Blame Labour’s low polling where it deserves to be blamed – on the mainstream media


If there is a disappointment with the Labour and Green vote on election night, let’s put that blame where it deserves to go, the right wing corporate mainstream media.

The way the above rich white male broadcasters went after Metiria for her brave admission of how cruel our neoliberal welfare system really is was less journalism and more lynching.

Metiria’s crime wasn’t that she stole to feed her child 25 years ago, it is that she told her story with her chin up. White rich male broadcasters saw her defiance as a direct threat to their cultural hegemony and they tore her to shreds while turning a blind eye to claims a senior National MP is actually a Chinese spy.

Sickeningly Radio NZ and Newsnub were in a pissing competition to boast who had destroyed Metiria when she finally stood down.

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Where’s John Campbell and Patrick Gower on a Chinese spy within the National Party? Are they saying what a solo mother did 25 years ago deserves more focus than a Chinese spy inside the National Party?

Really? That’s what John and Paddy are saying is it?

Look at the mind numbing sexism that Jacinda had to get through, it made global news.

Look at the way the NZ Herald loaded up right wing columnist after right wing columnist to attack and savage Labour and the Greens.

Look at how every media panel in NZ simply rotated the same right wing pundits, look at how the ‘balance’ of those panels see a rabid right wing attack dog paired with some polite liberal. Look at how the same voices are simply regurgitated from The Spinoff to RNZs panel. Note how many of these right wing pundits are paid lobbyists.

Look at how The Daily Blog was the only media outlet to interview all 16 political parties so you could see the actual full political spectrum.

Most importantly look at how the media framed National’s dead cat lies in the final 3 weeks of the campaign.

When Steven Joyce said there was an $11.7billion dollar hole that never existed, what did the media do? Rather than say, “That’s a lie Steven Joyce, you are desecrating the mana of your position with such naked sleazy lies”, they said, “What do you say to that criticism Jacinda”.

Rather than denounce the lie, the mainstream media fed it.

The other naked lies were that income tax would rise under Labour and that the reason there was poverty and inequality was because of the Christchurch earthquakes. Rather than attack those lies for the falsehoods they were, the media legitimised National Party propaganda and it showed in the final result.

Labour’s plan to give RNZ more money for a digital TV station is fine, but without an active plan to force broadcasters to take current affairs shows that actually critically analyse not only the rest of the media world but their own editorial bias, we are only going to get more of this one sided corporate media.

Look at the utter bullshit most mainstream media outlets have spread creating the insinuation that National won the election, unless a new Government is prepared to invest in a far more critical media, these rich white wing male broadcasters and the cultural and economic hegemony that they endorse will continue to manipulate the voters of NZ.

Corporate and state media are the problem, not the solution.


  1. A left government needs to be formed to rid ourselves of this bias MSM once and for all. Broadcasting in NZ needs a serious overhaul.

    • Just look at them – what an ugly bunch of morons. They can’t even hatch a decent smile. Lets be thankful they are not Natz politicians – mind you they have all the qualifications – double talkers – liars – biased – ignorant – greedy – egotistical. Thank goodness I don’t have to watch or listen to them.

  2. The Left knew that that was always going to be the case. That being known alternative strategies need to be employed. Trump did it with Tweets, there must be other ways of circumventing the MSM, Crosby Textor et al.

    • Yep – unless you can change the media pack no point in whingeing about it. Focus on what we can change.
      Having said that, it’s useful to know the context in which we operate – but what can we act on, that’s what matters.

      • The question is also how many “Opinion” pundits go with the party in power. And how many have been subtly subverted on a personal basis.

        I remember John Key taking, I think, Guyon Espinar and Paddy Gower on an off-the-record night on the piss. At the time I thought first how inappropriate that was for the two journalists – and how tempting – but then I thought what a bare-faced masterstroke it was on Key’s part.

        And he never let up, schmoozing opinion forming media people every single chance he got.

        That’s the game, in a small country. We may not like it, but personal relations count for a great deal. And, with good personal relations with potential devil-dogs, you are going to get a pass on more than one misstep, petty corruption or potential embarrassment.

        New platforms can be established, but if you don’t do the basic spadework, you are raking it uphill. Jacinda gets that part of it, at least, and should be encouraged to move it forward, as should all members of political parties who aspire to get traction in the country.

  3. Very accurate Bomber.

    And look closer at what you have written there.

    Kiwis are a very strongly racist and sexist bunch.

    This is a significant drawback to being considered civilized.

  4. Yes our NZ media are extremely bias I also find them to be racist, discriminative and patriarchal. At the moment they are doing some major shit stirring about Winstone and MMP only because they haven’t got there way. Do they not care about the 380 thousand special votes not yet counted if they don’t why and what does this say about them as people. To me it say they are a bunch of self serving wankers and hypocrites. They (our media) are the ones causing political mayhem not Winstone he is merely waiting for the process to take its natural course and that is for the special votes. Now I heard dunny boy on the 3 news this morning he sounds like sour grapes both him and fox marama. For dunny to say what he did this morning makes him sound like a stupid old fool. Has he forget the power he welded with the gnats and labour from just wining his one seat. He has bloody cheek to be rubbishing Winstone when Winny got far more votes and far more seats. Why do we have to continually hear from this bunch of sour grapes ex- political puppets who the NZ voting public rejected. Well we have to hear from them because our media are a bunch of shit stirrers that why.

  5. ‘Corporate and state media are the problem, not the solution’

    Of course. And since NZ is not a nation but is a business, business-as-usual must prevail, whatever the social and environmental consequences.

    See ya’all at the bottom of the cliff [after business-as-usual has driven us all the top of the cliff].

  6. You wrote, “The other naked lies were that income tax would rise under National and that the reason there was poverty and inequality was because of the Christchurch earthquakes.” Surely the lie was that income tax would rise under Labour.

  7. 100% Martyn. I’ve maintained all along that the media are a major hindrance to the Left. Their ownership model must bechanged to get balance.

  8. “The other naked lies were that income tax would rise under National”, I guess that should be “Labour”?

    Anyway, good write-up. I avoided as much as I could, but caught Hosking doing his 7shit anti-left rants on occasion (effectively on the public dime, given he is employed by TVNZ).

  9. I agree 100% about the MSM – I thought Hooten might have a stroke during one of the debates, he seemed to be bristling so much with anger. They are performers, playground show-offs, who often take themselves too seriously – sometimes preening with self-awareness instead of focusing objectively on issues, and reporting facts, concrete facts, instead of highly subjective opinions.

    Underlying this is the misogyny which underpins NZ culture- something is wrong with so many of our heterosexual males – they are world leaders in bashing and battering and killing babies, toddlers, women
    and wives – their assumption of masculine superiority makes me wonder if they are genetically damaged; the visceral hatred towards Ardern at the farmers’ protest was sickening; the impudence of that Mark person asking Jacinda Adern about her baby plans was more offensive than he probably has the wit to ever realise.

    Would dumping National and all the corporate and money links help produce a better media ? These guys have to earn a living too, but in earlier years we did have good quality reporters and commentators.

    • Would dumping National and all the corporate and money links help produce a better media ?

      Yes, but the question is how? An example not to follow is the opposite statist propaganda engine, Pravda being a case in point. In a democracy we might do better by funding state media and making sure that it is factual and accurate, and devoid of sectarian opinion. We could legislate and monitor / manage that for private media as well. To not do so is merely a cop out.

      These guys have to earn a living too, but in earlier years we did have good quality reporters and commentators.

      Exactly, a person will say exactly what the person who pays them tells them too, otherwise their children go hungry and mortgage goes unpaid. A good reason to do the above funding monitoring and management.

      • Nick J, can you imagine the barrelling Guyon Espiner must have received after trying to get Steven “Dildo” Joyce to disclose who backed his $11.5 Billion Hole interview.

        I can’t imagine any decent NZ’er wanting to take up journalism after watching the above money hungry puppets.

        Restructure TVNZ & RNZ – It cannot get any lower.

  10. Bill’s speech on election night should have included:

    “I’d like to thank the main stream media columnists for their support over the past month

  11. Yes Martyn

    A Poll should be commissioned right now as to whether any potential Coalition Party should be allowed in law to support the National Government who has :

    1) proudly appointed a Chinese Communist Spy into our Parliament.
    2) blatantly lied about the fully Audited fiscal Expenditure of Labour.
    3) encouraged its supporters to denounce the leader of the Opposition
    as a Communist.
    4) massively distorted the cost of royalty on water by saying a cabbage
    will cost $18
    5) permitted outrageously high immigration – without infrastructure
    6) forced New Zealanders to live in sheds and in cars (all during
    7) bribed the wealthy with massive payouts – while the poor get very
    8) Allowed countless wealthy foreigners and aliens to purchase Land
    and houses – so that Kiwis can no longer own homes
    9) force Teachers and nurses (and doctors) from major cities because
    they cannot afford the costs.
    10) Failed Health Services – unpredictably and haphazardly.
    11) Released Private Confidential disparaging information on individuals

    In my opinion, Coalitions should not be permitted with a partner where there has been a pattern of dishonesty, neglect and favoritism towards the wealthy.

      • Maama – Thankyou

        Thankyou for understanding that MMP should not permit dishonest, corrupt and neglectful political parties to gain access to Parliament.

        No matter how much they distort the facts. No matter how much they bribe the wealthy and foreigners. No matter how much they cultivate the so called Media.

        Neither is it the role of minor parties to assist Dishonest Parties to take over Parliament.

        National has made a travesty of Justice, Fairness and Progress.

  12. MSM report based on fear. Fear that they will be left out in the cold should they report anything other than pro government. Fear that their employers see anything other than the government being shown in a good light and fear for their salaries. Then the rich white media men are fearful that they will loose their wealthy lifestyle under a Labour lead government so by promoting their right wing government, their lifestyle remains in tact.

    And that is why most journalism and reporting is that of driving fear into the hearts of voters. As for Auckland having a strong National party vote, I doubt very much the disenfranchised voted, mainly those voting to keep the status quo/ investments.

  13. From my observations when Jacinda became leader and Jacindamania took off the press were all over her but then after a couple of weeks and Labour started picking up in the polls the momentum changed as the media and that includes RNZ, Stuff and NZH, there was an about face or should I say farce and the amount of coverage Jacinda got dropped right of it was so blatant. So yes the above observation as are accurate.

  14. Apologies for re-posting , but it’s probably more relevant in this context.

    “If a Lab/Grn/NZF coalition eventuates after lengthy discussion then one can only hope that a significant part of the discussions focussed on Coalition management and the who/what/when & where’s of ongoing ‘stability’ and the management of the public perception.

    Much as it pains me to say it , the means are available via the pernicious legislation the Gnats introduced re surveillance and the reduction in public oversight .
    I will be putting all effort I can muster into pushing for review & repealing much of it but until that time I would support the use of every available tool to drain the toxic lake of lies and manipulation that has ruled the political landscape for 12 years , root out the bottom dwellers from the slime that obscures them and incinerate all and sundry.
    The time for forgiveness and aroha is a generation ahead.”

  15. If Winston forms a left coalition then watch the right male MSM house of cards crumble as their negative and controlling belief systems become largely redundant as the left block set about positively redressing the social costs that English’s social investment approach has punitively brought to the NZ middle/ lower waged and more vulnerable populations within our society.

  16. I dont understand why Labour dont refute Nationals claim that they are good economic managers.. The last Labour government under Michael Cullen and Helen Clark reduced nett government debt from $26 Billion to $10 Billion and set up the Superannuation fund, KiwiBank and KiwiSaver This National Government has increased the nett government debt from $10 Billion to $69 Billion whilst running down essential services …why arent these facts more widely publicised.. Most people think the situation is the other way around

  17. Blame the media…..not much to be gained there…how about blame the over 20 percent who once again failed to voice their opinions, or those of the 46 percent who did but failed any due diligence or ignored the evidence…or maybe even a poorly conceived message on tax.

    there are numerous factors but none of them new…we need to be better and smarter….and even with such flaws we may yet have the opportunity to improve things….lets hope we make a better fist of governing than we did of campaining

  18. “Corporate and state media are the problem, not the solution.”

    So what are the solutions? Who will put in the work to bootstrap them? Who will fund them?

    I still believe there is a place for volunteer-run, donation-funded activist blogs like Indymedia, TDB, and the Standard. But expecting these to replace professional news and current affairs media, is like expecting volunteer-run, donation-funded community gardens to replace professional food production. Neighbourhood based food production can work, but it needs to look more like OOOBY than a park with some vege plots in one corner. Similarly, community-funded media can work, but it needs to be;
    a) something journalists and support workers can make a secure living out of
    b) something readers/ listeners/ viewers are willing to pay regular subscriptions for to fund those wages/ salaries and other expenses, and
    c) robust, democratic management involving audiences as well as media producers, not just an ad-hocracy of stressed media workers.

  19. I have just posted on TS about how there should be a period of silence between the votes that have come in and the overseas votes yet to come in. Why is the MSM and other vested interests allowed to lean, persuade, goad and insinuate who and what should be the next government. It has become a media circus and should be, by law, stopped. We should be a mature population and accept that a MMP environment means being patient and we will eventually get a government formed.

    Maybe the Governor General should step in and ask everybody to refrain and wait for the electoral process to be worked through. As for the MSM our family have given up all hope of anything meaningful in news and other content and now watch online content – we work on the theory if its seriously serious news no doubt friends and family will inform us.

    Our front people on MSM are just mouthy “no it alls” who spout complete shit and are an embarrassment.

  20. When Simon Collins edited City Voice, and seemed to run it largely single- handed much of the time, it was an outstanding Wellington newspaper, with meticulous and important coverage of the WCC, and of Wellington issues, of a quality which we’ve not seen since, and it was non-partisan – so it can be done.

    • Very much so, Christine – an outstanding independent, community paper with a strong social conscience. For a short period of time I even worked on it and I still call it one of the best jobs I ever had!

  21. The Correct Rules of MMP

    The success of a Party is not the number of Votes it receives, but the Honesty it flawlessly Practices; The fairness with which it treats all its Citizens; Attention to Infrastructure; Thence, it’s attention to supplying Housing, Education, Health and Opportunity.

    No matter how many votes a party may have, if it fosters Pollution of any land, air or water it cannot be suitable as a part of government for it causes degradation of our one and only Planet – disease, sickness and death.

    No Dishonest Party, whether wholly or partly may be sworn into Parliament by the Governor General. No matter how many votes that Party may have received.

    It may happen that minor and major Parties think they can get away with any dishonesty or rort that they have been used to. In which case, The Governor General must remove them from Parliament and summon people who place Honesty, Fairness, Justice, Equality and Opportunity as sacred admittance to Parliament.

    And so, MMP is much more about Values – than votes. Votes without values are crimes. As you well know.

  22. To the majority of the MSM the election wasn’t much different from the last rugby world cup – an entertainment extravaganza – not a vital component of the NZ democratic system.
    But honestly did we expect them to lift themselves above their usual level of mediocrity and preoccupation with personality cults?

  23. Lets not forget Brothers and Sisters Bomber being banned from National Radio.Thats definitely a right wing media boot up the Jacksie.

  24. At the end of the day, what New Zealanders most valued was strong and stable government. They saw through the stardust and realised that substance is more important than identity politics. They saw that in Bill English and Paula Bennett they have two sound policy managers, and saw that this mattered more than the irritational, fiscally irresponsible, emotionally driven leadership of Labour and the Greens.

    • You are a parody.

      Couldn’t resist.

      But you are.

      Still licking your wounds after being banned from The Standard?

      Hey ? , – dontcha know?… the tides going out on far right wing neo liberalism and its accompanying inherent lies… and you are well out of step. No ones buying it anymore.

      Sigh, ….

  25. ‘It may be assumed that the interests of corporations and their shareholders are in opposition to, and in conflict with, the public interest. And insofar as elections are fundamentally matters of the public interest, corporations must be prohibited from efforts to influence the outcome of elections.’

    In practice, whilst Jim Kunstler is correct about the nature of corporations, corporations (and opportunists) own NZ (and every other western country) and ensure that only corporation-friendly governments are installed.

    Hence, we remain on the slippery slope that eventually leads to impoverishment and then annihilation, and no one in a position to do so is prepared to do a thing about it.

  26. The Media have a duty to tell truth ….Unsurprisingly social issue protesters and push backers for years have been ignored by the New Zealand “Main stream media”. Whom long have held a bias that became glaringly obvious during the J.k leadership years and Nationals policy of only providing the media with “Good News” statements about how well the economy was doing. Bad News suppression serves to galvanise the parties faithful and their commitment to their leader & it’s unmitigated economic 3 tier policy using tourism, population growth through immigration and the even more ridiculous “Earth quake repairs” as economic performance indicators. It was inevitable that this bias would flow through into the election with the decision makers within mainstream media also subscribing to Nationals ideology which is less tolerant and less beneficial to the minorities or the working poor. The view of the rich blue conservative is one of globalism & free markets which ignore’s the legitimate debate over the economic & social ramifications of Nationals policies. Anyone who opposes the conservative ideology or want’s to have a debate whether our economic direction is long term sustainable are labelled Regressive Lefties or “Social Justice Warrior,’s” (SJW’s) lead by the young, alt-looking left & multitudes of liberal-minded youngsters….the only question is which of the NZ media ignores the truth & tells lies every day without hesitating. And which ones speak the truth on all inconsequential occasions, so they can deceive the public with the requisite authority when it becomes necessary.

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