GUEST BLOG: Willie Jackson – Maoridom have spoken

By   /   September 27, 2017  /   9 Comments

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Just a short message to everyone who supported Labour, nga mihi ki a koutou! We’re still a real chance to become Government, so the next two weeks will be crucial!

Just a short message to everyone who supported Labour, nga mihi ki a koutou! We’re still a real chance to become Government, so the next two weeks will be crucial!

I want to though congratulate all our Maori seat candidates who did the Grand Slam and won all 7 Maori seats! It was a privilege to be the Maori Campaign Director over the last few months and now even bigger privilege to become a Labour Party List MP.

Ignore some of the stupidity coming from the critics like Marama Fox – she is not doing herself or the Maori Party any favours with her negative and stupid behaviour, and constant insults. You would think she was the only person who ever supported Maori rights in Parliament and the only person who ever lost her job in Parliament.

Get over yourself Marama because you are doing yourself and Maori a disservice.

The shame of all of this of course is that her and Te Ururoa have made a great effort on behalf of our people – that, there is no doubt, and I congratulate them on their efforts for our people.

Te Ururoa has shown himself to be a great example in terms of humility and true leadership. Although he and I totally disagree in terms of Maori strategy, he deserves absolute kudos for the way he has handled things since his loss.

Finally, we now have 13 Maori MPs in Labour and we have an opportunity of a lifetime, and over the next few weeks we will be looking at laying down a plan in terms of delivering back to our people, so stay tuned.

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  1. Louis says:

    Congratulations and thank you Willie for all your hard work your place in parliament is well deserved. Equal congratulations and thank yous go to each and every Maori Labour mp who worked hard to ensure Labour had the largest Maori caucus of any party in history. Wish there was an even better word than the word “proud” it just doesn’t convey “how proud” I truly feel. Fantastic effort, Fantastic outcome, fingers and toes crossed and breath held for a LABOUR GREEN NZ FIRST GOVERNMENT

  2. Sam Sam says:

    Best have something ready to go, with in 1 hundred days of forming a government Willie. Just no time for talk. Get the results and it will speak for itself.

  3. Quicksilver says:

    Yeah I was saddened to see Marama’s reaction too.

    Big congrats to all the Labour candidates in the Maori seats – you delivered big time!
    Here’s hoping you’re on the Government benches after the final wash up.
    I know you’ll deliver for Maori and all citizens of Aotearoa if you are.

  4. patricia bremner says:

    Hello Willie, thank you for your excellent efforts. Coming from Rotorua, I followed Tamati’s progress. So hopeful for a change of Government.

    Get housing and Winz/MSD sorted and a lot will improve.

    All the best Trish Bremner.

  5. Michelle says:

    I’m very happy Willie I am equally happy to see 6 Maori women who I believe have a lot to offer our Maori people and our whole country now they have the opportunity. My young sister and I were very politically active. We were standing on the roadside for hours in the Hutt Valley with signs asking people to vote for a change of government, taking our whanau to enroll and vote at the same time, calling and lobbying our whanau many who have never voted. And it was all worth it. I would like to mention I was previously a Mana party voter and a Labour electoral voter. I am very proud of our people with the way they voted but I would also like to see more of our people vote and this is something that we can work on.

  6. Dotti says:

    More congratulations and thanks,
    this Maori caucus is the highlight of the 2017 election .
    I agree with Patricia getting improvements in housing and winz/MSD
    will be big but I do not have to help this intelligent bunch set priorities !
    Remember if the going gets tough, you have some admirers and friends here.

  7. kappanz says:

    Great result! But an encouragement, hopefully, to all young Maori to enroll and increase the Maori presence perpetually! There has been increased immigration moves to further flood out the tangata whenua! Let’s hope the new government, and I am convince there will be a change, goes to bat for the local youth, immediately.

  8. jerko says:

    Great effort team. There are now 13 Labour Maori Mps +Winnie and Shane ( Porno) Jones. That’s 15 in total. Should be able to get the job done and form the new givernment.