Latest UMR Poll: National 43 Labour 38 NZF 8 Green 7 TOP 2.7


The last internal Labour Party UMR Poll has been leaked and it shows once again that Labour + Green + NZF can form a Government.

We always knew this was going to come down to the wire in terms of vote. The economic interests of the elites are locked into NZs policy platform. Unrestrained immigration to prop up false growth numbers and keep a speculative property bubble growing to make the middle classes feel wealthy coupled with a zero imagination approach to producing mountains of milk powder to China no matter the damage to the environment.

When prodded on our 41 000 homeless, 300 000 kids in poverty, 550000 suffering severe hardship, the 1600 dying from the cold, the 10 000 in prison, the 1500 unofficial suicides, the gridlock and the low wage economy, National’s answer is to build more fucking roads.

We deserve better than this…


  1. The issue I guess is that NZ First will almost certainly form a government with the largest party (i.e. National) as has been Winston’s policy from way back. And 8 + 43 gets them there. Winston would definitely rather deal with one party than two (and you can’t really even blame him for that). The only small win is that Labour’s rise meana that English will have to deal with Winston, EVERY FUCKING DAY XD.

    • Hi – NITRIUM

      I am in agreement with you for a labour green/NZFirst coalition as we had back in 1999 NITRIUM but will the greens & NZ First both now agree to join forces as we desperately need to change the govenment.

      But if not; – my other suggested way is below.

      That is; – to have NZ First inject their “common sense policies” into the dying carcass of the National Party as a ‘Trojan horse’ to weaken the ultra right wing neocons love of austerity slash and burn politics that the last nine years have bought us misery & suffering and bring the party to default.

      It will give us time as the TPPA will not proceed nor will the RMA be binned or environmental laws be frther curtailed and hopeflly NZ First may keep National honest without constantly lying for a change.

      So then duringn the next elections a true democratic government will be chosen.

      • Well I have done all I can at this stage, which is vote for Labour and tell my brother he’s an idiot (he’s a National voter because “Jacinda is going to take all my money”).

      • I must admit , CG ,… NZ First and Peters would play merry havoc within the dishonest lying National outfit , – can you imagine Peters and Pulyer Benefit going hammer and tong ?!!?

        Or Herr Joyce ?!!? , – he would be lucky if he didn’t get a truckload of dildo’s thrown at him by Peters !!!

        Then there’s pouty Collins , – GEEZ WAYNE ! , – can you picture it ?!!?, – Peters would have them all done and dusted after the first term !… they would all be hiding behind the barricades waving a white flag !!!

        If we cant vote them out , – we infiltrate them and make them want to get out !


        • Peters and the National party is a match from hell, National can accommodate uncle Toms but the can’t work with Winston as passed coalitions have demonstrated.
          Winston will either sit on the cross benches or join in coalition with Labour and the Greens, as surely this will be Winston’s last election and joining with Labour and the Greens he may have the ability to leave a positive legacy to Kiwi society, or end up a foot note.

    • 10000000% WK,

      Firstly we need to get rid of the National Party rip&tear selloff policies, or ‘curtail’ them by injecting NZ First’s own diametrically opposed ‘common sense’ poliicies as a ‘trojan horse’ into the dying carcass of the National Party.

      Then it will manage a default process to where the opposition can take over.

  2. Winston will have to go with Labour and the Greens…and he knows it!

    …question is do they ? …are they willing to deal?

    • Winston is really a Muldoonite at his core (effectively a right-wing communist). Which means he ultimately fits in better with National than Labour. He won’t “keep them honest” because imo he isn’t any more honest than English.

      • Bill English is a neoliberal! Winston is not and nor was Muldoon!.

        Winston has way more ethics than Bill English or Jonkey Ncational.

        If Winston Peters had played his cards differently and not opposed the neoliberal sale of State owned Assets he could have been a National Prime minister long ago.

        • RB, Winston will go with National. Whether in Coalition or Supply & Confidence, Peters will go with the Nats.

          And you, my nameless friend, will disappear back into the mists of anonymity – or, like Peter George and United Future/Peter Dunne – become an apologist for your leader’s betrayal.

          If, however, I’m wrong, I will post an apology; admit you are a genius at deciphering the inscrutability of Winston Peters, and scoff down a heaped helping of grandma’s Humble Pie.

          Personally, I prefer pie.

          • time will tell…but if Winston NZF goes with Nactional he will be damned and he knows it:

            ( and ‘darling’ I know you would just love me to “disappear back into the mists ” because I challenge your pontifications…btw is YOUR name real?…and I may yet disappear because this blog wastes a lot of my precious time and I am sure no one will miss me much …ha ha…unfortunately I always like an argument, so I may persist and not disappear after-all… ban me please!)

            imo…Whether Winston goes with Labour all depends on the DEAL Jacinda is willing to make …If I were her I would offer him the first 6 months as PM or co -PM and the permanent position of Minister of Foreign Affairs …that should do the trick…Deputy PM wont do the trick…he has done that before…(btw I dont belong to NZF and I dont know Winston Peters personally)

            …while I am at it, a few more thoughts:

            1.) MPs salaries should be the same as teachers…MPs are paid way too much and they are way too remote from the grassroots struggles

            ….anyone could see that Jacinda airily waving around the flag of INCREASED taxes for New Zealanders AFTER the Election …ie “trust me”/ ” trust (neolib) Labour”… would alienate middle class New Zealanders who are struggling…Labour MPs on their inflated salaries dont seem to realise this…this strategic blunder has turned Jacinda’s Labour Party advantage into devil Nactional’s advantage

            ( by all means tax the very wealthy and overseas ownership but not middle NZers who have worked hard and struggled to get and maintain their few assets…housing and land in their own country)

            2.) one of the crucial issues facing New Zealand is sovereignty and whether we are going to become someone else’s country….imo immigration and overseas buy up of NZers property and land assets is the core issue facing voters….It is even more important than water taxes

            …An overpopulated New Zealand, by foreigners from countries where their environment is overpopulated and trashed, will have enormous environmental and social welfare problems for New Zealand…we are already seeing this ( in price and accessibility of health/hospitals for the most vulnerable NZers, education, housing, land, water exports !)

            ( the Greens accusing Winston and NZF of “Racism” ,because of this CORE CONCERN about immigration and overseas political control and buy up of NZ housing/assets and land, and the Greens having a deliberate and concerted campaign to undermine Winston NZF on this issue shows up their immaturity, naivety and an ambitious competitiveness over-riding their cooperation for a Left coalition)

  3. I think the last Newshub Reid Poll out tonight will look somewhat similar to this one.

    After all the hype, we are back to square one, Jacinda having gained votes for Labour, but at the cost of Greens and NZ First, while some light blue voters (mostly female), who flirted with voting for a Jacinda led Labour have returned to support the Nats.

    The taxation debate, the lack of clarity, the stuff up Labour started from after the last general election, that can be taking part of the blame. Scared to upset the middle class, Labour did under Andrew Little decide to not run with a capital gains tax again, and to not talk much about tax changes, indeed, before the campaign started, already then talk was, Labour would NOT increase taxes. Instead some expert groups was planned to be commissioned with reviewing the tax system.

    This has left Labour with totally unprepared, ambiguous, opaque tax policy, which people feel insecure about, that is the voters that may matter. Those are centrist voters who swing, as many non voters have not been motivated to enroll.

    So only with Greens and NZ First could Labour form a government, unless a surprise happens between now and the evening on Saturday.

    The Nats may work out a deal with Winston, if not, we may have to go to another election, that is unless the Greens and NZ First bury their differences, which I cannot see.

    Meanwhile the country heads further to an economic and social abyss, ill prepared, beyond capacity to deal with all the major challenges. Most are ignorant, ill informed, or simply oblivious to the seriousness of the situation. They live day to day in their little consumerist world full of distractions.

    Milk comes from a shop not a stupid cow, some urban dwellers may think, they are not even mentally connected to the food chain, other supply chains and so forth, so do not get the inter dependencies, and how vulnerable we are as a modern day society.

    Change to the status quo is feared, hence they follow the head ram as usual, their Blinglish budget ‘expert’, never mind the double standards and lies he has been responsible for.

    I have done my bit, voted for change, have you done yours, dear readers???

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