says:

    Go Paddles, NZ’s First Cat 🙂

    I’d say Paula’s following probably might have increased slightly at Halloween, to influence some ideas on how to totally scare the bejesus out of the unsuspecting public, being the ghoulish creature she is.

  2. Pete says:

    Seems strange getting all catty about Paula when in many houses I know the references about her are usually about a dog. A female dog.

  3. esoteric pineapples says:

    Is it a good thing that so many people are obsessed with a cat? I suspect that a lot of them don’t support Gareth Morgan’s call for cats to be contained. They would rather see them run over by vehicles and attacked by other cats and dogs.

    I hope Jacinda is going to embrace the calls for all cats to be registered and even contained on their owner’s property. Also that she supports the banning of fireworks for personal use given the number of animals that are killed, injured and lost because of them. I’m not holding my breath though.

    • Marc says:

      “Also that she supports the banning of fireworks for personal use given the number of animals that are killed, injured and lost because of them.”

      Such will be the kind of measures that will come across as overly ‘nanny state’ and as overly PC. The Nats will love it, as it will drive many voters back into their arms.

      Fireworks should not be banned completely, all that is needed is some restrictions, like only allowing fireworks on New Year’s Eve and New Years Day, on Guy Fawke’s Day and say a day prior to that, also perhaps on Diwali and Chinese New Year, and NOT for the rest of the year.

      That is how they do it in other places, but here, unless a change was made not long ago, we are allowed to let off fireworks throughout the year, with only safety measures having to be followed.

      And animals should during such days as I suggested be kept inside and safe.

      Some may also want to double alcohol taxes and do other things, claiming NZ is having too ‘cheap booze’ available. But go to many places in Europe, you can buy much beer and wine for half the price or even less than here, while incomes are higher or similar.

      That is where Labour and NZ First better be careful, not to come across as the spoilers of fun, for PC sake, it will not be welcomed by the majority of the people.

      You can hardly consider legalising marihuana for recreational use and crack down on other things at the same time, as I suggested above.

  4. Mike the Lefty says:

    Paddles is apparently one of those genetic variations with an extra toe on each front foot. What are sometimes referred to as “snowshoe cats”.

  5. XRAY says:

    Not only is it bloody funny that those two losers are trailing a cat but it will make Gareth Morgan very edgy too.

  6. Nitrium Nitrium says:

    Not surprising really. Paddles is both a LOT cuter and has better social policy.

  7. WILD KATIPO says:

    The claws are out , – and one false word or move by the Sweetie Lady and she will garner a swipe across the mouth and have to zip it !

  8. Hemi says:

    Maybe #parasite might be a better angle for Bennett.

  9. Marc says:

    So we had eight years of Key mania on social media, many expressing favour and niceties towards that former National leader and PM, now we have Jacinda mania, and such emotions and support for her cat.

    Wow, if that is the depth of NZ sentiment and caring about matters we face as a nation, then we may as well pull the plug and let the whole show here go down the gurgler, as we are as a people beyond repair and beyond sanity.