Because I love Jacinda, I’m Party voting Green


The Queen of Dragons needs better allies than NZ First

I love Jacinda. She’s babysat my daughter and I know her partner Clarke from back in the day when he and I used to co-host DJ shows on Channel Z.

I think she is the voice and hope of a new political generation and could have an enormously important impact on NZ Politics.

Her emotional intelligence is unlike any other politician and her intelligence marks her out for high office. I don’t agree with 100% of where she’s coming from, but I have an immense personal and professional respect for her.

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New Zealand with Jacinda as Prime Minister would be incredible.

Which is why I am Party voting Green.

Whaaaaaaaaaaaat you say?

The truth is that Labour can only bring about a progressive Government with the Greens. Look at the political freak show cavalcade of NZ First MPs. Other than Tracey Martin and maybe Ron Mark, they are Talkback radio callers with the intellectual nuance of a pool of  piss that has been left in the sun for a week.

We can’t seriously want this in Parliament…

NZ First candidate vows to remove Treaty of Waitangi from law

A New Zealand First candidate has announced a radical bid to scrap the Treaty of Waitangi from New Zealand law.

Kym Koloni announced her plan at a fiery ‘meet the candidates’ event for the Northcote electorate on Auckland’s North Shore on Monday night.

She envisions ditching the Waitangi Tribunal, removing all references to the Treaty of Waitangi from legislation, as well as removing iwi clauses in the Resource Management Act.

Koloni said, “We want Kiwi, not iwi,” as she underlined her party’s desire for universal law for as opposed to racist separatism.

Her address prompted cries of “shame” at the well-attended event.

“Racism flourishes in our country. Our New Zealanders now can be treated differently based on our race,” she said.

“No living people, black or white, are responsible for what other black and white people did many generations ago.”

Koloni, 38th on the party list, also undertook to run a binding referendum on the need for Māori seats.

To her policy promises, an audience member interrupted: “How is that not racist?”

Undeterred Koloni ended her address by throwing handfuls of lollies at the crowd, while saying “Here’s what a real lolly scramble looks like.”

…any more than we can want this…

Jacinda Ardern wants old, disabled to commit suicide, National MP claims

National MP Simon O’Connor has accused Labour leader Jacinda Ardern of being “happy to encourage the suicide of the elderly, disabled, and sick”.

The MP for Tamaki made the comments in a post on his Facebook page late on Sunday night.

“It’s strange that Jacinda is so concerned about youth suicide but is happy to encourage the suicide of the elderly, disabled, and sick,” he wrote.

“Perhaps she just values one group more than the others? Just saying.”

…so ensuring that Jacinda can actually implement the progressive platform she is promoting means she has allies better suited than NZ First, which is why I’m Party voting Green. The bigger the Green vote, the less influence NZ First has.

Polls are open now, don’t just go to the election booth yourself, reach out and take a friend, family member, bloody anyone, and vote!



    • Jacinda is due to be as good as Helen at least, and we need her to come out again soon into the public spotlight before the bulk of voters vote.

  1. I don’t need convincing.

    It is Green for my party vote and being in a marginal seat i am voting Labour for my candidate vote because we may get National out of CHCH Central and Duncan Webb elected to represent the seat.


  2. Right on, Bomber.

    Jacinda has crossed into the popular vote. She needs the serious, stable direction of the Greens to really get the country back together.

  3. Koloni forgot that she’s supposed to be using a dog whistle not an actual whistle.

    As for the pool of stale piss, I rate Fletcher Tabuteau – don’t think he’s in that pool.

  4. Ok. I’m good with that. My personal views of many things aside.
    Anything, anything at all to rid ourselves of the scourge that is national and their fascist bankster mates.

  5. Jacinda is due to be as good as Helen at least.

    We need Jacinda to come out again soon into the public spotlight before the bulk of voters vote.

    At least she will be able to drag some national swing votes her way while others are sabotaging the left vote only.


  6. I they didn’t run a candidate in Wellington Central, they’d give James Shaw a shot at an electorate seat. If it’s good enough for National and ACT in Epsom, it’s good enough for Labour and the Greens in Wellington Central.

  7. We need NZ first to help Labour/Greens over the line?

    I don’t care how but we need to strategies now for this now to move to win this crucial election as that is the most important goal now.

    I attended this Winston peters Public meeting in Gisborne, where over 200 attended as seating was for 200 and their were twenty standing after seating was full so he is hugely popular in the provinces and here is why. Gisborne is a small City of 40 000 odd people so over 200 attending was good.

    September 13, 2017
    On the hustings in Gisborne with Winston Peters
    by Wynsley Wrigley Published: September 13, 2017 10:33AM

    ON THE ATTACK: New Zealand First leader Winston Peters claims Gisborne does not have the ear of Wellington and “the old parties”. In Gisborne yesterday, Mr Peters said New Zealand First would provide financial support to regional airports, including Gisborne’s, and support reinstatement of the Gisborne to Napier rail line.

    NEW Zealand First supports reinstatement of the Gisborne to Napier rail line and state funding of regional airports such as Gisborne’s, said party leader Winston Peters when he was in Gisborne yesterday.
    He told the Herald that Land Transport funding of Railways of National Importance, such as the Gisborne line, had long been party policy, but was disappointed that many Gisborne people would not know that.
    “We will provide much-needed funding for regional airports owned by local authorities to help pay for infrastructure improvements and to meet safety and amenity standards,” he said.
    “Unlike big airports they don’t have large revenues to help pay for the things they need. Every OECD country subsidises regional airports and air services, except New Zealand.
    “Even the USA, home of the market, knows and does that. These countries know airports are crucial for communications, business development, air ambulances, and tourism, and must be supported by central government.”
    Mr Peters said the sky around Gisborne was “darkening” because of the “old parties”.
    “Politicians come here and say what they want to do for you. I’ve seen years of them doing stuff all for you. I see Gisborne and what it’s become.
    “It still has the same people, resources and assets. It has everything, but it does not have the ear of Wellington.”
    Mr Peters said nothing could be more compelling in his argument than closure of Gisborne’s rail line.

    New Zealand First supported it from beginning
    “No one put their hand up to defend it other than one party: New Zealand First. Not now, not last month, not last year, but when it happened and since then.
    “You give us a chance in this campaign, we are going to open it.”
    He said no treasury analysis was required. No transport infrastructure was efficient everywhere. There could be both inefficient and efficient sectors, which together made a successful operation.
    If inefficient areas were wound back, efficient areas were affected because overall numbers diminished.
    He said regional airports were part of the national grid.
    “If the United States and other OECD countries understand that, why not New Zealand?”
    Mr Peters said other regional airports to benefit from the policy included Kaitaia, Kerikeri, Whangarei, Kaitaia, Chatham Islands, Hokitika, Masterton, Taupo, Timaru, Westport, Whakatane and Whanganui.
    “Eleven airports are being told to put up or shut up. This is astonishing. Who do they think goes through Auckland Airport? A lot of them are going to places like Gisborne, they all add up.”
    Public pronouncements
    At a public meeting at the Cosmopolitan Club Mr Peters said:
    • New Zealand First would ensure continuity of forestry supply for local processors, and keep forestry sustainable.
    • The New Zealand Forestry Service would be reinstated. “This plan is so good the Labour Party swiped it a few days ago.”
    • New Zealand First is committed to a massive campaign to seal rural roads, improve road quality and double-lane bridges where sensible. “We want Gisborne to have a fully co-ordinated transportation strategy with road, rail and coastal shipping.”
    • New Zealand First would return the GST paid by international tourists in this region for tourism infrastructure and roads, and to stimulate job training and opportunities.
    • Any water rights for exports in this region would pay serious royalties, which would return to Gisborne.
    • New Zealand First will help exporters, farmers and others by fixing the Reserve Bank Act.
    • Devaluation of the dollar would help export-orientated provinces like Gisborne.

  8. Yep ,- Green for the party vote for this kid , … was going to be Labour when Andy Little was there, but now its heave to for the Greens to make sure they’re in. As they will be with room to spare despite the best efforts of the RWNJ’s.

  9. I cast my vote yesterday … party vote Green, electorate vote Labour.

    The less chance of NZF being in the mix the better! The further away Winston is from a L/G coalition isn’t far enough for me!

  10. The possibility of the greens dipping below 5% is the most serious risk to the left’s chances. The whole vote would be wasted and it will be close to 5% even if it doesn’t quite make it. That is the most urgent reason to vote green , so you’re on the right track Martyn.
    D J S

  11. Jacinda – How to find national’s weakness and use this to balance the tax questions they are using against Labour
    From NZ supporters of Jacinda.
    13th September 2017.
    For labour to ask PM.
    First question. Eight says ago when you was having your second debate with the PM, we suggested you should challenge the PM why he has he not told NZ yet what plans he has to sell more assets?

    Second question is what safeguards to protect our sovereignty and our right to govern over corporations and foreign Governments, will he disclose those agreements to the electorate now that he has secretly agreed to about the TPPA !! deal and why he will not tell NZ Voters firstly what he has agreed to?

  12. My concern is that the Greens will get too few votes to be of influence – either by not getting over the 5% threshold or by getting into parliament but being too small to get Labour across the line. I am not sure that this is the election to stick to your principles and vote for Greens no matter what. If the Greens do not cross 5% then your vote will end up pushing up the National vote. If the Greens get across the threshold, then Labour will probably still need NZF anyway. Labour plus NZF is not ideal, I’d take it hands down over four more years of having to tolerate Paula Bennett and co (oh my God she’s awful).

    So this year I will vote Labour for the first time after having always voted Green.


    • The only polls that put the Greens under 5% are the ones commissioned by TV3 (surprise, surprise), this isn’t a realistic risk considering the Greens tend to get 1 or 2% more in the election than in the polls. If the Greens are not part of a Labour-led government, it will be no improvement on another three years of National. Labour-NZ First government would be the same self-contradictory mess that it was in the last term of the Clark government. Please, let’s not subject ourselves to that again.

  13. What if Labour asked everyone who was going to give them their party vote and who has a surname staring with the letters A – C (for example) consider voting Green instead . . just means that it might tip Greens over the 5% threshold and ensures that it may not bleed off too much of the Labour vote?

  14. Already done my little Bombarino.

    For the first time ever I party voted Green.

    If I may quote Ray, “Vote early, vote often eh Marty.”

  15. Party vote Green .

    With the Greens in serious danger of not being there , they need to claw back another min 1-2% swing back from the Labour party vote to stay in.

    That 2% could have come from the Top party whose social policies are remarkably similar to the Greens and have split the vote to the Greens detriment .So they need something extra in the last week to get over the line.This is it .

    Despite massive public opposition both National ( no changes ) and Labour ( 1 minor change ) have said they will follow through on TPP/TPP-11.( Jaccinda Adren RNZ Morning Report 12 /9/17).Bugger that .

    If you want the TPP then party vote National or Labour .

    If you don,t want TPPA in NZ ,then party vote Green.

    People switching their party vote back from Labour to the Greens over TPP ,is potentially a life saving lift for the greens .It need only be 1-2% to stop them going extinct.So lets do this.

    Many kiwis, around 65% ,don’t want a bar of TPPA and for Labour to quietly switch its stance under Adren is a huge act of betrayal .

    Its time for Prof Kelsey , Its Our Future NZ , and other concerned organisations to activate their nation wide mail lists ,and advocate for a party who will comprehensively say we will not be ruled by corporations.

    Labour = TPP.

    Greens = No TPP.

    Party vote Green.

  16. why are people panicking I have confidence the greens will make it. The right have been trying to take the greens out and we all know why.
    They are trying to get rid of those who threaten there most from returning to power. Why do you think they got rid of Metiria and they did and why do you think they tried to get rid of win- stone and now they are using dirty tactics against Jacinda. I see they look like they just spent another million on new billboards and another advertisement tying to look like they care after 9 years. So what has been their lines quote’ we now have the right economic conditions due to good fiscal management of our economy’. When we all know this a load of bulldust. So when bull says stardust we should all chime in and say what is better star dusts or bulldusts. And what has been the cost of the tories good economic management? This is a David and Goliath election and we all know who goliath is. Now how did david take down goliath? with a simple sling and that is how we need to think. What is our sling? I believe it is the people and nothing beats people power and that is what we all need to focus on in the next 9 days. We need to get out in our communities and talk to people (hell Iv’e even been asking our local beggars if they are voting while giving them a few cans of food then I tell them your vote is important and ask them are you registered ) We need to empower our young and disenfranchised and encourage them to vote, take them to vote early if you can.

  17. What about your other vote?

    I’m guessing you live in Wellington Central Martyn? Just a hunch.

    It might be too late in the day, but TOPs plan to target an electoral seat seem sound to me and a good use of an otherwise meaningless vote.

  18. Voted Green today at the Johnsonville mall … Bloody queue out the door! Gave Greg O’Connor my electorate vote. I feel long overdue change in the air. And that’s more amazing given we’re not only up against the Tories and their vitriolic, narcissistic gang of supporters (just browse Mr Blobby’s blog and you’ll get the picture) but Crosby Texter and the thousands spent on fake subliminal messages … Be it overtly through Humpty Dumpty Joyce or getting flunkies to call into talkback radio.

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