What many mainstream media pundits are missing about Jacinda and why they are missing it

By   /   September 2, 2017  /   17 Comments

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Most mainstream media journalists are boomers with property enjoying the rock star economy that National have built, they can not comprehend the struggles, pains, hope and aspirations of Gen Xers, Millennials, renters, workers or beneficiaries.

I think most mainstream media pundits still can’t get their head around Jacinda and are desperately falling over themselves for a narrative.

That tells you all you need to know.

Most mainstream media journalists are boomers with property enjoying the rock star economy that National have built, they can not comprehend the struggles, pains, hope and aspirations of Gen Xers, Millennials, renters, workers or beneficiaries.

They might appreciate the squeeze the middle class is under, but mostly they are pretty content with National’s economic settings.

The truth is that Jacinda with an emotional intelligence unseen in NZ politics is motivating entirely new demographics who don’t see inheritance tax, capital gains tax or wealth tax as anything to be frightened off because they don’t have anything to lose under those taxes.

While the mainstream media pundits gasp and cry over secret taxes and what that means for their investment property, the new under 40 electorate and the missing million voters are massing around Jacinda as the vehicle for their hopes and their aspirations.

This is a point that TDB has been making for some time now.

It’s the mainstream media being in the same class as National that makes it so difficult for them to see the deeply wound fault lines that have built under National’s inequality.

That’s why the shockwave is so frightening to them.

While many of our mainstream media journalists and punditry can’t comprehend the why of Jacinda’s rise they can align it for their own self interest.

The biggest sign that there will be a change of Government is all the incredibly positive coverage most of the Gallery Press are bow giving Labour.

Gower, Small, Tracey Watkins, Armstrong and even Roughan have all started purring towards Labour because their power comes from having proximity to power.

The Press Gallery and senior punditry are all slowly turning their back on National because they have sensed the change in power, and they want to now all start forging new relationships with the incoming power.

The mainstream punditry have no idea why Jacinda is winning, they just sense for their own livelihoods that a change is occurring and are jumping like rats off a sinking ship.


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  1. CLEANGREEN says:

    “The mainstream punditry have no idea why Jacinda is winning, they just sense for their own livelihoods that a change is occurring and are jumping like rats off a sinking ship.”

    They soon should be captured by HOPE as we were during Helen Clark’s 1999 rise as Helen breathed HOPE into the campaign with words; “kinder, gentler, caring, inclusive, transparent government”

    Jacinda is as clear as she can as Helen Clark was when she successfully stated those words of comfort before she won the 1999 election and earned the mantle of “Aunty Helen.”



    Do more of the same Jacinda and win over the MSM. ilovejacinda.

    • Im right says:

      [Comment declined for publication. Does not add to the debate. – Scarletmod]

      • Mike the Lefty says:

        Oh please don’t block him!
        He may not add to the debate but he sure is good entertainment value, like watching a wolf howling at the moon.

    • George. says:

      Thank you for voicing and putting it out there, your views and principles, valuable thoughts, it does match up simalarity to what I’m been thinking all along kind of sad really, but we will watch it with interest.
      This is a very interesting General Election of this Century that for sure.

  2. richarquis says:

    Rats off a sinking ship? Oh, NOOOOOOOOO… They are finely tuned arbiters of public sentiment! As Salman Rushdie said in his infamous “Satanic Verses” –

    “What kind of idea are you? Are you the kind that compromises, does deals, accommodates itself to society, aims to find a niche, to survive; or are you the cussed, bloody-minded, ramrod-backed type of damn-fool notion that would rather break than sway with the breeze? – The kind that will almost certainly, ninety-nine times out of hundred, be smashed to bits; but, the hundredth time, will change the world.”

    Handy hint, NZ. If you want to sway, go listen to Bic Runga. She’s awesome.

    Otherwise, break. #9/23

  3. Siobhan says:

    At an event in Havelock North (The Hawkes Bay version of old style Remuera) the other night all the old dears, community minded supporters of the Arts, were cooing over Jacinda.
    Which is a clear sign we are probably about to have a change of Government (fingers crossed). But the question is, are these voters really interested in any change to the economic and social status quo, or are they voting for things to be just a bit nicer and for someone to clear the beggars off Napiers streets??

  4. Nitrium Nitrium says:

    I’m not sold on Jacinda because I don’t think politics should be effectively ENTIRELY determined on personality. But thems the illiterate mobile phone youtube ADHD addled world we live in now, so I guess I’ll have to roll with it. That said, I love seeing National squirming uncomfortably. Like the Democrats putting Al Gore up after Bill Clinton and Hillary up after Obama, National thought they could put their zero personality up after Key and now find themselves struggling against someone with an actual pulse (admittedly an easy mistake to have made, given Labour had their own zombie politician with Little at the time). Politics doesn’t work that way anymore, and hasn’t for some time.

    • CLEANGREEN says:

      Winston made a big hit here in HB last night see this.

      He talks the talk and is really supported here as he cares about our province and Gisborne too’ quite refreshing really as these two HB/Gisborne areas are what is termed overseas as the ‘Forgotten provinces.’ when I was abroad.

      I lived in Canada & US for many years as a kiwi off and on from 1968 through 1998.

      Winnie/Labour I will be.


      Water high on agenda for NZ First leader Winston Peters
      2 Sep, 2017 4:00am

      New Zealand First leader Winston Peters makes big promises for the regions during a Hastings and Districts Grey Power meeting yesterday. Photo/Warren Buckland
      By: Victoria White

      Victoria White is a reporter for Hawke’s Bay Today
      victoria.white@nzme.co.nz HawkesBayToday

      From water royalties, reopening the Napier-Gisborne line, to revitalising Hawke’s Bay economy – New Zealand First leader Winston Peters covered the big issues on a quick stop in Hawke’s Bay yesterday.
      Over 150 people gathered at Hastings Baptist Church to hear the Northland MP share his vision on the country’s future, and poke jibes at the policies of his political opponents at a Hastings & Districts Grey Power Association meeting.

      Roaring into town in his personalised tour bus, Mr Peters arrived at the church to thunderous applause from the Grey Power crowd, joined by his party’s Tukituki candidate, Joe Kairau, and MP Clayton Mitchell.
      Mr Peters, and his bus, had last been in Hawke’s Bay as part of his tour around the country.

      “We took that bus tour to remind the people of this country who live in the regions that whilst they may have a tin ear in Wellington and be deaf, one party hears you, and understands what is going on, or not going on, in the regions of this country.”
      This set the tone for the hour-long meeting, during which the MP spoke about how his party’s policies would benefit those in the provinces – touching on everything from housing, immigration, to revitalising regional economies.
      A major talking point was water: “I never thought we would be in an election campaign, say 10, 20 years ago, where water would be the No 1 issue for a lot of people, but it is” he said. “And its a pretty big issue down here in the Hawke’s Bay.”
      He touched on the “pressing issues” for the region – the Ruataniwha Water Storage Scheme and the Water Conservation Order for two rivers.
      Hawke’s Bay voters needed to know how the two major parties were going to address water issues, he said, but criticised both their policies.
      As well as floating ideas for balancing the environment with primary production, he urged the crowd to be “very concerned” about Labour’s water tax which – although partly similar to the policy he touted during his bus tour seven weeks ago – would hurt Hawke’s Bay’s primary industries.
      Both Labour and National’s policies would “mean a stiff charge for everybody who needs water in this country now, unless that is stopped”.
      NZ First’s “royalties for the regions” policy would see any royalties paid out of Hawke’s Bay return here.

      More could come Hawke’s Bay’s way with his proposal to return some money spent by tourists back to the region’s where it was spent.
      Only a small amount of time was devoted to the issues directly affecting the majority of his audience – although he did pledge three free doctors’ visits, and one free eye test a year, and that the new super gold card would be out in the next fortnight.

      Before leaving for the next stop on the campaign trail Mr Peters shook hands, and took selfies with attendees, such as 19-year-old Josh.
      He and his mother, Jane, who did not want their last names used, said they liked Mr Peters as he addressed the issues rather than becoming involved in political games.

      Barbara Tamati, a NZ first supporter for about three years, had come to listen to Mr Peters and support her son-in-law, Tukituki candidate Joe Kairau.

      Before the meeting she said she hoped to hear from Mr Peters “that things are going to get better, that’s the main thing”.

      • CLEANGREEN says:

        TV3 Roy Morgan Research New Zealand general election, 2017 poll due tomorrow at 6pm 3/9/17 TV3 said tonight.

    • Grant Insley says:

      ….and it isn’t entirely determined on personality. There has been shitloads of policy announced. It’s all in how it’s presented and how much trust voters have. National has lost most of that. Caught out in too much BS!

    • Pete says:

      Not arguing that we don’t live in an ‘illiterate mobile phone youtube ADHD addled world’. That’s sort of seems to suggest though that the new generation of that world is not just different but deficient.

      Deficient? What about the crowd at Kiwiblog, the Nat lovers there? How come the older generation, the conservative older types brought up in a proper world, those ‘good old days’ not tainted by coming from a mobile phone youtube ADHD world, as exemplified by the crowd there on Kiwiblog, are nasty, bitter, intolerant, intellectually deficient fuckwits?

  5. Red Buzzard says:

    +100..re..”truth is that Jacinda with an emotional intelligence unseen in NZ politics is motivating entirely new demographics who don’t see inheritance tax, capital gains tax or wealth tax as anything to be frightened off because they don’t have anything to lose under those taxes|”.

    ..I like this “emotional intelligence”and hope it is true…i liked the way she said an unequivocal “Yes” to cannabis reform…this will be a vote winner for Labour

    ‘ ‘Absolutely yes’: Jacinda Ardern succinct and stubborn on medicinal cannabis use’


    • Danyl Strype says:

      She’s also said that she doesn’t want to see anyone locked up for using cannabis, which is a dog whistle to us in the recreational cannabis reform movement, *suggesting* that she would vote for decriminalization for personal use too, but *not* committing to it. But she also said in the same interview that cannabis law change will be a conscience vote for Labour, whereas the Greens (and TOP) have it locked in as party policy.

      At one level that frustrates me, but I also respect her honesty in not implying, as Clark did, that Labour will support cannabis law change, when there may or may not be enough support amongst the caucus (or the membership?) to push through a formal policy. If we have to go the California way (medical herb then recreational), rather than the Washington/ Colorado way (straight to a recreational market), that would be frustrating, but it would still be a big step forward from where we are now.

  6. CLEANGREEN says:

    Last months poll for TV3 was as follows for tomorrows poll comparison.


    Roy Morgan poll – August 2017
    The latest Roy Morgan poll (NOTE: it is actually more out of date than the recent Colmar Brunton poll):

    National 42.5% (down from 43)
    Labour 32.5% (up from 30.5)
    Greens 9% (down from 13.5)
    NZ First 11.5% (up from 8)
    Maori Party 1.5% (no change)
    ACT Party 0.5% (down from 1)
    United Future 0%
    Conservative Party 0%
    Other 2.5% (no change) – will include TOP
    Polling period 31 July-13 August.

    The Colmar Brunton poll was 12-16 August.

  7. Jim A K Bailey says:

    NZ, Let them SCRAP _ Give BOTH VOTES to ** NZ First ** __ Give WINSTON and TEAM the POWER to MODERATE ** Moral-LESS-National _&_ jacinda’s helenGrad**

  8. WILD KATIPO says:

    ‘Absolutely yes’: Jacinda Ardern succinct and stubborn on medicinal cannabis use’

    Hey , … I’m still not sure about the whole thing ,… but having done a diploma in science and technology , one thing I am open too is the medicinal breakdown of any natural product that can be used for medical purposes,… Perhaps I’m a heavy metal square from way back.. I dunno.

    But just about any herb that was harnessed for its potential health giving property’s, or anesthetics, or disease fighting property’s has been ransacked by the pharmaceutical industry’s for profit…now , if MaryJane has good benefits,… why not exploit it?

    The Chinese have seen obvious benefits, why are we so behind?

    Its because we follow the FDA of the good old US of A.

    Anyhow , that was not what I wanted to major on,…


    The mainstream punditry have no idea why Jacinda is winning, they just sense for their own livelihoods that a change is occurring and are jumping like rats off a sinking ship.


    Its this one.

    After 9 years of aided abuse , ( by the media ) they are turning tail and running. Why ?… simply because , like Belshazzar , … they see the writing on the wall.

    Like the true cowards they are, they are creating a united front o sleaze / ingratiate themselves to the incoming power.

    It is almost despicable to watch.

    Oh yes, … some among the media are offering a last ditch explanation , a final admittance of obsequious excuses ,… like the fat , pallid European diplomat in the court of a 16th century Japanese Emperor surrounded by Samurai , who , … in the interests of their own immediate physical survival acquiesce’s to the demands of the new freshly arisen national power, … showers the new boss with praise and adoration…

    Cowards all.

    They were more than content to lay waste the low waged working class, the unemployed , the chronically ill in pursuit of their well being. These , … who for so long saw that by oppressing the above could gain license for avarice and self advancement ?

    Names like John Armstrong , – from whence out of retirement has this worm sprung ?!!?
    The same who railed daily against fairness in wages and justified light taxes for the monied gentry ? … The same who gave full endorsement to a landed gentry to manipulate and extort even greater amounts from those who could barely prevent themselves and their family’s from living on the streets?


    Roughan , who for so long castigated Labour and the working class as failures and the working classes labours as fruits for the picking for such as these ? – To provide them with the necessities for the comforts of life without regard to the degradation of those that provided them ?


    Gower and Hosking , long time master propagandist for the current government who served you so well. You are now at the end. And you know it . And so now ,… in typical craven fashion , you , … despite adjusting your personas to meet the new incoming govt , still reserve a flicker of hope for the grasping , despicable , elitist group that served you so well. But your loyalties have been misplaced.

    You are done.

    Both of you .

    More so Hosking because you were unashamed in your depravity’s. But there still is mercy. For that you should thank New Zealanders and our sense of generosity and fair play.


    New International Version
    Luke 3:7

    John said to the crowds coming out to be baptized by him, “You brood of vipers! Who warned you to flee from the coming wrath?

  9. Afewknowthetruth says:

    Mainstream journalists are scientifically illiterate and financially illiterate liars, paid high salaries to keep the masses deluded and believing in a system which is rotten to the core -a system which has been pushing NZ in totally the wrong direction for decades for the short-term benefit of speculators and exploiters.

    Such ‘journalists’ have been able to prosper because the people they speak to -the general public- are scientifically and financially illiterate and have been carefully trained from and early age to believe in top-down systems of authority and control and so-called ‘experts’.

    The collision with reality has been underway for well over a decade, and ALL the phony systems people like ‘Gower, Small, Tracey Watkins, Armstrong and even Roughan’ promote and acquire short-term benefits from are headed for collapse. Indeed, it is only the culture of denial of reality and the culture of blatant lying that are now holding the system together, even as the degree of fragility increases by the day. one need only examine the effects of cyclone Harvey to see that.

    I live in a provincial NZ city, and by every measure that matters things have been getting worse since the 1970s (have been made worse by so-called leaders), and that process of making things worse has accelerated markedly in the past 10 years: gridlock, air pollution, pollution of waterways, healthcare, the quality of goods and services have all been made worse, and most particularly the quality of housing is now awful compared to what was generally acceptable 40 years ago, with ever more people being crammed into ever smaller ‘boxes’, ever more dependent on systems that are close to failure, with the degree of resilience and sustainability plummeting, all of that so the banks can keep their Ponzi scheme of charging interest on money created out of thin air going just a little longer.

    These are ‘interesting times’ indeed, as we head for the biggest collapse in all of human history, living in a society characterised by ignorance, stupidity, complacency and denial.

    Needless to say, with so much damage orchestrated for such a long time by politicians it will make not one iota of difference who forms the next government….other than perhaps the degree of callousness those who have treat those who do not.