BREAKING: New TV One Poll Labour 44% National 40% Green 7% NZ First 6%

By   /   September 14, 2017  /   79 Comments

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This gives Labour plus the Greens the majority. If you look at the train wreck of Winston on Radio NZ this morning, you can see that Winston has lost his puff.

Latest TVNZ Poll is out tonight – BREAKING: New TV One Poll Labour 44% National 40% Green 7% NZ First 6%.

This gives Labour plus the Greens the majority. If you look at the train wreck of Winston on Radio NZ this morning, you can see that Winston has lost his puff.

The real story here is the youth quake, Colmar Brunton are predicting that 65% of youth voters are voting Labour, it will be crucial that Labour get those youth voters to the ballot box if Jacinda has any hope of leading the next Government.

I don’t believe the Greens will come under 5%.


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  1. Dougal says:

    Winston sounds seriously like the life is leaving him. He sounded old, rude and defeated.

    • mary_a says:

      @ Dougal … yep, Winston is a tired old warhorse. He’s getting to the stage where his age is beginning to catch up with him. I know, because I’m of the same generation as he is and the age thing is something which can’t be avoided. Where once he was sharp and had a sting in his tail, he’s now a fading light in politics.

      Winston is becoming a tiresome grumpy old man now, who after this morning’s interview with Guyon Espiner, proved he is definitely not up to the challenges of modern politics and all that goes with it.

      Winston should have called it a day at this election. If he carries on as he has been doing recently, he will pull NZF down, until it becomes no longer relevant. I’m not a NZF supporter, but I would hate to see it crash and burn, simply because its leader is too pig headed and vain to step back and pass the load to someone with the energy and drive to take the party forward and give it a new rejuvenated dynamic.

    • Red Buzzard says:

      no Espiner sounded stupid trying to trap Peters…Peters was just defending himself.

      …there was nothing of substance on NZF policies…a very poor interview on Espiner’s part imo

      …par for the course mainstream media interview

      • Danyl Strype says:

        I bet Espiner never brought up NZ First’s policy to bring in ‘user pays’ charges for the public road network:

        I hate to harp on about this, but these sorts of policies should make left-leaning NZ First supporters pause, and wonder whether Winston’s rhetoric against “neo-liberalism” is genuine, or just bait for the unwary.

        • Cag says:

          I was also concern when I was considering NZ First earlier in the year that they proposed that old hoary neolib policy of “resources to the front line” (you really want surgeons to be spending their time doing booking clerk work?)

      • Grant says:

        I agree Red Buzzard.
        I thought Winston was brilliant and Espiner , who has abused his position of privilege and got away with talking a lot of crap over the last few years , defending and promoting his warped neo- liberal logic, got a right royal dicking .
        Espiner was completely out of his depth and all he could do is look at the clock and hoped to be saved by the bell, which luckily for him, he eventually was.
        Espiner is yet another one of the many smart arse journalists who frequent our airwaves at the moment and needs to be gone.
        He is definitely not up to Radio New Zealand standard.

        • michelle says:

          Grant what standards are you talking about. I think after 9 yeas of the tories we no longer have high standards in this country. We have become very mediocre in many areas including our lack of morals and principles. And as far as I’m concerned when we have leaders lacking in M & P what can you expect. Leaders that outright lie despite there so called religious backgrounds and all for 3 more years of power. 450 texts and a redacted police report and 40% of our country support this man and his party standards my arse.

      • RB, I heard that interview. Your ‘spin’ is not based in reality.

        Espiner asked perfectly legitimate questions and Peters went absolutely ape-sh*t.

        Peters’ assertion that he has never made any bottom lines was manifestly untrue.

        • Jonathan Roe says:

          Agree Frank, spot on. Espiner was equally tough on Joyce after he made wild accusations about Labour’s budget calculations. Joyce couldn’t name anyone who agreed with his billions of dollars whole claim. Espiner said he could name Bill English if he wanted.

          • Indeed, Jonathan. I heard that interview between Espiner and Joyce. He really had Joyce on the ropes demanding anyone – “even a taxi driver” – who agreed with Joyce’s assessment. Joyce couldn’t answer; he simply couldn’t name anyone.

      • Jonathan Roe says:

        I thought it was a brilliant interview, showed Peters up for the sham he is. Sounded as mad as King George. Why did he send his lacky to retrieve a 2008 letter from H from the boot of his car halfway through the interview? I agree with Gareth Morgan, he shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near Parliament.

    • Barry says:

      Winston is 73 years old,politics has been his life and he has contributed to the betterment of New Zealand without real acknowledgment for his efforts.
      This surely it is his last election campaign, after which is there a real future for New Zealand First?
      He has been the formative and driving force of New Zealand First due mostly to his estrangement with the National party and their policies.
      If he considers a coalition agreement with National to form a government, then all would be for nothing.
      His best governmental legacy would be the time he held the position of minister of foreign affairs as part of the Labour coalition, they worked well together and could do again.
      Winston should throw his lot in with Labour and the Greens and deal to this disagreeable government.

      • Red Buzzard says:

        +100…Winston has held the line against neoliberal sale of state owned assets from the beginning( against Rogered Labour and corrupt Nactional)

        ….more than any other newbie sporty red lipsticked Labour politician

        …or wannabe snotty Green corporate wooing trendo (glittering ball gown and bow tie wearing) politician

        …Winston Peters deserves respect for holding the line for New Zealanders and New Zealand

        …and he would never go with Nactional again! ( the dislike is mutual…the most vehement lies about him come from the Nacts)

        Lets face it Winston Peters walked away and he brought the Nacts down once before because they violated his principle of no more sale of state owned assets!…to say National threw him out is a lie

        (…all i heard from Espiner was the same old hackneyed attempt to trap Winston Peters in the same old lies…no wonder Peters was irritated)

        It was a pathetic interview on Espiner’s part…It did nothing to inform New Zealanders of NZF’s real policies…and it was a betrayal of New Zealanders interested in being informed

        • Iain Mclean says:

          Red Buzzard;

          Could not agree more.
          See my two RNZ interview links below.


        • Danyl Strype says:

          “Winston has held the line against neoliberal sale of state owned assets from the beginning( against Rogered Labour and corrupt Nactional)”

          Not true. As Frank reported on TDB some months ago, Winston has supported the sale of state assets when it suited him to do so. As I pointed out in another comment, he also advocates for lowering corporate tax to lift wages, a failed. neo-liberal policy.

          “…and he would never go with Nactional again!”

          Then why won’t he rule it out? All he’s said is that he wouldn’t join a government that included ACT (or UF but they’re toast), so a National-NZ First government without ACT is still a risk. Those who want to be sure they are voting National out need to vote Labour of Greens.

        • +100…Winston has held the line against neoliberal sale of state owned assets from the beginning( against Rogered Labour and corrupt Nactional)

          I don’t know how many times I have to remind you of this, RB. As I wrote in September last year;

          However, in a speech made in 1997, when Peters was Treasurer in the National-NZ First Coalition Government, he told the NBR Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Government to Business Forum that he would be pursuing conservative fiscal management; supporting an “open, internationally competitive economy”; lower taxes; and a de-regulated market.

          Peter’s speech is in the form of a hard-copy in this blogger’s possession. It is headed “Office of the Deputy Prime Minister & Treasurer” and is dated 11 February 1997. It was embargoed till 8.35am for that day, when Peters made his speech at Wellington’s up-market Park Royal Hotel.

          Peters began by saying that there were “four core economic principles at the heart of the government’s strategy;

          “sound, stable government
          ensuring an economic climate conducive to sustainable development and growth, more employment opportunities, high quality education and social services, a strong commitment to low inflation, prudent and conservative fiscal management and over time, lower taxes and reduced public debt
          an open, internationally competitive economy, a strong export sector, and policies to stimulate private sector and individual performance
          planning for the country’s future, emphasising intergenerational fairness and increasing the nation’s saving”

          Later in the speech, Peters reiterated the Coalition’s fiscal policy;

          “That is why we are committed to low inflation, prudent and conservative fiscal management, lowering taxes and reducing public debt.”

          Peters made clear that those were the core principles of the National-NZ First Coalition. They also happen to be core ideological tenets of neo-liberal doctrine.


          Not content to cement in an adherence to a neo-liberal agenda, Peters then attacked the social welfare system in this country – another prime target of the New Right;

          “What distinguishes this government is the prominence given to the value of self-reliance… moving people away from State dependence to independence.”

          I further added in the comments section;

          During his tenure as Treasurer in the National-NZ First Coalition government (11 Dec 1996 – 14 Aug 1998), Peters was party to the sale of several airports around the country (ref: ), including the Auckland Airport in June 1998. (ref:

          On top of which, Peters reneged on NZ First’s committment to buy back cutting rights for the Kaingaroia Forest, that the previous Bolger government had flogged off to Chinese interests in
          1996. (See:

          Peters’ actions are yet to meet his rhetoric.


          You can turn a blind eye to all that if you like, RB (and others). But it doesn’t change a damn thing.

  2. CLEANGREEN says:

    Thats going to wipe the smile off the English/joyce face wont it just, so watch the debate between Joyce/Robertson Financial leaders debate tonight.

    That will be a bucket of huff & puff eh!!!

    • WILD KATIPO says:

      Yes,… lets wipe the smirk of the treasonous bastards face , CLEANGREEN!!!

      Especially when we get crap like this in the news :

      National intends to sell another strategic asset « The Standard

      • michelle says:

        agree 100% with Wild Katipo but would like to add once and if the gnats get the mandate form this election they will sell more then Landcorp. They will sell and gut housing NZ, they will sell Kiwi bank, Railways and anything else left in our cupboard. So we will end up like old mother hubbard who went to her cupboard and we all know the cupboard was bare. And when and if we have another earthquake/disaster we will end up like countries like Spain and Greece bloody poor and nothing to fall back on.

        • CLEANGREEN says:

          Yep Michelle,

          Remember last election ?
          just after national all said “we have been given a “mandate” to move forward with our ‘reforms’ as the people voted for us!!!!

          So vote these pricks out (National Party) before we loose everything we ever had and leave our kids and Grandkids with nothing, as this is National policy.

          ‘National = We deliver poverty for New Zealand’.

          • WILD KATIPO says:

            National = ‘We deliver nought but treasonous asset sales for future young Kiwi’s.

            What they forget to add is ; ‘ and we enrich ourselves and our mates at your expense’…. in the fine print.

  3. Patricia Bremner says:

    Singing in the rain, what a wonderful feeling, I’m hap hap happy again.

  4. mattygee says:

    After the last (dodgy) poll this news has made my week!

  5. Barry says:

    TV3 should be concerned as to the accuracy of their poll and the effect it may have had on the election.
    National has to go and for some time .

    • In Vino says:

      TV3 are privately owned and will have no regrets at all for their right-wing bias.

    • Marc says:

      Watched TV3 news at 6 tonight, it was ridiculous, they tried all to make Labour’s change on tax policy (not changing tax before 2020/21) look and sound like a “huge” flip flop or back down. And a female reporter ripped into the Greens, then still unaware, of the poll by CB on TV1. Towards the end of that intro Gower then briefly presented the new poll ratings, but commented nothing much on it.

      Gower and his ‘team’ at Newshub seem determined to derail Labour and Jacinda, to ensure the Nats win in the end. Talk about bias, this is bias 101 what Gower and Co deliver.

    • michelle says:

      We need to remember who owns TV3 can we really trust them

  6. Red Buzzard says:

    Winston always pulls up in the last few days and the Greens do something stupid and go down…lets see what happens

    the main thing is that Nactional is thrashed

    • garibaldi says:

      Winston wasn’t a train wreck this morning, Guyon was. Winston is better than that, but don’t get me wrong, I’ll vote Green till my dying day.

    • Danyl Strype says:

      Unless NZ First help National stay in government, which they refuse to rule out doing. Anyone who really wants to see National out of government clearly need to vote Labour or Greens, and given Labour’s vote is pretty healthy and they need the Greens so that they aren’t dependent on NZ First (even if they work with them)…

      • Red Buzzard says:

        …the choice will be ALL Labour’s …are they willing to negotiate a good deal with NZF?…if NOT it is a betrayal of New Zealand voters

        Winston Peters has always said parties should stand on their own policies and merits before an Election ….and negotiate after

        It is so tiresome to keep hearing the same old lies about Winston Peters and NZF

        • Winston Peters has always said parties should stand on their own policies and merits before an Election ….and negotiate after

          Sorry, no, RB, that won’t wash. All parties are campaigning “on their own policies and merits” – whether it’s ACT or the Greens or TOP or whoever. However, indication of coalition preferences is a separate matter and goes part-and-parcel with disclosing policies.

          After all, if it’s good enough to vote for a party on their “own policies and merits”, then it should be good enough for us to know what the next step will be.

          There is no good reason for Peters to be coy on such matters and judging by his free-fall in the polls, I suspect voters have had enough of his “Dance of the Seven Veils”. It was intriguing in the past, but now voters want to know if a vote for NZ First is a vote for change or a vote for the incumbent. There is too much at stake to leave it to one man’s whim.

          • Red Buzzard says:

            re ” his free-fall in the polls”…that is a bit ironic coming from a Green

            • Danyl Strype says:

              The last poll showed the Greens starting to head back up, while NZ First continues to trend down. I wonder why? Maybe they heard Winston advocating for lower corporate taxes and realised that voting for his party is not the way to pull Labour away from neo-liberalism?

  7. mary_a says:

    Great news 🙂

  8. Steve King says:

    I heard Winston on RNZ this morning. It wasn’t a strong performance from him. He will have lost some support, I think.

    • Red Buzzard says:

      …dont think so…thought the combative interview was very poor on Espiners’ part…very little about NZF policies.

      • CLEANGREEN says:

        Our complaint lodged with RNZ this morning.

        Importance: High

        Listening to RNZ this morning Morning report 14/9/17 with Guyon Espiner & Suzie Ferguson was such a totally botched sad show of a very low quality coverage of interviewing Winston Peters as the NZ First leader.

        As Espiner did not give a similar space and time for Winston to talk and explain his policies before Espiner chipped in completely destroying the flow of detailed information we as listeners needed to hear.

        We should not be subjected to Guyon’s own views or Suzie’s dismissive responses but we do not have a ‘fair & balanced’ media any more within our flagship public radio platform.

        I hope when Labour/NZ First begin the new media platform we will see an end of these low quality radio presenters and produce informative quality presenters with core values of presenting fair & balanced media presentations.

        Shameful show from Espiner & Ferguson I would remove them both if I could.

  9. Michal says:

    Winston was appalling, he is an arrogant horrible man so rude to Espiner. I think he has lost it.

  10. john stone says:

    I agree have never seen Winston like this before.

  11. Quicksilver says:

    Dunno about Winston – just when you think he’s out for the count, he makes a comeback.
    The fact that he’s on record as saying he would talk to the largest party first post-election means anything is still possible.
    Anyone mistakingly voting for him thinking it will change the government is equally as culpable as the most dimwitted Nazional voter if we end up with another 3 years of these corrupt incompetents in charge.
    Labour-Green: it’s not a socialist revolution, but it is a step in a better direction.

  12. Nitrium Nitrium says:

    Well shit. I just posted that this election was National’s to lose in another thread and we get this poll. I took that TVNZ Vote Compass thing, and got a useless result (as expected) with Greens, TOP and NZ First in a dead heat at 62%. ACT and National were at the bottom at 30 and 40% respectively, so that’s good. My politics have never been represented by any one party (but is anyone’s?) which is why elections are always so difficult to decide. But fuck everything (including my planned defacing of the ballot), I’m voting Labour.

  13. Maama says:

    H E L P!! I have a dilemma.
    I am on the Maori roll in Te Tai Hauauru electorate, I want an end to the poverty affecting families in this country, so I am considering voting green for my Party Vote.

    But I am unsure which candidate to vote for, as I think the Green candidate Jack McDonald may not win as the Labour candidate – Adrian Rurawhe appears to be strong in this electorate.

    My main goal is to get rid of this evil government. Any suggestions please?

    • e-clectic says:

      Party – Green
      In your electorate Te Tai Hauauru, the Labor guy will probably get back in so your electorate vote won’t count for a lot – back the Greens guy if you like him or the Labour guy.

  14. Marc says:

    Overall, a head to head race between Nats and Labour, and Greens have good reason to be hopeful again, to be in. Winston must be really worried now, together with English, Joyce and the Nat Brigade.

    All is too early to call, go and vote, go and vote, vote this horrible, criminal gang out of office, dear voters, especially young ones, vote and save your future from being sold out to vested business interests, corporate greed, foreign speculators and investors, and give the Nats a boot so they fly over the cliff, not to come back for years to come.

  15. Roy says:

    +++ exhales+++
    Can finally breathe again. Smash it youngsters!

  16. Penny Bright says:

    This, IMO, is the issue that can really help bring down this corrupt National Government.

    It’s Auckland.

    It’s housing.

    It’s a scandalous $CAM that goes straight to the
    top – the Crown Shareholding Ministers in both Tamaki Redevelopment Company Ltd, (59% Crown, 41% Auckland Council), and Tamaki Regeneration Ltd (100% Crown).

    Who were / are those Crown Shareholding Ministers?

    Bill English, then Steven Joyce as Ministers of Finance.
    Nick Smith, now as Minister of Building & Construction.


    The TRUTH about the Tamaki ‘Regeneration’ – GENTRIFICATION $CAM!

    “Penny Bright has been shining a light into the murky recesses of public/private partnerships in the Tamaki Regeneration scheme and revealed some disturbing details…”


    Authorised by Penny Bright
    2017 Independent candidate for Tamaki, 86A School Rd, Kingsland, Auckland 1021.

  17. CLEANGREEN says:

    Stuff Financial debate tonight at 7pm live screen try it out.

    Joyce Robertson Debate at 7 tonight.

  18. mosa says:

    Winston was not on top of his game and should be no matter who is interviewing him.

    He is the leader and former treasurer and should have been able to answer these questions clearly and precisely and he gave me no confidence that he could and would be up to the task of government.

    In fact i was none the wiser for the information he gave.

    He is sounding incoherent and muddled and its time Ron Mark stepped up.

  19. Grant says:

    Gower on T.V 3 now has serious credibility issues…
    Going after Labour with completely over the top drama about Labour’s deferring of the implementation of the Tax Working Group results till after the next election , inferring that Labour were in serious trouble, only to then be handed a bit of paper with the latest TV 1 Poll results.
    His deflated expression was priceless….
    He came out of that looking like a complete blow hard who had no idea what the hell he was talking about….just making stuff up.
    It’s not looking good for Gower…
    The News Readers on TV 3 are great and come across as credible reporters of the news , but Gower’s letting the whole team down…
    He needs to be let go !

    • Marc says:

      Yep, saw it too, I was disgusted, the bias was so bare, and obvious, it was ridiculous. His female colleague ripped into the Greens, allegedly being under five percent (according to the Reid Poll days ago). Then Gower had to finally present the new poll by Colmar Brunton, that was just presented on TV1. He was all hum and silent, had not much to comment, as it disproved their own polling, due to it lacking credibility.

  20. Veritas says:

    Lies, damn lies and polls. Polls are no better than tea leaves, crystals and tarot cards. Vote.

  21. Danyl Strype says:

    Just listened to the interview with Winston. He was rude, aggressive, and patronising throughout, but that’s not what bothered me. Here is a man who will say out of one side of his mouth that the “economic revolution” of the last 33 years has been a massive failure. Then, out of the other side, he will tell us that cutting corporate taxes will boost the economy and the benefits will trickle down to workers through wage rises; pure neo-liberalism and totally debunked by the experience of the last 33 years.

    Then there’s the promise to buy back the power companies privatized by the NatACTs. But only if their price per share ever falls under what it was on the day they were floated. So maybe never. A leader who really wanted to undo neo-liberalism would be talking about preventing further sell-offs by de-commercializing every “State Owned Enterprise” the public still owns (especially landholdings like LandCorp), and turning them back into not-for-profit government departments. Weak buy-back policies are pissing into the wind.

    Then there’s the take GST off “basic food” thing. He couldn’t define what NZ First policy means by “basic food”, effectively saying the precise boundaries would be defined by a group of experts after the election, although he insisted on euphemistically calling them “everyday NZers”, knowing that the word “experts” doesn’t go down well with his supporters. If you want to undo 33 years of “economic revolution”, you abolish GST, which is disproportionately paid by “everyday NZers”, and replace it with a tax that targets unearned wealth (eg a financial transactions tax). Minor modifications that can be easily undone by a future government is token at best.

    I do agree with universal student allowances, but this is Greens policy too. The policy of allowing people to pay off their student loans by working in NZ is good in that it addresses the GenX generation who have lived with the economic consequences of tertiary fees and student loans since the 1990s. But Labour’s 3 years of free tertiary training, is a bolder move back towards the free education that was fraudulently stolen from my generation by the Bolger/ Richardson National government. I would expect a Labour-Greens government to do more to fix the neo-liberal assault on higher education than a National-NZ First government, which is the risk that anyone who votes for NZ First is taking.

    • e-clectic says:

      Yes – GST “works” because it’s the same across the board.
      Removing GST for a transaction tax would free up small businesses across the country from their duties as tax collectors – want to increase productivity, start right there.

    • WILD KATIPO says:

      … ” Labour’s 3 years of free tertiary training, is a bolder move back towards the free education that was fraudulently stolen from my generation by the Bolger/ Richardson National government ” …

      Lovely. Could nay say it better.

  22. john stone says:

    Wonder why he has gone down hill so suddenly?

    • CLEANGREEN says:

      John you asked;

      Wonder why he has gone down hill so suddenly?

      Winston is on the road around the country alll the time I saw him in Gisborne a day after he was at a meeting up in the north, and he talked to me in Gisborne after a another public meeting so he is always going around the country during Hustings time but I noticed he had a cold so this may be dragging his energy down somewhat.

      By tomorrow he only has seven more days to go then he can rest up with a well desrved rest.Winston’s a strong guy and be fine after this election as he will be looking for supporting the new labour lead government hopefully with the greens.

      Thanks for the concern, some may not want to see him well.

      I personally know he cares about us all, and he said that to over 200 at the gisborne meeting I know he is as pissed off with this horrible government and shows just strong frustration with getting rid of them this month.

      He conveyed that to the 200+ folks in Gisborne on Tuesday.

      • WILD KATIPO says:

        Good on you CG.

        I just don’t have it in heart to bag Mr Peters. If he comes on board with Labour and the Greens , it will be good. I hope he does.

      • mary_a says:

        Hi Cleangreen … and I believe Winston has also recently given up smoking, which in itself is stressful, as any ex smoker will testify. Could also contribute to his tetchiness amongst other things.

    • Chewy says:

      Looked like early stages of Alzheimer’s to me

  23. Iain Mclean says:


    One thing Winston hates is being accused of things that are simply not true.

    It is not the person; It’s the party.
    It is not the personality; it’s the policy.

    Lest we seem to forget.
    Responsible is the MSM who represents TPTB / Deep State.

    Deep State / Shadow Government explained / exposed.

    Let it sink in.


  24. Blake says:

    A BIT OF ” AGEISM ” GOING ON HERE ? ? ? ? I’d say so.
    ( prejudice and discrimination due to a persons age )
    Such hate for Winston, such negative criticism. He may be old and not as quick or sharp as he was when he was 48 but geez — I do not think he deserves such wrath. At least he calls a spade a spade when others are believing that the youth vote is the – ” end all and be all ” – and avoid the truths coming out about 9 / 11. Winston is usually on the mark.

    Guyon Espiner often is an attacking kind of a twit interviewer that challenges and attacks and does not bring out good healthy encounters. We stopped watching most NZ journalists due to their offensive mode.
    Attack and defense as Guyon shows his stupidity.

    How do you all treat your grandparents and others past 60 ? ? ? ?

    • Red Buzzard says:

      +100 BLAKE… there is a lot of patronising AGEISM around at the moment…especially directed at Winston Peters

      …and it originates with the newbe wannabe corporate (Red Peak flag flying) aggressive pseudo Blue Greens imo.

      …they have consistently attacked Winston Peters and NZF….and he has NOT reciprocated…the Greens don’t know the meaning of cooperation and coalition ( and btw they put off many genuine young people who are also concerned about the environment and have formerly voted Green)

      I am a long time supporter of the green environmental movement but will NOT vote for the Greens this Election…(as my sister says the Greens are aggressively trying to “push Labour around” as well and will turn a lot of people off voting Labour and we will be “stuck with another national govt”…)

      • Danyl Strype says:

        >> Greens are aggressively trying to “push Labour around”

        What rot. Many in Labour would prefer to be campaigning on policy that goes much further towards addressing our social and environmental issues. Governing with the Greens would allow them more freedom to do that. Governing with cling-on “centre” parties, as Helen Clark had to do in her last term, allows the right to hamstring that effort. This is why those of us who really want to see the NatACTs kicked out of office, rather than just “moderated”, are back a Labour-Greens coalition supported by Mana and the Māori party.

        • CLEANGREEN says:

          Steady on there Danyl,

          I had our best years during that last term,
          Our community group recieved several support MPs to help us restore our Rail in HB/Gisborne.

          1/ Helen sent me a letter advising me as Secretary of our community group that she was arranging Michael Cullen & Transport minister Pete Hodgson to come to our aid to save our rail and ‘fix the truck gridlocked’ Napier to Gisborne roads.

          2/ Then we brokered the agreement during meetings with Michael Cullen to buy back the Toll rail company, so Helen and her team were superb like we could never have been treated any better.

          Since late 2008 when National came into power, they have delibately caused a bloody train wreck ‘literally’ to occur selling everything that was not set in concrete and rail in NZ is now just a shell of it’s former self of our asset.

          Labour were at the peak debt was almost paid in full and it was John key that undermined the party with false lies he spread around as he was good at like English/joyce is now.

          “Governing with cling-on “centre” parties, as Helen Clark had to do in her last term, allows the right to hamstring that effort”

  25. the Weatherman says:

    Dear Stephen Joyce,

    I would just like to remind you, at this late hour, that a recording exists of John Key admonishing you about the bail out of Media Works. It was caught by Hansard, and, although not officially transcribed, is still public property and officially available to the public through an OIA. The recording was heard by numerous staff at Hansard, and exists. It should be presented for public consumption.

  26. Josie 2 says:

    Dirty politics is well and alive in this election. I speaking about the campaign set up by the Top party. Please open your eyes, you are so wrapped up that you must have a labour green party that you don’t understand the Media like repeating it because it looses vote to the left. We are now under mmp. I know you worry that WP will go with National because he did it before. That was the first mmp parliament. NZF and Labour did not have the votes, they needed Jim Anderton and he reneged. WP had two choice but go with Natz or call a new election. Jim Bolger and WP drew up agreement and they worked hard to make it work. This didn’t please the big boys so there was a coup that removed Jim Bolger and put in Jenny Shipley. She sacked Winston as finance minster (No he wasn’t sacked from the party he left of his own accord) and she broke the mmp agreement. She sold off assets so he left. The wine box is another thing that WP stood up for. Those agreements in the wine box were fraudulent. They took one of the agreements and tested it and it was found to be fraudulent. They didn’t go any further as it was massive. The courts would be tied up still today. But they did get a law change to stop this happening. These people sent money off in a loop through the Cook Island and banks and arrived back in NZ and collected the GST on it. They stole enormous amounts of money from out tax base. WP has been hounded by big business who control the media ever since. It’s called brainwashing if you say it enough people believe. Believe me all the media statements made have a story behind them. It’s sad that I feel I must give a history lesson on this site. Now back to Top and GM campaign against WP. A video appeared on my site with all these media statements from past years that I know to be untrue. But it appeals to the brainwashed. It reminds me of Bob Jones and the party he set up to get rid of Muldoon and bring in Rogermonics. Top is not a serious party it has now shown what he is here for. As I said dirty politics is well and alive. Oh I know you will say he won’t say who he will go with. This is mmp not first past the post and every party should be working hard for their vote then see what the outcome is. They know if they take out NZF you will probably end up with the Natz again. For goodness sake, stop putting down the parties that will give us a Labour Govt. Work together.