If National are really 47.3% – what does that say about us as a country?


When asked on the TV3 debate what he would march for, he said ‘himself’.

Let’s look at the last week.

  • Paula Bennett gloated and boasted about the erosion of human rights for criminals.
  • National promised to slash benefits for anyone failing  drug test despite the ‘evidence’ this was a problem was actually an anecdotal ‘survey’ based on ‘feelings’ by staff members at WINZ.
  • Steven Joyce lied about a hole in Labour’s budget that not one economist supported.
  • Anti-abortion fanatics smear Jacinda.
  • National MP used suicide as a political weapon to attack Jacinda with.

So what does the 3 Poll say?

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Most believe that this is a rogue poll, even David Farrar on the AM Show this morning looked nervous to support TV3’s poll which is interesting because David has stopped releasing his own polling data publicly because National are tanking so badly.

But what if it is true?

What if after 41 000 homeless, 300 000 kids in poverty, 550 000 NZers suffering extreme hardship each year, 1600 dying from cold houses each year, a suicide rate that could be 3 times higher than officials acknowledge, 10 000 in prison, generations locked out of home ownership and the social and public infrastructure underfunded by billions – what if after all of that National are really on 47.3% support?

What does that say about us as a people?

I asked the same question when NZers flocked to re-elect John Key after Dirty Politics and mass surveillance lies.

The truth is that if we want change we need to rise up this election. It’s not good enough to vote yourself, you need to bring as many of your friends and whanau to the ballot box as you can this election.

Rise up and demand another way, rise up and force change, rise up and never let these rich pricks trade our dignity for their illusions of wealth.

We have less than 2 weeks right now to make sure National are gone.

Go bring as many friends and supporters as you can to the ballot box, or else this is our future, a glossy billboard sheltering the homeless…


  1. What it says is that “we” are not really a country; the Transnational Capital Party and the Wageslave Labour Party before it have imported sufficient neo-colonial voter numbers to ensure that the former stays in power, barring armed violence on a large scale.

  2. it goes without saying that a lot of what Martyn has said about our fellow New Zealanders is correct, anti intellectual, false aspirational, compliant, authority loving, commodity fetishising, “mine mine mine”, unempathetic bastards

    most are not born selfish, or uncaring, they have been conditioned that way by 30 years of neo liberal individualism

    if senior Nat, Mr “great flying dildos” Joyce, can almost get away with Nat Dirty Politics II re the non existent Labour “hole”, what lengths would they not go to, to bend a poll say?

    this poll goes against the run of play, and RNZ’s Colin James “poll of polls”, which includes the Newshub poll still has Nat/Labour neck and neck, as always most polls do not include undecideds

    keep on trucking people, every vote counts now!

  3. We may need to wait for a true progressive government till the first generation of baby boomers start dying in large numbers – the ones who are around 65-75

    • As to Bull dust English, after his scaremongering about the water tax try these facts just submerged.

      During a morning report on RNZ today 13/9/17 an expert said in ‘real terms’ now all these farms that use water ‘irrigation’ use 80% of our total water in NZ.

      I am betting we will not hear this staggering fact on any other MSM today and anytime till after election time.

    • every funeral brings us closer! the smug, comfortable, slipper wearing, Milo drinkers that have watched, and enabled, this country to turn into a “Tale of Two Cities”; complete with beggars on the street, and cars acceptable accomodation

      the boomers are not 100% arseholes–the likes of John Minto and many others will battle on until their last breath–and a lot of the boomer cohort are desperately poor too, but yes, generally it is time for them to move on, not just go–but piss off!

  4. rogue poll…what would you expect from TV3?

    ‘Election 17 political polls: How do we interpret them?’


    “With the election just around the corner, all eyes are on the political polls. Last night’s Newshub-Reid Research had National surge in front of Labour – RNZ’s Poll of Polls still has the parties neck and neck. With poll results constantly going back and forth, how are people meant to interpret them? Professor Malcolm Wright from Massey University has done a lot of work on market research and joins us now.”

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