Consider the National Party madness that has been exposed in this election


There has been so much noise generated daily in this election that some of the pure insanity that is the National Party isn’t being given the due focus that it deserves.


  • Immigration numbers wrong

National’s entire growth illusion is based on cheap immigration which keeps the property bubble from bursting while pushing rents up. National have to attack any questions on the insane immigration numbers we have as xenophobic as if merely pointing out how National are gaming the economy is somehow racist.

National needs the immigration issue to remain invisible so its manipulation of it doesn’t get attacked for the gridlock we are seeing in every urban area or the crippling housing affordability cancer but unfortunately for National it emerged that the immigration stats are actually far worse…

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Winston Peters unhappy to learn immigration stats underestimated by 59,000

The number of net migrants coming into the country since 2001 has been underestimated by nearly 60,000, Statistics New Zealand says.

Under National’s last 9 years we have seen about 500 000 migrants move to NZ and not one new hospital built. National’s reliance on immigration has to be highlighted and attacked for the fake growth model it is.


  • Paid Parental Leave U-turn 

National’s decision to extend paid parental leave now when they voted it down last year is pure political chicanery. National refused to allow it when Labour had a Parliament majority and using false data vetoed the idea. Allowing it to happen now simply means almost 19 000 kids who would have been born with this parental leave have missed out so that National could use this policy in the election.

Any Government who would purposely  screw over 19 000 kids just for political point scoring shouldn’t be allowed in power.


  • The hole in Labour’s budget that doesn’t exist 

National’s claim that there is an $11billion hole in Labour’s Budget has now been decried as a bare faced lie by almost every single credible economist in NZ…

National’s fiscal claims ‘pure fiction’ – economists

Mr Joyce yesterday claimed Labour had mistakenly not accounted for rolling out operational allowances year on year.

Labour said the figures were robust and the claim was a cynical attempt to distract voters.

Mr Joyce insisted today that outside of laying down its spending on health and education, Labour had left no allocation for increased spending in any other area of government.

“Either they’ve mucked up the allowances and it’s an $11.7 billion hole, or they’ve just ignored the expenditure they’d have to make over the next four years – which is also an $11.7 billion hole.”

“This is not a game of popularity,” he said.

He said Labour’s figures would mean a two-year freeze on most government expenditure, with no new money for things like funding for the new Ministry of Vulnerable Children.

But experts said today National had made an error and did not read Labour’s policy properly.

…so let’s be clear here. The Minister of Finance is lying about Labour’s budget and instead of denouncing that lie, the media are giving the lie free airing as if it’s a debate with two sides. It isn’t, National are lying, everyone else isn’t!

National are more than happy to deceive and manipulate the truth to win and the NZ media are allowing them to do that!


  • Human Rights but not for Gang members

Where does one even begin with this bloody awful raw meat bullshit? Bill English rushed around the news rooms after Paula Bennett boasted that she would ‘stretch’ human rights by allowing unreasonable search powers of ‘gang’ members to tell them she was wrong and that she ‘mis-spoke’.

Really? She ‘mis-spoke’?

But Bill, you were right beside her when she ‘mis-spoke’, why didn’t you correct her then? In fact, what did you say when she boasted about removing human rights from criminals? Why you said that it was great the NZ didn’t have a written constitution so that racist get tough on crime wank party’s like yours could get away with doing this sort of shit didn’t you you spineless little gimp!

What no one is talking about is the ease with which these unreasonable search powers can be expanded to just about anyone. The definition of a ‘gang member’ in these search and surveillance powers is 3 people who are working together planning to break the law – that sounds like every political activist group I know.

The reason Bill ran around the next day telling everyone Paula was wrong was because Paula opened up the possibility that everyone charged in the future under this bullshit will be able to challenge it in Court, because Human Rights are not something the Government can just take away from you. Even when National are trying to play to the worst elements of our nature they still can’t help but fuck it up!



  • Homelessness really a silver lining for prosperity 

Promising to be an arsehole on human rights wasn’t the only monumentally stupid thing Bennett said last week, she also tried to claim that homelessness was actually a ‘positive’ immigration story. That’s right folks, the 41 000 homeless who spill out of cars, boarding homes and garages  onto our streets is actually a ‘positive’ immigration story.

Where the Christ these deluded  fuckwits get off glossing over their social policy failures to keep propping up the speculative property bubble that keeps the fake growth rate up by describing homelessness as a ‘positive’ is beyond any sort of basic standard.


  • Collapse in state housing stock 
Feeding into our homelessness stats of course is the privatisation of state houses which continues at speed under National…

Gone in two years: Housing NZ stock plummets by nearly 4000 in transfer to other providers

Housing NZ’s latest quarterly report reveals the agency’s portfolio of 63,276 houses had shrunk by 3922 since 2015, including by 1132 properties in the past year. 
while we are now spending  millions on motels trying to keep the homeless embarrassment out of the news headlines, we are flogging off state houses. Why spend millions on motels when we could just put those homeless into state houses highlights the rigid ideological free market mentality that underpins this social policy vandalism.
National know NZers blame poor people for the situation they find themselves in, so National can continue to privatise the housing of the poor while trying to pass off their spite as an attempt to ‘fix’ the problem when the problem that needs ‘fixing’ is their belief that the State doesn’t have an obligation to provide homes to its poorest members.
  • Water Tax, Tourism Tax and National’s anti-tax spin
Currently National are attempting to scream that Labour have a ‘secret tax agenda’ and that they need to be upfront about a new tax. Really? Over the last 9 years National have introduced 18 new taxes that they never went to the electorate with. It also turns out that most NZers support a tourism tax from the bloody tourists and they also support a water tax to stop National’s mates the farmers from continuing to steal and pollute our rivers for free.
NZers accept that after 9 years of National doing nothing on these pressing issues that we have to pay or force tourists to pay for the infrastructure we desperately need to protect what we have left. National’s inability to counter beyond ‘Labour will tax you’ shows how little they have left to offer.
  • Bootcamps are the most counterproductive policy we could ever pass
 How counterproductive is National’s Bootcamps policy? Let’s reflect on the last ones we did

Supporters call it tough love. But as Herald reporter Matt Nippert reminded us recently, there was no love revealed in his 2015 expose of the privately run “Devil’s Island” boot camp on Great Barrier Island where the Government banished our most troubled youth from the late 1980s until 2004.

This so-called “youth justice facility” was abandoned after government investigators finally admitted, after years of dismissing kids’ complaints, that it was a hell on earth. Kids were made “to dig their own graves” and subjected to mock executions. One was hunted by a gun-toting neighbour who shot at him.

On TVNZ’s Sunday the other night, one of the ministers responsible, Ruth Dyson, said that far from rehabilitating the victims, this state-funded “violence and abuse” had “turned them into resentful and angry young people who would never trust the system again”.

A third of boys said they’d been seriously assaulted by staff. One said he’d been raped.

This comes at a time when English is refusing to hold an independent inquiry into the myriad claims of abuse suffered by young people in a number of other state-funded residential facilities from the early 1940s up to 1992.

More than $17 million has been quietly paid out in compensation, but he refuses the Human Rights Commissioner’s call for a formal inquiry. Before Great Barrier, the politicians had experimented with “Corrective Training”.

For 21 years from 1982, the worst of our problem kids were dispatched to CT camps for three months of early wake-ups, physical exercise and hard work.

An early report revealed that 71 per cent of the first year “graduates” committed further offences.

By 1997, the reconviction rate after five years was 92 per cent, or three times the reoffending rate of the general prison population.

Principal Youth Court judge Andrew Becroft later quipped that the traditional youth offender boot camp was “arguably the least successful sentence in the Western World”.

He said “it made them healthier, fitter, faster, but they were still burglars, just harder to catch”.

In 2009, English’s predecessor, John Key, had another go, introducing Military-Style Activity Camp (MAC) programmes to “reinforce self-discipline, personal responsibility and community values” in the worst 40 youth offenders each year.

Of MAC’s first 31 “graduates”, 61 per cent reoffended within six months, 10 of them committing a total of 126 offences in that time. The reoffending rate proved to be similar to that of other young criminals not involved with MAC.

Two defence personnel were disciplined over the period for physical and verbal attacks on trainees. A report last year to the Ministry of Social Justice showed a similar pattern overseas. “International research regarding the effectiveness of military-style interventions is mixed,” concluded a study team headed by a clinical psychologist, Associate Professor Ian Lambie.

They reported that two surveys of the international literature showed “no overall difference in recidivism rates between participants in boot camp interventions” and those placed in community supervision or in a youth jail. Another survey showed that boot camps “were significantly associated with increased recidivism”.

…remember the bootcamp is just a smoke screen. This is all about allowing 14, 15, 16 and 17 year olds to be put on trial in adult courts, the bootcamp part is to distract the stupid from seeing what National are really trying to achieve here.
Once again we have National promoting bigoted spite that will only make things worse to gloss over an even more draconian move (putting teenagers into adult courts).
  • Build more roads!
Whenever National get into trouble, they announce building more roads, there are 3 problems with just building more bloody roads.

Firstly, there are better mass transport options with rail instead of those roads, National are simply promoting old thinking that has led to the current clusterfuck of gridlock we see in all our major cities. National have brought in half a million new migrants over their 3 terms and not built one new hospital – our infrastructure underfunding can’t cope with National’s only growth mechanism which is mass immigration.

Secondly, all promising $10billion in new roads shows is how much political power the road construction industry has over the infrastructure agenda of the country. If a new Labour led Government replaces National in September, they will need to quickly grapple with the power of this group.

Thirdly, all National are showing here is political expediency and it smells off to the voter. Why do National only care when we are 3 months out from the election? It reeks of the same mistake National made in Northland in the by-election when it sounded like their promised 10 bridges were actually a threat to voters.

If only we could trick National into thinking suicide prevention was a road, because maybe we could get them to fund it properly.
  • Hiding Bill’s involvement in the Todd Barclay texts


Bill English fought to have his police statement over Todd Barclay affair withheld
Prime Minister Bill English fought to have his police statement over the Todd Barclay affair withheld from the public despite assuring Parliament it was a police decision to keep his involvement secret.

Documents released under the Official Information Act show police believe English’s statement should have been released.

But all mention of English was removed from the file when it was released to the Herald in March.

It later emerged the Prime Minister had been interviewed as a witness in the police investigation into allegations Barclay secretly recorded a staff member, raising questions over how his involvement had been hidden from the public.

Prime Minister Bill English fought to have his police statement over the Todd Barclay affair withheld from the public despite assuring Parliament it was a police decision to keep his involvement secret.

Documents released under the Official Information Act show police believe English’s statement should have been released.

But all mention of English was removed from the file when it was released to the Heraldin March.

It later emerged the Prime Minister had been interviewed as a witness in the police investigation into allegations Barclay secretly recorded a staff member, raising questions over how his involvement had been hidden from the public.

Police were told it should be withheld on privacy grounds as it was a text message “between two private individuals”.

“The text communication involved Mr English as a member of the National Party, communicating with another member of the National Party.”

Police responded after taking legal advice, saying it had removed some details but could not “justifiably withhold the entire text or make any more redactions based on the grounds you have listed”.

Police were then told that if the text message was removed, then all mention of the text message should be removed from English’s statement – if it was released at all.

The release of the OIA was postponed and after repeated requests on behalf of English, police said the Prime Minister’s witness statement would be withheld along with any text messages.

Canterbury crime prevention manager Inspector Tony Hill – who was handling it for police – then asked: “Were there are other areas of concern?”

English’s advocate asked: “Can you please clarify if there is any reference to Mr English in any other material being released?”

When told a statement would be made saying English had been interviewed, the advocate asked: “Can you explain why the only person who can be identified from this summary is Mr English?

“No other person involved in the investigation is able to be identified – why only Mr English? Instead of categorising people, why don’t you refer to witnesses as interested parties?”

The information was released shortly after with no reference to the Prime Minister.

…so let’s get this straight.

Barclay lied for months about secretly taping a staff member, Bill English first didn’t know anything, then did know something, then questioned if any such tape even existed and then admitted to being asked to listen to the tape that never existed while National Party Board members bullied staff and made veiled threats.

On top of that, English fought tooth and nail to hide his involvement and leaned on the Police to ensure that happened.

How is this not the only thing the media are asking questions on daily?

  • Political hit on Winston Peters using private information

So we are to believe that National sat on this information about Winston and did nothing despite the PM’s Office colluding with the SIS to falsely undermine the Leader of the Opposition months before the 2011 election. This despite Paula Bennett releasing detailed information about beneficiaries who were complaining about her draconian welfare system. This despite Paula Bennet saying she would release private information again even after the Human Rights Commission ruled against her and said she couldn’t do that. This despite all the evidence that this type of dirty politics is exactly what National do.

Despite all that we are to believe National on this occasion are as innocent as the driven snow? Aren’t we really seeing the underhanded and dirty level National are prepared to go to win?


  • The shame of our Suicide rate 

Finally. Our horror suicide rate.

Suicide rate increases for third year in a row

The number of people who died by suicide in New Zealand has increased for the third year in a row. 

Six hundred and six people committed suicide in the 2016/2017 year, according to provisional figures released by Chief Coroner Judge Deborah Marshall on Monday.

It is the highest actual figure since records began, although the rate of death per 100,000 people has remained relatively constant over the last decade.

The anguish, loneliness and total lack of safety networks available alongside our toxic masculinity culture has been ignored because we don’t want to ask why hollow consumer culture and rampant individualism have conspired to rob us of hope.

National’s admission this year that our current approach to suicide isn’t working would be funny if it weren’t so heartbreaking.

So, in conclusion.

National’s immigration model creating unsustainable growth is utterly broken, 19 000 babies have to do with less so National can play political games, National are allowed to actively lie about Labour’s budget, National boast about removing human rights from criminals, National claim homelessness is really a positive immigration story, National privatise 4000 state houses while paying millions in temporary motels, a secret tax agenda spin attack that ignores National’s own 18 taxes,  bootcamps that don’t work, bridges that go to nowhere, a PM who has lied about his involvement in keeping Todd Barclay in Parliament to pass a dozen laws, a dirty politics attack on Winston and a suicide rate that is a criminal that National have done nothing for.

That’s the totality of National’s fuckwittery in just the last few weeks.

How the hell this Party can still gain over 40% support is the question that should be troubling most of us, if National Party voters can still vote for these criminals after all the damage they have caused, then those National Party voters are part of the problem.

National is a Political Party who values order over justice – consider that for a moment and what it says about us as a country.


  1. Touch of brilliance here Martyn. You nailed it 1000%

    “How the hell this Party can still gain over 40% support is the question that should be troubling most of us, if National Party voters can still vote for these criminals after all the damage they have caused, then those National Party voters are part of the problem.”

    Try my review of ‘Steven (propagandist) Joyce’ botch up three years ago of our Napier/Gisborne Rail where he used his ‘propaganda agency MBIE to falsify a study reference records then!!!!!!

    So SS Joyce makes his whole life just a manufactured lie!!!!!
    Press release from CEAC. – 6th September 2017.

    ‘New complete all-inclusive meaningful rail study required’

    According to our community assessment of the ‘East Coast Regional Economic Potential Study’ 2014 that (S Joyce) in Government used to mothball the Napier Gisborne rail service, both the RMA and the NZTA environmental requirements were not considered during the completion of that report, which was legally required to have been considered including “the social and environmental ‘impacts’ of any changes in transport planning.

    It is now very clear that Mr Brownlee & Steven Joyce during their haste in producing this ‘MBIE Napier Gisborne rail viability report’ failed to include the costs of those ‘environmental impacts’ upon both ‘built’ communities and the ‘natural’ environment as required by legislation and NZTA’s own environmental guidelines.

    Now three years later (2017) all our communities of HB/Gisborne are suffering with road freight increased truck movements that are generating large negative public health impacts from truck noise, vibrations, and air pollution and loss of enjoyment of life and property values.

    We agree with fully with Gisborne Councillor Manu Caddie in 2014 who called this study “a whitewash”.

    We now strongly call on the new Government to have this flawed study scraped and our long suffering community groups from each region involved in a new ‘complete all-inclusive meaningful rail study required’ that includes all their “negative environmental impacts” using road only freight

    Quoting from the press release in 2014 Mr Brownlee claimed “when operational, rail only accounted for 2 to 3 per cent of freight from the region and the report finds no clear evidence of a significant economic impact following its closure,” Mr Brownlee said.
    “The study illustrates the need to develop further capacity for heavy vehicles on State Highway 35 north of Gisborne and to maintain the quality of State Highway 2 between Gisborne and Napier, and northwest of Gisborne to the Bay of Plenty,” he said.

    Those explanations from the Transport Minister Mr Brownlee and Mr Joyce in the release of the study then both showed the lack of environmental awareness and consideration and cost of transport planning then in 2014.

    We want the new Government after 23rd September to include those costs so communities are covered and compensated for any negative impacts from the loss of rail.

    Public health &safety must be protected.

  2. Unfortunately, as Germany showed us in the 1930s, a significant proportion of the population are so fearful of externalities (whether real, imagined, or exaggerated) that they will “value order over justice”.

    It will be the role of the Left to continually push down the throats of those “40%” the consequences of their “valuing order” over social justice.

    Which one reason why the homeless rough-sleepers should never be banned from our streets. They are the direct consequence of “valuing order” over social justice and by god, let those 40% be reminded every day of the consequences of “valuing order over justice”.

    • My understanding is the Germans felt they didn’t start WW1 but were footed the bill. The German Empire was too strong to balance in Europe thus it was dismantled. They were not allowed an army of large size and suffered rampant unemployment along with civil disorder from the collapse, with multiple factions gunning for power and control.

      It was a recipe for another WW2.

      Obviously it’s a bit different today when Moscow and Beijing are footing the bill for everything. The BRICS nations are just way to strong to balance globalisation thus it must be dismantled. They are not allowed an army of large size and suffer rampant copulation issues along with Pyongyang being disobedient from the Asian pivot, with multiple states gunning for power and control.

      It is a recipe for WW3.

  3. Well Martyn you summed that up after all this billshit we have stupid stupid selfish NZers still voting for this lot and I agree with what my mother said last election, quote “those stupid pakehas voted for national again” (she is a pakeha my mum but she aint stupid or selfish) Now I believe sire key started the great divide between the haves and have nots and then jumped ship leaving his bloody big mess for others to clean up.
    Boot camps my brother was one of many that was abused at the great barrier boot camps and so was William Bell who went on to kill three innocent people while high on P (RSA killings) this government needs to be exposed but our bias media are protecting their masters and so are others who have a vested interest. These people like the real estate companies really only care about themselves and their profit margins.
    Now billshit said he was gonna reduce child poverty by 100,000 in the next 3 years but he didn’t want to measure the level of poverty. At the same time he claims to be an evidence based man hence his social investment approach this is hypocrisy at the highest level. Where is your evidence bill?
    I look forward to the parties debate where billshit will get hammered by the other parties and where these parties have an opportunity to attack him on all the above. Then we will truly see how his credibility stands up once he has been exposed for the all the lies and deceit.

    • It was started well before Key, let’s not forget how many kids were left in poverty by Labour after 9 years in government.

      • Agree Michael. I don’t fully trust the current Labour lot; there’s still a lot of neo libs among them, which was the faction of the ’84 and ’87 governments that started the rot. That’s why I’m voting Green – a more reliable social democrat option.

  4. The only “hole” I can see is the one in Bullshit Bills, Todd Barclay affair.

    The fact that Hooten is now at his vitriolic best towards Jacinda, shows how very very worried they are, thus the Dirty Politics of Joyce to “create” doubt in kiwis minds. The issue here, is that unlike Key, Crosby, Textor strategisst aren’t working their magic and Joyce has not been as much dildo slapped this time but shown to be economically incompetent. And yet 40 % find that okay?

    • Look to Hoskings and Gower and the rest of the cocktail churnatists- this is why the sheeple are not waking up. If the media are not giving fair, true reporting they are just propergandists.

  5. transNational party & voters innately know that it’s all about holding power – the rest is window dressing.

    The bar for assessing Joyce’s $11bn allegation is whether or not it was astute not whether or not it was ethical.

  6. A pretty ghastly litany.

    I wonder when the Media is going to ask where in National’s policy is the mechanism to lift 100,000 kids out of poverty. Is it budgeted for? Is it referred to in any way? Had how do they plan for it to happen.

    Their current claims of success are based on what, exactly? They already claim to have lifted some 50,000 above the poverty line. How was this done? Was it the $25.00 we naver hear the end of? Was that all it took? Or was it forcing carers into low-pay jobs where they could no longer look after their kids, while transferring for “beneficiary recipient” to “working poor”. Great improvement. Many of these people will now be in a worse situation.

    The only way to deal with Child Poverty is by attacking it on a multi-platform basis.

    Education so parents can access better paid jobs. Good childcare support so parents can work without making things worse for their kids. Higher minimum wage levels. Good access to healthcare, perhaps through schools. Better community infrastructure. Joined-together family support of the whanauora type. And basic respect paid to parents who are struggling to give their children a good life.

    This is not the sort of thing you can solve with a few dollars.

    Nor is it something that can be helped by using an algorithm to identify 5000 “most at risk” when that group is only the tip of the iceberg, no matter how you try to focus all your energies there.

    The fact is, Bill English’s pet informatic project is an exercise in funding reallocation. It’s the sort of “solution” you come up with when you look down the wrong end of the telescope. Children in poverty are not statistics to be treated as such. They and their families are real people who deserve respect. And no matter how many “resource” you throw at some subset of poor people, unless you change the broad paradigm of the society settings they face, you will get nowhere. And, like all those other failed “targets” squirted out under John Key the upwardly mobile 100,000
    will just get filed under “election lie” in the trashcan of history.

    I wonder where that is in National’s plans.

    • They both need to be asked and front up on how they are going to get that number out of poverty, I am cynical about them both.

  7. Now Joyce is saying, Labours fiscal plan will push up loan rates. He doesn’t say how, he just put’s it out there, in the scaremongering universe.

    • If that’s true, why hasn’t national’s $90 billion debt pushed up interest rates? I think the gentleman doth protest too much.

    • Martyn has highlighted the fact the the MSM, are letting him get away with incorrect statements like Joyce’s imaginary 11.B fiscal hole.

      The MSM seem to be lapping Joyce up and taking to air/print/screen exactly what the National Party want to be publicly disseminated through the media like Jacinda and you say to scaremonger. I still think Gower and NewsHub owe Labour an apology for introducing the question during the leaders debate, because Joyce’s accusations had been debunked prior to the debate going live.

      Joyce’s latest comments no doubt will not be his last vague accusations aimed at trying to discredit Labour’s economic and fiscal credibility. I am hoping that enough swing voters see through Joyce’s use of deceit and fear to oust both him and Bill come 23 September 2017.

    • Martyn has highlighted the fact the the MSM, are letting him get away with incorrect statements like Joyce’s imaginary 11.B fiscal hole.

      The MSM seem to be lapping Joyce up and taking to air/print/screen exactly what the National Party want to be publicly disseminated through the media like Jacinda and you say to scaremonger. I still think Gower and NewsHub owe Labour an apology for introducing the question during the leaders debate, because Joyce’s accusations had been debunked prior to the debate going live.

      Joyce’s latest comments no doubt will not be his last vague accusations aimed at trying to discredit Labour’s economic and fiscal credibility. I am hoping that enough swing voters see through Joyce’s use of deceit and fear to oust both him and Bill come 23 September 2017.

    • Thing is Bert, this mode of dirty politics they’re enagaged in isn’t resonating as well as previous elections.
      Like the Boy Who Cried Wolf, the swing voters are sick of this shit.
      This time, it’s Jacinda who’s wearing the teflon armour, rather than the white collar criminal Key.
      Their core constituency is those that can’t/won’t think, and the Blue Dragons. What those numbers are is anyones guess. But the trend is still downwards across the polls, hence the panic in their campaign.
      Add the fact they’ve managed to paint themselves into a corner as far as potential coalition partners go and I think they’re staring down the barrel.
      Straightjacketed by their extreme neoliberal ideology, they can only offer hollow promises, big mac tax cuts, funded by Public Private Partnerships, asset/land sales and indebtedness, for which the public has little appetite.
      No doubt things will get nastier, and their allies (NZ initiative, tax payers union, Hooten et al) will get louder.

      • I agree Quicksilver. I also believe that there are enough people who see that Dildo Joyce is clearly not intelligent enough and in fact Crosby and Textor are pulling Joyce’s strings.

  8. Its not “madness”. Its sociopaths conspiring in our extinction.

    Deliberate, rational, dirty politics, to drive the class interests of the NZ comprador capitalist class, as you say ‘gaming’ the National road of significance all the way to Wall Street.

    NZ’s weak, dependent, backward, economy is like most of the world, stagnating, facing a terminal crisis of falling profits and climate catastrophe.

    No wonder mass immigration and earthquakes are necessary to manufacture GDP growth at the expense of social and climate collapse.

    Without a constitution, the separation of powers is based on goodwill.
    The NACTS have concentrated power in Cabinet, by-passed Parliament, subordinated the bureaucracy and (almost) the judiciary, and of course the profit motive already captured the corporate media.

    Dirty politics becomes necessary to prevent political opposition from winning support, and the enlisting of spies and police is necessary to spy on an criminalize workers and lock up all those who resist.

    Cabinet rule, or better the creation of a PM who takes executive power personally, is how the naked ruling class cloaks its class power in fake ‘transparency’ – in reality the emperor with no clothes.

    The authoritarians of the capitalist/patriarchy culture worship servility to authority figures, especially those who practice the culture and are the ready fascist fodder for executive power to manufacture a civil and global wars against the poor.

    Those who resist this drive to fascism need to rally and organise to force whoever wins this election, to call a Constituent Assembly of all over the age of 16, to create a parliament that is sovereign, its representatives recallable, with delegates paid no more than the average wage, put work under workers control, close down the police and surveillance state, nationalise the land, renationalise state assets, create a state bank that can fund agriculture and industry, and completely socialise health, education and housing.

    Failing that, the movement for a Constituent Assembly has to be build on the basis of anti-fascism and workers democracy to take power and fight for a Workers Government to implement survival socialism.

  9. It’s called the “big sleep” and nobody and nothing seems to be able to waken the 40 percent up from it.

  10. National’s “Blue Dragons” that Bill English is so proud to take selfies with at every opportunity, are essentially the New Zealand branch of the Chinese Communist Party.

    • Blue would not have been the colour of choice for the Dragons. Red is their country’s traditional colour.
      Perhaps National promised to change their party colour to red if they get a 4th term.

      Reagan changed the Republicans from blue to red. Right-wingers love the symbols of power, and red is more aggressive than blue.

      National has been trending away from their traditional blue. Last elections brighter blue was the start. The new Nat jogger ad is using a teal blue that is a lot more agreeable than NZ/Britain’s imperial blue for many of NZ’s new voters.

  11. ‘How the hell this Party can still gain over 40% support is the question that should be troubling most of us’

    Easy: people prefer lies to truth. And few bother to become informed about anything beyond sports results and the composition of teams. And propaganda works; that why it is used, over and over and over again.

    Meanwhile, the world is rapidly turning to custard… which another reason why people refuse to face reality.

    Denial is not just a river in Egypt.

  12. The Transnational Capital Party is conferring voting rights to large numbers of new citizens and foreigners (permanent residents), to stay in power… forever.

  13. Oooooo,… so who’s been a naughty little boy and girl , then ?

    Little billy and Paula – poos… go to the back of the class!

    Seriously , – vote the monkeys out this September 23rd and get a real govt in , – we cant afford chumps running the place at this late stage of the game .

  14. Martyn, this Government is a “No truth no ethics no shame crowd.”

    Each one has contributed to an impoverished nation.

    The “blue dragons the immigration numbers and National/Act members” are busy preserving their wealth.

    They don’t want us to have a better life, as it might affect theirs.

  15. “… National’s mates the farmers …”

    See, there you go again. You really need to come up to speed on that one.

  16. It seems to me that Jacinda’s campaign has stalled and the MSM and this regime have made sure that the greatest threat to their rule in nine years is snuffed out.

    Key, English and the rest of these arrogant self serving shits have built a formidable electorate base which is more than happy to vote for these criminals to protect their wealth and position despite how bad the current administration is.

    Stupidity is the biggest threat to democracy and the country.

    • MOSA Has Jacinda’s campaign stalled?

      I suggested this;

      TV one Coleman Brunton poll due at 6 pm on TV One so if Labour stalls it is because of the lies that Steven Joyce told about the $11 billion hole.

      Labour should take a court case about lack of ‘real debate policy’ rights given to all opposition parties leading up to this election because if their policies were made clear months before this election most of the lies and misrepresentations/confusions left for the voter will have been worked through leaving a seamless simple choice election for all voters by now.

      This case would be argued on ‘the public good interest’ case.

  17. The questions I’d like to see asked …

    1. If it’s OK to charge NZ’ers the International rate for dairy products – isn’t it right NZ’ers should charge dairy produces the International rate for resources? Land, water, etc …

    2. How much will National increase GST by – this time – to pay for their tax cuts?

    3. Why are CEO’s remunerated at an International rate while employees are paid at a NZ rate? The NZ economy simply can’t afford these charlatans!

    4. Isn’t Maori getting a % of water revenue better than sending that money off shore to benefit the shareholders who have never stepped foot in NZ?

    I could go on … later

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